5 of Selena Gomez’s Best Makeup & Beauty Secrets

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Selena Gomez is always gorgeous, even with minimal makeup! So, how does she keep her complexion so flawless? Revealing the secret behind her glowing complexion, Selena has shared some top makeup and beauty secrets that keep her radiant and fresh. Sticking to products that are known to be classic beauty staples, she loves brands that she can trust and doesn’t stray when she finds something that works great. When it comes to getting red carpet ready, the singer and actress likes to focus on the small details and is all about getting that completely polished final look – down to flawless eyebrows. Here are her secrets!


1.      She Has a Morning Skin Regimen

Selena treats her skin after waking: "I like to have a good morning regimen. I use my Clarisonic in the shower with the Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Skin Renewing Peel Wash. I do that maybe four or five times a week, so my skin has a chance to breathe before all the madness starts."


2.      She Treats Cracked Lips With Carmex

Her favourite lip treatment is affordable and a purse staple: "I use Carmex because that's the way to go [for my chapped lips], but then I like to add Cover Girl's Wet Slicks. It has a nice glossy look without having so much color and that gross thickness that every other gloss has."


3.      Her Favourite Skincare

She also loves budget-friendly Oil of Olay to take care of her face: “The beauty product I can’t live without is Oil of Olay face wash and lotion. It’s geared towards an older audience, but I find that if I start working on my skin now, it can’t do me any harm!"


4.      She likes to Look Subtly Bronzed

She uses a gentle bronzing serum to add a glow to her complexion: "If I want to be really bronzed, I use Tarte Maracuja Bronzing Serum all over my face. It has a little tint in it, but it doesn’t smell for days like self-tanner does. And because it’s a serum, it doesn’t make me break out."


5.      She Pays Attention to Details

Selena focuses on the small details when getting ready to look as polished as possible: "To glam up, I usually focus on the minor things — like my eyebrows. I may add a more defined look to them. I may also play up the colors — I'll use darker colors than I normally would — and I'll add blush. When I get a little braver, that's when I'll try yellow eyeliner or another neat color."

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