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Cinnamon: A natural treatment for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?
Cinnamon may play a useful role in reducing symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.
5 Tips for Safe Exercise During Pregnancy
Exercise is essential during pregnancy to maintain your health. Women who keep physically active while pregnant are less likely to experience issues such as back pain and tiredness.
Four Natural Ways Alternative Medicine Can Help You Get Pregnant (part 2)
Alternative and natural medicine are safe when practiced by a qualified professional. Many couples successfully use these treatments to help them conceive, but you should get expert advice.
Four Natural Ways Alternative Medicine Can Help You Get Pregnant (part 1)
When you've decided to start trying for a baby, you can have lots of fun letting nature take its course. But after ditching the contraceptives, there's plenty you can do to increase your chances of conceiving.
Is Your Mental Health Causing You to Gain Weight (part 2) - Bipolar Disorder Associated with Weight Gain
Patients with bipolar disorder cycle between periods of depression and mania. During depressive states, patients experience sadness and low energy levels. They may also think of suicide.
Is Your Mental Health Causing You to Gain Weight (part 1) - Depression Linked to Obesity, Stress and Weight Gain
According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 18.5 percent of U.S. adults had experienced a mental illness in the past year, as of 2013. Unfortunately, mental illness can have a negative impact on your physical health, and it can even cause you to struggle with your weight.
The Top 6 Ways You Can Become a Healthier You Starting Today (part 3) - Reduce Alcohol Intake,Stop Smoking
Excessive drinking can cause liver damage, high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, anemia, and a wide range of other health problems.
The Top 6 Ways You Can Become a Healthier You Starting Today (part 2) - Change Your Diet,Drink Water
Drinking water is absolutely necessary if you want to become a healthier you. The problem most people have with drinking water is the fact that it's tasteless.
The Top 6 Ways You Can Become a Healthier You Starting Today (part 1) - Start An Exercise Regimen
The biggest excuse most people make for not exercising regularly is because they don't have enough time.
Debunking Running Injury Causes
A team of scientists in Denmark sought out to question how much pronation control running shoes prevent injuries and the results they published were fascinating.
Benefits Of Hair Loss Treatments or Products
There are several options available depending on your situation, including products which are an option when surgery is not necessary. Some prior research will obviously have to be undertaken to find the best product for you.
The 5 Vitamins Your Body Can’t Do Without If You Want To Be Healthy (part 2)
Vitamin E contains a wide range of antioxidants that will help protect your body from free radicals that can cause serious health issues.
The 5 Vitamins Your Body Can’t Do Without If You Want To Be Healthy (part 1)
Even though, there are more vitamins out there than you can count you only need certain ones to give your body everything it needs daily for optimum health.
How Pycnogenol helps support an active lifestyle - and helps athletes too
Pycnogenol is scientifically proven to relax blood vessels and improve blood flow. In fact, there are dozens of scientific journal articles that back up this claim.
Get the body you deserve with these weight loss tips
If you are currently overweight you will know just how difficult it can be to lose the weight. With these weight loss tips you can take that first step to a slimmer and healthier life free from the many dangers associated with obesity.
6 Great Reasons to Start Eating Chia Seed (part 3)
If you want to avoid heart problems like cardiovascular disease it is a good idea to add chia to your diet.
6 Great Reasons to Start Eating Chia Seed (part 2) - Antioxidants, Minerals, Weight Loss, Arthritis
Eating chia seeds can help you reduce your appetite because of the rich amount of fiber it contains. Chia will help block the absorption of calories, which will help your diet be successful.
6 Great Reasons to Start Eating Chia Seed (part 1) - Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Protein, Fiber
A member of the mint family, Chia is mainly produced in Mexico and provides a bunch of health benefits that people are beginning to use as an important part of a healthy diet.
Dieting isn't all about Losing Weight
Your nutritionist may tell you to give up on specific food items as they’re not good for you.
Food & Exercise Myths
If you’re looking to improve your health and fitness level, it pays to take note of some of the most common food and exercise myths that tend to circulate around and lead you astray.
Hair Loss Causes and Prevention
Everybody wants to look beautiful and it’s quite natural. Apart from your physical fitness, it is your beautiful and well groomed hair that draws public attention.
Staying In Shape The Cougar Way: Jennifer Aniston
In an industry full of young, great-looking actresses, it is important for cougars to work hard to look and feel just as great as the young actresses around them
What is Permanent Body Transformation?
Personal fitness training is considered as an excellent way to create a long-lasting health transformation.
Simple Exercises for Successful Fat Burning
The following are simple exercises for successful fat burning that you can employ for you to acquire the right body weight for you to achieve healthy living.
The Major Benefits Brought By Pre Workout Nutrition
Those of us who are serious about their health, fitness and their athletic performance, pay great importance to what they put in their bellies in general and before the workout in particular.
6-Weeks to Fitness: a Beginner's Guide
Here is just a taste of what’s involved, and you could always up the intensity and repetitions as the weeks progress and you start to see results
Heart healthy recipes with more herbs and less salt
Salt could be a really good flavour enhancer but the thing is it may not be the most healthy flavour enhancer in the world.
