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Some people may think nothing of leaving frozen food in the sink to thaw while they run out to complete some errands. But this is not advisable as bacteria can multiply rapidly at room temperature.
Food safety starts from the time you buy your food, by making sure you do not select expired food or buy from vendors who handle food and money with the same hand, for instance.
5 Stars Who Share Beauty Advice & Products With Family Members
These 5 celebrities have revealed that they often turn to their family members to try out new beauty products or get some beauty advice.
5 of Lily Aldridge’s Best Skin & Makeup Secrets
American Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge has enviable boho-meets-grunge personal style, and her beauty look is always clean, effortless and beautiful.
5 of Nina Agdal’s Top Makeup Tips & Tricks
Model and actress Nina Agdal has a laidback, beachy look that always looks so unfussy and effortless, and it’s all about the right makeup, worn with gorgeous beach wave hair.
5 Star Moms Share Their Time-Saving Beauty Secrets
Moms are constantly battling the clock no matter what age their kids are, but it’s great to take a few minutes to quickly apply some makeup or squeeze in a beauty treatment so you feel good about yourself too! T
5 of Megan Fox’s Top Skin, Makeup & Beauty Secrets
Megan Fox is undeniably one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood and her bombshell good looks are backed up with real brains – she always gives great, honest interviews that prove she’s more than just a sex symbol.
5 of Chrissy Teigen’s Top Beauty Secrets
American model Chrissy Teigen is always so beautiful, be it on the red carpet, posing for magazine shots or just out with husband John Legend.
5 of Zoe Kravitz’s Top Beauty Secrets
The daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, actress and musician Zoe Kravitz has a down to earth take on beauty, preferring natural products that are free of harmful chemicals, and she even likes to go minimal with makeup too.
5 Celebrities Share Their Painful Hair Removal Stories
Hair removal, especially when tried out at home, can go badly wrong and has the potential to be incredibly painful, while even professional waxing or laser treatments can still sting relentlessly!
5 of Zendaya’s Best Beauty Secrets
Disney star Zendaya Coleman is a unique beauty and she always looks very radiant, even with minimal makeup and styling. The young starlet has shared her simple and unfussy beauty secrets that keep her visage glowing.
5 of Solange Knowles’ Top Makeup, Skin & Hair Secrets
Solange Knowles is always instantly recognisable – outfitted in bright prints and not afraid to try out bold beauty looks - the DJ is definitely a style icon and knows exactly what suits her.
5 of Natalia Vodianova’s Hair, Makeup & Skin Secrets
Russian top model Natalia Vodianova may be a busy mother but she always looks amazing, frequently appearing at events beautifully made up and with a dewy, radiant complexion.
5 of Bella Thorne’s Best Beauty Secrets
17-year-old Bella Thorne stands out with her fiery red hair, striking brown eyes and fair complexion – and she always flatters herself with great makeup and hair!
5 of Jessica Biel’s Best Beauty, Makeup & Hair Secrets
Jessica Biel is a timeless beauty – something which is often reflected in her hair, makeup and fashion choices.
5 Celebrities on How They Hide Under-Eye Dark Circles
Under-eye dark circles are incredibly common, especially as we get older. It’s therefore no surprise that it’s something celebrities have to deal with too!
5 of Bar Refaeli’s Top Hair & Makeup Secrets
Israeli model Bar Refaeli always has such an amazing and very natural looking beauty look both on and off the red carpet. Revealing the secrets behind her glossy locks and dewy fresh complexion, here are Bar’s top 5 hair and makeup secrets.
5 Celebs Share Their Amazing Mascara Application Tips
Great mascara application can make a big difference to an overall makeup look – and these 5 celebrities all have their own special tips and techniques for getting the look just right.
5 Stars Tips on How to Make Eyes Look More Awake
We’ve all been there – when you wake up with puffy or red eyes, and these 5 stars even say they know what it’s like to wake up looking tired and dull around the eye area.
5 of Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s Best Beauty & Makeup Secrets
Jenna Dewan-Tatum is absolutely gorgeous – the actress and other half of Channing Tatum has a great beauty routine that keeps her glowing.
5 Stars Who Aren’t Worried About Wrinkles
With so much pressure to age backwards – at least regarding looks – it is easy to see why so many celebrities resort to botox and other surgeries.
Olivier Rousteing Thinks Instagram Makes Fashion More Accessible
Balmain head designer Olivier Rousteing has revealed that he thinks social media website Instagram is revolutionising fashion.
5 of Gisele Bundchen’s Best Beauty & Hair Secrets
Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen believes in taking care of herself – from a healthy diet to a regular exercise regime that keeps her figure in perfect shape – everything Gisele does is about natural health, which is also reflected in her beauty routine.
5 Star Tips for Beautiful White Teeth
When hitting the red carpet, a mega-watt white smile is a beauty essential! Having great teeth can make a huge difference to an overall look and these 5 celebrities have all shared their secrets for maintaining their pearly whites.
5 of Vanessa Hudgens’ Best Beauty & Skincare Tips
Vanessa Hudgens is gorgeous – and not only does she always look radiant, but she puts her own bohemian inspired twist on it that makes it look so effortless.
5 Stars Share Their Must-Have Beauty Products for Travel
These 5 celebrities always look gorgeous, even when they’re on a long-haul flight – and they’re dedicated to making sure their skin and general beauty doesn’t suffer while they’re on the go.
5 Stars Who Use Cooled or Frozen Beauty Treatments
Cool or frozen beauty treatments are said to have many benefits – and even splashing some ice cold water on skin feels as though it has a tightening effect.
