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Four Natural Ways Alternative Medicine Can Help You Get Pregnant (part 2)
Alternative and natural medicine are safe when practiced by a qualified professional. Many couples successfully use these treatments to help them conceive, but you should get expert advice.
Four Natural Ways Alternative Medicine Can Help You Get Pregnant (part 1)
When you've decided to start trying for a baby, you can have lots of fun letting nature take its course. But after ditching the contraceptives, there's plenty you can do to increase your chances of conceiving.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant : Omega 3 supplements, Vitamin B6 supplements, Multivitamin and mineralsupplements
There are several various types of supplement of Omega 3 available. Some contain the WING OF the NOSE, which is one of the short-chain Omega 3s found in various seed oils, including the oil poppy seed.
Eat When You're Pregnant : Supplements – Who Needs What and Why - Folic acid supplements, Vitamin D supplements, Iron supplements
There is irrefutable proof that the supplements of folic acid reduce the risk to have a baby with an anomaly of the tube neural (NTD) like spina bifida or anencephaly
Pregnant Coco Rocha Wants Zac Posen to Design Baby Gown
Currently pregnant model Coco Rocha has commented that she hopes her close friend, fashion designer Zac Posen, will make her some special baby clothes.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant : A Healthy Weight Gain (part 2) - How much weight should you gain?
The amount of weight you should gain during pregnancy depends on your weight before you became pregnant. Women who are overweight need to gain much less weight than those who are underweight, to produce a healthy baby.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant : A Healthy Weight Gain (part 1) - Putting on too much weight
There is a very strong association between weight gain during pregnancy and birth weight. The more weight you put on, the bigger your baby is likely to be. This might make you think that you should limit your weight gain, as a smaller baby will mean an easier birth.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant : Healthy Eating for Two (part 3) -Ten ways to boost your fruit and vegetable intake, Ten healthy snacks
During pregnancy you are more likely than usual to be rubbing your tummy and looking for a little snack. It may be that you are suffering from morning sickness and can’t face proper meals, and so you are trying to eat small amounts rather than nothing.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant : Healthy Eating for Two (part 2) - How to grow a baby - The healthy diet checklist
A variety of fruit and vegetables (fresh, frozen, tinned or dried). Aim for at least five portions a day for a good supply of vitamins A, C and E, folic acid and iron.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant : Healthy Eating for Two (part 1) - Enough calories for two, Allergy-proofing your baby
If you have a family history of allergies you may have heard that avoiding certain foods during pregnancy could prevent your baby from developing allergies. However, a number of studies have been carried out, in which some women have avoided certain foods and others have consumed them, during pregnancy.
Kristin Cavallari Reveals Her Dressing Tips for Pregnant Women
Currently pregnant with her second child, Kristin Cavallari has dished out her style tips for pregnant women.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Other essential vitamins and minerals (part 5) - Zinc, Iodine, Selenium
Zinc is needed to make new cells and enzymes and to help wounds heal. The body also needs zinc to process the protein, carbohydrates and fats we eat.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Other essential vitamins and minerals (part 4) - Vitamin E, Calcium
Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps protect cells, particularly those of the nervous system, from damage. There is some evidence to suggest that eating a diet high in vitamin E during pregnancy may protect your baby from developing asthma and other allergies.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Other essential vitamins and minerals (part 3) - Vitamin C, Vitamin D
This vitamin protects cells and keeps them healthy. Vitamin C is particularly important for wound healing. It also increases the absorption of iron from foods of plant origin, such as breakfast cereals, bread, beans and vegetables.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Other essential vitamins and minerals (part 2) - Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12
What it’s for: Riboflavin is needed for the conversion of fats, protein and carbohydrate into energy. Deficiency can result in cracked skin at the corners of the mouth and skin problems around the nose, eyes and tongue.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Other essential vitamins and minerals (part 1) - Vitamin A , Folic acid
Where it’s found: There are two forms of vitamin A: retinol and beta-carotene. Retinol is found in animal products, including eggs and milk, and beta-carotene is found in carrots and other orange fruit and vegetables.
37 to 40 Weeks Pregnant (part 6) - 40 WEEKS PREGNANT
If you haven’t already had your baby, you’re now forty weeks pregnant and have either reached your estimated due date or are very close. Congratulations! Your baby will be here very soon.
37 to 40 Weeks Pregnant (part 5) - 39 WEEKS PREGNANT
A small folding/portable bookcase might have been your first choice for this area. It will work well while you’re holding a baby. But a sturdy one will work better over the long haul. For example, a toddler might grab one of the legs of the portable bookcase as he crawls by and down it may go!
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Planning a healthy diet (part 3) - Planning meals
If you’re not a very adventurous cook, now is a good time to start experimenting with different ingredients. By eating a variety of pulses, nuts, starchy foods and vegetables, you’re more likely to get all the nutrients you need.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Planning a healthy diet (part 2) - Protein foods,High-fat or high-sugar foods
As well as providing essential fatty acids, fat is needed for the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. It is estimated that about 30g of fat is needed each day. However, fat shouldn’t make up more than 35% of your calorie intake.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Planning a healthy diet (part 1) - The five food groups - Fruit and vegetables, Starchy foods
Foods such as breakfast cereals, bread, rice, couscous, potatoes and pasta provide starchy carbohydrates, also known as complex carbohydrates or good carbohydrates.
Ways To Deal With Diarrhea While You Are Pregnant
Knowing foods and beverages will make problem more serious. Foods that are spicy or have a high fat content will fall into this item.
Tips On Getting Pregnant Naturally
To some people, getting pregnant is very hard to do, some get pregnant with less than a little effort. Definite the time of ovulation is the main factor for getting pregnant.
Why Do Pregnant Women Have Mood Swings?
One of the most noticeable symptoms of pregnancy is mood swings. With all the changes taking place in the women’s body, there’s no surprise that mood swings is a companion of these changes. According to an association, the physical changes, fatigue and hormone changes can have a part in mood changes.
Tips To Get Pregnant Quickly
To some women, children come sooner than they expect. To others, they’ve tried everything in months or years to have babies. Biology plays an important role in a woman’s chance of pregnancy, but what women do is also important.
Skin Care For Pregnant Women
While being pregnant, you can realize changes in skin tones and structures, as well as the increased needs of taking care of your skin. While some women realized that their skin is dryer during pregnancy, others said that their skin is greasier.
The Perfect Diet For Pregnant Women
When pregnant, good nutrition will become more important. Some future mothers are afraid of everything, but in general, facts and obstetrician’s advice will help them get over it. And adding essential nutrients in your diet when you’re pregnant will ensure the fact that you’ll meet your need of nutrients.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Common complaints and how to deal with them - Gestational diabetes, Pre-eclampsia
This is a temporary form of diabetes that affects about 5% of pregnant women. It develops when hormones from the placenta interfere with insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Common complaints and how to deal with them - Dizziness and fainting, Dizziness and fainting Restless legs , Sleep problems and tiredness
Half to three-quarters of pregnant women experience dizziness at some time. You may find that you feel light-headed when you get out of bed in the morning or if you get up from a chair too quickly. Standing still for long periods might also make you feel light-headed.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian : Common complaints and how to deal with them - Wind and bloating, Haemorrhoids, Diarrhoea
As well as being prone to constipation, pregnant women also experience more wind, bloating and general digestive discomfort. Food spends longer in the intestines so that more nutrients can be absorbed, but this also means that it has more time to ferment and produce gas or wind.
37 to 40 Weeks Pregnant (part 4) - 38 WEEKS PREGNANT - DELIVERY AND POSTPARTUM
Remember, you’ll need to bring your infant car seat with you to the hospital. Most hospitals will want to see the car seat before they will let you leave with the baby!
37 to 40 Weeks Pregnant (part 3) - 38 WEEKS PREGNANT - LABOR AND DELIVERY
In most hospitals, the bulk of your postpartum stay will happen in a separate room —sometimes even on a separate floor!—from where you labor and deliver. Some of the items you’ll need for each portion of your stay are different, but you’ll want to have some of your items in both places.
Is It Safe For Pregnant Women To Use Sunscreen?
Pregnant women should apply sunscreen, as their skin may be more sensitive. All sunscreen products will be safe for pregnant women; however, doctors will attest whether the components are safe for pregnant women or not.
37 to 40 Weeks Pregnant (part 2) - 37 WEEKS PREGNANT - CHILDCARE, PET CARE, AND YOUR HOME
If you have small children at home, be sure their caregivers have the pediatrician’s contact information. You will want to create a simple document with your child’s insurance information and birth date along with a statement allowing their caregiver permission to seek emergency medical treatment on their behalf
37 to 40 Weeks Pregnant (part 1) - 37 WEEKS PREGNANT - Prepare the Final Checklists
Grab your favorite drink and put your feet up. As promised, there are no big organizing projects this month. Your sidekick can retire. You’re free to float around your home admiring your handiwork as a Zen Organizer
Organic Smoothies for a Healthy Pregnancy : Pregnant Pomegranate Smoothie, Beta-Carotene Cantaloupe Smoothie, Blackberry Delight
Since these delicious fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins C, K, and B complex; potassium; and magnesium that all promote health and fight illness, this recipe is a tasty way to feel great throughout your pregnancy
Gifts For Your Pregnant Wife
Pregnancy is an interesting yet challenging period of time. Be on her side to support her as well as make her feel better during these emotional and unpleasant months. Give her a gift to bring a smile to her face and be available when she needs your help.
You want to walk into this space after your baby arrives and feel welcome. It’s possible with the work you do this week. And if you are leaving your job for good, clean out your space and set up those key files I mentioned above to honor the person who follows you.
If you took the first route, you’re probably a naturally organized person. You thrive on order. You are wired very much like me. Motherhood will be a time you train your own child how to be organized.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 7) - 35 WEEKS PREGNANT - CONTAINER FUN
If you have a large bathroom with lots of storage space, it makes sense to have all such items here. If you need to use a hall closet or the linen closet, keep one thing in mind: As a product gets to the end, you want to transfer the backup supply in a few days early.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 6) - 35 WEEKS PREGNANT - BATHROOM ORGANIZING TOOLS
Once the bathrooms have been cleaned out, it’s time for lunch. Be sure your helper takes out the trash and finds a spot for the products you wish to share. My best advice is to share it with her so it all leaves today.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 5) - 35 WEEKS PREGNANT - DEBRIS, BE GONE
Women tend to think of their beauty products as “evergreen,” when in fact most have a short shelf life. Keep that in mind the next time you want to pick up some makeup items you really don’t need in your kit.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 4) - 34 WEEKS PREGNANT - Stock Up on Postpartum Supplies
As you can probably imagine, giving birth to a baby causes some physical aftermath. You will probably be sore after delivering and you may have healing stitches to contend with.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 3) - 33 WEEKS PREGNANT - VISITORS
You may be wondering what you need to do to get ready for visitors. Again, I would like you to get out of the mode of thinking of the people who will be staying in your home as guests.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 2) - 33 WEEKS PREGNANT - THE DELIVERY ROOM
Deciding whom to invite into the delivery room can be a loaded issue. Before you allow anyone to be part of this event, I would like you to be very honest with yourself.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 1) - 33 WEEKS PREGNANT - Create Your Team
When your pregnancy was new and your baby’s arrival seemed far off, you may have had some ideas about who would be involved in her welcome . . . and you may find that those ideas aren’t weathering so well now.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian Common complaints and how to deal with them - Heartburn,Excessive thirst,Constipation
Many women feel more thirsty than usual during pregnancy. This is quite normal, as extra fluids are needed to allow your blood volume to increase and to produce and constantly replace the amniotic fluid your baby is swimming in.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian Common complaints and how to deal with them - Morning sickness
If you’re suffering from morning sickness, you’re in good company: about three-quarters of women experience some feelings of nausea during pregnancy. The intensity of the symptoms can vary – about 30% of women are affected by severe nausea and vomiting.
28 to 32 Weeks Pregnant (part 8) - 31-32 WEEKS PREGNANT - What kind of diapers will you use?
Some dads seem almost afraid of cloth diapers. They envision pinpricks and poop flying everywhere. If you’re leaning toward cloth, take a moment to show your spouse how simple the new systems are to use.
28 to 32 Weeks Pregnant (part 7) - 31-32 WEEKS PREGNANT - Planning for Co-Parenting
No matter how you’ll divide up the parenting burden later, keep in mind that the early weeks of caring for your baby will be exhausting and confusing. You’ll be recovering from labor and delivery.
28 to 32 Weeks Pregnant (part 6) - 30 WEEKS PREGNANT - USE EXCEL TO EXCEL, CHORES TO THE RESCUE
Making decisions is the heart and soul of getting organized. And maintenance is the engine that keeps the organizing train on track. Remember, it isn’t about adding work to your busy schedule; it’s about shifting your energy to a different action.
28 to 32 Weeks Pregnant (part 5) - 30 WEEKS PREGNANT - THE LAUNDRY ROOM, DIRTY DIAPERS BE GONE
With the arrival of a baby, every day will be laundry day. It’s amazing how anyone so tiny can have so many things to keep clean. Remember when you are faced with mountains of laundry that this too shall pass. One day Junior and his sister will be doing your wash!
28 to 32 Weeks Pregnant (part 4) - 30 WEEKS PREGNANT - WHAT’S IN YOUR PANTRY
For our purposes, I’m going to help you organize a walk-in pantry. I realize not everyone has one, but you can easily adapt the tips and tricks to your situation. Even a small area devoted to food storage should be an orderly space.
To make matters more complicated, “mommy brain” is not just a stereotype—it’s a scientifically studied phenomenon. Pregnancy and early motherhood have a funny way of turning even the sharpest brain as fuzzy as a Monet painting.
28 to 32 Weeks Pregnant (part 2) - 29 WEEKS PREGNANT - Make New Friends and Keep the Old
You’re bored. And it’s just occurred to you that you have no one you can call. All your friends from your “old” life are at work right now. As for other mom friends? Well, you don’t really have any.
28 to 32 Weeks Pregnant (part 1) - 28 WEEKS PREGNANT - Finalize Your Birth Plan
Remember that every goal, whether it’s getting labor started or making contractions more comfortable, has several alternative methods you can try to get there. Thinking about each option separately will help you tease out exactly what it is you do or don’t like about the idea of each medication or procedure.
5 Rules Of Eating Pregnant Women Should Remember
Pregnant women should prefer “quality” to “quantity” when eating to make sure that the baby is supplemented with enough nutrition, and the mother doesn’t gain too much weight.
Reveal 3 More Interesting Things About Pregnant Belly
Guessing the baby’s sex through the shape of the belly, or thinking that a small belly causes low birth weight is one of the wrong judgments.
21 Things That Only Pregnant Women Can Experience
Your husband may shock a bit when you start to snore when sleeping (because the hormone during pregnancy makes the nasal membrane).
Essential Items Pregnant Women Should Buy
If you’re the one who loves jeans, you can still put them on even when you’re pregnant. Choose ones having elastic hem which helps you feel comfortable during any stage of pregnancy.
Getting Pregnant (part 2) : Treatments for Infertility, Assisted Reproductive Technologies
If your doctor suggests a fertility workup for you and your partner, it helps to understand what’s involved. For your partner, a physical and semen analysis may be done and a detailed medical history may be taken.
Getting Pregnant (part 1) : Ovulation Monitors and Other Tests, Your Partner’s Health and Fertility
You may be advised to use a test to predict when ovulation occurs. Many are available. Ovulation test sticks and test strips detect a surge in luteinizing hormone (LH). So do other tests that test urine from the beginning of your cycle.