Top Tips For Pain Management Doctors
Pain management doctors, at least the good ones, are always looking for new and better ways to reduce pain and treat their patients more effectively.
Top Changes In Pediatric Dentistry
The changes to the dental field have made oral health less of a scar notion and more of a blissful haven for proper oral health.
Ways to Treat A Spinal Cord Injury
Immediate medical attention is required for spinal cord injury. If you suspect a person to have sustained an injury to the spine, call the hospital immediately.
Mummy Makeovers: Are You a Candidate for it? (part 2) - What are the Procedures Involved in the Mummy Makeover
This procedure is the process, medical procedure, or surgery of the abdomen to remove excess fats and flesh.
Mummy Makeovers: Are You a Candidate for it? (part 1) - What Happens After a Series of Child Bearing Event
Mummy makeovers are coming out as the newest trend in the cosmetic industry. The idea came to battle against the issue wherein mothers are confined only at home to perform duties and chores.
10 Ways to Relax and clear out stress (part 2)
Exercising early in the morning can relax you to a degree you cant even imagine. It remove s all stress form the body and mind, and fills you with energy and vigor.
10 Ways to Relax and clear out stress (part 1)
Sleeping late after a whole days work and then partying hard. Getting up late and rushing to work. Slog all day, having to deal with a demanding boss and lazy subordinates, all this can lead to stress.
Tips To Dealing With The Emotional Stress Of Infertility Issues And How To Cope Better
First, telling you that emotional stress is one of the causes in the cessation of fertility mainly in women because stress will affect the reproductive system in adverse ways.
How to have natural miscarriage (part 2)
Women who have incomplete miscarriage may have sepsis, a very severe systemic infection. They will experience vaginal bleeding, bed smelling vaginal discharges, nausea, vomiting, and painful abdominal cramping.
How to have natural miscarriage (part 1)
No woman expects a miscarriage in their pregnancy. However, if a miscarriage has begun, it needs to be treated as soon as possible.
Get Service Best Treatment for Hammertoes
Hammer toe, mallet toe, and claw toe are conditions that can affect the second – fifth toes of the foot. These conditions are characterized by abnormal flexing of the joints inside the toe itself.
9 Bad Habits That Can Cause Miscarriage (part 2)
Some kinds of spice such as cumin, anise, peppercorn, cinnamon and chili, fried foods or foods that are hot features are harmful to women in pregnancy.
Foods That Cause Miscarriage (part 4) - Processed meat, Raw, uncooked eggs, Cheese
According to the latest research, eating too much processed meat can harm the fetus. In the worse situation, it can cause fetal poisoning or lead to miscarriage.
Foods That Cause Miscarriage (part 3) - Unpasteurized milk, Green papaya, Aloe, Barley
The unpasteurized or fresh milk is milk that hasn’t been through processing. It’s not popular in the market. In the unpasteurized milk, there’re listeria bacteria which can increase the risk of miscarriage.
Foods That Cause Miscarriage (part 2) - Pearl barley, Purslain, Medlar, Longan
In fact, it’s proved that the purslain can make quite a stimulation on the uterus and increase the time and intensity of the uterus‘s elasticity, which produce the risk of miscarriage.
6 Ways To Have a Natural Miscarriage (part 2) - Dong Quai, Parsley, Homeopathy
Don quai has been used for many years by professional herbalist to stop menstrual pain, improve circulation, and assist with reproductive issues.
5 Drinks That Will Burn Your Calories This Summer (part 2)
Switching to fat-free milk won't compromise the amount of nutrients in your glass. If anything, you'll get slightly more. Fat takes up a lot of space, leaving less room for nutrients. Less fat, more room for nutrients.
5 Drinks That Will Burn Your Calories This Summer (part 1)
Researchers say that in America, a fifth of the daily calories come from drinks; most of them are soft drinks or energy drinks, which provide little to no nutritional benefits and a high caloric intake for the body.
7 Fruits That Will Rejuvenate and Protect Your Skin (part 2)
Oranges is a citrus fruit that has great toning and astringent properties that can greatly benefit your skin
7 Fruits That Will Rejuvenate and Protect Your Skin (part 1)
These fruits contain a lot of vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin E, which will rejuvenate your skin, lighten your skin tone, lessen the appearance of scars, and help get rid of age related skin problems.
7 Ways To Repair Your Smoke-Damaged Skin
Smoking has negative effects on the overall health and lifestyle of the smoker. It adversely affects the lungs, brain and heart and it also leads to premature aging and wrinkling.
Diagnose Your Symptoms: Knowing If Your Shin Splint is a Stress Fracture
They signs and symptoms of an injury just direct you in a general direction; the way to determine which injury you have is through tests and treatment options.
6 Ways To Have a Natural Miscarriage
This is why most women who want to go this route are more interested in having a natural miscarriage. Check out 6 ways to have a natural miscarriage..
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