Bella Thorne Hates Trying on New Outfits

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'The Duff' actress Bella Thorne has opened up on the topic of fashion, revealing that she is often too lazy to care about the clothes she is wearing. She comments that although she loves accessories and footwear, when it comes to trying on outfits she finds the task very tiring and she really doesn't enjoying having to try on clothes. She commented on her dislike for the task: "I don't get that excited, just because I don't like trying on clothes. I love shoes and I love purses, but trying on clothes will be the death of me. I'm so lazy I don't like putting my hands over my head, that's the really biggest problem."

Speaking on making red carpet appearances, Bella says she no longer feels particularly nervous about them because she now feels comfortable with posing at big events, but she does say that when it's for something she has worked hard on, she does get excited to be there: ''I don't get nervous because I've done quite a few of them. It's always different every carpet you step on and especially when it's your own movie it's nervous and exciting.''

Bella is hoping that someone will make fluffy robes the next big fashion trend because she absolutely loves being wrapped up in one and during 'The Duff' filming, rarely took her robe off. She joked: ''You know what I wish though? That people would make it so robes were fashionable because all I do is wear a robe. I showed up in one today, I wore them throughout the movie [The DUFF]. You have to pry it off me.''

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