23 to 27 Weeks Pregnant (part 8) - 26-27 WEEKS PREGNANT - WHAT YOU DON’T NEED IN THE BEDROOM
You and your spouse will be busy this month getting your home ready for the arrival of your son or daughter. During this time, I have no doubt you’ll be entertaining fantasies of one day doing things with your child that your parents did with you.
23 to 27 Weeks Pregnant (part 7) - 26-27 WEEKS PREGNANT - Go from Bedroom to Sanctuary
As we have done elsewhere, there will be items you know must be tended to; however, the time may not be right. New window treatments may have to wait for a year.
23 to 27 Weeks Pregnant (part 6) - 25 WEEKS PREGNANT - LET THE SETUP BEGIN
As you put the finishing touches on this room, something magical is likely to happen. The reality of what is happening will hit you. I think reality comes in waves for all life-changing events like a birth.
Whether you savored or avoided your room, can you give specific reasons for those feelings? Perhaps you had to share the space and felt your brother’s stuff took up too much of the room.
Sometimes expecting parents find that all their immediate baby needs are covered from family hand-me-downs. You still want the baby celebration, but really can’t think of a thing to register for.
23 to 27 Weeks Pregnant (part 3) - 24 WEEKS PREGNANT - GET IT NOW
Throughout the ages and still today in many cultures, the idea of a baby sleeping in a crib would seem very odd. In the West, it’s the other way around: Babies sleeping alongside their parents has come to be regarded as strange and even dysfunctional.
23 to 27 Weeks Pregnant (part 2) - 23 WEEKS PREGNANT - PLANNING THE NURSERY
There are two common scenarios when it comes to Baby’s room: The first involves turning a guest room or home office into Baby’s room and the second is adapting an area in an existing room because space is at a premium.
23 to 27 Weeks Pregnant (part 1) - 23 WEEKS PREGNANT - CREATE A NONTOXIC ENVIRONMENT
The fumes we smell, like those from fresh paint, varnish, or wood stain, tell us that VOCs are present. The volatile organic compounds being released can be hazardous to your health, especially if the area in question is enclosed.
Top Foods Dangerous For Pregnant Woman And Fetus
Take a tour around the forums for women, I see that most pregnant women wonder “which food to eat, which food you should avoid in pregnancy”. It can be stated as one of the top concerns of pregnant women as not everyone wants to eat foods that are dangerous to their health as well as their baby’s.
8 Things You Should Avoid When Talking To Pregnant Women
Pregnancy is the time women become incredibly sensitive. Refer to the following things to make sure that you don’t make them nervous or hurt them.
Perfect Time To Take Pregnant Photos
Pregnancy is the most amazing time to each women and mothers shouldn’t miss the chance to record these amazing photos as great memories. It’s not just that, taking photos makes women feel comfortable, reduce tension, especially each time they sit down and look back on these photos.
Things That Pregnant Women Should Avoid
The diet can affect your child, even no matter what you do when you are pregnant. Hence, you must avoid some special things to protect your child.
Noticeable Things In Daily Routine Of Pregnant Women (part 2)
Some food when eating raw may cause listeria infection (causing miscarriage, meningitis and sepsis), disease caused by xanmon bacteria (causing diarrhea) and other dangerous diseases.
Noticeable Things In Daily Routine Of Pregnant Women (part 1)
All researching documents show that, dyeing hair during pregnancy is safe but it’s the best to wait till the first quarter is over, when your fetus has attached to the womb and had less affection from the chemicals from hair dyes.
Healthy Menu For Pregnant Women Who Are Vegetarians
Eating sensibly during pregnancy helps pregnant women to maintain the best supplement of vitamins and minerals for fetal best developments. Therein, the main food groups such as meat, fish, seafood… have plenty of iron, protein, vitamin B12, calcium… which are necessary for fetal developments.
Signs That Pregnant Women Should Take Notice Of
Ectopic pregnancy is a dangerous complication that the embryo nestling outside the uterus. In most cases, ectopic pregnancy can’t stand for long. Moreover, pregnant women can be endangered by the pregnancy as the hemorrhage is a complication able to threaten the life of them.
Recommended Perfect Diet For Pregnant Women
Becoming pregnant is a normally physiological phenomenon of most women. However, the demand about nutrition in this period will increase highly. The things that you eat in 9 months of pregnancy are extremely important because those nutrients will have direct effect on fetus.
8 Complications That Pregnant Mothers Encounter In The Middle Three Months Of Pregnancy
Problems of pregnancy such as constipation, dizziness, urinary tract infection,... could happen to a pregnant mother in 3 months in the middle of pregnancy whose period is from 12th to 26th week of pregnancy period.
Benefits Of Massaging For Pregnant Women
Becoming pregnant is the wonderful time in women’s life because you can feel that baby is developing in your bell. Especially, when you hope to have children before, this happiness will increase many times.
Golden Advice For Pregnant Women In The Second Quarter Of Pregnancy (Part 2)
Stand straightly, the left hand will cling on a fulcrum. The right foot will do the movements in the front and back. You also do similarly for the left foot. After that you will turn your body with 180o and repeat those movements.
Golden Advice For Pregnant Women In The Second Quarter Of Pregnancy (Part 1)
These 3 months are surely the period that you are the healthiest and have activities most. You should prepare to welcome the most anxious event. Fetus will begin to move in your womb. The unpleasant feeling and morning sickness in the first 3 months will disappear.
Pregnant Women Should Be Aware Of Food Poisoning
Food poisoning is one of sickness that pregnant women easily get when eating foods that are processed in wrong ways.
Things That Pregnant Women Should Do To Reduce Swelling
According to pediatrics, the increase of the excess liquid is necessary to help pregnant women to soften their bodies and allow the bodies to expand, which support the need of fetal growth.
How To Repulse Stress When Being Pregnant
Stress is the popular problem in pregnancy. There are many reasons that cause this phenomenon: pregnant women often feel tired, eat and sleep badly, have the pressure from work
6 Simple Ways That Can Help Pregnant Women Eliminate Backache
Backache in pregnancy is a popular phenomenon. It isn’t strange. In this period, you are gaining weight and your body will change a lot from the outside figure to inside endocrine. The ligaments that lie in your pelvis will be dilated according to the time when baby grows in mothers’ womb.
Efficient Supports That Can Help Pregnant Women Sleep Well (Part 2)
To be comfortable before going to bed, pregnant women can ask the enthusiastic and devoted supporter – your husband to massage to help mother and baby relax. Some manipulations of massaging that your husband can help you are supporting head, relaxing neck, stroke eyebrow, rub back, shoulder and feet.
Efficient Supports That Can Help Pregnant Women Sleep Well (Part 1)
Having difficulty in sleeping, especially in the last 3 months of pregnancy is very popular to many pregnant women because the change of hormone and big size of body. Losing sleep regularly not only affects mothers’ health but also have a lot of bad effects to the development of fetus.
How To Take Care Of Pregnant Women In The First 3 Months
When you surely know that you become pregnant in the 5-6th weeks of pregnancy (after being checked by obstetrician). After the happy minutes, you need to make a careful plan for eating, drinking and taking care of your health. In the first 3 months, pregnant women need to pay attention to eating, drinking and exercising to prevent fetal derangement and miscarriage.
All Information About Stretch Mark That Pregnant Women Want To Know
How to prevent stretch mark is the question that’s in many pregnant women’s concern. Knowing the reasons of stretch mark at some level, can help you to prevent the risk of stretch mark and have suitable treatments to smear the mark after birth.
Tips That Help Pregnant Women Buy Safe And Economical Clothes
The clothes that pregnant women dress can directly affect the health of them and fetuses. There’re tips that are incredibly simple but effective for pregnant women to choose clothes that are not only safe and economical but also nice and comfortable.
Muscle Stretching Movements That Are Good For Pregnant Women
Relaxing muscles is very good for pregnant women because this activity helps intensify flexibility, release the muscles that are repressed. This thing will pregnant women let loose their body and they will feel more relaxed.
Things That You Should Know When You Become Pregnant At The Age Of 40
Many women become pregnant in the first time at the age of 40. Although we cannot deny that the rate of becoming pregnant at this age is lower than the popular age of becoming pregnant a lot.
Top Popular Diseases In Pregnancy That Pregnant Women Should Be Aware Of (Part 2)
The digestive diseases that are popular to pregnant women are diarrhea and constipation. Over 50% of women have constipation in pregnancy. Constipation in pregnancy has the reason from the change about the concentration of typical hormones in this period.
Top Popular Diseases In Pregnancy That Pregnant Women Should Be Aware Of (Part 1)
In pregnancy, the change of hormones will make pregnant women’s resistance reduce. Therefore, besides dealing with the unpleasant feelings such as morning sickness, backache, agita, cramp, edema,...pregnant women can regularly catch diseases caused by weather such as flu, coughing…
9 Foods That Are Extremely Good For Pregnant Women
All pregnant women want to have a healthy pregnancy and want their children well developed. To archive the wish, it’s necessary to have a healthy regimen. However, not every woman is able to choose the best foods. Healthy foods will help pregnant women prevent from gestational diabetes, body pain, swelling… during pregnancy.
9 Ways For Pregnant Women To Make Fetuses Happy
In pregnancy, fetuses and pregnant women can understand each other not only by the metabolism, but also pregnant women’s mood changing. Therefore, that pregnant women have good tempers will have positive effects on fetuses, and the temper of fetuses can affect pregnant women, too.
How To Avoid Obesity When Being Pregnant
According to the latest research, there’re over 30% women who are overweight in pregnancy. Women who are overweight before pregnancy or increase too much weight during pregnancy, their health can be seriously affected. Obesity can increase the risk of gestational hypertension and diabetes which can lead to pre-eclampsia.
Strange Things Happening In Pregnancy That Pregnant Women Should Know
Being pregnant is a miracle as your body will be completely changed with the little creature inside. Physical and emotional changes are various to every pregnant woman.
7 Benefits From Breastfeeding For Pregnant Women
A part from health benefits for newborns, there’re scientific evidences proving that breastfeeding bring wonderful physical and spiritual benefits to mothers.
7 Important Things That Pregnant Should Keep In Mind
According to long-term researches, it’s proved that there’re many things that women should and shouldn’t do in pregnancy. That abstaining is hard but, it can bring so many benefits for both mother and children.
Fertility Falling Pregnant - Struggling To Get Number 2 (Part 2)
Other women get stressed because their family is not working out precisely according to the ideal plan they’d always imagined, fretting over time gaps between children, and how this might effect schooling arrangements, or the closeness of the relationship between siblings.
Fertility Falling Pregnant - Struggling To Get
You’ve started your family, and now you want to expand it or complete it. Your firstborn came along with ease, after nothing more than a romantic dinner with pink champagne and a night of passion, so you assume making your next child will be a similarly lovely and effortless affair.
Foods That Prevent Fetal Defects Pregnant Women Should Know
Lacking iron or folic acid will lead to anemia. Anemia caused by lacking of iron can increase the risk of gestational complications, infections, miscarriage and postnatal complications, hemorrhage for example. In the worse situation anemia can cause death to mother and child.
Tips That Help Pregnant Women Have Good Shape
If you’re too fat, you’ll have to face with lots of health issues, such as diabetes and hypertension. Most obese pregnant women need to have caesarean and their fetuses tend to have earlier birth than usual.
Useful Tips That Help Pregnant Women To Prevent Miscarriage
According to estimates, one out of five pregnant women has miscarriage around their 3 first months of pregnancy. However, you can minimize the risk of miscarriage if you have better knowledge about the reason of it.
Why Do Pregnant Women Need A Great Amount Of Calcium?
Nutrition plays an important part in pregnancy because it needs to meet the needs of both pregnant woman and her fetus. In pregnancy, the nutrition needs increase at least 25%. Therefore, it’s essential that pregnant women have adequate diets to be healthy and have enough milk to feed babies after pregnancy.
Essential Knowledge Of Miscarriage For Pregnant Women
The reasons of miscarriage are often carious and impossible to identify. Miscarriage can due to chromosome abnormalities or caused by hormone imbalance, hormone abnormalities, autoimmune disorders, phospholipid syndrome (an immune problem caused by blood clot issues) or womb abnormalities.
Unexpected Problems When Pregnant Women Eat Much Without Doing Exercise
The happiness when knowing you’re pregnant will always come with a responsibility of being a mother. Getting pregnant means you have to take more care of your diet in order to make sure the health of mother and child. However, absorbing a great amount of nutrients also bring harmful effects if pregnant women don’t exercise much.
8 Fears That Pregnant Women Often Suffer From
Being pregnant and having labors don’t simply mean that you will have beautiful babies after 9 or 10 months. During pregnancy, there’re many things to be afraid of.
5 Important Things That Pregnant Women Should Know About Folate
Folate is considered to be a golden nutrient of pregnancy, though, it’s not everyone knows about its importance and how to provide the nutrient for the body rightly. The followings are 5 important things about folate that future mothers need to take notice of.
Guidance Of Safe Bathing For Pregnant Women (Part 2)
During pregnancy, the sweat secretion of sweat glands will strongly operate and make pregnant women sweat more than normal people; one out of five water amounts was discharged. Therefore, pregnant women need to keep the body clean, especially sensitive parts that are easily have sweat abeyance like in the chest, bellybutton, armpit, the closed areas and G areas.
Guidance Of Safe Bathing For Pregnant Women (Part 1)
The weather is getting complicated, the temperature is sometimes too high and followed by ill-timed rains and the humidity increase which all cause discomfort, the heat to people, especially pregnant women. Moreover, in pregnancy, specific physiological changes make sweat glands strongly operate, which makes pregnant women sweat a lot and discharge lots of vaginal fluid.
Golden Suggestions For Breakfast Of Pregnant Women
Products from wheat flour such as bread, grain are good suggestions of pregnant women. Wheat flour can provide pregnant women to 20 to 35 grams of fiber every day. Moreover, wheat flour contains a lot of Fe and Zn that are good for development of fetus.
How To Help Pregnant Women Limit Premature Birth
In pregnancy, all pregnant women are anxious about premature birth. The following methods will help pregnant women protect themselves with the risk of premature birth.
Pregnant Women Can Get Pelvic Pain From Hard Work
Pelvic pain is a common signs of pregnancy; it especially occurs in the last months of pregnancy. However, some pregnant women can have the signs in the beginning or middle of pregnancy.
Wonderful Things When Getting Pregnant
In reality, many women become uglier in pregnancy. However, many women become more beautiful when they become pregnant: their body becomes sexier, plumper and their breast becomes stretched and more beautiful. Many men confide that they like their wives always become pregnant because in this time, their wives become the most beautiful and charming.
Foods And Drinks Good For Pregnant Women
There’re some fast foods that are good for pregnant women’s health. You can consider them to be snacks. The followings are delicious foods that you should use in your pregnancy.
How To Help Pregnant Women Relax On Holiday
In pregnancy, change of body makes pregnant women’s body more tired and unpleasant. The following simple ways will help pregnant women relax effectively.
What Do Pregnant Women Abstain When Beautifying?
Pregnant women need to have suitable methods to beautify and these methods don’t affect health of both mother and child.
Wonderful Tips That Can Increase The Chance Of Getting Pregnant
How to increase reproductive ability (to both men and women) is a question with a lot of answers. Fortunately, in reality, there are many ways to improve reproductive ability. These methods have direct relation to lifestyle, activities, diet and effort of both husbands and wives.
Beer Is A Wonderful Cosmetic For Pregnant Women
Many people think that drinking beer isn’t good, it is a bad thing. However, scientists show that beer is a drink that is useful for health, especially to women, beer is a wonderful cosmetic for hair and skin.
Pregnant? You Can Stay In Shape
When news broke that Kim K. had hired top A-list personal trainer Tracy Anderson to keep her in shape through her new pregnancy, it was no surprise given the fact she’s built her fortune on her figure. But it’s not just body-conscious celebrities who should exercise throughout their pregnancy.
