5 Celebrities Who Love Trying New Makeup Looks

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Getting creative with makeup can be a transformative experience, and it’s always fun to try out something new when it comes to beauty – be it a catwalk makeup trend, a new lip shade or a dramatic smoky eyeshadow. These 5 celebrities have confessed that they love spending time trying out new makeup looks and experimenting with different products. Always picking up new items to try out or browsing the internet for makeup inspiration, these stars love how makeup can instantly change how they look and are interested to see how they can alter their own appearance.


1.      Carrie Underwood

Carrie always does her own makeup and enjoys the whole process: “I do my own hair and makeup when I’m touring, and that’s something I always loved. It’s quiet on my bus, and being able to put on my makeup and do my  hair is almost therapeutic. I know that sounds kind of weird, but it really is! I love makeup, and I like the time I get to spend doing it, so it’s nice to get that time for myself to play with new things.”


2.      Christina Aguilera

Christina says she has always had fun trying new makeup out and experimenting with her look: "I love the hair and makeup part. I love experimenting with makeup and color; that’s always been fun for me."


3.      Diane Kruger

Diane loves makeup so much she brings three vanity cases with her at all times: "My bathroom is filled with hundreds of products, tonnes of make-up. I've got just as many boxes of cosmetics in my Paris flat as I do in my Los Angeles apartment. When I'm travelling, I always take three vanity cases with me and can spend hours in duty free trying out new products."


4.      Gigi Hadid

Since becoming the face of a makeup brand, Gigi has been discovering how enjoyable trying out new makeup can be: "I feel like because I'm the face of Maybelline, I should step up my makeup game. Literally only in this past week I've been trying to do like cooler things, just to try out the different stuff. The other night I broke out of my routine and tried this cat-eye that came back down and looked like a fish hook, and the other night I did just single lashes and a hot pink lip."


5.      Taylor Swift

Taylor enjoys the process of getting ready for the red carpet, especially having a new makeup look created: "When I'm home in Nashville, I feel like I can go natural and not really worry about it, but I generally love make-up and I love dress-up. That's why award shows are so much fun for me. I'd never wish away make-up and getting all dolled up."

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