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With her wedding date set, Angela Shilingford, 34, from Reading, was desperate to lose weight but had no isdea where to start- until a simple class changed everything

My challenge

‘Athough I weighed far too much for my 5ft 4ins, I would always been big and felt size 16 was normal for me. But I knew I did not have a healthy relationship with food- I always piled my plate and kept  eating when I was full. I was a real snacker, too- crisps were my downfall.

The crunch came when, after six years together, my partner Stuart and I decided to get married. It was the push I needed to finally change. I was not going to walk down the aisle squeezed into a size 16 dress- I wanted to wear a s ize 12 and  I had 11 months to reach my goal.’

How I did it

Description: a simple class changed everything

I knew exercise was key, so I started walking the 20 minutes to work every day, but I soon realised I needed to do something more effective. I thought running on a treadmill would be boring, so I searched online for something more fun, and found Curves (curves.co.uk)- a women- only gym that offers half- hour circuit- training classes. It sounded perfect circuits work your whole body and you do not have to go anywhere near a treadmill. I could not belive how easy the workout was to follow, with eight exercise stations that target all your muscle groups through a mix of strength and cardio training. In half an hour, I could burn up to 500 calories- almost double what I was burning on my gentle walk to work. Plus, it tackled my flabby tummy, bottom and things, which have always been my biggest problem. I ached all over the day after each class, but no pain, no gain!

I did it three times a week and after just two months, I would lost a whopping 11lb. I made small changes to my diet, too- reducing portions, giving up my crisp habit and making sauces from scratch rather than using sugar- landen jars. I was weighed and measured once a month, too, which helped me focus on my goal. By my wedding, I would diched two dress sizes and could wear the dress I would always dreamed of.’

My lighter life

I would never go back to my old habits. I have transformed myself into a healthy, active woman and feel so much better for it. I was so thrilled with my wedding photos, I have has one blown up to hang in our living room- it is a daily reminder that I am capable of anything once I put my minds to it.

How angela makes it work

Description: I stopped  buying crisps, which broke mu habit of snacking on them in front of the TV

I stopped  buying crisps, which broke mu habit of snacking on them in front of the TV

Find a gym or a class near you, so you can not make excuses. I only had to walk ten minutes to my gym, which made it easier to keep my training promises.

Set realistic goals for yourself. I gave myself 11 months to lose the weight, which took the pressure off, yet I still had a deadline- my wedding.

Make your food  choices in the supermarket, not at home. I stopped  buying crisps, which broke mu habit of snacking on them in front of the TV

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