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Barcelona - Around Town - El Raval (part 3) - Bars & Clubs, Good-Value Eats
One of the most stylish bars in the area, Zentraus has a trendy red-black-and-white decor and cool lighting. A restaurant until 1am, the tables are cleared once the DJ gets going.
Barcelona - Around Town - El Raval (part 2) - Galleries & Design Shops, Vintage & Second-Hand Shops
A labour of love for two Catalan brothers and a Dutch woman, this shop is packed with vintage fur-lined leather jackets, Chinese dresses and racks of old jeans.
Barcelona - Around Town - El Raval (part 1)
The sleek, shiny, white walls of the Museu d’Art Contemporani (MACBA) juxtapose the decrepit, ramshackle tenement buildings; Asian grocery stores sell herbs and spices next to what were once the most decadent brothels in Europe; and smoky, decades-old bars share dark, narrow streets with high-ceilinged art galleries showcasing video installations.
Waterworld : Hotel Eden Roc, One & Only Le Saint Geran, Wyndham Rio Mar Beach
Under swaying coconut palms and an ever-brilliant sky, visitors to Le Saint Geran may feel reluctant to do much else but kick back in this soporific resort,. But Mauritian waters are some of the finest in the world, mid this One & Only hotel knows just how to take advantage of the natural beauty that surrounds the resort, all around.
Madagascar … A Delightfully Dirty Detour
GPS navigation systems can certainly help you avoid getting lost due to the poor local maps. And be sure to avoid distractions while getting off your bike - it will save you some laundry and plenty of embarrassment.
Holidays With A Heart (Part 2) - Sarah Kershaw Hops on her fundraising bike and pedals 400km in Southeast Asia
The Genesis Research Trust organizes cycling and trekking trips all over the world; register now for Cycle Sri Lanka 2013. Fundraising targets vary, and extra costs such as visas, flight taxes and travel insurance are not included.
Holidays With A Heart (Part 1) - Harriet Stigner – Braves saddle sores on a six-day horse ride in India
The landscape changes dramatically as we ride up into the Aravalli Hills. Bonnie is a brilliant guide, stopping regularly to explain the sights to us: like the fact that a tree, and the knickers and bras hanging from its branches are offerings from the villagers.
Toronto - Around Town - East (part 2) - St. Lawrence Market, Shopping East
Opened in 1844 as Toronto’s second City Hall, this building had a police station on the first floor and a jail in the basement. Today it houses a thriving public market – and some of the tastiest, freshest meats, cheese, produce, and breads around.
Toronto - Around Town - East (part 1)
The eastern part of Toronto is a region of contrasts. Some of the city’s grandest old mansions remain along the stately streets of Jarvis and Sherbourne, though many of these homes were abandoned for years and have only in the past few decades undergone renovation and gentrification.
Boston - Around Town : Back Bay (part 4) - Nightclubs & Bars, Restaurants
Boston’s outpost of the hegemonic rock ‘n’ roll café has all the memorabilia you would expect, along with a hopping after-work bar scene. Thursdays bring local rock bands.
Boston - Around Town : Back Bay (part 3) - Shops to Drain your Bank Account, Alfresco Scenes
Louis offers the city’s most rarified shopping experience. The main attractions here are classically handsome Brioni suits, sharp Jil Sander leather pumps, and Apothecary cosmetics.
New York - Around Town : Chinatown and Little Italy (part 3) - Restaurants
One of the better choices on Mulberry Street; cozy, candlelit, non-touristy. The menu includes all the Italian favorites, and the garden is a summer delight.
New York - Around Town : Chinatown and Little Italy (part 2) - Chinatown Food Shops
An array of golden canisters holds many varieties of Chinese teas; knowledgeable clerks will explain the properties of each and how to brew them properly.
New York - Around Town : Chinatown and Little Italy (part 1)
These two ethnic enclaves are among the most colorful parts of the city. Each was settled by early immigrants, who preserved their own language, customs, and food in the midst of the new and foreign land. L
Paris - Around Town : Beaubourg and Les Halles (part 5) - Places to Eat
Hidden down a street near the Pompidou this bistro is no secret to locals, who keep returning for the fabulous food, such as seared foie gras on olive-oil mash. Open for afternoon tea on Sundays.ok
Paris - Around Town : Beaubourg and Les Halles (part 4) - Historical Events in Les Halles
The market is enlarged by King Philippe Auguste, who built shelters for the market traders near St-Eustache church. This date is generally accepted as the founding of Les Halles as the city’s market.
Paris - Around Town : Beaubourg and Les Halles (part 3) - Beer Bars
For homesick English or Anglophiles, this is the place to find real ale (brewed downstairs) and bangers and mash, play snooker, to read English newspapers and watch live football and rugby matches.
