Innovative New Makeup Products That Are Worth Buying
Beauty products are always changing, with new innovations in technology and companies spending millions to try to find the next big thing to release on the mass market.
Tips & Tricks for Applying Makeup on Oily Skin
When it comes to applying makeup on oily skin, there are a few rules and tips that can help keep makeup looking great despite the problem that excess oil can present.
Tips for Avoiding Summer Skin & Makeup Problems
The summer months bring their own set of beauty problems with them - from dangerous skin damage and sunburn, to keeping makeup looking fresh in the heat, there are plenty of easy solutions to solve these small complications that the hot weather brings.
Tips for Creating a Natural, Dewy Makeup Look
Fresh minimal-looking makeup is a huge beauty trend on the catwalks and red carpet currently - it's supposed to appear as though no makeup is even being worn on the skin, but this does require a little effort to get right - here's how to give it a go.
Time-Saving Tips for Quicker Makeup Application
Finding that your makeup is taking too long to apply in the morning? We all have to cut corners when in a rush, but that doesn't mean having to go makeup-free. Here are some ways to speed things up when you're in a hurry.
5 Celebrities Who Prefer a Clean & Fresh Red Carpet Makeup Look
The ‘no makeup’ look is one of the biggest current beauty trends, both on the red carpet and on the catwalk lately, with a strong move towards looking fresh-faced, clean and as though wearing no makeup at all.
5 of Lily Aldridge’s Best Skin & Makeup Secrets
American Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge has enviable boho-meets-grunge personal style, and her beauty look is always clean, effortless and beautiful.
5 of Nina Agdal’s Top Makeup Tips & Tricks
Model and actress Nina Agdal has a laidback, beachy look that always looks so unfussy and effortless, and it’s all about the right makeup, worn with gorgeous beach wave hair.
5 of Megan Fox’s Top Skin, Makeup & Beauty Secrets
Megan Fox is undeniably one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood and her bombshell good looks are backed up with real brains – she always gives great, honest interviews that prove she’s more than just a sex symbol.
5 Stars Share Their Spring Makeup Tips
When the weather finally starts to improve and spring arrives, it seems only fitting to adapt your makeup to suit the weather and of course, what you’re wearing!
5 Stars Share Their Makeup Tips for Redheads
Red hair is unique and gorgeous looking – but it can be harder to find flattering makeup as the hair colour can be bright and attention-grabbing on its own already.
5 of Solange Knowles’ Top Makeup, Skin & Hair Secrets
Solange Knowles is always instantly recognisable – outfitted in bright prints and not afraid to try out bold beauty looks - the DJ is definitely a style icon and knows exactly what suits her.
5 Celebrities Who Love Trying New Makeup Looks
Getting creative with makeup can be a transformative experience, and it’s always fun to try out something new when it comes to beauty – be it a catwalk makeup trend, a new lip shade or a dramatic smoky eyeshadow.
5 of Natalia Vodianova’s Hair, Makeup & Skin Secrets
Russian top model Natalia Vodianova may be a busy mother but she always looks amazing, frequently appearing at events beautifully made up and with a dewy, radiant complexion.
5 of Jessica Biel’s Best Beauty, Makeup & Hair Secrets
Jessica Biel is a timeless beauty – something which is often reflected in her hair, makeup and fashion choices.
5 of Bar Refaeli’s Top Hair & Makeup Secrets
Israeli model Bar Refaeli always has such an amazing and very natural looking beauty look both on and off the red carpet. Revealing the secrets behind her glossy locks and dewy fresh complexion, here are Bar’s top 5 hair and makeup secrets.
5 of Lea Seydoux’s Top Beauty, Makeup & Hair Secrets
French beauty Lea Seydoux has shared some of her tips for staying gorgeous. Picking up some of the beauty trends and tips from her home country, Lea loves French brands for skincare and keeps a simple beauty routine that ensures she’s always glowing.
5 Stars Share Their Biggest Teenage Makeup Disasters
Teenage years are all about experimenting with beauty and fashion to figure out what works and what doesn’t – unfortunately, what ‘doesn’t work’ is what results in those funny teenage makeup disasters!
5 of Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s Best Beauty & Makeup Secrets
Jenna Dewan-Tatum is absolutely gorgeous – the actress and other half of Channing Tatum has a great beauty routine that keeps her glowing.
5 of Selena Gomez’s Best Makeup & Beauty Secrets
Selena Gomez is always gorgeous, even with minimal makeup! So, how does she keep her complexion so flawless? Revealing the secret behind her glowing complexion, Selena has shared some top makeup and beauty secrets that keep her radiant and fresh.
5 Celebrity Tips for Avoiding Makeup Disasters
We’ve all been there: stuck fighting to remove smudged mascara that just won’t disappear, or trying to figure out how to erase a makeup mistake without it being noticeable!
5 of Kendall Jenner’s Top Beauty & Makeup Tips
Reality star turned model Kendall Jenner can’t be stopped – she’s the current face of Marc by Marc Jacobs and Estee Lauder.
5 of Jennifer Lopez’s Top Makeup, Skin & Beauty Secrets
Jennifer Lopez is known for her always glowing, radiant complexion that seems to defy time and only looks better as the years roll by. Sharing just a few of her top makeup, skin and beauty secrets, Jennifer has dished out how she stays looking gorgeous.
5 of Jaime King’s Best Makeup & Beauty Secrets
Model and actress Jaime King always has such an amazing complexion that never looks dull, while she manages to subtly highlight her features with great makeup that doesn’t overpower her beauty whenever she’s on the red carpet.
5 of Gemma Arterton’s Best Makeup and Skin Secrets
British actress and ‘Bond’ girl Gemma Arterton is down-to-earth yet beautiful and when she’s on the red carpet, she always looks stunning. Preferring to place an emphasis on her eyes, she loves a dramatic eyeliner or smoky makeup for big events.
5 of Jessie J’s Top Beauty & Makeup Tips
Jessie J has her own unique look and fearlessly experiments with makeup and hair. The chart-topper can rock short or long locks, try out unique lipstick colours or pull off a dramatic smoky eye with ease.
5 of Katie Holmes’ Best Makeup Tips & Secrets
Katie Holmes is always timelessly sophisticated and an effortless beauty, so it’s no surprise that big cosmetics companies such as Bobbi Brown love working with her.
5 of Jamie Chung’s Best Makeup & Beauty Tips
Korean American actress Jamie Chung is always so effortless, with flattering makeup that highlights her always present gorgeous glow.
5 of Lupita Nyong'o's Best Beauty & Makeup Secrets
Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has risen to fame for her talent on screen – but her unique style and love of colourful beauty has not gone unnoticed too. The actress is fierce and bold with her makeup choices whenever she hits the red carpet, and loves to experiment with striking eyeshadow and lip shades.
5 of Rooney Mara’s Best Beauty & Makeup Secrets
Actress Rooney Mara is not afraid to experiment with different beauty looks: after all, she did undergo a dramatic makeover for her part in ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ which involved cutting her hair short and getting multiple piercings.
5 of Candice Swanepoel’s Best Makeup, Skin & Hair Tips
South African Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel always has a sun-kissed gorgeous glow, bouncy beach wave hair and blemish-free skin, not to mention her enviable body!
5 of Drew Barrymore’s Best Makeup & Skin Secrets
Having previously worked with CoverGirl for several years and now with her own ‘Flower’ cosmetics line, Drew Barrymore is an expert when it comes to all things beauty, especially makeup application and skin care.
5 Stars Share Their Smoky Eye Makeup Tips
Mastering a smoky eye is an essential for any makeup junkie and these 5 stars have all shared their tips and secrets for creating the best smoky eye makeup look.
5 of Christina Hendricks’ Best Makeup & Skin Secrets
‘Mad Men’ actress Christina Hendricks isn’t afraid to experimenting with beauty – her red hair just shows how bold she is with her choices (she’s a natural blonde!) and proves she’s not against standing out from the crowd.
5 of Jessica Chastain’s Best Makeup & Beauty Secrets
With her fiery red hair, flawless complexion and always beautiful makeup, it’s not a surprise that actress Jessica Chastain is a big source of inspiration when it comes to beauty.
5 of Lucy Hale’s Top Makeup & Skin Secrets
‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Lucy Hale is known for her signature thick brows and flawless complexion – and now she has shared some of her top makeup and skin secrets.
5 of Nicole Richie’s Best Hair, Skin & Makeup Tips
Fashion designer Nicole Richie is not just a style icon – with her bright, boldly coloured hair and gorgeous looks, her beauty is a great source of inspiration too.
5 Celebrities Who Don't Wear a Lot of Makeup
There are plenty of celebrities who won’t step out of their front door without a full face of makeup, ready to face the paparazzi while fully done up. However, these 5 stars say they generally don’t wear that much makeup on a daily basis, and just have a few simple essentials that they use to keep their beauty look in check
5 Top Celebrity Eye Makeup Tips
Revealing some of their best makeup secrets, these 5 celebrities have shared how they make their eyes stand out when creating a beauty look.
5 of Emmy Rossum’s Best Skin, Hair & Makeup Secrets
Actress Emmy Rossum is a flawless natural beauty. Always with shiny hair and a gorgeous complexion, Emmy is a huge fan of natural products and often even makes her own.
5 of Alessandra Ambrosio’s Top Makeup, Hair & Skin Secrets
Brazilian top model Alessandra Ambrosio always looks gorgeous. Often working for lingerie company Victoria’s Secret and appearing in fashion magazines, the model has learnt plenty of secrets that keep her looking stunning no matter what she’s doing.
5 Stars Share the Makeup Products They Always Carry
We all have at least one or two products we just need to have with us always, be it to freshen up or cover up while on the go. These 5 stars have commented on the basic essentials they always take with them where ever they are.
5 of Amanda Seyfried’s Top Makeup, Hair & Skin Secrets
Amanda Seyfried is always stunning, she shines on the red carpet and isn’t afraid to go natural when she’s out and about, often even going makeup-free.
5 of Blake Lively’s Best Makeup, Skin & Hair Secrets
Blake Lively is always picture perfect. With a sun-kissed glow and perfect beachy waves, the actress clearly knows what works for her and embraces that effortless Californian girl look.
Alexa Chung’s 5 Most Unique Hair, Makeup & Skin Secrets
Alexa Chung has dished out plenty of top beauty tips over the years, but here are some of her most unique ideas for hair, makeup and skincare.
5 Best Hair & Makeup Looks from the 2014 Teen Choice Awards
The 2014 Teen Choice Awards took place over the weekend and many big name stars hit the red carpet to pick up their awards or at least join in on the fun.