Things That Make Pregnant Women Anxious
We can take roll call of things that make pregnant women anxious, especially women are pregnant in the first time.
Things That Pregnant Women Should Know About Amniotic Fluid
Pregnant accident because of amniotic fluid is considered dangerous accident during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women should be vigilant with their amniotic fluid state.
8 Necessary Things In Pregnancy That Can Help Pregnant Women Feel Happy
Pregnancy is a happy period; however, pregnant women can feel uncomfortable because of changes of body. Pregnant women should do the following things to feel more pleasant.
Foods That You Should Avoid To Get Pregnant Easily
Normally, people advise couples have plan from 3 to 6 months before becoming pregnant. In this time, you will receive advice from specialized doctors and close members in family about preparing before giving birth such as vaccinating, studying how to count the day when ovum will fall, eating and drinking…
When Should Pregnant Women See A Doctor?
Vaginal bleeding in 3 early months of pregnancy can be a sign of miscarriage. On the second and third stage, fetuses can have placenta problems. If fetuses are in the situation, call the doctor for timely treatment.
Women Too Fat Or Thin Can Hardly Get Pregnant
Many women think that let the husbands eat durian, black chicken and bok choy porridge or oysters… regularly can help them get pregnant quickly. However, there’s no scientific researches proves that concept is true. In fact, nutrition diets just play supporting roles. They just help the pregnancy be healthier and babies be stronger.
Top Red Foods Good For Pregnant Women
Foods that have bright red color not only bring good and attractive outlook to the foods, but also contain plenty of nutrients that are good for pregnant women, especially those red following foods.
Antifebriles Good For Pregnant Women
Many kinds of oriental medicine and new medicine have big influence to fetus. Therefore, choosing medicine that ensures safeness for mothers and children is a necessary thing to not only doctors but also mothers, parents and relatives in families.
Delicious Dishes For Pregnant Women After Childbirth
After giving birth, women’s health is often very weak and they need to strengthen with correct way. Some following goods remedies will help women restore health after giving birth effectively.
Delicious Dishes With Sea Foods For Pregnant Women
Deposit water that is used to boil carp, take pure water, boil it, flavor pour ordinary rice and sticky rice and cook into soup. Pay attention: Pour rice into pot when water boils and when water boils again, turn fire down in the smallest level.
Is Ginseng Nutritious Or Harmful To Pregnant Women?
With conception about valuable and rare feature of ginseng, ginseng helps bear healthy, intelligent children and children don’t have newborn diseases. Therefore, many pregnant women are ready to buy ginseng to foster babies when they are still fetuses.
8 Things Pregnant Women Should Avoid For Children To Have Good Health
The first thing that pregnant women need to avoid is using products for taking care of skin. Beautification is a necessary demand of many women, and of course, pregnant women aren’t exceptional. Many pregnant women think that products for taking care of skin will help them reduce pallid state and avoid sunlight in summer.
Nutrition For Pregnant Women During Pregnancy
You are going to become mothers. The most important thing for you at this time is designing for yourselves a diet that has enough nutrients. Nutrition for pregnant women should be diversified and suitable.
Tips That Help Pregnant Women Sleep Soundly
In pregnancy, many pregnant women can feel tired which dues to sleeping disturbance. The following tips will help pregnant women to have sound sleeps.
Foods That Help You Get Pregnant Easily
According to scientists, the rate of successful conception will increase when you and your husband have a sensible and scientific regimen. If you two are trying to have babies, put those foods below to you daily diet:
Tips To Increase The Possibility Of Getting Pregnant
Stress can slow down or prevent ovulation. Women who are stressed usually have irregular ovulation. And the effort of having babies will increase the level of stress and make people fall into the vicious circle.
8 Seeds Good For Pregnant Women
This kind of seed can provide pregnant women with vitamin E, Omega-3, organic acids and phosphorus. Especially, the organic acids in walnut can help stimulate the development of the fetal brain. If pregnant women are keen on eating for a long period of time, babies will be intelligent.
What To Do When Pregnant Women Have Got Flu
When weather changes form spring to summer, pregnant women easily have got flu because their resistance is weak. Moreover, the first 3 months, many women have got flu like a symptom of morning sickness. The important thing is that flu is very dangerous for pregnant women in the first quarter of pregnancy and they cannot take medicine.
Will Babies Have Black Skin If Pregnant Women Drink Coffee? (Part 2)
From the 5-6 months of pregnancy, womb will begin bigger. It blocks bladder, and as a result, pregnant women want to urinate many times. They have to wake up in middle of night to urinate, and therefore, they don’t want to drink water at night or when they work because of inconvenience.
Will Babies Have Black Skin If Pregnant Women Drink Coffee? (Part 1)
In folk, people abstain not to drink coffee because people that drinking coffee will make babies that are born have black skin (similar to color of coffee). People that drink coffee with milk will give birth with babies whose skin is brown, drinking coconut will make baby’s skin white.
7 Kinds Of Fruit That Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Eat
Summer is the season of many delicious and attractive fruits; however, pregnant women cannot eat all kinds of fruit. The following fruits easily make body hot and pregnant women should pay attention to.
Cauliflower Is Good For Pregnant Women (Part 2)
When mothers buy broccoli, mothers should pay attention to its color. Delicious broccoli will have dark green or dark violet and it depends on kind. If broccoli has yellow color or it even has yellow flower, that is old broccoli and mothers shouldn’t choose it.
Cauliflower Is Good For Pregnant Women (Part 1)
Broccoli is food that is rich of nutrients and pregnant women cannot ignore. Broccoli contains high content of phosphor and other minerals such as Mangan and vitamin, especially vitamin K, Folate and B6.
When Should Women Get Pregnant To Help Babies Become Intelligent
Development of fetus is divided into 3 important stages; the first stage is forming of brain. This state is in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Stage of forming brain to fetus needs to be provided with enough nutrients and mothers are lived in a safe environment. Therefore, choosing season to be pregnant will support for development of baby’s brain best.
King Orange Helps Pregnant Women Prevent Flu
We know that kinds of king orange in particular and all kinds of orange in general are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and fiber… that are nutritious for pregnant women’s body. Vitamin B9 (folic acid) that is in king orange is extremely important to all of the women, especially to pregnant women and women that are trying to be pregnant.
Apple Helps Increase Resistance For Pregnant Women
According to experts, apple contains a lot of nutrients that are useful for pregnant women and fetus. This is kind of fruit that is easy to eat and popular.
Golden Advice For Pregnant Women
At this time, you can feel all of your actions. And this thing is correct; mothers are people that are the most sacred to babies on this earth. Baby’s health depends on your living style. Therefore, you shouldn’t force yourselves to abstain and you shouldn’t spend strength for exercise.
Risks And Benefits Of Herbs For Pregnant Women
A part from aloe, ginseng, there’re many herbs that are good for normal people; at the same time, have the ability to harm pregnant women and fetuses if the remedies aren’t used carefully.
Ways To Release Pregnant Women From Hot Weather
The summer weather is hot and muggy while the hormone changing makes pregnant women easily get angry and nervous. The hot temper of the pregnant will cause bad effects on babies, so pregnant women should keep calm and be happy.
How To Beautify For Pregnant Women At Weekend
Scientists think that pregnant women should go swimming to reduce the pain and discomfort that happen during pregnancy. Besides, this sport will help you to be healthy.
Top Foods That Pregnant Women Should Be Careful Of (Part 2)
Cucumber is good for pregnant women’s health. The natural water in cucumber will prevent pregnant women from the risk of dehydration during pregnancy. Besides, cucumber has plenty of potassium which is important to the electrolytic process and helps they maintain the stable blood pressure.
Top Foods That Pregnant Women Should Be Careful Of (Part 1)
When you’re pregnant, it’s essential to have yourself provided with vitamins and nutrients from foods. However, to some foods, you must be careful in processing and eating in order not to harm yourself and your fetus.
Benefits Of Kiwi To Pregnant Women (Part 2)
A part from the health and digestive effects that we get from kiwis, its lutein (a kind of antioxidants) brings us a smooth skin and soft shiny hair.
Benefits Of Kiwi To Pregnant Women (Part 1)
Kiwi has lots of fiber, so if the pregnant eat kiwi, it’ll not only prevent them from constipation, but also remove toxins from the colon and reduce the risk of having skin and intestine diseases. In addition, the pregnant who eat kiwi regularly will be able to reduce unpleasant feelings and dyspepsia.
Healthy Drinks For Pregnant Women (Part 2)
Min tea which has light scent will help pregnant women relax. The cool flavor of mint brings good smell to breath, treatment for irregular stomachache during pregnancy and fights against insomnia. On the other hand, mint tea helps pregnant women to control morning sickness.
Healthy Drinks For Pregnant Women (Part 1)
Drinks are good, but not every drink is good for pregnant women. The following drinks are tasty, nutritious and suitable for the pregnant.
Why Are You Slow In Being Pregnant?
The normal cycle for ovum to fall of women is from 24 to 35 days. Regular menstrual cycle shows that your endocrine hormones are doing the right functions, so every month, ovum will fall regularly.
When Should Pregnant Women Have Caesarean?
Caesarean is a surgery that is assigned when the process of beginning labor cannot progress or there is problem threatening life of mother and fetuses.
40 Healthy Pregnant Weeks (Part 2)
Many pregnant women can drive a car or motorbike in this time by themselves. Women’s health is very good at present, but they should limit going far away or sitting in a long time on car or motorbike.
40 Healthy Pregnant Weeks (Part 1)
Pregnant women shouldn’t forget the particular list of things that you need to do in the next 9 months.
Dangers To Pregnant Women
Many mothers think that staying in house is safe; however, in many moments, you don’t recognize that there are dangers in your house. You should pay attention to the following tools in house that cause bad effects on pregnant women:
Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Eat Ice Cream
Many pregnant women consider that eating ice-cream or cold drinks is a method to slake their thirst effectively. Although your body will be quickly lowered temperature, it is only false effect. Moreover, it is harmful to health.
15 Dishes Extremely Nutritious For Pregnant Women
In addition, it also contains a lot of vitamins C. This is kind of vegetable that helps you absorb Fe best. You should eat broccoli when you eat with rice and spaghetti.
14 Things That Make Pregnant Women Nervous (Part 2)
One of gestational diabetes symptoms is not having the ability to transfer the glose that is stored in blood. This kind just has a small opportunity.
14 Things That Make Pregnant Women Nervous (Part 1)
That worry usually happens to the one who’ve never got pregnant before. In some early weeks of pregnancy, many women not knowing that they’re pregnant, so they use stimulants or drugs.
9 Foods That Can Cure Constipation For Pregnant Women
Carrot contains a lot of beta carotene, vitamin B9, carotene and vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, protein, fat, raw fiber, Fe, calcium, phosphorus that can regulate bowel and are laxative.
The Best Time To Become Pregnant
When you are young, you have good ability of becoming pregnant. In addition, you have a lot of energy to deal with change of health in 9 months and 10 days. However, according to statistic, teenager mothers have the risk of premature birth, pre-eclampsia and the high rate of death after being born.
10 Bad Habits That You Must Give Up Before Being Pregnant (Part 2)
Scientists carried a research on a pregnant mouse and gave it a lot of snacks. They gave conclusion: In pregnancy, if mothers eat a lot of snacks that don’t have nutrients, newborn babies will be obesity and overweight.
10 Bad Habits That You Must Give Up Before Being Pregnant (Part 1)
All of us have bad habits that cannot avoid such as noshing in every evening, going to bar regularly to meet friends and drink wine. When you begin to make plan to give birth in the next time, you need to think seriously about consequence from those bad habits.
18 to 22 Weeks Pregnant (part 4) - 21 - 22 Weeks Pregnant
Perhaps you envision the newly decorated nursery descending into chaos. Or maybe you have never liked doing laundry and fear Baby’s soiled onesies will pile up to the sky. This week I am going to demystify the art of maintenance. It isn’t the scary, pain-in-theneck series of burdensome tasks you think it is. In fact, you are already an expert organizer!
18 to 22 Weeks Pregnant (part 3) - 20 Weeks Pregnant
Think back to moving day. You probably had a few family members or close friends stop by. Boxes were everywhere. You were all in a hurry to get things put away. People slammed items into any available cabinet space. They shoved things into drawers. And when they were done they said: “I just wanted to get these boxes out of here.
18 to 22 Weeks Pregnant (part 2) - 19 Weeks Pregnant
There are those who will passionately argue that it shouldn’t matter to you whether your baby is a boy or a girl. They act as though a mother caring one way or the other whether her baby is a boy or a girl is somehow frivolous or selfish.
18 to 22 Weeks Pregnant (part 1) - 18 Weeks Pregnant
Researching birth philosophies may lead you to the discovery that the practice you’re currently seeing for prenatal care just isn’t a great fit for you, or that you’d be better off giving birth at a different hospital than you’d planned on.
Clear Away 20 Worries Of Pregnant Women (Part 2)
Do not eat rare meat doesn’t cook carefully, meat smoked out, ham, green vegetables aren’t washed cleanly. They can contain toxoplasmosis bacterium that can cause miscarriage or defects about organs of babies.
Clear Away 20 Worries Of Pregnant Women (Part 1)
Many women wonder why their friends have morning sickness in pregnancy, have pain in breast while their body doesn’t have any signs of being pregnant.
Folk Ways To Cure Edema For Pregnant Women
In pregnancy, women will feel that their body gets edema, especially face, hands, feet and ankles. Normally, this phenomenon is normal, it isn’t dangerous; however, it makes pregnant women feel uncomfortable.
Banana Is Good For Pregnant Women (Part 2)
Many scientific researches prove that banana contains a lot of important nutrients such as potassium, kinds of vitamin, magnesium, Fe… that are good for development of fetus and health of pregnant women. Pregnant women should regularly eat a banana every day or drink a glass of banana vitamin that is very useful for the body.
Banana Is Good For Pregnant Women (Part 1)
Banana is the source that provides fructooligosaccharides, an important substance to bring up useful bacteria for bowel and it can help function of bowel operate well. As a result, body will absorb vitamins and nutrients more effectively. This absorption will bring more calcium for our bones, it helps bones become healthy.
Essential Nutrients For Pregnant Mothers
Sometimes some common diseases caused by viruses or bacteria can be protected by increasing the resistance through daily food or dietary supplements, just take notice a little, you can protect your health well.
4 Things Pregnant Women Should Know
Women who are in the first time of pregnancy are usually surprised even they have read books or researched on the internet.
Why Do Pregnant Women Need To Practice Sports
Yoga, walking and swimming are ideal sports that are encouraged for pregnant women. According to experts’ advice, pregnant women should practice sport regularly because of the following reasons
5 Supper Foods For Pregnant Women
Maybe you have heard of the role of minerals such as Folate and folic acid during pregnancy. These nutrients are necessary to prevent early birth defects during pregnancy and ensure a healthy pregnancy in the future. Therefore, don’t forget to supply about 600 microgram of these every day.
30 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Love Sports
Busy life makes you be lazy to exercise and this thing isn’t especially good for health when you are going to be mother. If you are pregnant and you don’t have plan for practicing yet, you should begin from now because it will bring you and baby many benefits.
4 Important Substances Pregnant Women Usually Lack
Research has showed that a diet rich in omega 3 can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease for pregnant women in particular and everyone in general. Two forms of omega 3 are DHA and EPA helping prevent abnormal heart rhythms, reduce atherosclerosis and keep sugar levels in blood stable.
