Why did you decide to do The National Lottery Olympic Park Run?

“It appealed to me because 2012 is such a momentous year, and this five-mile race is the first event to take place in the Olympic Park. The run takes you onto the actual athletics track, and whoever crosses the line first will be the first person to receive any sort of medal in the Olympic stadium.”

Do you enjoy running?

“I have a mental block when it comes to running. It’s the long runs I can’t get my head around. I’ve started with interval training, where I run for five minutes and power walk for two, then I’ll gradually be able to reduce the time I walk for. I’ll get there eventually! I was never good at cross-country at school, but I can dance for hours on end so I must be quite fit.”

Description: The actress and mother, 41, talks about staying healthy and her first running challenge

The actress and mother, 41, talks about staying healthy and her first running challenge

Is dance your favourite exercise?

“I’m in my element when I’m in a dance class. With a job in musical theatre, you’re doing eight shows a week, and singing and dancing on stage every night. You’re training as much as an athlete. I’ve been in and out of musical theatre in my career and that’s when I’m at my fittest.”

What does being fit mean to you?

“I exercise because it’s important for leading a healthy lifestyle, not because I care what the scales say. Your weight isn’t a good representation of your fitness levels. Clothes will tell you everything you need to know. I like my body to look athletic, not skinny. When I work out, my body feels taut and what I like to call “snatched”. When I’m feeling snatched, I know I’m getting fitter. The fitter you feel, the fitter you want to be.”

You’ve cut out alcohol, why’s that?

“I wanted to see what life was like without a hangover! I’ve never been a binge-drinker, but it’s a really nice feeling to know you haven’t got any toxins in your body. On a night out I sit there quite smug knowing I won’t have a headache in the morning like everyone else!”

What’s your worst eating habit?

“I used to eat really late at night, especially when I was doing a show. I’d get in at 11pm and have a massive curry with cake to follow. The problem was that I was actually losing weight because of all the exercise, I guess that’s every girl’s dream, but I hate to think what that routine was doing to my body. And I was so tired all the time. Now I get a buzz knowing my system is clean.”

Are there any celebrity bodies you admire?

“I’m not a fan of the fake boob look! I’d rather see a flat chest on a healthy body. I much prefer the athletic look, so I love Cameron Diaz’s figure.”

Do you have any healthy eating tips?

“I do a lot of juicing, I’ll juice beetroot, pineapple, lots of apples and always ginger. Ginger and celery are very cleansing. I make sure my daughter Florence eats a healthy diet, but I think she’s becoming a bit spoilt when it comes to food. The other day she threw a tantrum because we didn’t have any dried mango in the house!”

Tamzin’s top tip

When I can’t get motivated to train, I’ll put on my running kit and then every time I pass a mirror I say to myself, “Oh yeah, don’t forget to train!” I’ve found this works better than trying to motivate myself while sitting on the sofa in my PJs!”

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