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Stop the Stress-Pain Connection : Calming Herbal Therapies
If you try the relaxation therapies yet still need help calming down, talk to your doctor about medications that may help to boost your mood or ease your anxiety. If you are opposed to taking medications to ease stress, then ask your doctor about the following herbal therapies.
Stop the Stress-Pain Connection : Relaxation Techniques (part 2)
If practiced regularly, yoga can relieve muscular tension or pain by improving range of motion, relaxing tense muscles, and increasing muscle strength. Practicing yoga when you are feeling anxious may help to reduce stress when you are on the job or at home.
Stop the Stress-Pain Connection : Relaxation Techniques (part 1)
Along with lifestyle strategies to reduce stress, there are several relaxation therapies that are scientifically substantiated to speed production of new immune cells and control the damaging stress hormone Cortisol.
Stop the Stress-Pain Connection : Learning to Relax at the First Sign of Pain
When my patient Susan feels her neck pain coming on, she drops whatever she’s doing at the time, turns on her favorite CD, and begins her deep abdominal breathing exercises that put her in a calmer state of mind.
Stop the Stress-Pain Connection : Identifying Your Stress Observation Signs (SOS)
Emotional stress can trigger a host of health-related problems, ranging from memory loss to impaired immunity; it definitely plays a role in pain. However, thanks to extensive research, scientists have a better understanding of how stress affects the body.
Stop the Stress-Pain Connection : How Does Stress Affect My Pain?
Stress results in high levels of Cortisol in the body, which can increase heart rate, blood pressure, LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
Pot Luck – Stress-Free Cooking (part 2) - Caribbean hotpot
Add the jerk seasoning, thyme, tomatoes, stock, black beans and sweet potatoes. Bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes, until the sweet potatoes are tender.
Pot Luck – Stress-Free Cooking (part 1) - Mexican bean and tortilla bake
Add the vegetarian mince and sauté for 2 minutes. Stir in the chilli powder, tomato purée, kidney beans, 200ml water and black beans, then bring to the boil. Cover and cook in the oven for 20 minutes.
Impress With Less Stress Meals (part 3) - Portuguese Piri-Piri Chicken
In a large bowl, mix the smoked paprika, ginger, oregano, chilli powder, salt and lemon zest. Add some freshly ground black pepper, then mix in the tomato purée and olive oil to a thick paste. Add the chicken thighs and coat, pushing the paste over and into the chicken.
Impress With Less Stress Meals (part 2) - The Vicar’s Pulled Pork
When ready, remove the pork from the pan to a plate and cover with foil. Heat the liquid left in the dish on the hob until it reduces to a thicker sauce.
Impress With Less Stress Meals (part 1) - Chicken & Chorizo Burgers in Brioche
Prepare the barbecue and grill the patties on medium-high heat for 8-10 mins on each side until cooked. Or fry them in a large non-stick frying pan in the olive oil for 8-10 mins on each side until done.
5 Simple & Budget-Friendly Ways to Relax and De-Stress
Don’t know how to press your ‘off’ button or just put aside your worries for a few hours? You are not alone! Here are 5 simple and budget-friendly ways you can relax and de-stress. Everyone deserves and needs some time away from worrying about life, so here are some easy ways to unwind without breaking the bank.
Jonathan Saunders Enjoys His Stressful Fashion Design Job
British-based designer Jonathan Saunders, who recently debuted his Autumn/Winter 2014 collection at London Fashion Week, has said that he enjoys the stress of designing fashion collections.
How A Mistress Leaves Her Man
Date a married man is a dangerous game. Except pushing his marriage and family to the edge, you are playing with your reputation. Taking part in an interesting love story might be fun at the beginning, but it does not bring a sincere, public relationship.
Victoria Beckham on Her “Stressful” Job as a Fashion Designer
Currently in the process of setting up her first stand-alone flagship store in London which will sell all of her fashion design ventures, Victoria candidly comments that it can become stressful but she loves the job so much that she finds it positive and rewarding at the same time.
Organic Smoothies for a Healthy Pregnancy : Ginger Melon Stress Meltaway, Cabbage, Broccoli, and Celery , Raspberry Immune System Smoothie
Protect your body and your baby from illness by packing in the vitamin C found in the oranges, pineapple, lemon, and lime in this recipe. Not only does this amazing vitamin promote health and immunity, it can alleviate stress and improve mental stability and happiness.
Postpartum Distress Syndrome : Different Degrees of Depression, Causes of Postpartum Distress Syndrome
There are different degrees of depression. The mildest form is baby blues. Up to 80% of all women have “baby blues.” They usually appear between 2 days and 2 weeks after the baby is born. They are temporary and usually leave as quickly as they come. This situation lasts only a couple of weeks, and symptoms do not worsen.
