Alexa Chung’s 5 Most Unique Hair, Makeup & Skin Secrets

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Alexa Chung has dished out plenty of top beauty tips over the years, but here are some of her most unique ideas for hair, makeup and skincare. From the perfect cateye flick created with liquid eyeliner to her favourite budget-friendly facial soap, Alexa’s tips are simple, stylish and definitely original – she even advises skipping haircare to create the perfect bedhead look.


1.      The Perfect Red Lip

Alexa loves red lips and her favourite is a MAC shade: "MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger is the perfect pillar box red lipstick and it does not move. I went swimming in a waterfall for an entire day and emerged from the water with a full lip intact."


2.      Groomed Brows & Lashes

She believes eyebrows and lashes frame a face: “Brow shape is so important for framing your face. And always curl your lashes; it really does open up your eyes."



3.      Facial Soap

She uses a cheap facial soap: "Solros-Tval Swedish Dream Sunflower Facial Soap is good—I use it as my face wash. I love it mostly because of the packaging; I give it to people for Christmas in a stocking. Plus, it doesn’t dry out my skin too much, and it says it’s made of egg whites, and it’s five bucks. Though I’m not very good about washing my face; I don’t really do it before bed."



4.      Skip Haircare

Alexa rarely even brushes her hair: "Not brushing your hair can work in your favour. Firstly because you can indulge any lazy tendencies you may have and secondly because neatness is overrated. Sometimes I wash my hair and don't touch it to get the ultimate beach head. It dries curly!"


5.      Precise Eyeliner

Alexa is never without eyeliner: "My technique is to start with the little flicks on the outside first, and then fill it in. Sometimes, I’ll do just a tiny line for a brunch, but if I’m going out for the night, then I’ll experiment with thicker lines. If you mess it up, then you just have to go with the flow and it becomes a full look."


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