Forbidden Things In Pregnant Period
In pregnant period, women should have a nutritious and digestive diet. Food should be rich of protein, fruits and clean. You should avoid foods with stimulated substances, cigarettes, wine and incorrect diet. After becoming pregnant, fetus’s development must depend on mother’s blood in the vital organs to be fostered. Consequently, the performance of blood in pregnant women’s vital organs has direct effect on the development of the fetus.
Small Tips Helping Pregnant Women Sleep Well
Being pregnant will make you feel tired because your body produces stimulated elements to help fetus develop. A good sleep at night is a necessary thing; it will help you take a rest, be alert and healthy.
Some Drinks Pregnant Women Should Say No With
If you use beverages containing a lot of stimulants, they will affect fetus’s development. According to many researches, these drinks also increase risk of miscarriage and premature birth.
Some Notes About Pregnant Women’s Bath
Although it is summer, pregnant women shouldn’t bathe with too cold water. When you bathe with cold water and the weather is hot, your body’s temperature will change suddenly. As a result, you easily catch cold and have got flu.
Help Pregnant Women Drink Milk Easily
According to nutritious experts, pregnant milk is provided with many essential nutrients. It is good for pregnant women’s and fetus’s health, especially women who lack nutrients in pregnancy like calcium, iron, folic acid and vitamins… However, how to provide enough and gain effect is difficult.
Help Pregnant Women Avoid Morning Sickness
According to statistics, 2/3 of women have morning sickness in the first 3 months. Morning sickness will have some symptoms such as tired, nauseating, vomiting and irritability. Is there any way to help you feel more comfortable? Mothers can refer to 10 following tips:
13 to 17 Weeks Pregnant (part 3) : 15 WEEKS PREGNANT
People love to give pregnant women unsolicited stuff—especially advice, books, and clothes! Chances are good that the minute you tell the world about your baby-to-be, friends start showing up at your office or front door with bags and totes full of maternity and baby clothes.
Gargle Is Not Good For Pregnant Women
According to US pediatric medicine health experts, alcohol will cause negative effects on fetus’s development, especially it will reduce children’s ability of awareness in the future and cause inborn defect.
5 Things Pregnant Women Should Avoid After Meals
Most people have the habit of eating a lot of fruits after meals because they think that it can help colon peristaltic. However, this is not a scientific way. In reality, after meals, foods move into stomach and take 1-2 hours to digest and eliminate slowly. If you eat a lot of fruits after meals, you will make foods be obstructed in stomach.
Grape Is Pregnant Women’s Friend
Grape contains about 65-85% of water, 10-33% sugar (glucose and fructose), phlobaphene, galic acid ,silicic acid , quercetine , anin, glucosides, mono delphinidin and delphinidin, fruit acid, phosphoric acid, salicilic, lemon acid, formic acid , oxalic acid , pectin, tannin compound, kali salt, magnesium, calcium, mangan, Fe and vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, A, C, P, PP, K, folic acids and enzymes.
Why Pregnant Women Should Sleep On Left Side?
Pregnant women often tell each other that sleeping on left side is good for fetus. However, not all mothers know the real benefit of this position.
When Should Pregnant Women Gain Much Weight?
According to obstetric experts, in the first phase of pregnancy, pregnant women should gain from 1.5-2kg if having normal body weight. If you are underweight, you should gain 2.5kg but should gain only 1kg if you are an overweight woman.
13 to 17 Weeks Pregnant (part 2) : 14 WEEKS PREGNANT
After your pregnancy, even if you return to the exact same weight you were before, it’s likely that your body is going to redistribute your weight differently. So it might be time to take a second look at those teeny tiny T-shirts you’ve been saving since college.
13 to 17 Weeks Pregnant (part 1) : 13 WEEKS PREGNANT
You need to decide exactly how you want to do this. If you have any close friends among your coworkers, you’ll want to tell them in person. After that, in today’s world, a clever e-mail announcement would be acceptable.
Notes For Pregnant Women When Exercising In Summer
Benefit for pregnant women to exercise every day is nothing to argue anymore. But many pregnant women still wonder: how to exercise safely in uncomfortably hot weather today?
Notes When Pregnant Women Go Swimming
Swimming is proved to bring a lot of benefits to pregnant women including reducing uncomfortable symptoms, keeping form for pregnant women and help them get back the form quickly after giving birth ... However, to keep safe when swimming, you need to follow some following principles:
Pregnant Women Should Eat Red Bean
Do you know that eating red bean regularly can help your body produce more breast milk and balance hormones in your body? Besides, red bean has many other benefits. Let’s check out.
Rescue The Beauty Of Pregnant Women
The bride is of course beautiful, but how about pregnant women? If they are beautiful, perhaps this is the beauty of spirit, and not all pregnant women satisfy with this.
Safe Antipyretic For Pregnant Women
During pregnancy, woman's body resistance is poor. This makes pregnant women easy to get disease. In fact, there are many concerns when pregnant women take the drugs. Because it depends on that drug can harm the fetus or not.
Do And Don’t When Pregnant Women Beautify
We all know beautifying is indispensable need of women, even during pregnancy. However, you are wondering because you scare that hair dying causes birth defects, and massage stimulates preterm...
Give Up Bad Habits Before Being Pregnant
Not only when being pregnant, women need to pay attention to scientific and appropriate diet but before pregnancy, but they should also focus on this problem.
Gold Tips For Pregnant Women In Summer
The body temperature of pregnant women is usually higher than normal, so hot weather in summer makes them feel more uncomfortable.
Guide Pregnant Women to Eat Fruits in Right Way
Fruits - the same as fresh vegetables are foods that cannot be lacking for people’s health. Especially for pregnant women, fruits have good effect on the process of creating babies’ brain. However, how much fruit is enough for eating is the problem making many women confused.
Find Culprits Causing The Death Of Pregnant Women
Statistics of the United Nations shows that the death of about 500,000 women worldwide each year is related to pregnancy and childbirth.
Great Benefits Of Water For Pregnant Women
Drinking water brings many benefits for everyone, especially for pregnant women. Pregnant women are suggested to drink 2-2.5 liters of water every day (equal to 8 glasses of water). Besides fresh water, drinking fruit juice, vegetable juice is also good for pregnant women.
Exercise To Relieve Backache For Pregnant Women
From the last 3 months of pregnancy, future mothers should not practice strong physical fitness. But how to strengthen the back muscles?
Benefits Of Swimming For Pregnant Women
Swimming is considered to bring many benefits for pregnant woman. However, not every woman is brave enough to join this sport.
Delicious Dish Curing Constipation For Pregnant Women
In pregnancy, women usually feel flatulent, indigestion and inside heat. So dishes containing lots of vegetables will be the number one choice.
Fruits Removing Nausea For Pregnant Women
In the first period of pregnancy, most women have to pass through morning sickness. The most common symptoms are nausea and vomiting. Vomiting due to sickness is usually in the morning after getting up and meal. Here are some fruits treating morning sickness effectively.
10 to 12 Weeks Pregnant : Examine Which Medical Tests You May Need
In today’s world, you have at your disposal an array of tests that can tell you a great deal about your child before he enters the world. The question is, which of these tests do you need? You will of course decide this with your physician, but I believe that being informed can only make your experience better.
What Do Pregnant Women Know About Nuchal Translucency Test?
Pregnant women are usually word of mouth that in 11th-13th weeks of pregnancy, women have to take nuchal translucency test to know if babies have the risk of Down syndrome. In fact, do they understand clearly about nuchal translucency?
Pregnant Women Need To Avoid Dyeing Hair In The First Three Months Of Pregnancy
In the past, dyeing hair was for those who have gray hair early. Nowadays, dyeing hair is used for many people, even for children; and there are about 70% of women in the world dyeing hair at least 1 time.
Pregnant Handbook: Babies Are As Small As Melon
In the 36th week of pregnancy, fuzz on baby’s skin starts losing gradually together with sebum. Sebum is a quite thick cream to protect baby’s skin during 9 months of soaking in amniotic fluid. Combination between sebum and amniotic fluid creates excrements of fetus.
Pregnant Women And Things To Note When Bathing
However, specialist doctors advise you should not abuse sauna because high temperature of steam and water make body temperature increase and harm the development of babies.
Urinate At Night Is An Anguish Of Pregnant Women
Always urinating and urinating at night is one of the anguishes that most of pregnant women have to suffer. That is normal symptom, usually occurs during pregnancy and end after childbirth.
4 Things Need To Be Done When You Have Just Got Pregnant
Tiredness is one of the common sign at the early stage of pregnancy. Increase in progresterol, morning sickness and change in hormones will make pregnant women feel tired and have no more inner force. In spite of being very uncomfortable, no scientific evidence proves that there are any ways to treat this symptom.
Reduce Itch For Pregnant Women
Hormones produced during pregnancy affect your body and are very hot. The fact that skin rubs itself or rub to clothes will create sweat, so the humidity is formed and it causes prickly heat and rash. They usually appear in the folds of skin and wrinkles, which can cause itch and unpleasant feelings.
Reduce Backache for Pregnant Women
How to deal with backache during pregnancy? Here are a few things you should know about backache and some suggestions to help you feel more comfortable when facing it. At the third month of pregnancy, your body becomes heavier as baby’s weight is increasing faster and faster.
Beautify Naturally For Pregnant Women
Don’t be inhibited with development of your body; on the contrary, be glad to it. Once your body stops increasing size and begins process of maintaining the health of your baby, why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity to lose weight? A lot of stars also utilize this time to exercise and consume redundant fatty.
Guide Pregnant Women To Do Exercises
During pregnancy, abdominal muscles running from breastbone to pubic bone will have to support most of the entire weight of the embryo. In this case, if these muscles are weak, the back muscles have to bear greater weight to protect the spine.
9 WEEKS PREGNANT : Banish Paper Pile-Ups
If you are like most people, paper clutter is your nemesis. Mail piles up on the kitchen counter. Magazines, catalogs, newsletters, and invitations ooze across the dining room table and tumble onto any available floor space.
8 WEEKS PREGNANT : Understand and Control the Exhaustion
IF YOU ARE FEELING under the weather, it may help you to understand what’s going on in your body and how best to deal with these changes. These feelings have a purpose, and, thank goodness, they don’t last forever.
Planning for a Healthy Baby : Before You Become Pregnant , Focus on Folic Acid
Folate, found naturally in foods, is one of the B vitamins; it is also known as folic acid, which is the name for the form found in supplements and fortified foods. Folic acid merits special consideration. During pregnancy, this vitamin helps to properly develop the neural tube, which becomes the baby’s spine.
What Pregnant Women Should Avoid When Catching Morning Sickness
Morning sickness is very popular among pregnant women. According to scientists, there are 90% of women are suffering from irritations caused by morning sickness.
10 Super-natural Powers Of The Pregnant Women
Hey future mother, just forget all the tiredness and difficulties you are suffering from the pregnancy for a moment. Do you know that pregnancy brings you “super power” that you even do not know? Only forming a tiny body is a miracle itself.
Antibiotics That Pregnant Women Must Stay Away From
When the body is infected with bacteria, relying on antibiotics is necessary. Though, pregnant women must be careful when using antibiotics. These following antibiotics are very harmful to pregnant women.
Why Do Pregnant Women Have Stomachache When Eating?
When women are pregnant, activity of digestive system is slowed down. So, foods will be backlog in body. That causes constipation and stomachache directly after eating (because while old foods have not transformed yet, new foods have entered).
Which Fruits Should Pregnant Women Eat In Summer?
We can say that any fruits do have their own preeminent effects, some fruits provide vitamin C, vitamin E; others supply additional water timely for body during and after movement.
Vitamin Treating Constipation For Pregnant Women
During pregnancy, the feeling of flatulence and constipation always occur that makes pregnant women tired and difficult to absorb foods.
Tips For The First-three-month Pregnant Women To Be Well-dressed
In the first three months, you can also put on the most colorful clothes in your closet. Some women have not had any signs of pregnancy on body yet, so they could still wear old costume as usual.
Things Pregnant Women Should Asks Their Husbands For Help
Many women during pregnancy have psychology that they need to eat for two. The fact is that you only need to extra about 200-300 calories per day, equivalently to eat 2-3 snacks a day.
Six Principles That Pregnant Woman Must Not Ignore
Gentle exercise has many benefits for both mothers and babies. Moreover, it also helps your body back to perfect like the time before pregnancy after you bear. These exercises will help the abdominal and back muscles strong.
Pregnant Handbook : Baby Is As Big As Cauliflower
The 25-week fetus is much more heavy and taller than before. The amniotic sac is more and more tight and that is a reason why baby kicks its mother more. Taste of baby have formed and developed, it knows how to distinguish food taste, and its body is relatively perfect.
Notes When Pregnant Women Use Cosmetics
During pregnancy, pregnant women do not usually make up because of worrying about effects on their babies. However, there are some tips on cosmetics for pregnant women who want to beautify on special occasions.
Necessary Minerals For Pregnant Women
Iron and calcium are two minerals which are necessary for women in pregnancy. Nevertheless, do not take iron and calcium whenever you are pregnant because calcium and iron in pregnant women’s blood should be controlled, lack or excess of them causes many consequences.
How To Reduce Nausea For Pregnant Women
During pregnancy, not all pregnant women have nausea or vomit, but some only have retching symptom . These feelings are very unpleasant when pregnant women smell or eat any foods which are not fitting. Retching does not take women much powers but causes uncomfortable feeling, so how to deal with this symptom?
Great Benefits Of Yoga For Pregnant Women
Period of pregnancy and breastfeeding makes your shape and outward change very much. But you should not be too worried, the exercises of movement and breathing have had for over 5,000 years will help you strengthen physical and spirit perfectly.
Do And Don'ts When Pregnant Women Have Flatulence
Maybe you are in a divided mind that the foods for pregnant women who have flatulence are a bit little, not enough nutrients in pregnancy. Don’t worry, you should pay attention to your meals until not be flatulence any more, after that you can enjoy other favorite foods.
Cure Chloasma For Pregnant Women
During pregnancy, women’s body have many changes and transformations in internal organs such as skin, digestive system, veins, nerves; and hormonal changes often cause lots of annoyance for pregnant women, because they leave long-term consequences on their skin.
Beautify Pregnant Women In Summer
Obviously, you really want to cool your body during hot summer days. However, that is difficult to implement because “air conditioner” of the body is temporarily broken. So, why don’t you try using brown sugar to strengthen your body?
Balanced Diet For Pregnant Women
Setting up a reasonable and high nutrient diet for pregnant women is very important to ensure the health for both mother and baby.
Choose Clothes For Pregnant Women On Hot Summer Days
Shorts, legging or shirt, T-shirts that are loose and light colors will give pregnant women comfortable and active feelings.
12 Indispensable Foods For Pregnant Women
Pregnant women should pay special attention to diet to ensure the health of both mothers and babies during pregnancy.
Foods Rich In Nutrients For Pregnant Women
Instead of taking iron supplements, the best way is that you add directly iron from natural foods because iron medicine easy to cause constipation in pregnant women. Red meat is the best source of natural iron.
Foods Good For Skin And Health Of Pregnant Women
During pregnancy, the skin’s common problems are browned, pregnant women tanning, melasma, dry skin, acnes. Using skin cream or beauty products during pregnancy is not recommended because they can cause adverse effects on fetus. So how to improve skin’s pregnant women?
Foods Good For Pregnant Women
Way out in the northwest of the city is a cluster of sights that includes the unmissable Summer Palace, with the almost equally intoxicating hillside Xiang Shan Park and the haunting ruins of the Yuanming Yuan, or Old Summer Palace, close by. It might be a squeeze to get all three into one day’s sightseeing but it’s worth a try.
What should a pregnant woman do to make her baby becoming the smartest?
Bearing a smart and talented baby is a common wish of all parents and grandparents. So, take notice of the following things when pregnant.
