Kelly Osbourne’s New Clothing Line for “Every Kind of Woman”

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Kelly Osbourne is set to unveil her new clothing line soon and the reality star says she wants her new clothes to be for "every kind of women". Kelly reveals that she won't sell her line to any store who won't stock every size. The new line has been created from size 0 - 24 and she wants every woman to have access to her clothing. Kelly believes that size 0 is not the average size in America and it's only fair to have a full range of sizes so everyone can enjoy her pieces: ''I will not sell in any store if they don't take the full size range... because let's face it, not everyone's a size 0 and I think the average size in America is between 14 and 18, and that's not fair. They deserve high fashion as well."

Kelly says she doesn't want to rival the major fashion design houses because she has her own story to tell and her line will also be cost effective. Available and appealing to women of all sizes and shapes, Kelly hopes that her collection is something that will include all women: ''I've done it in a very cost effective way and there's a great story behind it. So once it comes out I'll be able to tell you more, but it's an every woman's clothing line and I'm not trying to be the next Alexander McQueen by any means, or the next Christian Dior.'' 

The 'Fashion Police' star adds that she wants to show how fashion doesn't have to be for just one type of person: ''I'm trying to show the fashion world that it's not one kind of woman you design for, it's every kind of woman.'' 


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