5 Celebrities Share Their Red Carpet Beauty Rituals

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Preparing to hit the red carpet must be both nerve-racking and time consuming – these 5 celebrities have opened up on how they get ready for their timr in the spotlight. Wanting to look their best, these stars all have their own unique ways of getting ready in the hopes of shining as they hit the red carpet. From facials to having their makeup done by a whole team, these stars have a ritual they always follow that makes them feel confident and relaxed before the big moment.


1.      Allison Williams

Allison likes to have a relaxing, focused day and always has her nails done before heading to hair and makeup: ''My ideal ritual is to wake up, eat a little breakfast, exercise, shower, have a manicure/pedicure, have an oxygen treatment, eat lunch, go into hair and makeup, get in the car and go.''


2.      Blake Lively

Blake focuses on looking and feeling good as she prepares for the red carpet: "I think the best thing to do is just whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and confident. I normally try to eat the thing that makes me the happiest, so that I’m pretty pleased before I go out there. And the way that you smell makes such a difference too. Everything that you put on for the day, from your dress to your hair, makeup, and fragrance, is what you’re dressing up as, who you’re pretending to be that night, or how you’re empowering yourself."


3.      Emily Blunt

Emily does a face mask at home and always shaves: "I give myself a face mask. SKII does a great one. You look like Hannibal Lechter in it, but it does the trick. And I always shave my legs and underarms!"


4.      Kerry Washington

Kerry relies on her team of people and likes to feel well rested before a big event: “Sleep well, get up early, work out, and then have a really great time with the hair and makeup people!”


5.      Lucy Hale

Lucy goes to have a luxurious facial before any red carpet event: "If it's a really big event or a red carpet, I go see my facialist Molly at Kinara. Normally I see her every two weeks, but if I want extra glowy skin, I'll book an appointment before the event."

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