5 of Lucy Hale’s Top Makeup & Skin Secrets

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‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Lucy Hale is known for her signature thick brows and flawless complexion – and now she has shared some of her top makeup and skin secrets. Lucy likes to pluck her eyebrows herself and says she has figured out the best shape by simply experimenting as she grew up. She also likes to wear minimal makeup when not working and loves some very basic, drugstore products too. When it comes to red carpet beauty, Lucy usually frames her eyes with some dramatic dark eyeliner and she’s a big fan of makeup brushes too. Here are some of her best beauty secrets!


1.      She Lets Her Skin Breathe

Lucy tries to let her skin breathe as often as possible and stays hydrated: “I think it’s mainly been about hydrating and letting my skin breathe when I’m not on set. I also drink a lot of water and use a good moisturizer.”


2.      She Lines Her Eyes

She wears eyeliner on her waterline to make her big eyes pop: "I always rim the inner part of my eyes with black liner. I have really large eyes, and I feel like that makes them pop even more. I have hazel eyes, so anything with purple undertones really makes my eyes look more green."


3.      She Loves Makeup Brushes

She loves using makeup brushes, especially the fan brush for contouring: "I love makeup—I actually go into Sephora and play with the brushes. I think at this point, I literally have every brush possible. But I'm obsessed with this Giant Fan Brush they have! It makes contouring so easy."


4.      Her Everyday Beauty is Basic

She goes basic for everyday makeup: "My everyday look is very basic. I use concealer where I need to, a little bit of bronzer, mascara, lip balm, and call it a day. I obviously love mark. makeup. They have really good lip crayons, great mascaras, and I love their makeup wipes. My favorite lip balm that I use every day is Aquaphor."


5.      She Plucks Her Own Brows

Lucy is known for her thick brows and says she has learnt to pluck them properly herself: "People are always surprised when I say I do my eyebrows myself. As a kid, I hated my eyebrows, but now I love them. I just pluck them myself, and over the past five or ten years, I've been able to get the right shape for my face."

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