London - Around Town : Westminster, the South Bank and Southwark (part 2) - The Best of the Rest
Start at Waterloo with breakfast and a self-guided tour of the Marriott Hotel, based in the splendid former headquarters of the Greater London Council. Cross Westminster Bridge to visit Westminster Abbey and nearby St Margaret’s Church.
London - Around Town : Westminster, the South Bank and Southwark (part 1)
Here there is a rich mix of things to do. Sights range from Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament to the Tate’s stunning art institutions, the Southbank Centre and Shakespeare’s Globe.
Berlin - Around Town : Grunewald & Dahlem (part 2) - Best of the Rest, Restaurants & Beer Gardens
Start your morning walk through Berlin’s southern districts by taking the S-Bahn (line S1) to Mexikoplatz. Here you can admire the beautiful villas and the lovely green square before dropping in to Café Krone in Argentinische Allee for a late breakfast.
Berlin - Around Town : Grunewald & Dahlem (part 1)
Berlin’s green south, which includes the districts of Grunewald and Dahlem, is dotted with numerous lakes, rivers, small castles, private estates and residential villas, leafy roads and cafés for daytrippers.
The Italian Connection (Part 3)
This is a part of Switzerland that has long attracted writers, artists and mystics. On the hillside above Ascona, Monte Verita (“Hill of Truth”) was a commune before such things were fashionable.
The Italian Connection (Part 2)
The latter is famous for its dam, featured in the opening, 220-metre bungee-jumping stunt of the 1995 Lames Bond film GoldenEye, which anyone can now repeat thanks to the commercial bungee-jumping operation set up there in the wake of the film.
The Italian Connection (Part 1)
Switzerland’s Italian-speaking canton is a sensuous land of lakeside beaches, unspoilt valleys, literary greats and mountain peaks. Lee Marshall salutes the Swiss Riviera
On A Bard's Tour Of Italy (Part 2)
The Accademia dei Segreti provided a model for Shakespeare’s last great character, Prospero of The Tempest. The playwright located the island where Prospero was exiled somewhere off the coast of Naples towards Tunisia. He may well have been on Stromboli – a volcanic island north of Sicily.
On A Bard's Tour Of Italy (Part 1)
With the World Shakespeare Festival in full swing, why not step back in time to visit the sources of the writer’s inspiration from Venice to Sicily? With a little help from some of Britain’s finest Shakespearean actors, Italian historian and broadcaster Francesco da Mosto is your guide
San Francisco - Around Town : Downtown (part 4) - Places to Eat
The dim sum here will not disappoint – Yank Sing is famous for its signature Shanghai dumplings, with over 60 varieties on offer. Weekday lunchtimes can be crowded.
San Francisco - Around Town : Downtown (part 3) - Cafés and Bars
You’re as likely to hear Italian here as you are English, not only from the staff but from the patrons. A friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy an espresso and eye passers-by.
Washington, D.C - Around Town : The Mall and Federal Triangle (part 3) - Children's Attractions, Lunch Spots
Highly interactive exhibits and scheduled demonstrations at the National Air and Space Museum explain the principles that make flight possible. Kids can understand natural animal flight and human flight in contraptions from balloons to the space shuttle .
Washington, D.C - Around Town : The Mall and Federal Triangle (part 2) - Best of the Rest, Items in Museum Stores
Even Washingtonians whose daily pursuits rarely take them to the Mall regard this magnificent open expanse as the heart of the city. A grassy park with carefully preserved trees, the Mall stretches 2.5 miles (4 km) from the Capitol to the east to the Potomac River, just beyond the Lincoln Memorial, to the west.
Washington, D.C - Around Town : The Mall and Federal Triangle (part 1)
Even Washingtonians whose daily pursuits rarely take them to the Mall regard this magnificent open expanse as the heart of the city. A grassy park with carefully preserved trees, the Mall stretches 2.5 miles (4 km) from the Capitol to the east to the Potomac River, just beyond the Lincoln Memorial, to the west.
Rome's Top 10 : Pubs, Bars and Music Clubs
This is definitely Rome’s premier jazz venue. The management regularly books first-rate international talent as well as local musicians, and it serves excellent food, too. Advance reservations are highly recommended .
Rome's Top 10 : Roman Dishes - Top 10 Wines and Liqueurs
The piping hot pasta is immediately mixed with a raw egg, grated Parmesan and black pepper so that the eggy mixture cooks on to the strands of spaghetti themselves. It is then tossed with pieces of pancetta (bacon).
