5 of Lily Aldridge’s Best Skin & Makeup Secrets

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American Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge has enviable boho-meets-grunge personal style, and her beauty look is always clean, effortless and beautiful. Sharing her best skin and makeup secrets, the mother of one has opened up on how she keeps her complexion clear, the products she turned to while pregnant and the makeup she likes to use on a daily basis. Favouring a glowing look, Lily has mastered the art of applying bronzer and highlighter to give herself that sun-kissed look, while she always makes sure to treat her skin well morning and night. Here are her best secrets!


1.      She Creates a Glow

Lily uses bronzer and highlighter to create a glow: "When I’m not working I’ll wear some NARS Laguna bronzer, and I use highlighters a lot. Rose-Marie Swift has this natural one called Living Luminizer and it’s amazing, it gives your skin a really nice glow. Anything really simple and natural I like."


2.      She Loves Lip Balm

She loves lip balms and always has a few in her bag: “I literally just bought five of them (Fresh’s Lip Balms); there are tons in my bag. They come in all different colors and I use all of them. I like Fresh’s candles and body polish too.”


3.      Her Pregnancy Care

She used maternity skincare to look after her skin during pregnancy: "When I was pregnant, I didn't put anything on my body that wasn't all natural. I went a bit wild. I have a whole new respect for ingredients and products. I used a lot of Mama Mio and Kora. To prevent stretch marks, I used a lot of oils—I put as many on as I could, and it worked! Loved the one by Mother's Special Blend."


4.      Her Morning Skin Regime

She takes care of her skin every morning with a good routine: "I wash my face with Proactiv Deep Cleansing Wash and tone with rose water. Then I moisturize, but I change which brand I use seasonally, depending on what my skin needs. Right now it’s Kora Organics Day and Night Cream. Eye cream is also a must! I like La Mer The Eye Concentrate."


5.      She Uses a Clarisonic

Lily loves her Clarisonic and says it keeps her skin clear: "I love my Clarisonic—it’s amazing, it just gets all the gunk off. Especially for models, you have so much makeup on all the time, so as soon as I get home I’m scrubbing it all off! But it’s really soft—you just wet it or put a cleanser on it—I like Cetaphil because it’s so gentle."

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