Postures for pregnant women to have a sound sleep
Turning the body and lying comfortably in the bed may be one of the biggest wishes of pregnant women, especially when they want to lie prostrate or supine since both postures cause problems for them.
The Countdown To Conception (Part 3) - You want to get pregnant … within the next 12 months
Testicles dangle like they do because sperm production requires a lower temperature than the rest of the body. Anything that raises it- tight pants, hot baths, long bike rides or car journeys, hours spent with a laptop on his knees- can affect this.
The Countdown To Conception (Part 2) - You want to get pregnant … two year from now
While moderate exercise has been shown to improve your chances of conception, punishing workouts could have the opposite effect. ‘Excessive exercise causes a stress response in the body, triggering the adrenal glands to produce cortisol,’ explains Dr Glenville.
The Countdown To Conception (Part 1) - You want to get pregnant … five year from now
Whether you are ready to be a mum right now, or have babies filed under ‘one day’, it is never the wrong time to think about your fertility. Our expert plans will prime your body, whatever rung of the broody ladder you are on
Now You're Pregnant : Will Life Ever be the Same? Special situations
Pregnant women who are older or younger than average are likely to have additional concerns about how they will cope with pregnancy and impending motherhood.
Now You're Pregnant : What Do I Tell My Boss? Your rights and benefits (part 2) - Managing outside home Your life at work
Women currently comprise 46 percent of the 137 million workers in the US. The need to contribute to the family and to the community as well as financial concerns often require that pregnant women work outside the home.
Now You're Pregnant : What Do I Tell My Boss? Your rights and benefits (part 1)
Paternity leave is a relatively new concept in the US with other European countries far ahead in how much time a father can take off work after the birth of a baby.
Now You're Pregnant : Should I Go Swimming? Keeping active in pregnancy (part 2)
Practicing yoga in pregnancy is hugely beneficial. As well as strengthening and toning muscles, which will help you in labor and birth, yoga aims to bring about a greater awareness of your breathing rhythms, providing a perfect relaxation tool in pregnancy and preparing you to breathe through the contractions.
Now You're Pregnant : Should I Go Swimming? Keeping active in pregnancy (part 1)
Kegel exercises involve squeezing your buttocks and pulling in your stomach muscles, then holding for 5 seconds and releasing. Repeat this 5–6 times several times a day. You could imagine your pelvic floor going up like an elevator, contracting your muscles a little more at each floor.
Now You're Pregnant : What to Eat…What Not to Eat Your diet in pregnancy (part 2)
Some experts have suggested that problems that occur later in life, such as obesity, diabetes, and other health problems, may be caused not only by what a person eats in their own lifetime, but also by what their mother ate while she was pregnant.
Now You're Pregnant : What to Eat…What Not to Eat Your diet in pregnancy (part 1)
Some experts have suggested that problems that occur later in life, such as obesity, diabetes, and other health problems, may be caused not only by what a person eats in their own lifetime, but also by what their mother ate while she was pregnant.
Now You're Pregnant : Why is Pregnancy So Scary? A safe pregnancy (part 2)
Try exploring natural remedies to relieve pregnancy aches and pains before resorting to medication. A head massage, drinking plenty of clear liquids, or resting in a darkened room can help relieve a tension headache.
Now You're Pregnant : Why is Pregnancy So Scary? A safe pregnancy (part 1)
Although you may be tempted just to cut down, quitting smoking is best. The fewer cigarettes you smoke, the better. The carbon monoxide, nicotine, and other substances that you inhale pass out of your lungs, into your bloodstream, and cross the placenta with any cigarette you smoke
Now You are Pregnant : My Test is Positive What happens next?
There are ways to cut costs when preparing for your baby. Although some items should be new, such as mattresses and car seats, many things can be bought second-hand or passed on from friends and relatives.
Trying for a Baby : How will I Know I'm Pregnant? Confirming your pregnancy
The most obvious initial sign that you are pregnant is a missed period. Other common early pregnancy symptoms include feeling extremely tired and bloated, having increasingly tender breasts, experiencing an increased need to urinate, and finding that you have a greater or lesser sex drive, although all of these symptoms can occur premenstrually.
Trying for a Baby : We are Not Getting Pregnant What do we do now (part 2) - IVF treatment The process of IVF
In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is a complex procedure with several stages, from the stimulation and harvesting of your eggs to the successful fertilization of the eggs, development of embryos, and transfer of the embryos into the womb for implantation.
Trying for a Baby : We are Not Getting Pregnant What do we do now (part 1)
There are a range of reasons why a couple may have difficulty in conceiving. Investigations and tests may uncover specific conditions, which may be treatable, or you may be offered help to conceive.
I Still Look Pregnant Your body after the birth (part 2) - A balanced diet & Postpartum exercise Getting into shape
You can exercise as soon as you want to after your baby's birth. The amount you do and how strenuous the exercise will depend on the type of birth you had and how much you exercised before you had your baby.
I Still Look Pregnant Your body after the birth (part 1)
The term “afterpains” refers to the discomfort felt after the birth as the uterus starts to contract back down to its normal, pre-pregnancy size. These pains are often described as feeling similar to menstrual cramps.
5 Tips for Safe Exercise During Pregnancy
Exercise is essential during pregnancy to maintain your health. Women who keep physically active while pregnant are less likely to experience issues such as back pain and tiredness.
Tips To Dealing With The Emotional Stress Of Infertility Issues And How To Cope Better
First, telling you that emotional stress is one of the causes in the cessation of fertility mainly in women because stress will affect the reproductive system in adverse ways.
How to have natural miscarriage (part 1)
No woman expects a miscarriage in their pregnancy. However, if a miscarriage has begun, it needs to be treated as soon as possible.
9 Bad Habits That Can Cause Miscarriage (part 2)
Some kinds of spice such as cumin, anise, peppercorn, cinnamon and chili, fried foods or foods that are hot features are harmful to women in pregnancy.
Foods That Cause Miscarriage (part 4) - Processed meat, Raw, uncooked eggs, Cheese
According to the latest research, eating too much processed meat can harm the fetus. In the worse situation, it can cause fetal poisoning or lead to miscarriage.
Foods That Cause Miscarriage (part 3) - Unpasteurized milk, Green papaya, Aloe, Barley
The unpasteurized or fresh milk is milk that hasn’t been through processing. It’s not popular in the market. In the unpasteurized milk, there’re listeria bacteria which can increase the risk of miscarriage.
Foods That Cause Miscarriage (part 2) - Pearl barley, Purslain, Medlar, Longan
In fact, it’s proved that the purslain can make quite a stimulation on the uterus and increase the time and intensity of the uterus‘s elasticity, which produce the risk of miscarriage.
7 Fruits That Will Rejuvenate and Protect Your Skin (part 1)
These fruits contain a lot of vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin E, which will rejuvenate your skin, lighten your skin tone, lessen the appearance of scars, and help get rid of age related skin problems.
6 Ways To Have a Natural Miscarriage
This is why most women who want to go this route are more interested in having a natural miscarriage. Check out 6 ways to have a natural miscarriage..
5 of Hilary Duff’s Best Beauty Secrets
Actress and singer Hilary Duff is not only multi-talented and a mother of one, but she always looks great and has amazing style too.
5 of Lily Aldridge’s Best Skin & Makeup Secrets
American Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge has enviable boho-meets-grunge personal style, and her beauty look is always clean, effortless and beautiful.
Pregnancy Nutrition : First Trimester Expectations - Your Baby’s Development
Your doctor can discuss your progress in a few weeks, which are measured starting from the first day of your last menstrual day of period it your uses of doctor to calculate your expiry and the age gestationnel of the baby.
Stop the Stress-Pain Connection : Calming Herbal Therapies
If you try the relaxation therapies yet still need help calming down, talk to your doctor about medications that may help to boost your mood or ease your anxiety. If you are opposed to taking medications to ease stress, then ask your doctor about the following herbal therapies.
Kerry Washington Likes Playful Red Carpet Choices
Actress Kerry Washington, who plays Olivia Pope in hit tv show 'Scandal' has opened up on how her style varies from the popular character. Kerry comments that when she's hitting the red carpet, her style is much more playful and colourful than anything Olivia would wear.
Jessica Alba Designs Charity Necklaces With Jennifer Meyer
Actress Jessica Alba has teamed up with jeweller Jennifer Meyer to design two necklaces for charity.
Keira Knightley’s Fashion Ethos: “Break the Rules”
British actress Keira Knightley has opened up on her ethos when it comes to fashion, revealing that she loves to "break the rules" and she doesn't think people should care what anyone else says about what they're wearing
5 Best Star Beauty Looks at the 2015 SAG Awards
We’re in the midst of awards season and over the weekend the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards took place in Los Angeles. Celebrating some of the most talented actors and actresses on screen, the red carpet event featured some of the biggest stars in Hollywood
Keira Knightley Wore Her “Dream” Chanel Dress to Golden Globes
British actress Keira Knightley, who is currently expecting her first child, has opened up on selecting her Chanel dress for the recent Golden Globe Awards.
Carrie Underwood to Launch Lifestyle Clothing Collection
Country singer Carrie Underwood, who is currently pregnant with her first child, has just revealed that she's about to launch her own lifestyle sports-inspired clothing collection.
5 Celebs Who've Struggled With Acne-Prone Skin
They may always look flawless whenever they hit the red carpet, but these 5 celebrities have all struggled with acne-prone skin. Often caused by hormonal changes, acne can be difficult for anyone to deal with, and these 5 celebs have all battled against the problem.
5 Celebrities & Their Top Anti-Aging Tips
So many celebrities seem to avoid aging completely, never adding a wrinkle to their face and even getting better as the years roll by – so what’s their secret? Here are 5 top tips, directly from the stars themselves.
Christy Turlington on Her Pregnancy Skin Glow & Top Beauty Secret
Model Christy Turlington doesn't see any negatives when it comes to aging. She says that getting older, people just get wiser and she doesn't know why there is such a negative spin put on the aging process.
Kristen Bell on Her Current Skincare Routine & Hairstyle
Kristen Bell has opened up on how her beauty routine has changed since becoming a mother. The actress has said that she is now much more aware of the ingredients in products she uses and does her best to source natural products for her skin.
Lara Stone Opens Up Pregnancy Weight Struggle & Job Loss
Beautiful model Lara Stone, who is married to 'Britain's Got Talent' judge David Walliams, welcomed a son named Alfred last year.
Kimberley Walsh Opens Up on Maternity Style & Fashion Regrets
Currently pregnant with her first child, 'Girls Aloud' singer Kimberley Walsh has opened up on how she's coping with maternity style. The singer says that at the moment she is gravitating towards long maxi-dresses that fit her figure comfortably and that are easy to wear.
Alessandra Ambrosio on Looking After Her Body & Not Caring About Perfection
Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio has opened up on maintaining her figure. The mother of two confesses that when she first began working for Victoria's Secret, she rarely worked out or looked after her figure.
Pregnancy Can Affect Your Partner (part 2) - Help Dad Bond with Baby
Most couples are concerned about sexual activity during pregnancy; however, men are more often concerned with this aspect of a relationship. It’s an important topic, so discuss it with your healthcare provider.
Pregnancy Can Affect Your Partner (part 1) - Ways to Reassure Your Partner
You can reassure your partner and help him grow more comfortable with your pregnancy and the idea of fatherhood. We have spoken with many pregnant couples, and they have passed on the following suggestions.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Current Medical Condition and Medications (part 6) - Cancer during Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a happy time for most women. Occasionally, however, serious problems can occur. Cancer during pregnancy is one serious complication that occurs rarely.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Current Medical Condition and Medications (part 5) - Immunizations and Vaccinations during Pregnancy
Immunizations and vaccinations protect you from diseases. A vaccine is given to provide you with protection against infection and is usually given by injection or taken orally.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Current Medical Condition and Medications (part 4) - Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, Prenatal Vitamins
Be cautious about taking vitamin and mineral supplements during pregnancy. Often people don’t think of vitamins and minerals as harmful, but they can be, especially to your developing baby. Use only those vitamins and minerals your healthcare provider recommends you use or prescribes for you.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Current Medical Condition and Medications (part 3) - Nonprescription Medications
Many people, not just pregnant women, hold the false belief that medications they can buy without a prescription (over-the-counter medicine) are harmless. Nothing could be further from the truth. Carelessness with over-the-counter preparations could harm you and your developing baby.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Current Medical Condition and Medications (part 2) - Prescription Medication Use during Pregnancy
Some prescription medications are more common than others; the discussion below includes common substances many women must take during pregnancy. Please note: This information does not take the place of talking with your healthcare provider.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Current Medical Condition and Medications (part 1) - Medication Effects on Fetal Development
Some medications can affect fetal development; they are called teratogens. The study of abnormal fetal development caused by teratogens is called teratology. When a birth defect occurs, we want to know why it happened. This can be frustrating because in many instances we are unable to determine a cause.
Elsa Pataky on Her Juice Cleanse Recipe & Post Pregnancy Workout
Spanish beauty Elsa Pataky recently welcomed twin boys - Sasha and Tristan - with husband Chris Hemsworth and now the actress has spoken on how she loves to cleanse her system with a special juice.
Olivia Wilde Speaks on Her Comfortable Style & Pregnancy
Currently pregnant actress Olivia Wilde has spoken on her sense of style. Due to give birth to her first child very soon, Olivia says that her everyday sense of style is relaxed and "never uncomfortable".
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Exercise during and after Pregnancy (part 4) - Exercise Guidelines for Pregnancy
Be sure pool water is warm enough but not hot. The ideal temperature of the water should be between 80 and 84F (26.5 and 29C). Avoid hot tubs and spas because water is too hot for baby.
5 Celebrities Who Use Fake Tan to Creating a Golden Glow
Fake tan may have a bad reputation for that orange glow look, but if you pick the right product, it can end up looking like a natural healthy golden glow.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Exercise during and after Pregnancy (part 3) - Benefìcial Exercises during Pregnam
Keep in mind a few general precautions about exercising during pregnancy that apply to most pregnant women. Your healthcare provider may want to discuss additional precautions that apply specifically to you.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Exercise during and after Pregnancy (part 2) - Exercise Risks, Effects of Exercise on Your Body
You may notice some changes in how your body responds to exercise during pregnancy. Your growing abdomen can put a strain on your respiratory system; you may feel out of breath sooner than usual.
Weeks 1 to 4 Postpartum (part 6) - THE LAND OF WINKIN, BLINKIN, AND NOD
No matter how much of a dedicated sleeper you are by nature, pregnancy and birth and the new demands of motherhood have probably upset your cycle.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Age Affects Your Pregnancy (part 4) - Down Syndrome
Nearly every pregnant woman receives information on Down syndrome. When you’re older, you may be offered various tests to determine whether your fetus is affected by the condition.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Age Affects Your Pregnancy (part 3) - Chromosomal Abnormalities
Chromosomal abnormalities can occur in any cell, and they can occur as an abnormal chromosome number or as an abnormality in the structure of the chromosome itself. With Down syndrome, an individual has 47 chromosomes instead of the normal 46.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Age Affects Your Pregnancy (part 1) - Some Pregnancy Problems in Older Women, Genetic Counseling
Problems healthcare providers see more often in older pregnant women include gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, placental problems, more miscarriages, more Cesarean births and a slightly higher risk of giving birth to a baby with genetic or chromosomal abnormalities.
