French moms – Master of teaching children how to be self-reliant

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Despite being the best moms of the world, moms are not kind of service always available when their children need.

Should you teach your children as French moms do?

‘French Children Don’t Throw Food’ is a book opening up the door containing mothering secret from Paris – the most splendid and civilized place of the world. However, since first launched, it has kindled many controversies about how to teach children.

Some are in flavor of it, some does not agree with it, but anyone who is interested in the book can learn many things from it.

Not only describing the ways how foreign children eat, sleep, and play, but ‘French Children Don’t Throw Food’ also explains how French babies less than 2 years old can sit obediently and patiently waiting for food in restaurants, agree to eat 4 meals a day on time, and be always obey their parents.

What can you learn from French moms?

First, you can learn how to teach children to be self-reliant from French moms. While English, American, or many other moms throughout the world indulge their children all the time, and almost jumping up worrying when they crying, calling, falling, or even not eating, French moms do not.

When babies are born, French moms let them lie separately and limit to hold or embrace them. If babies cry at night, French moms do not come and comfort right away. In contrast, they let their babies calm down and stop crying on their own.

According to French moms’ opinion, despite being the best moms of the world, moms are still moms, not kind of service always available when their children need. And, they choose to stand from afar and just observe, encourage their children rather than come to lift them up or do everything for them.

The book also mentions the way how French children eat very self-reliantly even when still very young. 2-year-old French babies are able to sit and eat with their families, take food on their own, and eat all food being served.

If children fall when walking or standing, French moms also let them find way to stand up on their own before coming to lift them up. This makes up the fact that while American moms have to strenuously stick to their children when they practice walking, French moms can sit on chairs and naturally let their children at the same age manage and practice by themselves.

In their opinion, good parenting does not mean having to serve children regularly. So, French moms are always tidy, calm, still work normally, and spend quite much time beautifying.

Description: French moms train their children how to be self-reliant when they are still young.

French moms train their children how to be self-reliant when they are still young.

Second, you can learn how to teach children about discipline from French moms. According to them, discipline is the base of educating and caring children.

French moms feel no problem in refusing children’s demands, and they have the same opinion on how to say ‘no’ to children. ‘No’, in the most simple way, is understood as ‘must not’, ‘cannot’, and children have to obey.

An interesting thing is that children at many places in the world can ask for gifts whenever they want, French children only ask for gifts twice a year – on birthday and Noel. If they are greedier, they may even be punished.

French moms also spank their children if they are spoiled. The most important thing is parents’ power when saying ‘no’.

Through meals, children are also educated about discipline. Like other members in family, a French child has 4 meals a day: breakfast at 8 am, lunch at 12 pm, snack at 4pm, and dinner at 8 pm.

In the scope of what children are and are not allowed to do, parents are the ones to supervise them the most strictly. However, inside this scope, French moms still let their children freely do what they like.

Third, you can learn how to teach children about polite behaviors from French moms. In a French family, a child is still only a member as others. They are not the center of all members, and not the center of the universe, either.

That means children have to respect the needs of other members and behave kindly so that other members’ needs in families are not influenced.

For example, children can stay at parents’ room in the evening, but have to come back to their rooms to sleep and give back the private space to their parents. For French moms, this is an obvious fact.

The way French children eat is also very courteous. They sit obediently waiting for their turns to be served. Instead of shouting at children like ‘be quiet’ or ‘do not do like that, but do like this’, French moms usually just need to say ‘wait for your turn’.

In general, French children are educated very carefully about polite behaviors before eating. They are taught to say ‘thank you’, ‘hello’, ‘sorry’ when starting to babble some words.

When wanting to present something, they also wait for their parents (or adults) to stop their story before starting to say. This explains why French children are often received much praise about polite behaviors.

Besides, French moms also respect their children’s private world very much. They do not force their children to learn much and gain much knowledge, or get high scores, but want them to develop naturally and invest much in diversified spiritual life.

Reading book, doing crafts, going to the museum are things most French moms have done with their children. Therefore, they become perfect for many people.

But, do not learn one thing from French moms - not suckling babies

It is hard to learn these 2 things from French moms according to their information showed by the author.

First, French do not suckle their children since they are afraid of worsening their breasts. This is so strange when science has proven the preeminence of breast milk. Just imagine that when you suckle your children, they get enough nutrients, and become healthy and intelligent. As a result, everyone looking at a healthy and smart baby will have a good feeling with it.

If you have nice breasts, just only you (and your husband) are satisfied with that.

Even if you can wear sexy clothes to show off your nice breasts, does there anyone care about that when there are so many big, full, and fleshy breasts outside. Maybe some say that what you are wearing are neither more nor less silicone bags.

Description: Do not learn one thing from French moms - not suckling babies

Do not learn one thing from French moms - not suckling babies

And especially, even if French milk processing technology is the most modern in the world, it is certainly that breast milk, existent during human’s history for millions year, is still an essential source of nutrient that nothing can be compared with.

It cannot be agreed when French moms put cognac wine to the milk just for their children to sleep peacefully during the night.

Not mention the harmfulness of stimulant for a few-month-old (or just few-week-month) young baby, using wine so that it can sleep peacefully and thinking ‘go head, that’s enough, and now it can sleep until the next morning’ will make a mom become a very selfish person.

How to teach children is the delicacy of everyone, and more widely to say, of a whole culture. But, love and responsibility are things no one and and no culture can reject.

If you love your children more than everything and know how to live responsibly to them, you will certainly be more perfect than any mom in the world.

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