Sienna Miller’s Top 5 Makeup, Beauty & Hair Tips
British actress Sienna Miller is not only a style icon, but she is known for her amazing beauty choices too and she never fails to make a big impression.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Top 5 Hair, Makeup & Skin Secrets
British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley never fails to impress – her style is always effortless both on the red carpet and when she’s just stepping out casually, and her perfect beauty looks are an important part of her polished finish.
Zoe Saldana’s Top 5 Hair, Makeup & Beauty Secrets
Zoe Saldana is always an effortless, classic beauty – be it on the red carpet, or just relaxing off-duty – she never fails to impress and always looks timeless.
Kristin Cavallari's 5 Best Makeup, Skin & Hair Tips
'The Hills' star Kristin Cavallari is now a mother of two, and she has plenty of great beauty tips that keep her looking fabulous, even while on the go. Kristin keeps her beauty routine quite simple and prefers natural makeup, even going makeup-free to give her skin a break when possible.
Rachel Zoe’s Top 5 Best Makeup, Hair & Beauty Tips
Stylist to the stars and fashion designer Rachel Zoe may be best known for her impeccable dress sense, but she has also learnt plenty about beauty over the years and admits to being “obsessed” with all things related to hair and makeup.
Taylor Swift’s Top 5 Red Carpet Hair & Makeup Looks
Whenever she steps on to the red carpet, Taylor Swift always looks nothing short of perfection and that extends to her makeup and hair too.
5 Stars Speak on Doing Their Own Makeup
Most big name stars have their own makeup artists that they use for public appearances, work or anything else – so it’s actually a surprise that some stars opt to do their own makeup!
Lauren Conrad's 5 Best Makeup, Hair & Beauty Tips
Reality star Lauren Conrad has become a beauty guru in recent years and regularly shares her ideas through her official website.
Ashley Madekwe’s Favourite Makeup, Hair & Nail Products
'Revenge' actress Ashley Madekwe has opened up on her daily essential beauty products. Ashley, who is also a style blogger, commented that when she's head out and about, she reaches for a few simple multi-use products.
Anna Camp Prefers Minimal Summer Hair and Makeup
'True Blood' star Anna Camp has opened up on how she likes to style her hair and makeup. The actress says that for summer, she tries to keep her beauty routine quite simple, and when it comes to hair, she usually opts for a simple bun at the top of her head.
Jessica Alba’s Top 5 Makeup & Skin Secrets
Jessica Alba is always flawless - be it on the red carpet or out and about, this busy mom and founder of 'The Honest Company' still manages to find time to give her skin a gorgeous glow.
5 of the Best Celebrity Hair & Makeup Looks from the 2014 ESPY Awards
Honouring the biggest sports stars of the year, the 2014 ESPY Awards attracted plenty of big names who celebrated those who have achieved amazing sporting accomplishments.
5 Celebrities on Their Wedding Hair & Makeup Looks
Planning the perfect beauty look is high up on any bride’s To Do list – and these 5 stars have all opened up on what they opted for or will choose in the future when they walk down the aisle.
Fergie Opens Up on Her Beauty Routine & Copying Marilyn Monroe’s Makeup
'Black Eyed Peas' singer Fergie has opened up on her beauty routine now that she's a mother to son Axl with her actor husband Josh Duhamel.
Perrie Edwards Reveals Her Bridal Hair & Makeup Plans
'Little Mix' singer Perrie Edwards is currently engaged to 'One Direction' band member Zayn Malik.
5 Stars Comment on Taking Their Makeup Off at Night
These 5 stars have commented on the topic, some saying they religiously make sure to take off their makeup and are very strict about it being a part of their beauty routine, while others have confessed that they don’t often get around to it and fall asleep with lots of makeup still on, breaking one of beauty’s biggest rules!
Taylor Schilling Shares Her Views on Beauty & Feeling Free Without Makeup
Taylor Schilling, star of the hit tv show 'Orange is the New Black', has spoken on her approach to beauty, revealing that she doesn't like to focus so much on her looks alone because she believes she has much more to offer than just appearances.
Thandie Newton Calls Out Boots for Makeup Inequality
She commented that on a recent trip to the airport, she was surprised to find beauty giant Boots didn't have many foundations for darker skin and felt "unrepresented" and annoyed by her shopping experience.
5 Stars on Their Signature Makeup Look
Most people have a certain makeup look that they prefer to wear on a daily basis, and these 5 stars have developed their own unique beauty signature that they’ve become known for over the years.
Lo Bosworth Reveals Her Makeup Secrets & Top Beauty Trends She Wants to Try
Reality star Lo Bosworth has shared some of her unique beauty secrets. She reveals that when she's applying foundation, she has a little secret which she thinks makes a huge difference to the final result.
Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Talk Beauty Mistakes & Their MAC Makeup Collection
Mother daughter duo Sharon and Kelly Osbourne recently launched their makeup line in collaboration with MAC. Sharon has joked that she may not have always been an expert on the subject because she has made many beauty mistakes in the past, including over-plucking her eyebrows.
5 Best Hair & Makeup Looks at the CFDA Awards 2014
The CFDA Awards are the most prestigious in the fashion industry and many stars showed up to support the designers who were set to be honoured.
Alexa Chung’s Unique Makeup Tricks & Why She Grew Her Hair
Alexa reveals that her tip for flawless daily skin is to mix a few different products together before she puts in on her face.
Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist Speaks on Her Wedding Makeup
Kim Kardashian's makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, has opened up on creating the reality star's makeup look for her wedding to rapper Kanye West. He has worked with Kim for so long that he didn't find the huge event to be too pressurizing and was glad to help her look her best for the big day.
Kate Boswoth on Her Makeup Tips, Beauty Regime & Haircare Secrets
Kate Bosworth has shared her beauty regime and makeup advice. Opening up on what makes a great casual makeup look, Kate thinks simple skin that looks clear is amazing when paired with a bold lip to give face a flawless and awake look.
5 Stars Who Experimented With Their Mother's Makeup at an Early Age
Many little girls dream of trying on their mom’s makeup and these 5 stars say they all began experimenting with their beauty looks from an early age by experimenting with their mother’s array of lipsticks and eyeshadows!
5 Best Hair & Makeup Looks from the 2014 amfAR Gala
Held as part of Cannes Film Festival, the 2014 amfAR Gala not only raises much needed funds for charity, but it’s also one of the highlights of the glamorous film festival, with many celebrities and models in attendance.
Taylor Swift Opens Up on Her Signature Red Lips & Makeup Experiments
Taylor Swift believes she looks much better when she's wearing red lipstick. Rarely seen without a bright shade of red on her lips.
5 Best Hair & Makeup Looks From Cannes Film Festival 2014
Each year, Cannes Film Festival is one of the most glamorous, star-studded events. The red carpet lights up with celebrities dressed in amazing designer dresses and jewels as they premiere the latest new films in the French city.
5 Best Hair & Makeup Looks From the 2014 Billboard Music Awards
Turning up to pick up awards, present or simply mingle with the other stars, these 5 celebrities all impressed with flattering hair and makeup that suited them perfectly for the event.
Paris Hilton on Her Favourite Beauty, Makeup & Haircare Products
Heiress Paris Hilton has commented on her top beauty products. Paris says she is a big fan of experimenting with new products but keeps a few key items always on hand that she uses daily.
Katie Holmes on Applying Makeup & Subtle Red Carpet Beauty
Katie Holmes has spent a lot of time working in collaboration with beauty brand Bobbi Brown and has learned a lot about makeup in the process.
5 Easy Ways to Avoid Makeup Mistakes
Here are 5 easy tips to avoid simple makeup mistakes and help you apply makeup in the best way possible to keep it looking flawless all throughout the day.
Cindy Crawford on Makeup, Diet & Almost Removing Her Beauty Spot
Legendary model Cindy Crawford has revealed that when she was younger she used to be bullied for her now famous beauty mark. Cindy almost opted to have it removed but thankfully her mother talked her out of it.
5 Celebrities Who Wear Red Lipstick as Their Signature Makeup Look
Wearing red lipstick adds a classic element to any look while also appearing elegant and dressy – it’s that old Hollywood starlet glamour. These 5 celebrities are regularly spotted wearing red lipstick and explain why it has become a signature part of their makeup look.
5 Best Hair and Makeup Looks from the 2014 MET Gala
Celebrating the opening on the new Charles James exhibition, fashion’s biggest night out, the 2014 MET Gala, did not disappoint with many amazing red carpet looks. Here is a run through the top hair and makeup looks spotted on the night – from daring experimental ideas to flattering natural options, these stars picked just right and stood out as they stepped out for the special event.
Sky Ferreira Comments on Her Favourite Makeup & Hair Looks
American singer Sky Ferreira has opened up on her go-to makeup look. The 21-year-old beauty often also models and reveals that she likes to make her eyes look dramatic by adding a cateye flick completed with plenty of mascara.
5 Celebrities Who Contour Their Face With Makeup Tricks
Smartly applied makeup can not only cover up uneven skin tone and make a complexion look flawless, but it can also change how someone’s entire face shape looks, just with some simple tricks. Adding shadows and highlights to certain areas, contouring is a makeup technique used by the pros to give people more flattering facial features, subtly adjusting nose width and length, adding depth to cheekbones or anything else.
Emma Stone’s Makeup Artist Comments on ‘Spiderman 2’ Premiere Beauty Look
Emma Stone's makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin, has spoken on how Emma perfected a disco-inspired beauty look for the recent 'The Amazing Spiderman 2' premiere in NYC.
5 Celebrities on Their Minimal Makeup Routines
When these stars aren’t working hard, they like to keep their makeup routines minimal. Opting to just add a tinted moisturizer or some colour to their skin, these celebrities get by with just using a few key makeup products to create a simple, natural makeup look when they’re off-duty.
Lupita Nyong’o Wore ‘70s Disco-Inspired’ Makeup to MTV Movie Awards
Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o attended the recent MTV Movie Awards, shining on the red carpet in a colourful Chanel dress. The actress also had her own unique beauty look going on which stood out from the crowd.
The 5 Best Celeb Makeup & Hair Looks at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards
The 2014 MTV Movie Awards were not only filled with amazing designer outfits – there were plenty of great makeup and hair looks too!
5 Best Hair & Makeup Looks From the 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards
Stepping on to the red carpet at the 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards, these starlets all impressed with gorgeous and original beauty looks.
