5 Stars Share Their Makeup Tips for Redheads

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Red hair is unique and gorgeous looking – but it can be harder to find flattering makeup as the hair colour can be bright and attention-grabbing on its own already. These 5 stars all have fiery locks, and they’ve figured out the makeup that suits them well over the years of trying out different combinations. Some love going for a statement look and aren’t afraid to experiment with bold eye shadow colours or lipsticks, while some like fleshy-toned shades that suit their delicate looking complexions.


1.      Bella Thorne

Bella believes it's about finding the right shades for your skin and hair colour: "I used to think that I couldn't wear pink but I have found that you can wear pink. Find a shade that compliments both your hair and skin colour. For me, the blush pinks work best. I also find that with red hair, the less makeup you wear, the better. I wish I had freckles, at least more than I do....I'd let them shine all the time."


2.      Christina Hendricks

Christina always wears red lipstick to go with her red hair: "I have a drawer full of lipsticks. I try everything, though reds and corals are my favorite colors. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Pop Life, which is an orangey red, is a nice mix of both."


3.      Connie Britton

Connie loves green eye makeup: “You know, I think all my makeup tips go against the ones people recommend for red hair,” she says. “For example, I love using green colors on my eyes. A small pop of color works for me, but I don’t know if many red heads would want to use a bright green eyeliner!”


4.      Emma Stone

Emma's makeup artist revealed that she often uses a coral tone lip colour on the actress: "Coral is one of the most beautiful, complementary colours on any skin tone. It got a bad rap for a really long time, but it does amazing things for your complexion and lights up your face."


5.      Julianne Moore

Julianne loves rich lipstick colours and thinks they work great with the tone of her hair: "People think redheads have to stick to so-called redheaded colors—all oranges and browns—but those look kind of muddy on me. I like a fuchsia, a berry, or a red with blue undertones."

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