What Is… Fetal Distress And The Non-Stress Test
Just as your heartbeat changes from time to time, it’s normal for your baby’s heart rate to also fluctuate. A baby’s heart beats much faster than an adult’s – on average between 120 and 160 beats per minute (healthy men have a pulse of about 60, for women it’s 80).
5 Simple Exercises That Help To Release Stresses
The busy world must make you stressed all the time. Stresses mess your life around and decrease life qualities. To ease the pressure, you should take up some following simple exercises.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 25 (part 2) - Stress during Pregnancy, Falling and Injuries from Falls
Feeling stress is common during any woman’s life. Stress is what you feel in situations that are dangerous, difficult or menacing. Chronic stress is stress caused by ongoing situations or problems, such as unemployment, deployment of your partner, financial problems. Anxiety is magnified worry and is greater than justified.
How To Repulse Stress When Being Pregnant
Stress is the popular problem in pregnancy. There are many reasons that cause this phenomenon: pregnant women often feel tired, eat and sleep badly, have the pressure from work
Is Stress Killing Your Libido?
Feeling worried about sex, or rather, your lack of interest in it? You’re not alone. Here’s how to understand this modern phenomenon and relight your fire
10 Ways To Release Stress At Lunch Break
A little bit pressure will help you finish the work on time and improve the work effects. However, some researches have shown that the successive pressure can result badly on your physical and spiritual health, which leads to cardiovascular diseases and the cholesterol increase in blood.
Stress Can Delay Children’s Height Development
A research has shown that pressure can make children fall into depression state and delay their height development.
Foods That Help You Release Stress
Some foods that contain lots of antioxidants will help decrease stress and the level of glucose in the body. Foods rich in vitamin C not only help improve resistance, but also help the body produce a great deal of azymin which is an important component that helps people to be relaxed and happy.
Boost Your Metabolism : Reducing Stress (part 2)
Many essential oils, such as lavender, have proven stress-reducing qualities. A warm, lavender-scented bath, for example, is a great way to relax and unwind. It also promotes restful sleep.
Boost Your Metabolism : Reducing Stress (part 1)
By this point, we know that our emotional, mental, and physical selves are intertwined and interlinked. We have ample evidence to prove that our psychological health affects our physical health, and vice versa.
10 Tips To Soothe The Stress
David Spiegel, Director of the Centre on Stress and Health of the Stanford University School of Medicine, said that hypnosis was a high-focus state of mind. If it is used right, hypnosis can refresh your mind, lower heart rate and reduce muscle tension. Try closing your eyes and imagine that there’s a stressful scene on your right, for examples, traffic jams.
Reduce Stress : For Kids and Teens (part 2)
Being a teenager or a preteenager is always difficult because of the surge of hormonal changes teenagers experience with puberty. Many teenagers suffer from depression, self-doubt, anger, hopelessness, and other intense emotions, even in response to situations adults wouldn’t necessary consider stressful.
Reduce Stress : For Kids and Teens (part 1)
Adults sometimes have the misconception (or the not-altogether-accurate memory) of childhood as one long parade of cotton candy and carousel rides. Perhaps it is the comparison with our adult lives that makes childhood seem so carefree.
Burst Your Stress Bubble
A massive 40 percent of office workers are under dangerously high levels of stress, according to a new study by office supplies company Viking. Juggling long hours at work and high-pressure deadlines while trying to squeeze in valuable downtime with family, friends and partners may be the source of a build-up that could send your health into a downward spiral.
Reduce Stress : Make Time for Stress Management (part 2)
Only you can decide what is good for you, what is bad for you, what can make your life better, or what will make it worse. Be an advocate for yourself. Stand up for what you need. If you don’t manage your stress, who will? A best friend should know you like he knows himself. Be your own best friend, and that’s exactly what you’ll have.
Reduce Stress : Make Time for Stress Management (part 1)
You can weave stress management into your life one thread at a time. To start establishing your new habits today, try doing just four little things every day. You can work them into your schedule in any way that works for you.
Reduce Stress : Your Home Life (part 2)
If you love your things and love to be surrounded by them, the trick to keeping your home stress-free is to have your things well-organized. If everything is kept neat and you know where everything is, then your abundant collections and favorite things can bring you as much joy, comfort, and calm as a de-cluttered, spare space might bring somebody else.
Reduce Stress : Your Home Life (part 1)
After a long day at work, you come home to your castle, your haven of peace and comfort and . . . a pile of dirty laundry, a mound of dirty dishes, a stack of newspapers to be sorted through and recycled, footprints in the kitchen, and, oh no, there are those videos you were supposed to return yesterday. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem so relaxing to be home.