Beauty Trend: Charcoal Infused Skin, Hair & Makeup Products
Charcoal isn't something you immediately associate with beauty - that may be true, but there are more and more charcoal-based products on the market than ever and it's quickly becoming a trend that is very natural and health-focused.
5 Makeup Tricks to Make You Look Instantly Younger
Makeup can surprisingly add or subtract years when it comes to a person’s appearance. Here are some simple tips to make you look instantly younger.
5 Ways to Help Your Makeup Last All Day
Working hard all day long, it can difficult to find the time to keep your beauty look in check. Here are 5 simple ways to keep your makeup looking just as fresh and new hours after you’ve applied it.
5 Makeup Application Tips to Know
We all have our own techniques when it comes to applying makeup – here are 5 makeup application tips to keep in mind when completing your beauty look that will help sculpt and add to your face.
The 5 Best Beauty Looks at the 2014 Oscars : Makeup & Hair
Lighting up the red carpet with their beauty, these 5 celebrities all selected flattering makeup and hair looks to accompany their selected ensembles at the 2014 Oscars. From minimal makeup looks to extravagant hairdos, these stars pulled out all of the stops to look their best for the big day and they nailed it!
5 of the Best Wearable Makeup Looks From New York Fashion Week
While many of the beauty looks on the catwalks at the Autumn/Winter 2014 shows during New York Fashion Week were artistic statements that simply don’t make sense off the runway, there were also plenty wearable makeup ideas that stood out.
5 Top Eye Makeup Tips By the Pros
No one knows better than the professionals – here are 5 top tips for creating flawless eye makeup looks. From how to apply the best layer of mascara to creating a less tired looking smoky eye, these top professional secrets have been revealed so you can make the most of your eyes and make them pop when you apply makeup.
Mila Kunis Wears No Makeup for Gemfields Jewellery Campaign
Actress Mila Kunis is the new face of Gemfields ethical jewellery for the upcoming season. Photographed by famed photographer Peter Lindbergh, the new campaign sees Mila posing completely raw with no makeup in a set of stunning black&white images.
Makeup Trend: Bold Graphic Eyeliner
Catwalk makeup has never been so experimental and makeup artists can now use stick-ons, appliqués, sprays and much more to create flawless beauty looks all in just seconds.
5 Makeup Bag Essentials You Might Have Overlooked
While most of us have the basics covered (mascara, blusher, bronzer, lipstick, etc) there are a few essentials that are very useful but are often overlooked. These basic items help create a flawless visage and are just as important as anything else when it comes to putting together a beautiful makeup look.
5 Celebrities Reveal Their Top Makeup Tricks
Learning handy makeup tips during their years in the spotlight, these 5 celebrities know what they’re doing when it comes to applying a gorgeous face of makeup and they’ve each dished out their simple yet very effective personal makeup tricks.
5 of Bobbi Brown's Best Makeup Tips
Beauty guru Bobbi Brown knows everything about how to apply the perfect face of makeup thanks to her years of expertise. The professional makeup artist, who also has her own successful line of makeup products, reveals her top tips for applying and making makeup last. Here is a look at some of her best tips.
5 Makeup Ideas You Can Wear During the Day
Here are 5 makeup ideas that appear subtle but make you look more polished, elegant and chic. They’re also relatively low maintenance and unfussy so you don’t need to keep checking up on your makeup during the day when you are busy.
5 Makeup Tips by Professional Makeup Artists
From how to make your own concealer to the best eyelash curling method, these stars have worked on celebrities, models and more and know what they’re talking about when it comes to applying the perfect face of makeup. Here are their favourite tips and secrets.
Cool Makeup Tips For Tan Skin Girls (part 2) - Use metallic glossy eye shadows, Choose bold colored blushers
Metallic glossy eye shadows bring you a bright and radiant look and are great choices for vacations as well as parties with friends. Also, this color can get on well with dark pink, pink or plump colored lipsticks; bring you an attractive and seductive face.
Cool Makeup Tips For Tan Skin Girls (part 1) - Avoid too-bright makeup, Use yellow-colored foundation, Apply earth tone lipsticks
One of the best makeup tips for dark-colored skin is to avoid too-bright makeup styles. There’s no denying that the makeup style for a white pink and unblemished skin to bring an elegant look seems really attractive to ladies.
Beauty Effects Of Ice Cubes (part 1) - Efficient supporter of makeup, Savior to tired eyes with dark circles
If you have to go out and have no time for makeup, ice cubes are your saviors. These ice cubes bring you the feeling of a moisturized and cool skin, and make your skin even more radiant without makeup.
Disney and MAC Cosmetics Team Up For Maleficent Makeup Collection
MAC Cosmetics have just announced yet another exciting collaboration that they’re set to take part in – they’re teaming up with Disney to create a special collection just for the upcoming Maleficent film which stars Angelina Jolie.
My Second Act (Part 4) - Erica Paredes – The Makeup Artist Turned Accidental Cook
Thirty-two-year-old Erica Paredes’ foray into cooking was born out of necessity. When she first moved out of her parents’ home, the most she could do in the kitchen was heat canned goods.
Preteens the Middle Years : Wannabe? Clothes, makeup, older behavior
Preteens are a lucrative market, but at this age they are not yet cynical enough to realize that they are being targeted with subtle advertising.
The Best Tips for a Bright and Healthy Complexion
Everyone feels that their complexion looks dull from time to time, but there are plenty of ways to brighten and add a healthy gloss to skin.
Quick Ways to Rescue Your Beauty Look in a Rush
We've all been in that situation - when you have to quickly pull yourself together and look great in a matter of moments but your makeup or hair needs something to rescue it.
Top Tips for Treating and Concealing Blemishes & Spots
We all struggle with blemishes and spots from time to time - it seems only natural that skin changes and it can be affected by numerous things that are just out of our control.
Quick Ways to Brighten & Refresh Tired Looking Eyes
Tired looking eyes? It doesn't mean you can't fake it! There are plenty of ways to make eyes look bright and sparkling, even when you've woken up with red, tired looking eyes or dark circles underneath.
The Best Ways to Add Natural Oils to Your Beauty Regime
Oils have been in the spotlight for a while now in the beauty world - with many celebrities, models and beauty experts recommending different oil-based treatments for skin, hair and more
5 Stars Reveal Their Favourite Relaxing Beauty Treatments
Beauty treatments don’t have to be painful or stressful – pampering yourself and unwinding by applying products can be a very relaxing process.
5 of Hilary Duff’s Best Beauty Secrets
Actress and singer Hilary Duff is not only multi-talented and a mother of one, but she always looks great and has amazing style too.
5 Stars Who Share Beauty Advice & Products With Family Members
These 5 celebrities have revealed that they often turn to their family members to try out new beauty products or get some beauty advice.
5 Star Moms Share Their Time-Saving Beauty Secrets
Moms are constantly battling the clock no matter what age their kids are, but it’s great to take a few minutes to quickly apply some makeup or squeeze in a beauty treatment so you feel good about yourself too! T
5 of Chrissy Teigen’s Top Beauty Secrets
American model Chrissy Teigen is always so beautiful, be it on the red carpet, posing for magazine shots or just out with husband John Legend.
5 of Zoe Kravitz’s Top Beauty Secrets
The daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, actress and musician Zoe Kravitz has a down to earth take on beauty, preferring natural products that are free of harmful chemicals, and she even likes to go minimal with makeup too.
Kendall Jenner Loves Dressing Up, Shares Her Favourite Style Trick
Reality star turned model Kendall Jenner was recently enlisted as the new face of Maybelline and she has explained that she has always been passionate about dressing up, even from a young age.
5 of the Best Star Tips for Healthy Skin
These 5 celebrities all have radiant complexions and so are definitely in the position to offer up some advice on how to get healthy skin! Sharing how they look after their visages on a daily basis, these stars have explained what they think the key is to getting a gorgeous glow – and they don’t even believe any expensive treatments are needed
5 of Zendaya’s Best Beauty Secrets
Disney star Zendaya Coleman is a unique beauty and she always looks very radiant, even with minimal makeup and styling. The young starlet has shared her simple and unfussy beauty secrets that keep her visage glowing.
Olivia Palermo on Her Personal Style Inspiration & Beauty Ethos
Style icon Olivia Palermo has opened up on the unique places she searches for personal fashion inspiration. Olivia says she often turns to "old fashion imagery" when wanting to create original outfit ideas and loves digging up vintage inspired looks.
Donatella Versace Reveals Struggle with Low Self-Esteem
Italian designer Donatella Versace may be the head of a luxurious and very successful fashion label, but she has revealed that she struggles with low self-esteem and often believes she isn't good enough.
5 of Bella Thorne’s Best Beauty Secrets
17-year-old Bella Thorne stands out with her fiery red hair, striking brown eyes and fair complexion – and she always flatters herself with great makeup and hair!
5 Best Star Beauty Looks at the 2015 BRIT Awards
Awards season is coming to a close now that the Oscars has wrapped up – but the BRIT Awards is not to be forgotten!
5 Celebrities Reveal Their Desert Island Beauty Products
These 5 celebrities have revealed what they simply couldn’t live without and what they would have to pack in a desert island situation.
5 of the Best Beauty Looks from the 2015 Oscars
The 2015 Oscars took place last night and the biggest Hollywood event of the year was filled with amazing dresses and beauty looks too.
5 Celebrities on How They Hide Under-Eye Dark Circles
Under-eye dark circles are incredibly common, especially as we get older. It’s therefore no surprise that it’s something celebrities have to deal with too!
5 Celebs Share Their Amazing Mascara Application Tips
Great mascara application can make a big difference to an overall makeup look – and these 5 celebrities all have their own special tips and techniques for getting the look just right.
5 Best Celebrity Beauty Tips for Turning Back the Clock
Some believe hair colour can make someone look instantly younger, while others think taking care of their skin or working out regularly is what keeps them looking their best over the years
5 of Reese Witherspoon’s Best Beauty Secrets
Southern belle Reese Witherspoon has been making an impressive comeback to the big screen as of late in her new film ‘Wild’ and the actress looks gorgeous without makeup in the film
5 of the Best Beauty Looks at the 2015 GRAMMY Awards
The annual Grammy Awards took place during the weekend and as expected, it was packed full of moments that won’t be forgotten.
5 Stars Tips on How to Make Eyes Look More Awake
We’ve all been there – when you wake up with puffy or red eyes, and these 5 stars even say they know what it’s like to wake up looking tired and dull around the eye area.
