5 of Lupita Nyong'o's Best Beauty & Makeup Secrets

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Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has risen to fame for her talent on screen – but her unique style and love of colourful beauty has not gone unnoticed too. The actress is fierce and bold with her makeup choices whenever she hits the red carpet, and loves to experiment with striking eyeshadow and lip shades. As well as her playfulness with makeup, Lupita always has an enviable glowing complexion. Here are her 5 best beauty and makeup secrets that make her stand out and look gorgeous too.


1.      Her Favourite Oil

Lupita reveals that she uses Avocado oil for everything and it works wonders: "Avocado oil is a big thing for me. I discovered it last year, and at first I was using it just on my body, but then I realized it works on my face, and my hair too, for that matter! It's a one-stop shop. Especially in the wintertime, when my skin is drier, it really seeps in and leaves it nice and lush."


2.      She Loves Bright Nails

She loves bright nails but also gives her nails time without polish too: "A nail is a great place to have a bright color and add dynamism to your look. Right now I'm wearing Lancôme's blue Marine Chic. A soft pink nude polish is good too. It's also very important for me to give my nails a break from polish every couple of days. I have very strong nails, but they need the sun."


3.      Her Lip Liner Secret

She picked up a great lip liner trick from a makeup artist: "I had always been confused about how and why to use lip liner. [Makeup artist] Nick Barose taught me to match my lip liner not to my lipstick but to my skin tone. It frames the lip, and lipstick seems to stay on longer."


4.      Her Casual Makeup

Her go-to casual makeup look is elegant and simple: "I'll do defined brows and natural eyeshadow, then I put on a plum blush, which gives my cheeks a healthy look. On dark skin, it's easy for blush to be too obvious. And I love lip balm because you can just grab it and go."


5.      Her Groomed Brows

Lupita loves to take care of her brows: "I love having my eyebrows feel done. You just look more well-dressed. I carry Lancôme’s Kissed by Gold eye-shadow palette with me all the time. I brush the darkest shade on my brows to give them definition."

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