5 Stars on the Beauty Products They Can't Live Without

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We all have those few products that no matter where we’re going – we have to have them in our bag. It could be a great moisturiser, a must-have concealer or an amazing mascara – but there are just a few products we all can’t live without! These 5 stars have opened up on their picks, revealing the few items that they love so much, they’ll never stop using them and rely on them to look their best. Here are their best-kept secrets – their must-have makeup and beauty picks that they constantly carry around with them.


1.      Kelly Osbourne

Kelly can't be without her signature scent: "I've worn this fragrance — L'Artisan Parfumeur Mure Et Musc Extreme Eau De Parfum — since I was 12 years old. I asked my mom, 'Why can't I wear perfume like my older sister?' So she took me to Barneys New York and said, 'Pick one.' It's such a signature fragrance for me."


2.      Kerry Washington

Kerry has a few picks that she always has on hand: "I try not to get too loaded down by beauty products I can't live without. I'm a big fan of Burt's Bees lip balm. I mean if I'm going to do Picturefoundation— and I don't do foundation everyday—then I really love Armani. It's very sheer and natural and really soft and silky. And I really like Renee Furterer—it's so great for the health of my hair."


3.      Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole relies on several tried and tested products: "La Prairie moisturiser - I've used that since I was a teenager because my aunt worked for them. Actually, good old fashioned Oil of Olay is a great moisturiser, too. And my trusty Illamasqua lip gloss."


4.      Rita Ora

Rita has three must-haves that she uses frequently: "Three beauty products I can't live without have to be my red lipstick, my cover-ups for under my eyes, and mascara."


5.      Selena Gomez

Selena loves classic Oil of Olay: “The beauty product I can’t live without is Oil of Olay face wash and lotion. It’s geared towards an older audience, but I find that if I start working on my skin now, it can’t do me any harm!”

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