5 of Gisele Bundchen’s Best Beauty & Hair Secrets
Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen believes in taking care of herself – from a healthy diet to a regular exercise regime that keeps her figure in perfect shape – everything Gisele does is about natural health, which is also reflected in her beauty routine.
Kaya Scodelario on Her Past Style: “I Had no Real Sense of Fashion”
British actress Kaya Scodelario, who shot to fame in the tv show 'Skins' and recently broke into Hollywood in 'The Maze Runner', has opened up on her personal sense of style.
Rochelle Humes Selects Her Favourite Spring Style Pieces
'The Saturdays' singer Rochelle Humes recently launched her first collection in collaboration with, and has opened up on what pieces she'll personally be selecting for the upcoming Spring 2015 season.
5 of Vanessa Hudgens’ Best Beauty & Skincare Tips
Vanessa Hudgens is gorgeous – and not only does she always look radiant, but she puts her own bohemian inspired twist on it that makes it look so effortless.
5 Stars Share Their Must-Have Beauty Products for Travel
These 5 celebrities always look gorgeous, even when they’re on a long-haul flight – and they’re dedicated to making sure their skin and general beauty doesn’t suffer while they’re on the go.
5 Stars Who Use Cooled or Frozen Beauty Treatments
Cool or frozen beauty treatments are said to have many benefits – and even splashing some ice cold water on skin feels as though it has a tightening effect.
5 Best Star Beauty Looks at the 2015 SAG Awards
We’re in the midst of awards season and over the weekend the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards took place in Los Angeles. Celebrating some of the most talented actors and actresses on screen, the red carpet event featured some of the biggest stars in Hollywood
5 Celebrities Share Their Morning Beauty Routines
A morning beauty routine is vital for maintaining good skin, and these 5 celebrities always make sure to stick to theirs.
5 Celebrities Share Their Red Carpet Beauty Rituals
Preparing to hit the red carpet must be both nerve-racking and time consuming – these 5 celebrities have opened up on how they get ready for their timr in the spotlight.
5 of the Best Beauty Looks from the Golden Globes 2015
The 2015 Golden Globes kicked off awards season, with Hollywood’s most talented gracing the red carpet outfitted in amazing ensembles painstakingly selected for the big event.
Anna Kendrick Reveals Her Most Important Fashion Lesson
'Into the Woods' star Anna Kendrick has opened up on learning how to style herself for the red carpet, explaining that she has learnt to tell when a dress just won't work or doesn't look the part.
5 Stars on the Beauty Products They Can't Live Without
We all have those few products that no matter where we’re going – we have to have them in our bag. It could be a great moisturiser, a must-have concealer or an amazing mascara – but there are just a few products we all can’t live without!
5 Celebs Who Love Having a Simple Short Haircut
Some have had short hair for quite some time, while others only recently decided to cut off their locks to a shorter length, but these 5 celebrities agree that they all love having a shorter haircut.
5 Stars Share Their First Beauty Memories
We all have our first beauty memories - some of us stole our mother’s lipstick to play with and made a huge mess, others remember trying on some eyeshadow for the first time, or simply watching a family member getting ready and being wowed by all of the amazing products.
5 Celebrities Share Their Tips & Secrets for Beautiful False Eyelashes
False eyelashes are notoriously awkward to apply, but with some practice and the right products, it can create a dramatic and beautiful eye look. These 5 stars all love false eyelashes and have shared their tips and secrets for getting the look just right.
5 Celebrities Speak on Switching to Natural Beauty Products
Hoping to avoid harsh chemicals, these 5 celebrities have switched out some of their beauty products for natural alternatives.
5 Famous French Women Share Their Beauty Secrets
French women have become known for their love of great skincare, as well as always perfecting that effortless Parisian beauty look.
5 Celebrities Share Their Top Beauty Travel Tips
Taking a long haul flight or being on the go for hours can have a negative impact on your skin – these 5 celebrities are regularly on the move and have shared their top tips for looking fresh while travelling.
5 of the Best Beauty Looks From the British Fashion Awards 2014
Held in London last night, the 2014 British Fashion Awards had some of the most stylish stars in attendance. These 5 celebrities all stood out for their immaculate beauty looks, perfectly highlighting their faces and their outfit choices with just the right hair and makeup.
5 Stars Who Wear Blush to Add Colour to Their Complexion
The secret to great blush makeup is to add subtle colour which sculpts the face and highlight cheekbones, and also just makes skin look more radiant and glowing.
5 Stars Who Love Sonic Facial Cleansing Brushes
Sonic facial cleansing brushes are a big beauty trend right now and many people are giving them rave reviews, including celebrities.
5 Best Beauty Looks From the 2014 American Music Awards
Held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, the 2014 American Music Awards brought out a big gathering of celebrities to celebrate the last year in musical achievement.
5 Stars Share Their Best Lipstick Application Tips
Lipstick application needs to be precise and flawless looking, which can be quite difficult to get right! These 5 stars all love wearing lipstick and have shared their tips for applying lipstick so it looks amazing and stays on for longer too.
5 Best Beauty Looks at 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards
Held during the weekend at The Palladium in Hollywood, the 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards was another big red carpet event, filled with huge star names.
5 Star Secrets for Red Carpet Beauty Perfection
Any red carpet event can be high pressure, with all eyes on those in attendance and cameras constantly flashing, it’s important to look as close to perfection as possible.
5 Top Celebrity Winter Skincare Tips
The winter months can be extra harsh on skin, drying out and leaving the complexion dull over time. These 4 celebrities have shared the top tips that keep their skin glowing even as they brave the harsh weather and cold.
5 of January Jones’ Top Beauty & Hair Tricks
‘Mad Men’ actress January Jones always looks gorgeous, with her blonde bob haircut and glowing complexion, January is radiant and effortless, even when she’s trying out edgy new makeup looks or just channelling a classic old screen siren.
5 of the Strangest Celebrity Beauty Tricks & Secrets
Celebrity beauty tricks can be pretty out there – but these 5 tips are definitely quite unusual and not ones you might guess or stumble across too frequently.
5 of Halle Berry's Top Anti-Aging Secrets
Halle loves facials and has a favourite facialist she visits a few times a year: "I don’t skip on facialist appointments. I see Olga Northrop three or four times a year because she completely understands my skin
Richard Nicoll Comments on Dressing Anne Hathaway for the Red Carpet
Anne Hathaway recently impressed on the red carpet at the premiere of her new film 'Instellar' in Los Angeles, wowing in a navy slip-style silk dress taken from British designer Richard Nicoll's new Spring/Summer 2015 collection.
5 Celebrities on Dealing With Their Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin can be much more difficult to look after as it reacts to more products and breaks out easily – it can even be damaged if it’s not cared for correctly.
5 Stars Share Their Tips for Long, Gorgeous Eyelashes
Long eyelashes that stand out are a subtle way to add to any makeup look, and these 5 stars are obsessed with making their own eyes pop with their personal tricks and secrets for making their lashes look longer or more beautiful.
Rumer Willis Slams Fashion Brand For Heavily Photoshopping Her Appearance
Rumer Willis has slammed fashion brand Franzinska Fox for overly photoshopping her appearance in their Spring 2015 lookbook.
5 Celebrities Share Their Best Concealer Application Tips
These 5 celebrities have shared their best tips for applying concealer to create a flawless looking base that isn’t obviously covered with too much product – a natural looking end result.
5 Stars Share Their Pregnancy Health & Beauty Tips
Staying healthy and feeling your best during pregnancy should be a top priority to any expectant mom, and these 5 stars have shared how they managed to get through their pregnancy days feeling good.
5 Celebs Who Use Coconut Oil on Their Hair
Coconut oil is a having a moment as a health and beauty trend right now, and plenty of celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon to promote the healthy oil, specifically saying that they love how it treats their hair.
Ashley Greene’s Favourite Mascara & Sunscreen Skin Tip
'Twilight' actress Ashley Greene has opened up on some of her makeup and skin secrets, revealing that although she loves to try out new mascaras
Rita Ora Talks Perfecting Her Lipstick Application
British singer and fashion icon Rita Ora is rarely seen without a strong red lip, and now she's spoken on how she has perfected her application technique over the years.
Kelly Ripa Gets Candid About Her Botox Use
TV host Kelly Ripa has courted controversy by admitting that botox has "changed her life". Speaking on her beauty routine, Kelly says she has a few key products she uses, but she also has botox and says it has made a huge difference.
5 Top Models Share Their Beauty Secrets
Picking up some backstage tips from the professionals and learning how to take care of their good looks, these 5 top models have shared their beauty secrets that they’ve learned over their careers.
Katy Perry on Dressing Like a Teenager & Her Current Fashion Loves
Katy Perry has opened up on her bold and bright sense of style. The singer says that she has always been attracted to playful pieces and admits she has similar style to a teenager because she isn't a fan of anything toned down.
Donatella Versace Always Carries a Change of Jewellery With Her
Versace designer Donatella Versace has revealed one of her top style secrets - she always carries a change of jewellery where ever she goes, and she thinks she can swiftly alter her outfit in the blink of an eye by adding or removing an item of jewellery.
5 Celebrities & Their Top Anti-Aging Tips
So many celebrities seem to avoid aging completely, never adding a wrinkle to their face and even getting better as the years roll by – so what’s their secret? Here are 5 top tips, directly from the stars themselves.
5 Stars Who Think 'Less Is More' When it Comes to Beauty
While some celebrities pile on makeup and use complicated skin treatments regularly, these 5 stars believe that ‘less is more’ and they like to keep things simple.
5 of Olivia Palermo's Top Beauty & Fashion Tips
Reality star turned street style sensation Olivia Palermo is always dressed flawlessly, and with perfect hair and makeup each time she steps out.
Karlie Kloss on Keeping Her Skin Clear & Her Top Backstage Beauty Tip
American model Karlie Kloss has spoken on her beauty routine, opening up on how she keeps her skin clear during her intense workout sessions as she keeps her figure in top shape.
Rita Ora Says Her Mother Helps Her Craft Her Personalized Original Style
British singer Rita Ora has opened up on her unusual sense of style, revealing that her mother often guides her when she's getting dressed. Rita likes to show off her outfits to her mum, who often tells her what they're lacking.
5 Stars Share Their Beauty Advice for Summer
Sharing their top tips for summer, these 5 celebrities have commented on how they’ll be changing up their routine or opting for different products now that the weather is warmer.