Reduce Stress : Your Work Life (part 2)
When the day starts, know where you are going. Know what you will do. Time unplanned is often time wasted. That doesn’t mean you can’t allow for spontaneity or a lovely, unplanned, unscheduled hour or two.
Reduce Stress : Your Work Life (part 1)
We all experience stress some of the time, and these days, more and more people experience stress all of the time, particularly at work. The effects aren’t just individualized, either.
Reduce Stress : No-Stress Money Management (part 2)
Make chipping away at those high-interest debts your top priority. Debt may not be something you can hold in your hand, but neither are a lot of the things that cause you chronic stress.
Reduce Stress : No-Stress Money Management (part 1)
There is a lot more to managing your money than getting the bills paid with a little left over or maintaining a productive portfolio. We have all kinds of hidden and not-so-hidden feelings about money, emotional blocks, obsessions, and pretty strange ideas.
Reduce Stress : It's All in the Attitude (part 3)
Throughout the ages, different cultures all over the world have developed their own relaxation techniques. Some involve meditation, some breathing, some specific kinds of movement.
Reduce Stress : It's All in the Attitude (part 2)
Some people tend to deal with stress passively, letting things happen to them without trying to control the situation. Others tend to be aggressive, taking their stressful situations forcefully in hand.
Reduce Stress : It's All in the Attitude (part 1)
Optimism therapy is like an attitude adjustment but focused on reframing responses as an optimist. Optimism may have a reputation as a deluded view of the world through rose-colored glasses, but, actually, optimists are happier and healthier because they tend to assume they have control over their lives, while pessimists tend to feel that life controls them.
8 Ways To Defeat Stress After Delivery
The first week after being through labor is the hardest one when the mother’s body is still in the recovery and she’s under pressure of taking care of the baby.
Stress Less
Scaling back the Kays in the weeks leading up to race day can leave many runners feeling restless and tempted to run to calm themselves. But doing unscheduled workouts during the taper (the last two to three weeks of your training) will only put your race at risk.
Reduce Stress : Alternative Therapies (part 3)
Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis by a trained therapist to help the patient heal from the trauma of a past event, reframe negative health habits, or regain control over certain behaviors. Hypnotherapy is frequently used to help people stop smoking or overeating.
Reduce Stress : Alternative Therapies (part 2)
Treating your stress with friend therapy doesn’t mean you sit at home alone and wait for your friends to come to you. You take the initiative and get out there to make contact. Sometimes, it just takes a few words to find someone who is in the same position as you and needs friend therapy, too.
Reduce Stress : Alternative Therapies (part 1)
Set aside thirty to sixty minutes each day. Choose your creative outlet. Maybe you will write in your journal, practice the cello, paint with watercolors, or dance to classical music. Then, sit down in a quiet place where you are unlikely to be disturbed, and start creating.
Reduce Stress : Meditation (part 3)
Any concentrated focusing while repeating a sound can be called a mantra meditation, whether it’s Sufi chanting or the recitation of the rosary prayer. If you choose a word or phrase that means something to you, you may feel your meditation has a more personalized feel to it.
Reduce Stress : Meditation (part 2)
Walking meditation is excellent as an alternative to sitting meditation. Some people like to sit for most of their meditation session but then spend the last few minutes in walking meditation, and for some, who practice sitting meditation for longer periods of time, walking meditation gets the body moving periodically without breaking the meditative flow.
Reduce Stress : Meditation (part 1)
Meditation is an excellent way to cultivate control over your own mental processes, but in many cultures, meditation is often practiced for spiritual reasons, not for stress management at all.
Reduce Stress : Get a Massage (part 2)
Polarity therapy is a little like Reiki in that it is designed to free and balance the body’s internal energy, but polarity therapy is more of a melding of Eastern and Western approaches. It includes massage, dietary counseling, certain yoga exercises, and psychological counseling for a full mind-body approach to energy balancing.
Reduce Stress : Get a Massage (part 1)
After all that exercise, your muscles might be sore. While you shouldn’t push yourself to the point of pain, movement and effort often result in sore muscles, achy joints, and injuries such as strained ligaments and pulled tendons.
10 Silent Signs Of Stress
If you have 10 signs as below, you should start relaxing yourself and take a rest because they can be expression of stress.
Reduce Stress : Exercise More (part 3)
Exercise is a broad term. Just about anybody can find some kind of exercise they actually enjoy. Maybe joining a gym is the answer for you—all those classes, all that equipment, the sauna and spa to relax you afterwards, even child care!