The Healthy Home : Let’s Get Cooking (part 6) - Our Plastic Kitchen - Plastic Wrap, The Plastic Code
PVC is a hard, resinous material that requires plasticizers, stabilizers, flame retardants, and lubricants to be of any practical value. These additives—which aren’t chemically bonded to the plastic’s basic building blocks—are what make PVC one of the most toxic plastics in our homes today.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : More Than One Baby (part 2) - Increased Risks Associated with a Multiple Pregnancy
If a woman is pregnant with more than one baby, her risk of problems during pregnancy increases. You can minimize your risks, and possibly avoid them, with good prenatal care and careful attention to your health.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : More Than One Baby (part 1) - How a Multiple Pregnancy Occurs
A multiple pregnancy occurs when a single egg divides after fertilization or when more than one egg is fertilized. It also happens with fertility treatments, when more than one fertilized egg is placed in the uterus.
The 5 Best Beauty Looks at the 2014 Oscars : Makeup & Hair
Lighting up the red carpet with their beauty, these 5 celebrities all selected flattering makeup and hair looks to accompany their selected ensembles at the 2014 Oscars. From minimal makeup looks to extravagant hairdos, these stars pulled out all of the stops to look their best for the big day and they nailed it!
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 10) - Tests for the Woman Expecting Multiples
If you are carrying more than one baby, the number of tests you receive, and when you receive them, will be different. Some researchers recommend if you are at least 32 years old and your healthcare provider determines you’re carrying more than one baby, you should have chromosome testing, such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 9) - Pap Smear
Often on your first prenatal visit, you will have a Pap smear if it’s been a year or more since your last test. If you’ve had a normal Pap smear in the last few months, you won’t need another one.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 7) - Tests for Blood-Sugar Levels, Nuchal Translucency Screening , Fetal MRI , Instant Risk Assessment
Many doctors test every pregnant woman for diabetes, usually around the end of the second trimester. Testing is particularly important if you have a family history of diabetes. Blood tests used to diagnose diabetes are a fasting blood-sugar and glucose-tolerance test (GTT).
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 6) - Chorionic Villus Sampling,Fetoscopy, Fetal Fibronectin , Percutaneous Umbilical Blood Sampling
Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) analyzes chorionic villus cells, which eventually become the placenta. The test detects genetic abnormalities; sampling is done early in pregnancy. The advantage of CVS is that a healthcare provider can diagnose a problem earlier in pregnancy.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 5) - Alpha-Fetoprotein Testing, Multiple-Marker Tests
The alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) test is a blood test done on the mother-to-be. As your baby grows inside you, it produces alpha-fetoprotein in its liver. Some alpha-fetoprotein crosses fetal membranes and enters your circulation.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 4) - Amniocentesis
Amniocentesis is a test done on fetal cells and is often offered to women over 35 or women whose screening-tests results are abnormal. Most women who have amniocentesis are being screened for chromosomal defects, such as Down syndrome, Turner’s syndrome or neural-tube defects (spina bifida).
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 3) - Specialized Tests You May Have
An ultrasound exam may be one of the most exciting tests you have during pregnancy! You and your partner can actually see your growing baby. The test is a valuable tool for your healthcare provider because it enables him or her to check for many details of fetal development. (Ultrasound, sonogram and sonography refer to the same test.)
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 2) - Third-Trimester Tests
A special type of pregnancy test, called a quantitative HCG test, is a blood test done in the first trimester. Your healthcare provider may order it if there is concern about miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 1) - At-Home Tests
Your healthcare provider may ask you to take a home pregnancy test when you miss a period to help determine if you’re pregnant. These tests are so accurate that your healthcare provider may rely on them as an initial screening for pregnancy.
Ways To Treat Osteoporosis During Pregnancy
Osteoporosis is a bone disease which includes a decrease in bone mass and the fragility of bone. It can be caused by vitamin or mineral deficiencies; pregnancy is also a cause.
Ways To Treat High Levels Of Cholesterol In Pregnancy
During pregnancy, having popular health issues like high levels of cholesterol treated becomes a hard thing to do. So far, there has been no medicine for high levels of cholesterol for pregnant women, which leaves us 2 choices in treating high cholesterol levels in 9 months of pregnancy – diet and exercise.
Tips To Make You Look Less Fat During Pregnancy
Most women worry about gaining weight, and it’s hard for them to stop worrying about this issue in pregnancy. You know that you will gain weight during pregnancy, but even when all your weight will be on the perfect belly, there’re may be moments when you look at yourself in the mirror and feel that you’re fat.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Baby Grows and Develops (part 5) - Hydrocephalus, Cordocentesis, Fetal Surgery
Hydrocephalus causes an enlargement of the fetus’s head. It occurs in about 1 in 2000 babies and is responsible for about 12% of all severe fetal malformations found at birth.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Baby Grows and Develops (part 4) - Intrauterine-Growth Restriction
Intrauterine-growth restriction (IUGR) indicates a fetus is small for its gestational age. Weight is below the tenth percentile (in the lowest 10%) for the baby’s gestational age. This means 9 out of 10 babies of normal growth are larger.
Ways To Keep Your Natural Beauty Throughout Pregnancy
Pregnancy doesn’t make a woman feel unsafe; it makes her feel splendid and beautiful. While being pregnant can highlight the natural glow of the skin, the glimmer shine of the hair and make you energetic, it also comes with some small problems.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Baby Grows and Develops (part 1) - Normal Fetal Development
Sometimes women express concern about giving birth to a large baby. Many factors affect how big your baby will be. If you are in good health, have no medical problems, don’t gain too much weight and take good care of yourself during pregnancy, you’ll probably have an average-size baby.
Things That You Need To Do During Your First 3 Months Of Pregnancy
The woman’s body undergoes many changes during her first 3 months of pregnancy. Pregnant women may have any or all of the following symptoms for the first 12 weeks: nausea, chest pain, fatigue, frequent urination, dizziness, constipation and heartburn. T
Things That You Should Avoid During Your First Trimester
Pregnancy is measured in trimester, with the first trimester occurring in the first 3 months of pregnancy. During the first 3 months - from the date of your last disappeared period – a woman may not even know she is pregnant. I
Tips To Have A Positive Body Image After Pregnancy
Pregnancy changes your body in many ways, even after your delivery. Although you lose the weight of your baby, the amniotic fluid and placenta right after the pregnancy, you still need time to burn the fat that accumulated in pregnancy. Your stomach also gets bigger after you’re pregnant.
Prevent Morning Sickness In 7 Weeks
Several first weeks of pregnancy usually come with morning sickness from mild to severe. Though many people can consider morning sickness as an unavoidable part of the first stage of pregnancy, you can avoid morning sickness at 7 weeks.
Signs Of Pregnancy While Breastfeeding Your Baby
Some women believe that breastfeeding their babies have a role as a morning-after pill. However, some women can still get pregnant when they’re still breastfeeding their babies. If you think that you’re pregnant when still feeding your baby, this is a good idea for you to know what you can expect ahead.
Home Therapies For Morning Sickness During Pregnancy
How Do Women Feel After An Abortion?
An abortion is a surgical procedure and should be treated like that. This is true whether it's a medical or invasive procedure. You can get cramps similar to those with menstruations and may vomit. The bleeding will also occur. The cervix and uterus will feel painful and swollen; mucus will flow out during the recovery process.
Home Remedies To Treat Stretch Marks In Pregnancy
Stretch marks occur in pregnancy as the weight gain of women make the skin expanded, causing small tears that look like stretch marks. According to the woman’s health organization, stretch marks can be red, pink or brown, and they normally appear at the second half of pregnancy.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Body Changes during Pregnancy (part 5) - Babies’ Movements Are Different
The movement of every baby is different. One baby may move less than another. If your baby has been very active, then is very quiet for a long while, you may want to discuss it with your healthcare provider. He or she will determine if there is cause for concern.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Body Changes during Pregnancy (part 4) - Gum Disease, Braces during Pregnancy
You need to take good care of your teeth and gums. Good dental care is important because hormonal changes in pregnancy may cause dental problems. During pregnancy, hormones can make gum problems worse. Increased blood volume can cause gums to swell and make them more prone to infection.
Ways To Make Ginger Cream For Body Pain
Like what we all know, ginger is a root of Zingniber Officinale, a plants that grows in Asia and Middle East. It’s one of the most ancient and famous herbs in treating illness from digestive disorder to gout. It is safe enough for pregnant women to use, while strong enough to treat arthritis.
Foods That Help You Prevent Morning Sickness
During the first 3 months of pregnancy, the nausea known as morning sickness can be a challenge for some expectant mothers. Watching what you eat and when you eat will help eliminate morning sickness symptoms in some women, as well as avoiding some foods completely.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Body Changes during Pregnancy (part 3) - Cholestasis of Pregnancy, Plaques of Pregnancy , Pemphigoid Gestationis
Some women have a severe, itchy rash of red bumps that begins on the tummy and spreads to the lower body, then to the arms and legs. This is called plaques of pregnancy, toxemic rash, polymorphic eruption of pregnancy or pruritic urticaria pappules (PUPP).
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Body Changes during Pregnancy (part 2) - Surface Skin Changes, Itchy Skin
In some women, a vertical line appears along the midline of the abdomen, called the linea nigra. The linea nigra fades markedly after pregnancy but does not usually disappear completely.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Body Changes during Pregnancy (part 1) - Skin Changes, Stretch Marks
Stretch marks, also called striae distensae, may occur more often in older women. These marks occur when the elastic fibers and collagen in deeper layers of your skin are pulled apart to make room for baby.
Organic Smoothies for a Healthy Pregnancy : Moodiness Manipulator, Pleasurable Pregnancy Smoothie, Savory Spinach
Satisfy your nutritional needs and daily requirements—and help your baby-to-be grow and develop—with this smoothie recipe that combines iron-packed spinach with sweet red peppers, vitamin-packed broccoli, and spicy garlic that will keep energy flowing to all of your cells.
Exercises Recommended During 7 Months Of Pregnancy
Pregnant women should take part in normal exercise programs during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy to maintain their physical strength and fetal health.
Can You Eat Crab Meat During Pregnancy?
Seafood such as crab contains omega 3 acid and vitamin B, making it a necessary source of nutriments for pregnant women. However, pregnant women need to be extremely careful about preparing safe foods as their overloaded immune system may have to struggle to fight against harmful substances.
Can You Eat Chocolate During Pregnancy?
Pregnant women who like coffee can be surprised to find out that they have to limit the consumption of coffee and caffeine in general. This also means that you have to keep an eye on how much chocolate you eat.
Tips To Prevent Mosquitos And Ants With Homemade Items
In the past, there was no insecticide or insect repellent machine which is all sold widely nowadays. For that reason, they have to use available things on their pantry or in the garden. Those methods have to be effective or they’ll be bitten by mosquitoes and ants until they couldn’t stand it.
Organic Smoothies for a Healthy Pregnancy : Turnip Temptation, Vitamin C Smoothie, Imperative Iron
Rich in nutrition, the turnip—this rarely enjoyed root vegetable—is a great addition to any meal, especially when you think about its folate content. The daily requirement for pregnant women is 600mcg and this smoothie contains about 60mcg.
Do Health Checks By Yourself (Part 1)
Try... measuring your resting heart rate. The best time to do it is in the morning, before you get out of bed. Press your index and middle fingers (not your thumb) just below the ‘fat pad’ of the thumb on your opposite wrist. Count the number of beats in 15 seconds and multiply by four.
Preparation For A Healthy Trip (Part 4)
It’s a good idea to learn first aid. Most importantly, you need to know how you can minimize your risks by taking the following precautions.
Preparation For A Healthy Trip (Part 1)
You will find out what you need to know to help prevent problems, how to stay safe and minimize risks while you are on the move, and how to treat common conditions while you are away.
Methods For Night Sweating Due To Menopause
If you have never had night sweat due to menopause, that’s pretty hard to tell how they can attract the attention. A women wakes up, soaking wet, the bedclothes dripping wet, her hair matted, sweat pouring off her back – but she wakes up because of the cold as she is lying in a pool of sweat.
Organic Juices for a Healthy Pregnancy : Piece of Pie, Apple Yammer, Garlic Melon with Sprig of Dill
There is now a new meaning to having an apple a day, especially when pregnant. Studies have suggested that by eating an apple every day, you may be able to reduce the risk of your baby developing asthma. This sweet combination can also satisfy your cravings while you enjoy a tasty treat.
Eating Tips To Have A Baby Boy
You can improve chances to have a boy by changing your diet. Having alkaline food, cervical fluid helps Y chromosome sperms get into eggs for impregnation to have a boy. Long time ago, godmothers emphasize how important a diet affect the baby gender.
Organic Juices for a Healthy Pregnancy : Cucumber Pepper, Asparagus Squash Medley, Super Green Juice
This juice is an excellent source of vitamin A and folate, which comes from many sources including the romaine, cucumber, and carrot! One serving and you’ll be very close to reaching your daily needs.
Your Pregnancy After 35 - Pregnancy Encounters of the Usual Kind (part 2) - Major Childbirth Philosophies
Couples often wonder if one type of childbirth method is better than another. Any method can be the right one for a couple, but it’s best for partners to agree on the method. If the woman chooses a method that involves her partner greatly and the partner isn’t willing or able to provide that level of involvement, it could lead to disappointment and anxiety.
Your Pregnancy After 35 - Pregnancy Encounters of the Usual Kind (part 1)
A due date is important in pregnancy because it helps your healthcare provider determine when to perform certain tests or procedures. It also helps estimate baby’s growth and may indicate whether you are overdue or in premature labor.
Organic Juices for a Healthy Pregnancy : Peach Grape Delight, Fresh from the Garden, Tangy Cucumber
Peaches have several flavonoids that act as protective scavengers of harmful free radicals that may be looking to cause damage to cells throughout your body.
Organic Juices for a Healthy Pregnancy : Cauliflower Broccoli, Grapefruit Star, Broccoli and Kale
B vitamins are well known to increase your energy levels, which are hard to sustain during pregnancy. Vitamin B is the key to this energy-boosting juice, and the magnesium in the cauliflower and beet greens will also keep you on your feet… and off the couch!
Organic Juices for a Healthy Pregnancy : Wake Up Watercress Smoothie, Orange Lemonade Lift-Off, Apple Banana High
Watercress is a member of the mustard family and due to its iron content, is often recommended as a vegetable that can help pregnant women who are anemic or at risk for developing anemia during pregnancy.
The Truths Behind The Delivery Room (Part 2)
Whether you choose normal delivery or caesarean, or have the doctor predict about the time and how difficult the first delivery is, you may never know how you can come through the labor pain. Some women predicted to come through an extremely difficult labor can easily push the baby out within a few minutes without having any pain.
The Truths Behind The Delivery Room (Part 1)
The closer you are to the labor date, the more nervous, anxious and curious about what happens behind the delivery room will be. Let’s try to find out the little secrets below to be less shocked like a fish out of water at that great time of your life, shall we?
Ways to Exercise During Pregnancy
Exercise is good for you no matter what the situation is. Moreover, there are additional benefits to exercise during pregnancy. In addition to help ease the pain of a normal pregnancy, it can also help make childbirth easier, and help you get in shape quickly before birth.
Weight Gain During Pregnancy: A Concern That You Can Easily Overcome
The reasonable weight gain level for pregnant women is 10-14kg, divided into 3 stages: 1st trimester: insignificant weight gain, about 1-2kg; 2nd trimester: gain about 5-6kg; 3rd trimester: gain about 6-7kg.
The Importance Of Healthy Diet To Mom And Fetus (Part 2)
Take the fat out of the fish or meat before cooking; at the same time, remove the oily film on the surface of the food when cooking.Besides, you can cut down the amount of fat in the food by grilling, steaming, boiling or braising rather than frying them which you have to use lots of oils.
The Importance Of Healthy Diet To Mom And Fetus (Part 1)
Pregnant women usually waver between the worry of becoming obese and the risk of fetal malnutrition if they don’t eat enough.