5 Stars Who Wear Concealer Instead of Foundation
They may wear plenty of makeup on the red carpet, but when it comes to everyday use, these 5 stars prefer to let their skin breathe and often just opt to cover up any blemishes, spots or uneven skin tone with a dab of concealer
5 Stars Reveal Their Tips & Tricks for Applying Foundation
It can be hard to know just how much foundation to wear or what the right type is for you. These 5 stars have revealed their own personal tips and tricks that they’ve picked up after years of doing their own makeup.
Lauren Conrad on Her Hair Mistakes & Star Hair Icon
Lauren Conrad always looks flawless whenever she steps out and now the former 'The Hills' star has opened up on how she maintains her gorgeous beach wave hair.
Keira Knightley on Red Carpet Dresses and Her Fashion Critics
Keira Knightley loves getting ready for the red carpet. The actress is close friends with her makeup artist and hairstylist, so they often turn their time together in to a party before a big event.
Candice Swanepoel Reveals Her Top Summer Beauty Tips
South African model Candice Swanepoel has dished out her personal summer beauty tips. She said that on the top of her list is sun protection which she says is essential because she burns very quickly when exposed.
5 of Miranda Kerr’s Best Beauty, Skin & Hair Tips
Australian model Miranda Kerr knows a thing or two about beauty. Not only has she learned some insider tips on the job, but she is also the founder of skincare company Kora Organics and studied nutrition.
Lorde Speaks on Creating Her MAC Collaboration Collection
Launching on June 5th online, singer Lorde's first collaboration collection for MAC Cosmetics is about to become available.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor on Her Vintage Wardrobe & Quirky Personal Style
British singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor has opened up on her personal style. Known for being quirky and original when it comes to dressing up, Sophie comments that her wardrobe isn't packed with designer items and she mostly buys vintage items.
Blake Lively Prefers to Dress for Comfort on the Red Carpet
Blake Lively has spoken on dressing for the red carpet. The former 'Gossip Girl' star has revealed that she can find the experience quite stressful, so she likes to have an outfit that is comfortable to wear, so she feels good about how she looks and not awkward.
Maleficent Team Up With Crow’s Nest Fine Jewellery
Disney's latest film, 'Maleficent', which stars the beautiful Angelina Jolie, is already a fashionable affair. So far, British designer Stella McCartney has designed a line of children's clothing inspired by the film and MAC Cosmetics are also releasing a selection of makeup with dramatic dark shades taken from the hit movie.
Rita Ora on Why She loves Red Lips & Her Beauty Creative Control
Rita Ora is known for her ever-present red lips, a signature part of her famed looks. She has opened up on how her obsession with red lips came about, revealing that it all began when she took one of her mother's bright red lip colours without asking.
5 Celebrities on Their Worst Beauty Mistakes
Everyone has made a beauty mistake at some point, and learning how to do your own hair and makeup takes experimentation – and sometimes it just doesn’t end up looking right.
5 Stars Who Love Experimenting With Beauty Products
These 5 celebrities say they enjoy trying out new ideas on themselves whenever they get the chance such as experimenting with bold nail colours to trying out a unique shade of lipstick or giving a new product a trial run to see how it works out.
Kirsten Dunst Prefers Wearing Dresses When She’s Off-Duty
Kirsten Dunst has opened up on her off-duty style, revealing that she prefers to wear relaxed dresses when she isn't working.
5 Celebrities on Their Favourite Lip Products
Gushing about their top lip products, these celebrities have all revealed their favourite lipstick or gloss to wear on their lips. From muted nudes to bold reds, these stars each have their own signature go-to product that they swear by and have spoken on their own secret makeup finds that they love the most.
Kate Bosworth Loves Lip Stains and Minimal Beauty Look
Kate Bosworth has opened up on her usual makeup regime. The actress reveals that she lives by the 'less in more' ethos when it comes to beauty and prefers a natural look.
5 Stars Share Their Summer Beauty Essentials
Summer beauty is all about getting a great natural healthy glow. These 5 celebrities have shared their own summer beauty essentials, commenting on the products they use to create a subtle but warm look that also lasts on hot days.
Jennifer Aniston on Dealing With Her Problem Hair
Jennifer Aniston may have made that famous 'Rachel' haircut a big beauty trend in those early 'Friends' years but the actress says she hasn't always had an easy time taming her locks.
Karina Smirnoff Reveals Her Homemade Spot Remedy
'Dancing With the Stars' professional Karina Smirnoff has opened up on her simple homemade remedy to banish acne and spots. She says that when she is suffering from a breakout, she mixes a few simple ingredients together and applies to the spotty area to help clear it up.
How to Wear Nude-Toned Outfits as Inspired by Celebrity Style
The neutral-toned outfit can be a potential fashion disaster which can end up looking very unflattering if executed incorrectly. However, coordinated right, this is one of fashion's biggest hits and a trend that keeps going season after season.
Jourdan Dunn on Her Personal Style & Top Beauty Essentials
British model Jourdan Dunn's career is reaching new heights as of late - the model recently landed a contract with beauty company Maybelline and she also continues to work for Victoria's Secret and many other big name brands.
Christy Turlington on Caring for Her Skin & Not Worrying About Aging
45-year-old legendary supermodel Christy Turlington has revealed that she doesn't think there are any negative aspects to aging. The model still pulls in top campaigns and fashion magazine editorials and says that as the years roll on, she just becomes more sure of herself and also more confident.
Zoe Saldana’s Beauty Favourites: Red Lipstick & a Ponytail
Actress Zoe Saldana has opened up on her usual beauty routine. She admits that she likes to keep it "low maintenance" because she is so often in a rush and doesn't get the chance to spend a long time applying makeup.
5 Celebrities Who Prefer Natural & Organic Beauty Products
Passionate about natural beauty products, these celebrities go organic when possible and prefer to use chemical-free moisturizers, cleansers and more on their skin. Always reading the label to see what they’re applying to their skin, these stars don’t believe in using products with complicated formulas and stick to simple but natural alternatives when possible.
5 Celebrities Who Add Coconut Oil to Their Beauty Routines
Coconut oil is quickly becoming the biggest trend in beauty this year, with many big name stars saying they love to use it. With so many different uses, coconut oil is a versatile beauty essential that can moisturize, cleanse and hydrate – as well as much more.
Cameron Diaz Speaks on Her High Maintenance Beauty Look for ‘The Other Woman’
Starring alongside Leslie Mann and model Kate Upton in newly released film 'The Other Woman', Cameron Diaz has spoken on her character's high maintenance beauty look.
Kelly Brook on Her Natural Beach Beauty Look
British model Kelly Brook has spoken on her natural beach make-up routine. With her famous curves and stunning good looks, Kelly says she likes to keep her beauty look pared down whenever she's hitting the beach.
5 Overlooked Beauty Basics You Need to Own
We all have our favourite basics when it comes to beauty, but some of us overlook the most basic or helpful items to have on hand. These items are cost effective and simple to use, helping you look great on a daily basis.
Katie Holmes Reveals Her Mother’s Natural Beauty Advice
Katie Holmes, who has worked closely with major makeup brand Bobbi Brown, has opened up on the beauty advice that her mother gave her. Katie says her mom Kathleen always advised her to stay as natural as possible but that makeup can be used to subtly enhance a person's natural good looks.
5 Celebrities on Protecting Their Skin from the Sun
It is easy to forget how dangerous the sun is, but with skin cancer on the rise, it has never been more important to daily apply sun cream, especially if you’re planning to be exposed to the sun for long periods of time.
Celebrity Beauty Secret: The Clarisonic Skin Brush
The Clarisonc professional skin brush has gained a celebrity following as of late, with several stars admitting that using the skin brush system has completely changed their skin and they've seen a big difference in their appearance.
Claudia Schiffer Reveals Her Own at Home Beauty Treatment Secrets
German beauty Claudia Schiffer has opened up on her beauty regime, revealing that she loves at home treatments that she happily applies to herself.
Beauty Trend to Try: Top 5 Refreshing Cleansing Oils
Cleansing oils have been creeping in to the beauty spotlight as of late as an alternative to wash-off cleansers and creams. Gentle and naturally hydrating, oils don't dry out skin while also targeting make-up, impurities and anything else left behind on skin after a long day. Here is a run through the top 5 oil cleansers available that are top rated.
Mindy Kaling Has No Red Carpet Style Regrets
Actress Mindy Kaling says she doesn't have any red carpet style regrets because she always appreciates and loves anything designers lend to her for big events.
5 Tips for Applying Basic Flawless Foundation
Foundation application can be tricky to master – there are so many products and shades to choose from, it can be tough to make it look right. Here are some basic tips to help you perfect that flawless foundation look – it’s not as hard as it looks!
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Age Affects Your Pregnancy (part 1) - Some Pregnancy Problems in Older Women, Genetic Counseling
Problems healthcare providers see more often in older pregnant women include gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, placental problems, more miscarriages, more Cesarean births and a slightly higher risk of giving birth to a baby with genetic or chromosomal abnormalities.
5 Quick Ways to Brighten a Dull Complexion
Skin can suffer and after days of wearing makeup or being exposed to dry air, it can end up looking dull. Here are some quick and simple ways to brighten up a dull complexion, leaving you with fresh-feeling skin that is also more radiant and has an amazing glow!
5 Unique Ways to Style Bob-Length Hair
Many people think having more hair means more styling options so they avoid snipping off their locks – but there are plenty of hairstyle options for those who opted for the growing hair trend that is ‘bob length’ – just look at models Karlie Kloss and Toni Garrn who recently chopped off their long hair.
5 Celebrities Speak on What Makes Them Look Young
Rolling back the clock with a healthy diet or just by toning down their makeup, these stars aren’t recommending drastic measures such as botox or other surgeries – they think looking younger can be much easier than that.
Top 5 Nail Colours from Paris Fashion Week
Although extravagant and intricate nail art was all over the catwalks during the Autumn/Winter 2014 Fashion Weeks, at Paris nails returned to a more classic look – simple block colour painted nails made a return for many of the shows and thankfully it’s a very easy look to replicate.
The Healthy Home : Let’s Get Cooking (part 6) - Our Plastic Kitchen - Plastic Wrap, The Plastic Code
PVC is a hard, resinous material that requires plasticizers, stabilizers, flame retardants, and lubricants to be of any practical value. These additives—which aren’t chemically bonded to the plastic’s basic building blocks—are what make PVC one of the most toxic plastics in our homes today.
5 Ways to Freshen Up on the Go
We all have those days where we are in a major rush and don’t have as much time as we’d like to freshen up, fix makeup or clean up as regularly as we’d like. With these 5 simple tips, you can quickly refresh your skin, makeup and beauty look to make you feel better.