Rome's Top 10 : Restaurants
The premier restaurant of Testaccio since 1887 boasts Rome’s largest wine cellar. Working-class dishes – this is the place that invented coda alla vaccinara – and more elegant fare are prepared divinely, with the best selection of Italian and French cheeses in town .
Hong Kong - Around Kowloon : Kowloon – Tsim Sha Tsui (part 2) - Spots to People-Watch
Ask for a table near the street, preferably under the glass-roofed section of the restaurant. Floor-to-ceiling plate glass windows provide the perfect vantage point to look down on Nathan Road’s passing parade.
Hong Kong - Around Kowloon : Kowloon – Tsim Sha Tsui (part 1)
On one level, Tsim Sha Tsui (universally truncated to "TST" in a merciful gesture to non-Cantonese speakers) is still a parody of a tourist quarter in an Asian port: its tailors and camera salesmen do not suffer fools, its hostess bars are the scene of many a ruinous round of drinks.
Madrid - Around Town : Salamanca and Recoletos (part 4) - Restaurants
Winner of numerous culinary awards including a Michelin star, Jockey is one of Madrid’s best and most expensive restaurants. Seasonal game and wild fowl dishes are a highlight when they are in season.
Madrid - Around Town : Salamanca and Recoletos (part 3) - Fashion Shops, Tabernas, Bars and Cafés
Men and women’s fashions by one of the country’s most original designers, noted for her daring use of colour. Her name can also be found on the accessories, stationery and household goods sold here.
Beijing - Around Town : Eastern Beijing (part 3) - Restaurants
Beijing’s sole Belgian restaurant is a big expat favorite for steak and seafood, including, of course, mussels, as well as a great range of Belgian beers .
Beijing - Around Town : Eastern Beijing (part 2) - Shops, Markets, and Malls
Once upon a time this was officially the only store tourists could visit. Now it’s the last place you’d want to shop; it’s overpriced and has notoriously unhelpful staff. Visit only for a glimpse of how shopping in Beijing was in the good old bad old days.
Beijing - Around Town : Eastern Beijing (part 1)
East of central Beijing, in a corridor between the Second and Third Ring Roads, is the district of Chaoyang. It’s not an area that is particularly old and it doesn’t have very many significant monuments, but it is home to two main clusters of international embassies, and it is where a large proportion of the city’s foreign expatriate community chooses to live.
Chicago - Around Town - Near North (part 2) - Shopping, Places to Eat & Drink
Parents accompanying girls age four to 12 make a beeline to this store, the only retail outlet of the popular American Girl line of dolls. A theater and café supplement three floors devoted to dolls, books, and accessories.
Chicago - Around Town - Near North (part 1)
History, culture, and commerce collide on Chicago’s densely- packed Near North side. This area is a pleasure to explore on foot, whether motivated by a penchant for shopping or an appreciation of fine art and architecture.
Bohemian Rhapsody
Prague’s literary past is as important as its architecture. The best-known name in this chapter is of Franz Kafka. The author of The Metamorphosis and other stories born out of his surreal imagination lived and died here, and worked as of all things an insurance official! The chronicle of his tormented mind is told in a riverside museum.
Munich - Around Town : Downtown & Old Town (part 4) - Cafés & Bars, Restaurants
Frequented by museum visitors and the fashionable crowd, this café has one of Munich’s most beautiful courtyard beer gardens. Alcoholic beverages and light meals are served, as well as coffee and cake. Excellent lunch choice.
Munich - Around Town : Downtown & Old Town (part 3) - Downtown Shopping Tips
Loden is more than merely a fabric – it’s a way of life. Loden cloth is prized all over the world for its hard-wearing quality. Now it is used both for traditional Bavarian costume and international fashion.
Seattle : Around Town - Capitol Hill (part 3) - Shops, Places to Eat
Fashionably aware 30-somethings, Mediterranean fare, plumhued decor, and plush furnishings create the vibe at this popular spot. Strike it rich with the organic Kobe beef burger, a deluxe take on prole­tarian pride.
Seattle : Around Town - Capitol Hill (part 2) - Cafés & Taverns
A legendary hangout for rockers and great pretenders alike. It’s just a tavern with some pool tables, but the crowd, the location, and the stories etched into tabletops tell a different tale.
Seattle : Around Town - Capitol Hill (part 1)
Discover one of Seattle’s most electrifying neighborhoods on the long ridge that stretches northeast of downtown. The large gay, lesbian, and transgendered resident population helped to create a vibrant culture reflected in street scenes that hover on the outside edge of mainstream society.
Barcelona - Around Town - Barri Gòtic & La Ribera (part 5) - Restaurants & Tapas Bars
A French-Catalan restaurant housed in a 17th-century building. Home-style cuisine with a twist includes duck with figs and goose flavoured with pears.
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