Postnatal Symptoms That You Should See Doctors Immediately (part 2)
It may be due to infection or the chest strained as you have to make every effort during labor. However, it’s also a sign of pulmonary embolism which you can’t ignore. If you have chest pain, shortness of breath and cough, you need to get to the hospital as it’s an emergency.
Huge Differences Between Your First and Second Pregnancies
Aside from the differences in your body and physiology, there will be differences happening in the thought and lifestyle of pregnant women each time they get pregnant.
How To Explain Sexual Education To Children
Today children are exposed more than in the previous decade. With the availability of the Internet in many households, children can easily access all kind of information. This can be dangerous to a developing child, especially when it relates to sex.
9 Changes After Giving Birth
Though you’ve made well psychological preparation, read lots of books and do2uments, you can still be surprised of things happening after giving birth.
The Best Foods For Women At The First Trimester Of Pregnancy (Part 3) - Red beans, Yoghurt, Okra, Salmon
Most pregnant women have anemia during pregnancy. To increase the amount of hemoglobin, women should add red bean onto their daily diet. Iron-rich seeds such as red bean should also be used after pregnancy.
The Best Foods For Women At The First Trimester Of Pregnancy (Part 2) - Cheese, Asparagus, Eggs, Broccoli
The lack of vitamin D in pregnant women can affect the intellectual and physical development of the fetus. Therefore, women should eat much asparagus – a food rich in vitamin D.
The Best Foods For Women At The First Trimester Of Pregnancy (Part 1) - Spinach, Lentils, Orange, mandarin, grapefruit , Seeds
Orange, mandarin, grapefruit are rich in vitamin C, which helps to develop the bones and gristles as well as blood vessels for the fetus and increase the resistance for pregnant women.
Organic Juices for a Healthy Pregnancy : Papaya Delight, Peach Strawberry, Dilly of a Cucumber
The cucumbers used in this recipe are a great source of folate, which is particularly important during pregnancy as it can help reduce the risk of neural-tube defects in your baby. Cucumbers are also a good source of the antioxidant vitamins A and C, which assist in growth and healthy development.
Tips To Have Natural Source Of Breast Milk
Every mother has their own type of body. While some pregnant women have severe morning sickness for weeks, some feel tired every day during the pregnancy.
Shocking Truths About Pregnancy
You have to regularly wake up to pee or crave for something but unable to eat them when you’ve finished cooking…They are the dark sides of the happiness when being pregnant.
Six Abnormal Signs Of Body (part 2) - Terrible toothache, Chest pain, Abnormal hairs growth
Some foods cause heartburn or indigestion, but they are not the cause making you have chest pain. Chest pain is accompanied by health warning signs of your heart not good and you might have a heart attack any time.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 12) - Depression, Depression during Pregnancy , Symptoms and Treatment
Depression can occur at any time during a person’s life. If you have a history of major depression, you’re at increased risk of depression during pregnancy. In fact, between 3 and 5% of all women experience a major depression during pregnancy. It’s estimated another 15% have some degree of depression.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 11) - Alcohol, Abuse of Other Substances
When we discuss substance abuse, we refer to use of drugs prohibited by law, but we also include use of legal medications, such as benzodiazepine or barbiturates. These substances may also have harmful effects during pregnancy, regardless of whether they are used for legitimate or illicit reasons.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 10) - Substance Abuse
Every action you take during pregnancy may potentially affect the baby growing inside you. Substance abuse is never healthy for you; when you’re pregnant, it can also harm your baby.
Delicious Dishes Giving Fetus Great Benefits (Part 3) - Shrimp, Seeds, Walnuts, Milk and dairy products
Shrimp is a kind of food rich in omega-3. However, shrimp has a pretty high content of cholesterol, so pregnant women shouldn’t have too much shrimp in the weekly menu. Besides, shrimp is rich in calcium, which is good to pregnant women.
Delicious Dishes Giving Fetus Great Benefits (Part 2) - Broccoli, Fish, Tofu, Pumpkin
Broccoli and cauliflower have a rich content of omega-3 fatty acid. So, add these into your daily menu. Broccoli can be boiled, stir fried, all of which are good to pregnant women’s health.
Delicious Dishes Giving Fetus Great Benefits (Part 1) - Cabbage
Omega-3 is better known in 2 types of fatty acid: EPA and DHA. EPA supports the development of the immune, cardiovascular system, while DHA is good for the brain, eyes, and the central nervous system.
Organic Juices for a Healthy Pregnancy : Strawberry Papaya, White Grape and Lime, Tropical Cucumber
Look for fresh green grapes that have a pale color for this refreshing drink. The abundance of minerals found in grapes helps to detoxify the liver and strengthens your digestive system to help ensure you’re absorbing as many nutrients as you can during your pregnancy.
Don’t Make Mistakes That Cause Defects To Your Baby
Birth defects are extremely dangerous complications happening in the process in which the fetus develop mother’s uterus. Most birth defects happen within the first 3 months of pregnancy. These defects can be detected when the baby hasn’t been born, but there’re lots of cases the defects when the baby is born.
Pregnancy Nutrition : Important Issues - Food Safety Awareness
Although the food supply in the Unites States is one of the safest in the world, the way we store, prepare, and/or handle food after it leaves the grocery store can put us at risk for foodborne illness or food poisoning. Some foods can carry harmful bacteria and parasites that can make both you and your baby sick.
Pregnancy Nutrition : Important Issues - Cold and Flu Season
Even if you have the best intentions and take optimal care of yourself, you may not be able to completely protect yourself from catching a cold or the flu virus while you are pregnant.
What Happens after Your Pregnancy? (part 3)
At your 6-week postpartum appointment, plan to discuss several important subjects, such as contraception, your current activity level, limitations and future pregnancies.
What Happens after Your Pregnancy? (part 1) - In the Hospital
Keep important “baby” documents together, such as the birth certificate, immunization record (when you get it at baby’s first pediatrician’s visit) and baby’s social security card.
How To Talk To Your Children About Your Pregnancy
Pregnancy is an interesting time of a family and also a curious event to your children. Even an imperturbable child can be worried about changes happening in his family. Some children don’t like the fact that their mothers are pregnant at first, and start making questions when your belly gets bigger.
Challenges You Need To Overcome To Be A Mother
Being pregnant also mean that you have to accumulate and perfect the daily experience. However, there’re some pretty unusual things that not anyone knows.
5 Natural But Effective Ways For Childbirth
Your expected day of delivery has passed, and there’s still no signals of labor, which makes you feel like on a knife-edge. Refer to the following tips to push your delivery.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 9) - Toxoplasmosis, Urinary-Tract and Kidney Problems, Tay-Sachs Disease
Toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by the microbe Toxoplasma gondii. It is spread by eating infected raw meat, drinking infected raw goat’s milk, eating infected raw eggs, eating food that has been contaminated by insects or by contact with an infected cat or its feces.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 8) - Sickle-Cell Disease, Thalassemia
Sickle-cell disease is the most common inherited hemoglobin disorder in the United States. About 8% of Black/African-Americans carry the sickle-hemoglobin gene.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 7) - Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) during pregnancy are serious because they can harm a developing fetus. STDs are contracted during sexual contact, including vaginal, oral or anal intercourse. If you have an STD, seek treatment as soon as possible!
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 6) - Lyme Disease, MRSA, Rheumatoid Arthritis , Rubella
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA; sounds like MERSA) is a bacteria that causes difficult-to-treat infections because antibiotics often don’t work against them. The bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, also called staph) are resistant to many antibiotics; antibiotics that were effective in the past no longer work.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 5) - Hepatitis, High Blood Pressure, Influenza, Lupus
Lupus is an autoimmune disorder of unknown cause that occurs most often in young or middle-aged women. It is a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect more than one organ system. The most common symptoms of lupus are arthritis, rashes and fatigue.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 4) - Epilepsy, Fifth Disease, Group-B Streptococcus Infection
Epilepsy can be a serious problem during pregnancy. If you suffer from the disease and become pregnant, contact your healthcare provider immediately. It’s important to control your disease during pregnancy because seizures can affect you and baby in many ways.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 40 (part 2) - Pain Relief without Medication, Massage for Relief, Laboring Positions
Massage is a wonderful, gentle way to help you feel better during labor. The touching and caressing of massage helps you relax and helps reduce pain. One study showed women who were massaged for 20 minutes every hour during active labor felt less anxiety and less pain.
Flu Shot Excuses-Busted
A new survey shows that only 46 percent of Americans intend to get the vaccine this season. Here’s a look at some common cop-outs-and why it’s time to change your thinking.
Comparison Between Normal Delivery And Caesarean (Part 2)
Caesarean is a savior for pregnant women and fetuses having unusual problem such as the unfavorable position of the fetal head, having dangerous defects such as heart diseases, kidney diseases, placenta praevia… With this method, pregnant women don’t have to waste their strength and don’t have to stand the labor pain; they will be completely of sound mind during the caesarean.
Comparison Between Normal Delivery And Caesarean (Part 1)
Let’s find out the plus and minus of normal delivery and caesarean to choose the suitable method for your childbirth.
Tips For Baby’s Name
Choosing name for your baby is one of the most difficult and frustrated role, which many parents think about at the end of pregnant period or after birth. Some of them are hard to decide a meaningful name, while others have problem in unanimity. There are ways to look for an ideal name for those parents-to-be.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Career and Your Pregnancy (part 5) - Insurance-Coverage Questions, Laws That Protect You during Pregnancy
The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 requires companies employing 15 or more people to treat pregnant workers the same way they treat other workers who have medical disabilities and cannot work.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Career and Your Pregnancy (part 4) - Driving during Pregnancy
It is usually safe to drive during pregnancy, but it may become uncomfortable for you to get in and out of the car as pregnancy progresses. However, your increasing size shouldn’t interfere with your ability to drive.
Tips For Losing Weight After Pregnancy
The weight you gain during pregnancy keeps you and your baby healthy. Once your child is born, the weight you gain will gone. However, most women still have some extra pounds after pregnancy. Be patient while you are still recovering; pregnancy is a complicated physical process.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 3) - Celiac Disease, Chicken Pox, Cytomegalovirus , Diabetes
Celiac disease is a digestive disease that affects the small intestine. If you have celiac disease, you have an allergy to gluten, which causes your intestines to absorb fewer nutrients. Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, irritability and depression.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 2) - Allergies, Anemia, Asthma
Your health directly affects your baby’s health and well-being. Some illnesses, diseases and conditions women experience during pregnancy can affect their babies; it’s a good idea to be informed about them.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 1) - Choosing a Healthcare Provider
You have many choices among healthcare providers to care for you during pregnancy. You can choose an obstetrician, a family practitioner, a certified nurse-midwife or a nurse practitioner to oversee your prenatal care.
5 Surprising Changes In Your Body After Delivery
Your feet will be 1-2 sizes larger than before, but your bra will be 1-2 sizes smaller when you complete breastfeeding your baby.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Career and Your Pregnancy (part 3) - Inconveniences and Risks to Consider
If you travel, your discomfort level is likely to increase, especially if you’re cooped up in a car or plane for hours. You may have trouble sleeping in a strange bed. If you develop a complication while you’re away from home, those who have been involved in your pregnancy and know your history will not be available to care for you.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Career and Your Pregnancy (part 2) - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during Pregnancy
Carpal tunnel syndrome is characterized by pain in the hand and wrist, which can extend into the forearm and shoulder. It is caused when the median nerve in the wrist is compressed.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Career and Your Pregnancy (part 1) - Work Risks Associated with Pregnancy
If you work during pregnancy, keep in mind a few precautions. You will probably have to slow down and to lighten your duties. Expect to take things a little easier at work and at home—you may not be able to do some of the things you do when you aren’t pregnant. Learn to ask for help when you need it.
Take Care Of Mom After Birth
Like babies, moms also need care and support after birth. Postpartum starts immediately after delivering the baby. The period involves the mother progressing through many changes, both emotionally and physically. It may last about 6-8 weeks or till the mother’s body returns to the pre-pregnant state.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 37 (part 2) - Vaginal Birth after Cesarean
Should you attempt a vaginal delivery after having had a Cesarean delivery? Medically speaking, the method of delivery isn’t as important as the well-being of you and your baby.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : First-Time or Repeat Pregnancy ? (part 2) - Involving Your Children
Being pregnant when you already have children may raise some concerns for you. You’ll probably feel anxious about how the new baby will affect your older children and your relationships with them.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : First-Time or Repeat Pregnancy ? (part 1)
With a repeat pregnancy, you may feel baby move sooner than with a first pregnancy. Part of this may be because you already know what baby’s movements feel like, so you identify them sooner.
Facts About Baby’s Listening To Music In The Womb
Nobody could be sure whether music has effects on fetal developments or not. There are some researches showing that fetuses can hear and react to sounds by moving. No one could really know the meanings of those actions as the specialists can’t observe fetuses easily as observing babies.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 35 (part 3) - What Is Placenta Previa?
With placenta previa, the placenta attaches to the lower part of the uterus instead of the upper wall; it lies close to the cervix or covers it. The problem occurs about once in every 170 pregnancies.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 35 (part 2) - How Your Actions Affect Your Baby’s Development - Preparing for Baby’s Birth, Preregistering at the Hospital
You may be feeling a little nervous about knowing when it’s time to call your healthcare provider or go to the hospital. Ask about signs to watch for at one of your prenatal visits. In prenatal classes, you should also learn how to recognize the signs of labor and when you should call your healthcare provider or go to the hospital.
Liquid Gold - Breast Milk Really Is The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
According to lawrence, women who breastfeed have a lower risk of postmenopausal osteoporosis. “When a woman is pregnant and lactating, her body absorbs calcium much more efficiently,” she explains. “So while some bones, particularly those in the spine and hips, may be a bit less dense at weaning, six months later, they are more dense than before pregnancy.
What Is… Fetal Distress And The Non-Stress Test
Just as your heartbeat changes from time to time, it’s normal for your baby’s heart rate to also fluctuate. A baby’s heart beats much faster than an adult’s – on average between 120 and 160 beats per minute (healthy men have a pulse of about 60, for women it’s 80).
8 Foods That Increase Breast Milk Secretion
Breast milk is considered to be the perfect nutritional source for babies. In breast milk, there are almost the necessary nutrients for infants in their first months of life. Breast milk is also a stable foundation for children to develop well in the next months. The milk contains minerals that formula milk can’t compete with; the nutrients will help children to improve their resistances and be healthy always.
Discover Interesting Things In 40 Weeks Of Pregnancy (Part 3)
In the 3rd term of pregnancy, though you can feel more tired and the body is heavier, you and your fetuses have been through 2 thirds of the path. Soon you family will be glad to welcome a new dear member. In the remained one thirds, there’re changes that cause discomfort to pregnant women.
Discover Interesting Things In 40 Weeks Of Pregnancy (Part 2)
Fetuses will have the size of a peach in the first 3 months, increase height in the 3 medium ones and have the height and weight increased at the 30th week: they’ll weigh 1.5kg and look like complete infants.
Discover Interesting Things In 40 Weeks Of Pregnancy (Part 1)
Getting pregnant and having babies are ones of the most marvelous and sacred things of the nature. In 9 months and 10 days of pregnancy, women’s bodies have to change to adjust the pregnancy and foster fetuses. Even the fetuses experience different developments to prepare for the due day.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 32 (part 3) - Cancer and Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a happy time for most women. Occasionally, however, serious problems can occur. Cancer in pregnancy is one serious complication that occurs rarely.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 32 (part 2)
If you’re expecting more than one baby, your nutrition and weight gain are very important during pregnancy. Food is your best source for nutrients, but keep taking your prenatal vitamin every day. The vitamins and iron in prenatal vitamins are still essential to your well-being and the well-being of your baby or babies.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 32 (part 1) - How Your Baby Is Growing and Developing
The rate of multiple births is going up—since 1980, the rate of twin births has increased 70%. Statistics show that close to 4% of all births in the United States are multiple births. If you’re expecting more than one baby, you’re not alone!