37 to 40 Weeks Pregnant (part 6) - 40 WEEKS PREGNANT
If you haven’t already had your baby, you’re now forty weeks pregnant and have either reached your estimated due date or are very close. Congratulations! Your baby will be here very soon.
New Innovative Mascara Brush Design Paints On To Lashes
Could this new innovative mascara brush design change how you apply makeup forever? Avon has just unveiled an impressive new product that could be the beginning of a whole new type of mascara brush if it catches on.
5 Stars Share Their Top Travel Beauty Tips
Always on the move, these 5 celebrities know what it’s like to travel long distances and have given out their personal top tips when it comes to maintaining a good complexion while on the road.
Top 5 Skin & Hair Natural Oils to Try
Natural oils are one of the biggest beauty crazes right now, so here is a look at the best 5 oils to invest in. Treating your hair and skin, these natural alternatives will leave you glowing with the benefits and are packed full of vitamins and other boosting ingredients to treat skin and hair problems too.
5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Improve Your Complexion
You don’t need to spend loads of money or invest in expensive products in order to improve your complexion – as long as you know what you need, cheaper products can work just as well when it comes to looking after your skin.
5 Celebrities on How They Achieve a Natural Beauty Look
Always looking gorgeous even when they step out wearing minimal or no makeup, these 5 celebrities have revealed their secrets when it comes to getting that highly covetable natural beauty look.
Beauty Trend: Konjac Charcoal Cleansing Sponges
There is a new beauty trend sweeping the nation: Konjac charcoal cleansing sponges. Much like BB Cream before it, this beauty product started life in Asia but due to its big success story, has wound up elsewhere too.
Top 5 Beauty & Hair Looks From the 2014 BAFTA Awards
Still in the middle of awards season, the 2014 BAFTA Awards took place over the weekend and as usual, several big name stars were not only dressed the part, but also selected flattering hair and makeup looks for the big event. Here is a run through the best seen on the red carpet.
5 Stars Share Their Low Maintenance Beauty Regimes
Keeping their hair and beauty looks simple when they aren’t hard at work or about to hit the red carpet, these 5 celebrities all say they’re low maintenance when they’re off-duty and have shared their own regimes.
5 Beauty Tips to Look More Awake
Everyone has one of those days when they don’t feel completely wide awake and these quick tips will make you look like you are even if you aren’t. Get your skin quickly prepared and use some simple makeup techniques to give your skin a natural glow and even out your complexion to look fresh and ready to deal with whatever the world has in store for you.
5 Unique Ways to Wear Metallic Eyeshadow
Metallic eyeshadow can be a difficult trend to try out, so here are a few ideas to get you inspired and started. Seen all over the catwalks as of late (Fendi and Chanel), the metallic eye is here to stay and there are so many different ways to wear it that it will never get tired.
5 Travel Beauty Tips to Use on the Road
Hitting the road or going on a long trip, it can be difficult to keep your beauty look in top condition. Here are 5 easy beauty tips to keep in mind that will save you time and effort, while allowing you to look your best as you travel.
Catwalk Beauty Look to Try: Electric Blue Eyes
“This is a summer look that’s all about the eye,” François Nars,Founder & Creative Director of NARS cosmetics has picked up on the trend which swept the catwalk for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 season - attention grabbing eye makeup.
5 Celebrity-Inspired Ways to Wear Red Lipstick
Here are 5 top ways to give the look a go for yourself, some which are perfect for daytime wear and others that would look great on a night out – never underestimate the power of a red lip!
5 Common Beauty Mistakes to Avoid
We’ve all made beauty mistakes in the past: be it selecting the wrong foundation shade or caking on eyeshadow, there are many errors you can make on the way to looking beautiful.
5 Top Beauty Looks From Haute Couture Spring 2014 Fashion Week
Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 fashion week is currently underway in Paris and already we’ve seen some amazing designer pieces that we’re bound to see pop up during the rest of awards season - we’re already scanning the Dior show to figure out which dress Jennifer Lawrence will wear to the Oscars!
5 Best Hair & Beauty Looks at the Screen Actors Guild Awards
Awards season is currently in full swing right now, which gives us plenty of star-studded red carpet ceremonies to examine for style and beauty inspiration! Gracing the red carpet in designer gowns as well as flawless hair and beauty looks, these 5 stars topped our best beauty list.
5 Ways to Get Clearer Looking Skin
Bored of tired looking skin or just want to get that fresh-faced look that every celebrity seems to effortlessly have? These 5 skin tips will help you on your way to getting that clear skin look.
5 Pretty Alternatives to the Classic Ponytail
The simple ponytail may be a handy hairstyle to fall back on or throw up when you are in a rush, but these 5 pretty alternatives only take a few minutes more to style and look much more interesting than just the standard ponytail that you wear all the time.
Golden Globes 2014 Red Carpet Trend: Red Dresses
As always, there is usually one clear trend on the red carpet during awards season and it looks as though we’re on to a winner already. At the Golden Globes 2014 this weekend, several stars turned up in gorgeous scarlet shades.
5 of the Best Golden Globes 2014 Beauty Looks
The Golden Globes 2014 took place during the weekend and as usual there were plenty of amazing dresses, hair and makeup to analyse and drool over! Here is a look at 5 of the best beauty looks from the event – stars who really nailed it when it came to creating beautiful hairstyles and flattering makeup.
5 Celebrity Beauty Blunders to Learn From
We all make mistakes and it’s best to learn from them! These 5 celebrities all learned the hard way, making some beauty blunders as they tried to look their best for the constantly following cameras.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 6) - 35 WEEKS PREGNANT - BATHROOM ORGANIZING TOOLS
Once the bathrooms have been cleaned out, it’s time for lunch. Be sure your helper takes out the trash and finds a spot for the products you wish to share. My best advice is to share it with her so it all leaves today.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 5) - 35 WEEKS PREGNANT - DEBRIS, BE GONE
Women tend to think of their beauty products as “evergreen,” when in fact most have a short shelf life. Keep that in mind the next time you want to pick up some makeup items you really don’t need in your kit.
5 Best Beauty & Hair Looks at The People’s Choice Awards 2014
It’s officially awards season and last night the People’s Choice Awards 2014 took place, with stylishly dressed stars arriving on the red carpet to enjoy the night as they celebrated the talented people of the year.
5 Quick & Simple Beauty Shortcuts
Everyone finds themselves rushing out the door from time to time – here are some quick and easy tips to follow when you have minimal time to pull yourself together!
Kate Bosworth Shows Off Her Two Gorgeous Wedding Dresses
American actress Kate Bosworth married director Michael Polish back in August but has waited until now to reveal both of her stunning wedding dresses - photos from the couple's special day feature inside the Winter 2013 issue of Martha Stewart's Weddings magazine and show off the two gorgeous creations.
5 Beauty Tips Inspired by Retro Pin-Ups
Sexy pin-up style has been a consistent fashion trend in recent years – from flawless red lips to curled hair – that retro inspired look continue to pop up on the catwalks season after season and has become timeless.
5 Tips to Quickly Detox Your Skin, Hair & Body
With the New Year approaching, we all want to kick 2014 off in the best frame of mind possible, so a mini-detox is the perfect way to start it all off. Refresh your hair, skin and body with these 5 easy to follow steps that will make you feel great and leave you feeling positive about the year to come.
Use Vitamin A To Get Rid Of Oily Skin
Oily skin is prone to acnes, blemishes and can be difficult to treat. However, you shouldn’t overuse acne creams as this may cause more harm than benefit. Therefore, control your oily skin with vitamin A to regulate sebum secretion and still keep your skin moisturized.
5 Spring/Summer 2014 Beauty Looks to Try
From Dolce & Gabbana to Rag & Bone, the Spring/Summer 2014 catwalk shows each came complete with their own creative and inspiring beauty looks. Here are 5 that you can try yourself, so get ahead of the game and try out these new season beauty looks before everyone else!
Things To Do For Flat-Chested Girls (part 1)
A lot of people feel unconfident with their breast but don’t know what to do except for taking a cosmetic surgery. And now, with these following tips we’ll help you, your breast size will be improved in two ways: increase breast size through exercises and diet; enlarge your breast instantly with tips.
5 of Kim Kardashian’s Top Beauty & Wellbeing Tips
Kim Kardashian is always groomed to perfection and is dedicated to always looking her best. Over the years she has tried various treatments, facials and workout techniques and has shared what she thinks works best.
5 New Ways to Wear a Casual Blazer Inspired by Celebs
The casual blazer is a must-have for any wardrobe – versatile yet smart, a blazer can make you look polished while still appearing relaxed and it’s an easy piece to style in to various new looks.
How To Turn A Round Face Into A V-Line Face After 5 Minutes (part 1)
Besides natural makeup trend, getting a V-line face from makeup is now prevailing. The images of Korean actresses or singers with their slender, elegant faces and seductive smiles drive people crazy. According to estheticians, a slender face with chin and jaw forming a V-shape is an ideal face, helping with creating sympathy.
How To Deal With Weaknesses That Many Bride Have (part 2)
In case your lips are too large: Use a lip liner and draw the pencil along the line of the lips from the upper to the lower lip. Then, divide the lips into 4 equal parts; draw a line slightly inside the natural curve of the lip from the middle to the outer edges. Finally, choose your suit lipstick.
How To Deal With Weaknesses That Many Bride Have (part 1)
To eyes, you can apply Smokey or moss eye-shadow. The most suitable and also safest way is to apply warm tones such as orange, orange pink, orange brown.
Tips To Have A Younger Look
If you want to look younger without the help of expensive surgeries or out-patient dermatologist treatments, take in some simple but effective beauty practices that will help rejuvenate your skin without emptying your budget.
Effective Ways To Control Sebum
Oily skin is the result of excessive production of sebum from sebaceous glands on face, neck, chest and back; and this is mainly because of hormones and genetic factors.
How To Control Oily Skin
Oily skin leads to a shiny, greasy look, clogged pores, acne eruption and self-esteem issues. And usually, overactive sebaceous glands are blamed for causing skin becomes too oily. Sometime, oily skin is hard to cure and many with this problem feel that they need to clean it up constantly and always try to dissolve it.
5 Stylish Alternatives to Classic Red Lips
Classic red lipstick is gorgeous – think Marilyn Monroe or any other legendary vintage star – but sometimes, it’s good to try new things! Here are 5 stylish alternatives that look just as fashionable and sexy as the classic red lip but are also some fresh new looks to try out.
