Tips To Soothe Your Baby’s Teething (part 1) - Massage gums

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At 6 months old, your baby starts teething. Often the two front bottom teeth appear first, then the top two front teeth. Teething can be uncomfortable for your baby, with the excessive drooling, irritable mood and swollen gums. Fortunately, you can do tips at home to reduce your baby's discomfort during teething.

Massage gums

You should massage your baby’s gums to help her reduce pain. Wash your hands, then soaked a gauze pad or washcloth. Wrap the gauze pad or washcloth around your finger and gently rub it along her gums. The pressure can help reduce her pain.

Description: You should massage your baby’s gums to help your baby reduce pain

You should massage your baby’s gums to help your baby reduce pain

Teething rings

Your baby often chews on things when she is teething, so a teething ring can help relieve pain. You should buy one thing made ​​of a firm rubber; a liquid-filled teething ring may break while she chews on it. Put teething ring in the refrigerator before you give her it. The coldness can soothe gums. However, you do not put it in the freezer. A cold teething ring can cause more pain to a sensitive baby.


Sometimes, your baby only needs a bottle to suck and chew on to ease her gums. For the purpose of teething, fill the bottle with water not formula, milk or juice. Sugar in these drinks can cause tooth decay.

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