Kristen Bell on Her Current Skincare Routine & Hairstyle

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Kristen Bell has opened up on how her beauty routine has changed since becoming a mother. The actress has said that she is now much more aware of the ingredients in products she uses and does her best to source natural products for her skin. She likes to research what goes in to anything she applies and does her best to keep it simple when possible: "Since becoming a mum, I look a lot more at the ingredients. My skin is a huge, absorbing organ, and I pay attention to when I'm sitting in smog and make sure I'm drinking enough water. As far as beauty goes, I look at the ingredients of everything I put on my skin. I like to be able to pronounce everything. I do research on where it comes from, because as a mum, I don't really have a tonne of time. So I want everything to be simple."

Speaking on her current hairstyle, which is a medium length hairdo, Kristen comments that she is very happy with it because it's fresh, simple and easy to maintain on a daily basis. She loves that it looks good in a bedhead style which doesn't take much effort: "I couldn't be happier with this cut. It was in response to having had a lot of dry ends after being pregnant. So, I needed a change and wanted to feel fresh, and I have never had an easier hairstyle, because it's supposed to look messy but it's not really long enough to get tangled. So I take a shower the night before, sleep on it, and just walk around with bedhead all day and feel great. Also, I used to have pin-straight hair before I was pregnant. I now have wavy hair."


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