5 Celebrity-Inspired New Year’s Eve Looks to Steal
With New Year’s Eve just around the corner and plenty of planned parties, events and more about to take place as the clocks strikes twelve and the year 2014 rings in, here is a guide on what to wear, inspired by star style.
5 Daily Things To Keep Your Skin Clean And Fair
Skins are the largest body organ and its appearance shows how well it is treated as well as your daily personal hygiene. A natural black skin always looks beautiful, but a black skin due to poor care is horrible. S
Cameron Diaz Promotes Wellbeing in Newly Penned ‘The Body Book’
American actress Cameron Diaz has penned her own wellbeing book named simply ‘The Body Book’. Promoting the new book by sharing a makeup-free photo while hugging her own copy, Cameron is setting out to promote wellbeing when it comes to body image.
Kristen Stewart Named as the New Face of Chanel
Former ‘Twilight’ actress Kristen Stewart has been named as the new face of Chanel. Kristen was in attendance at the recent Chanel ‘Metiers d’Art’ Paris Dallas Pre-Fall 2014 collection and now her rare appearance at the event makes perfect sense – she’ll be the face of the gorgeous new collection upon its release next year.
5 Stylish Beauty Looks to Try for Christmas 2013!
Christmas is just around the corner and that means there are parties and get-togethers ahead. Add a fun festive twist to your look by trying out something new when it comes to your beauty look.
5 Simple & Affordable Skin-Saving Tips to Make You Glow!
Everyone wants a glow like Australian model Miranda Kerr –her complexion is always radiant, flawless and dewy! The stunning model eats organic, uses her own brand of skincare and her ultimate secret is – drumroll – rosehip oil.
Sneak Peek: Revlon by Marchesa Beauty Tools
The latest in beauty collaborations has just arrived! Beauty company Revlon are teaming up with New York based fashion label Marchesa for a one-of-kind collaboration, following up on a previous nail set collection they recently launched together earlier this year.
23 to 27 Weeks Pregnant (part 8) - 26-27 WEEKS PREGNANT - WHAT YOU DON’T NEED IN THE BEDROOM
You and your spouse will be busy this month getting your home ready for the arrival of your son or daughter. During this time, I have no doubt you’ll be entertaining fantasies of one day doing things with your child that your parents did with you.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 8) - Sickle-Cell Disease, Thalassemia
Sickle-cell disease is the most common inherited hemoglobin disorder in the United States. About 8% of Black/African-Americans carry the sickle-hemoglobin gene.
How To Reduce Wrinkles With Moisturizers
Fine lines and wrinkles are developing on skin over time due to loss of natural moisture. It is important to keep skin hydrated to maintain moisture and keep skin feeling soft and fresh. Moisturizer acts as a protection against unnecessary wrinkles and should be used in the morning to protect your skin at day and night to help skin regeneration while you are sleeping.
How To Take Care Of Your Face Properly
Hopefully, applying moisturizer whenever you wash your face has been a daily routine. If not, start from now. When you wash your face, you remove some moisture along with dirt and grime.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Career and Your Pregnancy (part 2) - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during Pregnancy
Carpal tunnel syndrome is characterized by pain in the hand and wrist, which can extend into the forearm and shoulder. It is caused when the median nerve in the wrist is compressed.
Beauty Tips On Applying For A Job
Apart from talent, your appearance is also essential when you apply for a job as the first impression is very important. Sometimes, the HR manager may judge your personality and compatibility to the job from your appearance.
Secret Of Wrinkles
To decode secret of wrinkles, dermatologists around the country will reveal some unexpected truths that may surprise you.
7 Ways To Get A Thinner Face
A slim face does help you, not only look younger but also skinnier if you’re hoping to lose weight. It doesn’t need to be too picky to use cosmetic surgery to thin your face; these following methods may help you:
How To Protect Eyes In Hot Season
In summer, the scorching sunlight and dirt are dangerous enemies of eyes. This is the convenient moment for harmful virus to develop and cause diseases. So, what should we do to protect the eyes from summer sunlight?
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 24 (part 1) - Depression
Depression can occur at any time during a person’s life. Many things can contribute to depression, including chemical imbalances in the body, stressful life events and situations that cause anxiety and tension. If you have a history of major depression, you’re at increased risk of depression occurring during pregnancy.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 22 (part 3)
Pregnancy can make diagnosis difficult because some symptoms can be typical in a normal pregnancy, such as nausea and vomiting. Pain in the lower abdomen on the right side may be credited to round-ligament pain or a urinary-tract infection.
Tips That Help Educate Babies When They Are Still The Womb (Part 2)
While sound education has become so popular and been applied by many women, other educating methods for fetuses like educating by senses such as feel, taste, smell and eyesight are still quite strange. However, it hardly denies the certain effects of education on fetal development. Therein, eyesight education brings many positive, easy and safe effects to pregnant women and fetuses.
Keep Away From Factors That Cause Fetal Defects
To pregnant women who have high fevers in the early pregnancy, their newborns will have no sign of defects but, the newborns still need long-term observation. When pregnant women have high fevers, fetal brain cells will be affected; fetuses will have a decrease of nervous cell number, which leads to intellectual disability.
10 Tips To Soothe The Stress
David Spiegel, Director of the Centre on Stress and Health of the Stanford University School of Medicine, said that hypnosis was a high-focus state of mind. If it is used right, hypnosis can refresh your mind, lower heart rate and reduce muscle tension. Try closing your eyes and imagine that there’s a stressful scene on your right, for examples, traffic jams.
Reduce Stress : Alternative Therapies (part 1)
Set aside thirty to sixty minutes each day. Choose your creative outlet. Maybe you will write in your journal, practice the cello, paint with watercolors, or dance to classical music. Then, sit down in a quiet place where you are unlikely to be disturbed, and start creating.
Mo’ Better U (Part 1)
Every January, Elle hits the books to suss out the latest intelligence on how to stay ahead of the curve and on top of your game. This month’s cheat sheet: the takeaway on sex, stress psychology, and strategies for online dating
Eyes Wide Open (Part 1)
When her eyes started acting their age, actress and writer Ali Wentworth headed for the operating room – and actually told people about it! Little did she know, other women in her life had been nipping and tucking for years
Consuming Calories and Gaining Energy (part 3)
Metabolism is defined as all the work your body does that uses calories—the work needed to stay alive, think, breathe, and move. And your BMR is a result of your daily basal metabolic needs (about 60 to 70 percent), your daily activity needs (about 20 to 30 percent), and your daily digestion/absorption needs (about 10 percent).
Consuming Calories and Gaining Energy (part 2)
Fat often conjures up negative feelings. Certainly too much fat is linked to health problems like heart disease, stroke, obesity, and some types of cancers. But, in fact, fats are an essential part of all cells in the body.
Rescue The Beauty Of Pregnant Women
The bride is of course beautiful, but how about pregnant women? If they are beautiful, perhaps this is the beauty of spirit, and not all pregnant women satisfy with this.
Rescue From Oil Skin
In summer, those who have oil skin always worry about oil on their face that is difficult to control and makes face lose brightness, as well as causes to appear acnes easily.
Possible Concerns During Pregnancy : Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Iron Deficiency Anemia
Anemia is defined as a deficiency of red blood cells or red blood cells having a decreased ability to carry oxygen or iron. There are different forms of anemia, such as iron, B12, and folate deficiency. During pregnancy, the most common is iron deficiency anemia.
Dream Couture Fashion Studio
Dream Couture Fashion Studio offers intricately embellished, high-end custom Bridals, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, Formal and Semi Formal Wears, Special Occasion Dream like Mehndi Dresses, Prom Dresses, maternity wear, ready-to-go, evening wear, club wear, dancewear, and religious occasions dresses.
Reduce Stress : Calculate Your Personal Stress Profile (part 2) - Your Stress Triggers
Whether you live in a polluted area, such as near a busy street or in a house with a smoker (or if you are a smoker), or are allergic to something in your surroundings, you’ll be exposed to environmental stress.
Your Big Make-Up Shake-Up
Whether you want to go bold and beautiful or subdued and sultry, there’s no better time to rework your beauty style than at the turn of the season. The autumn/winter shows were full of inspiration, from vampy red lips to fresh pink cheeks.
Autumn Make Up – October 2012 (Part 5)
Aveeno Positively Ageless Resurfacing Scrub ($10; drugstores) Gentle micro beads polish your face in a flash, leaving skin smooth not stripped.
Autumn Make Up – October 2012 (Part 3)
Cover Girl Lash blast 24HR Mascara ($9; drugstores) An ultra-inky formula and ‘supersized brush yield longer, fuller lashes. Even better, smudge-resistant resin s make raccoon eyes a thing of the past.
Autumn Make Up – October 2012 (Part 1)
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance ($30; In addition to ¡ giving makeup j major staying power, this formula has pea rlized mica to blur fine lines and add luminosity.
Give Your...Handbag a Checkup
If you’re like most women, your purse is your home away from home, a repository for everything from makeup and Mecis to tech gadgets and gym gear.
Keep Young And Beautiful (Part 2)
A new and exciting, high quality nail color brand. Providing you with s huge range of creamy any gorgeous colors that will be the perfect accessory to finish off any fashion look with sophistication and elegance! You will love their Autumn collection and you be will inspired by their message.
Keep Young And Beautiful (Part 1)
The luxury superhero that puts back what nature takes out. This universal gel can be used daily as a serum, mask or sleep mask, to work whilst you rest! For the face or body it contains 15 key skin molecules to: hydrate, repair, plump, brighten and anti-age.
Editors' Picks Lust List : Naked touch, Fresh start, Well rounded, Gilded case, Pot of gold, Festival of Fancy
Dust this luxe sequin-stamped powder over your skin for a radiant glow. Chanel Les Essentiels de Chanel Lumière d’Artifices Beiges Illuminating Powder with Shimmer.
Beauty Icons - Making A Claim For Beauty Immortality (Part 3) - The light fantastic
It’s mid-morning in a glassed-in courtyard in the historic Marais district of Paris, and the Yves Saint Laurent marketing team’s sylph-like marketing reps – willowy and faultlessly soigneé are fanned out across the room’s lime-stone expanse.
26 Products That Really Work (Part 2)
Salon-fresh skin is genuinely achievable at home with a few pumps of this creamy cleanser. Massage it in (inhaling the aromas of rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils), then gently buff it all away with the accompanying muslin cloth.
How To Survive An Oil Crisis (Part 2)
Apply your moisturizer first, then blot with a tissue to pick up excess moisture before you put on your make-up. It’s also worth investing in an oil-free primer to stop your make-up sliding off before lunch.