5 of Nicole Scherzinger’s Top 5 Hair & Beauty Secrets
Hawaiian beauty Nicole Scherzinger always has an enviable glowing complexion, shiny and bouncy hair, and great nails.
5 Best Star Beauty Looks at the 2015 SAG Awards
We’re in the midst of awards season and over the weekend the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards took place in Los Angeles. Celebrating some of the most talented actors and actresses on screen, the red carpet event featured some of the biggest stars in Hollywood
5 Celebrities Share Their Morning Beauty Routines
A morning beauty routine is vital for maintaining good skin, and these 5 celebrities always make sure to stick to theirs.
5 of Selena Gomez’s Best Makeup & Beauty Secrets
Selena Gomez is always gorgeous, even with minimal makeup! So, how does she keep her complexion so flawless? Revealing the secret behind her glowing complexion, Selena has shared some top makeup and beauty secrets that keep her radiant and fresh.
5 Celebrities Share Their Maternity Skincare Secrets
With so many rapid changes taking place, it’s more essential than ever to look after your skin during pregnancy.
Prabal Gurung Comments on Researching His New Footwear Line
New York based designer Prabal Gurung is taking his first step into footwear with a collection of six new designs which will accompany his Spring/Summer 2015 offering
Fitness Expert: Hay Fever, Welcome Back
Not only do these summer health niggles make you pretty uncomfortable and grumpy, hayfever can also hamper your performance by reducing up to 80 per cent of air flow through your nostrils. It also fatigues your body by making your immune system work twice as hard.
Brain Fed-Connection To Food (part 2)
When you eat, your brain releases powerful chemicals such as endorphins (that make you feel good) and dopamine (which can motivate you to keep munching).
Brain Fed-Connection To Food (part 1)
Devouring sweets when you’re stressed goes beyond having a sweet tooth —a lot of it is in your head. How your frame of mind affects everything from the foods you crave to the way you digest them?
Pregnancy Can Affect Your Partner (part 2) - Help Dad Bond with Baby
Most couples are concerned about sexual activity during pregnancy; however, men are more often concerned with this aspect of a relationship. It’s an important topic, so discuss it with your healthcare provider.
Pregnancy Can Affect Your Partner (part 1) - Ways to Reassure Your Partner
You can reassure your partner and help him grow more comfortable with your pregnancy and the idea of fatherhood. We have spoken with many pregnant couples, and they have passed on the following suggestions.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Current Medical Condition and Medications (part 6) - Cancer during Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a happy time for most women. Occasionally, however, serious problems can occur. Cancer during pregnancy is one serious complication that occurs rarely.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Current Medical Condition and Medications (part 5) - Immunizations and Vaccinations during Pregnancy
Immunizations and vaccinations protect you from diseases. A vaccine is given to provide you with protection against infection and is usually given by injection or taken orally.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Current Medical Condition and Medications (part 4) - Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, Prenatal Vitamins
Be cautious about taking vitamin and mineral supplements during pregnancy. Often people don’t think of vitamins and minerals as harmful, but they can be, especially to your developing baby. Use only those vitamins and minerals your healthcare provider recommends you use or prescribes for you.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Current Medical Condition and Medications (part 3) - Nonprescription Medications
Many people, not just pregnant women, hold the false belief that medications they can buy without a prescription (over-the-counter medicine) are harmless. Nothing could be further from the truth. Carelessness with over-the-counter preparations could harm you and your developing baby.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Current Medical Condition and Medications (part 2) - Prescription Medication Use during Pregnancy
Some prescription medications are more common than others; the discussion below includes common substances many women must take during pregnancy. Please note: This information does not take the place of talking with your healthcare provider.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Current Medical Condition and Medications (part 1) - Medication Effects on Fetal Development
Some medications can affect fetal development; they are called teratogens. The study of abnormal fetal development caused by teratogens is called teratology. When a birth defect occurs, we want to know why it happened. This can be frustrating because in many instances we are unable to determine a cause.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant : A Healthy Weight Gain (part 2) - How much weight should you gain?
The amount of weight you should gain during pregnancy depends on your weight before you became pregnant. Women who are overweight need to gain much less weight than those who are underweight, to produce a healthy baby.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant : A Healthy Weight Gain (part 1) - Putting on too much weight
There is a very strong association between weight gain during pregnancy and birth weight. The more weight you put on, the bigger your baby is likely to be. This might make you think that you should limit your weight gain, as a smaller baby will mean an easier birth.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant : Healthy Eating for Two (part 3) -Ten ways to boost your fruit and vegetable intake, Ten healthy snacks
During pregnancy you are more likely than usual to be rubbing your tummy and looking for a little snack. It may be that you are suffering from morning sickness and can’t face proper meals, and so you are trying to eat small amounts rather than nothing.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant : Healthy Eating for Two (part 2) - How to grow a baby - The healthy diet checklist
A variety of fruit and vegetables (fresh, frozen, tinned or dried). Aim for at least five portions a day for a good supply of vitamins A, C and E, folic acid and iron.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant : Healthy Eating for Two (part 1) - Enough calories for two, Allergy-proofing your baby
If you have a family history of allergies you may have heard that avoiding certain foods during pregnancy could prevent your baby from developing allergies. However, a number of studies have been carried out, in which some women have avoided certain foods and others have consumed them, during pregnancy.
The Kids' College Almana : Why Should I Think About College (part 7) - Life Opportunities
When you think about college, you may think first about studying and preparing for a career. But college also enriches your personal life. It helps you make important transitions.
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