If the life of a movie star is considered as a film, certainly it is a comedy for family. Edward Burns is a 44-year-old father with kid-like character. He owns a life full of dreams in an animated city like New York with a super model wife – Christy Turlington – and two lovely children – 8-year-old Grace and 6-year-old Finn, but for him, these things are not enough.

Description: Christy and I both have our own success in our careers: We try to prevent our work affecting our children.

 ‘Christy and I both have our own success in our careers: We try to prevent our work affecting our children.’

Your role in the new film ‘Man on a Ledge’ is a negotiation expert, so have you ever felt you are negotiate with your children?

It happens almost everyday. For example, yesterday, Grace had homework but she was eager to choose clothes for the photo shooting session of the gymnastic team at her school. So, I had to remind her, ‘Only when you finish your homework are you allowed to go the photo shooting session.’

At current, you play three roles at the same time – script-writer, actor, and director – in all three movies - She's the One, Sidewalks of New York, and Newlyweds. So, does your wife Christy criticize your work?

Certainly, she does. She has been reading my scripts for ten years. When starting my career, I was criticized that the female characters about whom I wrote were not as real as the male ones. Therefore, I told my wife to support me about female characters’ dialogues, and she is always ready to help me.

Does your wife’s fashion style affect you much?

In fact, it does not have a great impact on me as you think. My daily clothes are still jeans and Nike shoes. She is usually the one to help our children choose clothes in the morning while I am making breakfast with the Swedish pancake of my great-grandmother. It is Grace and Finn’s favorite food.

Do your children know that their parents are a powerful couple of Hollywood?

Finn almost is not aware of our work. He only knows that we often go on business trip and is a bit sad if we have to go out in more than one or two days. Grace starts to concern about performance, but now she is giving preference to the two hobbies – horse racing and aerobics.

What has made you most satisfied after you have had children?

It is the happy moment when we enter the house. Though I have just been away from home for three to five minutes, our children burst out to the lobby and hug us. This makes my heart full of happiness and I feel hurt when I have to be far from them.

How can you arrange your work and the responsibility of a father?

One of my proudest things was that last autumn Christy was taking part in a marathon event at New York while Grace, Finn, and I were going around the city together by the subway, wearing the manual jewelries made the night before. On that day, I felt more exhausted than Christy.

You both have a strong attachment to your relatives, so how do you emphasize the importance of a family?

We always spend one month for a holiday at the beach with our relatives each summer. Our children love their cousins so much. Therefore, there is no need to say, but you can know that we give a special preference to our family.

Related things about Edward Burns

An overview on career

Ed is known as a movie star in the movie ‘Entourage and Will & Grace’. His first film, The Brothers McMullen, produced in 1995, was written, directed, and played the leading part by himself. It was invested $25,000 and gained great profit - $10 million. In addition, he has also scripted, directed, and played the leading role in other nine movies in the field of social psychology and love.

Free time

‘I am just like Pied Piper playing with Grace and Finn. We often play basketball, soccer, and Wiffle ball (a kind of baseball), or hunt treasure. We also often play my favorite games at my young age such as red light, green light.

The happiest period of time

‘Dating with my wife Christy with a high-glass bottle of wine and a romantic conversation.’

Favorite saying

‘I like the saying of Satchel Paige – a baseball player – ‘I have never considered it as a job, I just want to play baseball with pleasure’. That is the feelings when I make my favorite movies.’

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