My Second Act (Part 1) - Hindy Weber-Tantoco – The Fashion Designer With A Green Thumb
Hindy Weber-Tantoco is creating a clear fashion statement: Not by way of designing clothing for kids, mothers-to-be, and women – she’s been doing that for 10 years now and simply excels at it – but by offering a range of natural and organic products that helps people live healthier lifestyles.
A Sense Of Playfulness
A sense of playfulness ruffles the luxury and tailored textures from key shows of F/W 2012-13.
The Preening And The Pedigree (Part 2)
The elegant seduction of equestrian-inspired fashion takes its influence from an aristocratic heritage with traces of fetishism. Fragile silk does a beautiful canter with dark hued leather and stern tailoring.
Let Your Skin Do The Talking
It’s never easy to wear foundation well in the hot and humid Indian climate. But with these easy tips, you can get weather-proof and flawless skin all day long.
Heart Of The Ocean (Part 3) - Into The Blue
This hue is a show-stopper as long as you do it right. The secret is to choose the right shade and go with either an eyeshadow or a liner, not both.
Heart Of The Ocean (Part 2) - Take The Plunge
The good news is that blue shades, unless they are frosted, complement Indian skin tones well. That there are so many shades in the azure colour family makes it easier to choose a shade appropriate for your complexion.
Heart Of The Ocean (Part 1) - Sun-Day
It’s the best time to be a vitamin D magnet. Soak in the goodness of the sun to prepare for the months when it goes into hibernation, but do it wisely.
Let's Dress Up Your Eyes
From kohl and mascaras to lash curlers, specialised brushes and dramatic false lashes, dress up your eyes with these smart makeup tools.
Luminous Skin With A Single Click
Bask in the glory of luminous skin with a single click of a highlighter pen.
The CK One Color collection
‘This new collection is full of cult products that will become your day-to-day staples’, says Elle beauty director Emma Strenner. ‘My favourite is the eye-shadow base, which keeps your make-up in place all day long’.
Be Cool When Autumn Is Round The Corner
Autumn is round the corner, and it is time to discover new ways to look your beautiful best. Before you decide to change your hairstyle or buy more makeup, we tell you what’s going to rock in the coming season.
Seattle - Around Town - Ballard (part 2) - Shops, Places to Eat
Relish meat and vegetarian plates prepared in North Indian style. Recommended dishes include spinach or mustard greens with paneer, spicy daal, succulent lamb or chicken tandoori and naan.
We Love Beauty Time
Blue nails were all over London Fashion Week – electric at Erdem and teal at Holly Fulton. This powder blue is a wearable way to dip your toe (or finger) in the trend.
Being Beautiful - Make-Up Tips from Viral Video Sensation
North American teenage model, Cassandra Banks, always knew there was a difference between outer and inner beauty but admits that as a young woman, she sometimes found it hard to draw the line.
Buy Now Beauty Director's Hot 5
Fix your make-up, hair and nails in a flash with these EASY essentials.
How To Buy Ace Bases
From pore perfecters to collagen boosters, the new breed of foundations work harder than ever
Beauty School
Many baby girls like making up at home for fun, others want it every day. These are some tips for you to control this habit.
Notes When Pregnant Women Use Cosmetics
During pregnancy, pregnant women do not usually make up because of worrying about effects on their babies. However, there are some tips on cosmetics for pregnant women who want to beautify on special occasions.
Make-up Tips For Oil Skin In Summer
To brighten and freshen your face in the summer, makeup experts recommend that you should use copper tone in the high points on the face, where light focuses most, such as forehead, chin, cheeks and nose.
Cosmetics Suitable For Each Age : Eye shadow, Lipstick and Blush
You should invest much in skin cream to care skin from inside and treat defects of skin. With make-up cosmetics, you do not need to buy too open-handedly.
Beauty and The Heat
As your natural barometer (and air-con in the summer), your skin adapts and reacts to environmental factors such as sun exposure, pollution, wind and, of course, heat.
10 Way To Be City Pretty (Part 2)
A breezy pony has a slightly casual feel, yet looks put-together and, crucially, it’s an easy way to get your hair off your face and neck. For all-day smoothness, run over lightly with a straightening iron before pulling it up high and securing with an elastic band.
Weddings Uncut (Part 2)
“I tell brides to only use recommended caterers the wedding breakfast isn’t a meal you gamble on. However, when one party needed kosher food for the bride’s family, she insisted on using a separate caterer for their food.
Weddings Uncut (Part 1)
Perfectly arranged ‘candid’ shots of the happy couple gazing into each other’s eyes, a cake that would look out of place at a Kardashian wedding…This is the stuff we’re told ‘dream weddings’ are made of. But behind the glossy photos can lurk all kinds of trauma.
Ready to Rock
The “Rock Summer Festival 2012”-thcmed show includes an assortment of custom made rain bow-coloured high-heeled rubber willies but there aren’t enough for all the models.
Toronto - Around Town - Downtown (part 3) - Shopping Bloor St & Yorkville, Shopping Downtown
Rock-bottom prices on a huge array of goods, from housewares to clothing, are the big draw at this garishly lit Toronto landmark. On-site optometrist, dentist, pharmacy, and TicketKing outlet too. Beware the no-return policy.
8 Winter Greats
The 60’s shift is extremely versatile and can easily be transformed from day to night. Simply swap your pumps for killer heels, throw on a tuxedo jacket and grab an oversized clutch bag.
Work The Trends
Hilfiger Woman Peach Blossom ($390 for 30ml EDP) is the new fragrance by Tommy Hilfiger. Feminine to core, with fruity, floral notes, it is casual yet classy – like the clothing brand its creator is known for.
Tips For Lightening Oily Skin
Most of Asian women have some troubles with oily skin. Not only does oily skin make your face greasy, but is also the cause of acne when exposed to dust and covered pores. Oily absorbent paper is an indispensable product in this summer.
5 Outstanding Colors At Cannes (part 3) - The green on its throne, The hot red
Red is the hot color that can be noticed among other colors. Besides the two traditional colors, black and white, red is loved by nymphs and often chosen to be appeared on the red carpet.
5 Outstanding Colors At Cannes (part 2) - The pure white, The never outmoded black
White was the stars’ favorite color at the festival this year. It's wrong to think that the white fades and had no attraction among other prominent tones. Graceful style or sexy split, or a bit of dreamily floating lace is enough to blow liveliness to white dresses, bring the elegant and surprised beauty to beloved women.
Pregnancy Day by Day : Common Concerns in Pregnancy (part 1)
Pregnancy hormones affect every system in your body. In this section, you will find a list of common concerns with an explanation of the adaptation process that may cause these symptoms, information on whether medical help is likely to be required, and advice on measures you can take yourself to alleviate symptoms.
Air: Baking’s Key Variable : Mechanical Leaveners (part 1) - Egg Whites - Stirring and Whisking
Whisked egg whites are the Styrofoam of the culinary world: besides acting as space fillers in cakes, waffles, and soufflés and as “insulators” in desserts like lemon meringue pie, when overcooked, they taste about the same as Styrofoam, too.
Skinwise - Completely Defend Your Perfect Skin (Part 2)
90% cases of skin cancer result from UV rays from sunlight. There are approximate 2 million American who are diagnosed with this deadly disease every year. In Australia, this figure is alarming with 3.3% of women and 5% of men who will live with melanoma on skin. This is also the continent with the largest skin cancer rate.
Skinwise - Completely Defend Your Perfect Skin (Part 1) : Exfoliating & Moisturizer cosmetic
After freezing winter, summer sunshine comes to hurry us to go out and enjoy interesting outdoor activities. However, don’t forget to protect your skin – an important part stretching all your body – from effects of humidity, temperature, air-conditioner and the most is severe sunlight.
My Mother My Inspiration (Part 1)
She’d been a couture model, but she is also a natural lover and would take my elder sister Kate and me for long country walks, pointing out plants and flowers. Her own mum died when she was 16, and I can’t imagine how hard that must have been. She and her sisters moved into a flat in London and started working.
Prevent the wrinkles on forehead : Home remedies & Medical solution
Remove traces of years on your face with the tips, secrets and how to treat this - along with three wonderful products.
Look great give back : Stay Smooth, Double-Duty Buy, Cool To Be Kind, Get Glowing
From September 11-17, both David Jones and Myer will donate $1 from the sale of every lipstick and lip gloss to the organisation.
Your 40-week Journey - Twins and Multiple Births We are having more than one (part 2) - How are twins conceived?
Depending on when the egg splits, they may also share a placenta. Identical twins, therefore, are the same sex and look almost completely alike since they share the same genetic makeup.
Clean By The Clock
Always attack a room from top to bottom and right to left until you've gone full circle, says Debra Johnson, training manager of merry maids.
Pregnancy Day by Day : Welcome to your First Trimester (part 31)
Herbal teas do not contain caffeine, but herbs and other dietary supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, and there’s not much research about the effects of many herbs on pregnancy.
Trying for a Baby : How will I Know I'm Pregnant? Confirming your pregnancy
The most obvious initial sign that you are pregnant is a missed period. Other common early pregnancy symptoms include feeling extremely tired and bloated, having increasingly tender breasts, experiencing an increased need to urinate, and finding that you have a greater or lesser sex drive, although all of these symptoms can occur premenstrually.
Participating in Enrichment Activities : Avoiding Scheduling Conflicts
Finding a time in the family's schedule to hold a meeting can be a scheduling problem all its own. So, your best bet may be to plan to have the meeting whenever you can get the whole family assembled—and you can get creative in finding that occasion:
Trying for a Baby : We Want to Be Parents Preparing for pregnancy (part 3) - All about conception The beginning of life
Conception occurs once an egg is successfully penetrated by one sperm. The journey of the egg and the sperm, although apparently simple, requires a whole complex chain of events to occur for fertilization and implantation to take place.
New Parents : I'm Scared of Dropping Him Caring for your newborn baby (part 1)
If a baby has latched on well at the breast and has sucked and swallowed well during a long feeding, and then settles on the breast taking small sucks and not swallowing, he is comfort sucking.
Time Out for Us Nurturing relationships (part 1)
Having a baby and caring for her is a full-time job, which can mean that you probably don't have much time to spend on yourself. Many women struggle to find time to do their hair and even put on makeup in the first few weeks and months.
Teens Becoming an Adult : Who Am I? Exploring values and identity
The physical, psychological, moral, and social developmental advances in teenagers allow and shape the mixture of personality characteristics, beliefs, and values that makes up identity.
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