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 31 (part 3) - What Is Pre-eclampsia?
Pre-eclampsia describes a group of symptoms that occur only during pregnancy or shortly after delivery. Pre-eclampsia seems to be on the rise; the condition affects 1 in 20 pregnancies and accounts for over 15% of all maternal deaths during pregnancy.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 31 (part 2) - How Your Actions Affect Your Baby’s Development
Some women experience an increase in saliva during pregnancy. Hormones are the culprit. Too much saliva is called ptyalism; it occurs when estrogen levels increase. The condition often runs in families. Morning sickness may also contribute to the problem.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 30 (part 3)
During your third trimester, you may discover your nesting instinct—the overwhelming urge to clean and get organized. Experts believe this may be caused by an increase in oxytocin.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 30 (part 2)
Many women wonder if taking a bath during pregnancy is OK. Most healthcare providers believe it’s safe to bathe throughout pregnancy. They may caution you to be careful as you get in or out of the bathtub. Be sure bath water is not too hot. If you think your water has broken, don’t take a bath.
People Who Shouldn’t Eat Ice-Cream In Summer
In summer, the weather gets hotter and hotter every day, so ice-cream becomes a favorite of many people. Ice-cream can make us feel cool and refreshed; however, not everybody should eat ice-cream.
Some Benefits That Can Be Taken From Walking
Walking is one of simple and interesting ways to maintain health and reduce weight. Walking is the ideal activities for people at all ages. Especially people who want to get fast recovery from heart attacks and surgeries.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 29 (part 3) - Medications to Help Stop Premature Labor, Epstein-Barr Virus
Potassium-rich foods, such as raisins and bananas, may help reduce your risk of premature labor. Potassium helps the body get rid of sodium faster.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 29 (part 2) - Bed Rest to Treat Premature Labor
The treatment used most often for premature labor is bed rest. A woman is advised to stay in bed and lie on her side. (Either side is OK.) The term bed rest can cover anything from cutting back on activities to being confined to bed for 24 hours a day, getting up only to go to the bathroom and to shower.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 29 (part 1) - Premature Labor and Premature Birth
Many babies born in the United States are born before their due date. Statistics show nearly 13% of all babies are premature—that’s over half a million babies each year! The rate of premature births has increased by over 30% since 1980.
5 Foods Rich In Folic Acid Good For Mothers And Children
When children enter to the weaning age (6 months old), they will begin to suck mother’s milk and be bottle-fed less. This thing means that children will have anemia because of lacking Fe because their mothers don’t have a suitable plan for weaning.
Postures That You Need To Avoid In Pregnancy
When you are still childless, there are movements and postures that are normal. However, when you become pregnant, you shouldn’t do these things because they can be dangerous for mother’s body. They will make mothers tired, painful and fetus will have harmful effects.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 28 (part 4)
You may be wondering how your baby is lying inside the uterus. Is the baby head first? Is it bottom first (breech)? Is the baby lying sideways? It’s difficult—usually impossible—at this point in pregnancy to tell just by feeling your abdomen. The baby changes position throughout pregnancy.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 28 (part 3) - ABO Incompatibility
Blood groups are designated as types A, B, AB and O. They are sometimes called the major blood groups. Blood tests are performed at the beginning of pregnancy to determine ABO type and screen for the presence of antibodies (antibody screen).
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 28 (part 2) - How Your Actions Affect Your Baby’s Development
The problem affects about 2% of the population in the United States and Canada. It is equally common in other countries. Asthma may occur at any age, but about 50% of all asthma cases occur before age 10. Another 33% of the cases occur by age 40. About 70% of people with asthma also suffer from allergies.
Foods That Can Cause Miscarriage And Defect For Fetus
Pregnant women’s diet always ensures the main sources of necessary nutrients to provide fetus. If pregnant women eat some unhealthy foods, fetus’s health can be threatened seriously.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 27 (part 3) - Babymoons, Lupus
Many parents-to-be are now scheduling a babymoon before the end of pregnancy. A babymoon is a prebaby vacation—a trip for expectant parents to reconnect and to enjoy each other’s company before baby’s birth. It usually focuses on relaxing and pampering.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 27 (part 2) - Childbirth-Education Classes
It may be time to sign up for childbirth-education classes. Even though it’s just the beginning of the third trimester, it’s a good idea to sign up now so you can finish classes before you get to the end of pregnancy. And it will give you time to practice what you learn.
Simple And Helpful Prenatal Education Tips In Pregnancy
Prenatal education by telling stories, singing lullabies daily… will help fetuses soon recognize and connect to their later time of life.
Kinds Of Fennel That Can Cure Disease
These kinds of vegetables not only increase taste of dishes but also have the good effect in curing the normal diseases. On the other hand, taking care of them is rather simple and you won’t spend a lot of time because they are the plants that are easy to plant It isn’t difficult for families to plant and take care of their small garden of medical plants.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 26 (part 4) - Seizures and Epilepsy
A history of seizures—before pregnancy, during a previous pregnancy or during this pregnancy—is important information you must share with your healthcare provider. (Another term for seizure is convulsion.) It’s estimated that about 500,000 women in the United States with a seizure disorder are of childbearing age.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 26 (part 3) - Dreams
Researchers once believed dreams were random thought patterns that occurred while you slept. Today, they consider dreams to be your body’s effort to play back ideas and thoughts about what has happened in the past.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 26 (part 2) - Fish Can Be Healthy during Pregnancy
Eating fish is healthy; it is especially good during pregnancy. Women who eat fish during pregnancy often have longer pregnancies and give birth to babies with higher birth weights. Studies show the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish may help protect you from premature labor and other problems.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 26 (part 1) - Previous Weight-Loss Surgery
Before pregnancy, some women have weight-loss surgery to help them lose weight. Bariatric surgery is defined as surgery related to the prevention and control of obesity and related diseases.
Stay Fertile For Longer (Part 2) - 6 steps to protect your fertility
If you’re a non-smoker, that’s good – smoking poisons your eggs and brings on an early menopause’, says Fleming. Cannon agrees: ‘Smoking is a no-no when it comes to fertility and is said to be the cause of 13 per cent of infertility worldwide.
Stay Fertile For Longer (Part 1)
The quality of your eggs is something you can impact, according to Glenville. ‘You can’t alter your ovarian reserve, but as long as you’re still ovulating, there are several things you can do to improve the quality of your eggs’, she says. ‘And whether you’re trying to conceive naturally or having IVF, improving egg quality can help boost your chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy.
Wonderful Benefits That Are Taken From Kiwis
Kiwi is known as a super fruit. A kiwi can provide you with vitamins, minerals, calories in over the 27 most popular fruits. Therefore, it comes first among fruits that have high content of nutrients.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 25 (part 3) - Thyroid Disease, Velocardiofacial Syndrome, Familial Mediterranean Fever
At-home teeth whitening products are very popular, and many people use them. Are they safe for pregnant women? We advise you to wait until after pregnancy to whiten your teeth.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 25 (part 2) - Stress during Pregnancy, Falling and Injuries from Falls
Feeling stress is common during any woman’s life. Stress is what you feel in situations that are dangerous, difficult or menacing. Chronic stress is stress caused by ongoing situations or problems, such as unemployment, deployment of your partner, financial problems. Anxiety is magnified worry and is greater than justified.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 25 (part 1) - Itching
Your baby now weighs about 1½ pounds (700g), and crown-to-rump length is about 8¾ inches (22cm). These are average lengths and weights, and can vary from one baby to another and from one pregnancy to another.
8 Things You Need To Know When Eating Yogurt
The hot weather can make our body feel very tired. Yogurt is unavoidable foods that help us improve the immune system and maintain the good health. However, before eating yogurt, you should know 8 things following.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 24 (part 3)
Pregnancy enhances the sex drive for some women. A woman may experience orgasms or multiple orgasms for the first time during pregnancy. This is due to heightened hormonal activity and increased blood flow to the pelvic area.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 24 (part 2)
Many pregnant women are concerned about eating out. Some want to know if they can eat certain types of food, such as Mexican, Vietnamese, Thai or Greek food. They’re concerned spicy or rich foods could be harmful to the baby. It’s OK to eat out, but you might find certain foods don’t agree with you.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 24 (part 1) - Depression
Depression can occur at any time during a person’s life. Many things can contribute to depression, including chemical imbalances in the body, stressful life events and situations that cause anxiety and tension. If you have a history of major depression, you’re at increased risk of depression occurring during pregnancy.
Vital Vitamins - A Leading Manufacturer Of High Quality, All Natural Nutrition Supplements
Eating ‘right’ can help your body lose fat, get leaner and stronger and generally help you optimally adapt to your workouts. And in this respect the ‘sparkplugs of your nutrition vitamins (and minerals) are crucial. We provide an overview and then look at one of the most important Folic acid (B3).
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 23 (part 4)
Sugar in the urine is called glucosuria. It’s common during pregnancy, especially in the second and third trimesters. It occurs because of changes in sugar levels and how sugar is handled in the kidneys, which control the amount of sugar in your system. If extra sugar is present, you will lose it in your urine.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 23 (part 2) - Diabetes and Pregnancy
Diabetes is one of the most common medical complications of pregnancy. It occurs in 7 to 8% of all pregnancies. It was once a very serious problem during pregnancy, but today many diabetic women go through pregnancy safely.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 23 (part 1)
Baby’s body is getting plumper but skin is still wrinkled. Lanugo hair on the body occasionally turns darker at this time. The baby’s face and body begin to assume more of the appearance of an infant at birth.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 22 (part 3)
Pregnancy can make diagnosis difficult because some symptoms can be typical in a normal pregnancy, such as nausea and vomiting. Pain in the lower abdomen on the right side may be credited to round-ligament pain or a urinary-tract infection.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 22 (part 2)
When you don’t drink water, you can become dehydrated. If you’re dehydrated, you can tire more easily. Once you’re dehydrated, it may reduce the amount of nutrients baby receives from you. Your blood thickens, making it harder to pass nutrients to baby. Dehydration may also increase your risk of problems.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 22 (part 1) - What Is Anemia?
There is a fine balance in your body between the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen to the rest of your body and the destruction of these cells. Anemia is the condition in which the number of red blood cells is low. If you’re anemic, you don’t have enough red blood cells.
Fitting in Fitness (part 3) - Walking for Health, Kegel Exercises
Walking can be a great low-impact aerobic activity during pregnancy. It is an exercise that is safe, easy to do, and inexpensive. If the weather is less than optimal, you can try a treadmill or roam around your local shopping mall.
Fitting in Fitness (part 2) - Developing an Effective Exercise Plan
The fundamentals of exercise remain basically the same for everyone, pregnant or not. You should develop an effective fitness plan that includes a warmup and a cooldown, with the activities of your choice in the middle.
Fitting in Fitness (part 1) - Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy
Exercise has no harmful effects on a fetus and does not increase the risk of miscarriage or birth defects in a normal pregnancy. In fact, there is no doubt that if complications do not limit your ability to exercise during pregnancy, a regular fitness routine can be a big plus for both you and your baby.
Eliminate Unpleasant Feeling In 9 Months Of Pregnancy
Becoming pregnant is one the most wonderful and interesting period of women’s life. However, some problems that you will meet in pregnancy can make pregnancy become harder. Therefore, pregnant women shouldn’t use any kind of medicine, so they often find the natural methods to feel more comfortable in pregnancy.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 21 (part 4)
Vaginitis covers a lot of conditions that cause annoying vaginal symptoms, such as itching, burning, irritation and abnormal discharge. The most common causes of vaginitis are bacterial vaginosis, vulvovaginal candidiasis and trichomoniasis. Bacterial vaginosis is the most common of the conditions and is discussed below.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 21 (part 3)
Some women experience food cravings during pregnancy. Food cravings have long been considered a nonspecific sign of pregnancy. We don’t understand all the reasons you might crave a food while you’re pregnant, but we believe hormonal and emotional changes add to the situation.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 21 (part 2)
Many women wonder about the safety of ultrasound exams. Medical researchers agree ultrasound exams don’t pose any risk to you or your baby. Researchers have looked for potential problems for many years without finding evidence of any.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 21 (part 1)
During pregnancy, you may hear the term meconium and wonder what it means. It refers to undigested stuff in baby’s digestive system. Meconium is made mostly of cells from the lining of baby’s gastrointestinal tract and swallowed amniotic fluid.
20 Foods That Are Good For Heart
Health of heart is very important to body. The obstruction of blood in heart can cause stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and atherosclerosis. Therefore, we provide you with the top of 20 following foods that can eliminate the obstruction in artery and maintain a healthy heart.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 20 (part 4)
Caloric sweeteners include processed and unprocessed sugars, such as granulated sugar, brown sugar and corn syrup. Unprocessed sugars include honey, agave nectar and raw sugar. Caloric content ranges from 16 to 22 calories per teaspoon. If you use caloric sweeteners, you’re adding empty calories to your meal plan.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 20 (part 3) - How Your Actions Affect Your Baby's Development
Pregnancy can be an important time of growing closer to your partner. As you get larger, sexual intercourse may become difficult because of discomfort for you. With some imagination and different positions (ones in which you aren’t on your back and your partner isn’t directly on top of you), you can continue to enjoy sexual relations.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 20 (part 2)
Your abdominal muscles are being stretched and pushed apart as your baby grows. Muscles attached to the lower portion of your ribs run vertically down to your pelvis. They may separate in the midline. These muscles are called the rectus muscles; when they separate, it is a hernia called a diastasis recti.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 19 (part 4) - Will You Be a Single Mother?
In the past years, we have seen an increase in the number of single moms. Today, over 40% of all babies in the United States are born to unmarried women. The largest number of single moms is women in their 20s—the average age is 26½.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 19 (part 3)
If you normally use herbs and botanicals—in the forms of teas, tinctures, pills or powders—to treat various medical and health problems, stop! We advise you not to treat yourself with any herbal remedy during pregnancy without checking first with your healthcare provider!
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 19 (part 2) - How Your Actions Affect Your Baby’s Development
Feeling dizzy during pregnancy is a fairly common symptom, often caused by low blood pressure (hypotension). It usually doesn’t appear until the second trimester but may occur earlier.
How To Eat Right During Pregnancy
According to medicine specialists, pregnant women should absorb 300 calories a day. Although nausea and vomit in first months of pregnancy can bring you discomfort and appetite loss, you should to have a balance diet that provides you with necessary vitamins during pregnancy. the followings are recommendations that support your and fetal health.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 18 (part 3)
You need about 30mg of iron a day to meet the increased needs of pregnancy. Baby draws on your iron stores to create its own stores for its first few months of life. This helps protect baby from iron deficiency if you breastfeed.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 18 (part 2) - How Your Actions Affect Your Baby’s Development
Everyone has heard stories of women who continued with strenuous exercise or arduous activities until the day of delivery without problems. Stories are told of Olympic athletes who were pregnant at the time they won medals. This kind of training and physical stress isn’t a good idea for most pregnant women.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 18 (part 1)
Between 50 and 80% of all pregnant women have back and hip pain at some time. Pain usually occurs during the third trimester as your tummy grows larger. However, pain may begin early in pregnancy and last until well after delivery (up to 5 or 6 months).
7 Steps For Women To Have A Healthy Pregnancy
Pregnancy is always the most important period of time to every woman. This is also the sensitive moment because every activity of pregnant women such as eating, walking, exercising, traveling… all affects pregnant women’s health and fetal developments. To make sure that fetuses have 9 months and 10 days being safe and healthy in the womb, pregnant women should take notice of those helpful tips.
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