Reduce Stress : Exercise More (part 2) - Take the Exercise Quiz
Are you exercising enough? Are you exercising too much? Are you doing the right kind of exercise to relieve your stress? Take the following quiz to determine if your exercise routine is the right prescription for you
Reduce Stress : Exercise More (part 1) - Get to Know the Benefits of Exercise
Not only does exercise help the body to deal with the physical effects of stress, but it helps the mind to feel more in control and able to manage stress.
Reduce Stress : Eat Better (part 3)
Many people take herbal remedies, from the popular echinacea for colds to more complex preparations for every imaginable ailment. A good herbalist can help you treat your health problems naturally and can be an excellent complement to conventional medicine.
Reduce Stress : Eat Better (part 2)
If you just have to reward yourself with food, make it absolutely worth the indulgence. A little bit of something superb is a far more rewarding and sensual experience than a whole huge bunch of low-quality anything.
Reduce Stress : Eat Better (part 1)
Exercise may be one of the most perfect stress management tools, yet it’s often the first thing to go when our schedules get too busy. Because there is no “deadline” associated with daily exercise, it’s easy to bump exercise to the bottom of the priority list.
Reduce Stress : Beat Bad Habits (part 3)
The noise habit is related to the media habit. If you always have to have the television or the radio on, or if you always fall asleep to the television or to music, then you’ve probably got a noise habit.
Reduce Stress : Beat Bad Habits (part 2)
Like anything else, technology and media are fine—in moderation. But also, like anything else, too much of a good thing soon becomes a bad thing. If your media habit is taking up more than its fair share of your time and you are sacrificing other, equally important or more important parts of your life because of your media fixation, then it’s a bad habit.
Reduce Stress : Beat Bad Habits (part 1)
Some habits are good. If you always clean up your own messes, have a habit of being polite, or are devoted to your daily bowl of fresh salad, you probably already know that those habits are keepers.
Some Secrets Of Fiber And Stress
Do you spend most of your time using computer? Do you drink wine and eat too much? If you do these things, you are causing the dangerous things for your digestive system. You need to change it.
Reduce Stress : How Stress Affects the Body (part 2)
One of the first things that happens when the body undergoes the stress response is that blood is diverted away from your digestive tract to your large muscles. Stomach and intestines may empty their contents, preparing the body for quick action.
Reduce Stress : How Stress Affects the Body (part 1)
The downside is that stress, while beneficial in moderate amounts, is harmful in excessive amounts, as are most things. More specifically, stress can cause problems in different systems all over your body.
No Longer Have Insomnia by Stress
If you often spend more time sitting in front of the computer, TV or phones even when you go to bed, that’s the reason that makes you lose sleep because of stress. Turn off all electrical appliances which are frequently used at least 1 hour before sleeping.
Reduce Stress : How Stress Affects the Mind and Spirit (part 2)
Imagery meditation and visualization are meditations that use your imagination to make positive changes in your thinking. The purpose of imagery meditation is to imagine yourself in a different place (the beach, the mountains, Paris) or circumstance to effect instant relaxation.
Reduce Stress : How Stress Affects the Mind and Spirit (part 1)
Stress management techniques that strengthen and reinforce the body will also help to strengthen the mind’s ability to resist the negative effects of stress. But some stress management techniques directly deal with the mind—the thought processes, emotions, intellect, and, extending beyond the mind, the quest for spiritual meaning.
Reduce Stress : Calculate Your Personal Stress Profile (part 3) - Your Stress Vulnerability Factors
Unlike stress triggers, stress vulnerabilities have to do with your personal tendencies. Everyone’s stress triggers are different, but, in addition, everyone’s personality and personal vulnerabilities to certain areas of stress are also different.
Reduce Stress : Calculate Your Personal Stress Profile (part 2) - Your Stress Triggers
Whether you live in a polluted area, such as near a busy street or in a house with a smoker (or if you are a smoker), or are allergic to something in your surroundings, you’ll be exposed to environmental stress.
Reduce Stress : Calculate Your Personal Stress Profile (part 1) - Your Stress Tolerance Point Analysis
Your stress tolerance point indicates how much stress you can take. If your answers fell about equally in more than one category, that probably means you can take lots of stress when it comes to certain things and less when it comes to other things, or that some parts of your life are too high in stress and others are just right or even too low.
Reduce Stress : Test Yourself (part 2)
The following quiz will help you to uncover the details of the stress in your life. From this quiz, you’ll develop your Personal Stress Profile. Now, don’t let this “test” stress you out.
Reduce Stress : Test Yourself (part 1)
Every person’s life is different and is filled with different kinds of stress triggers. Someone who has just been in a car accident will experience a completely different stress trigger than someone about to take a college entrance exam, but both may experience equal stress, depending on the severity of the accident and the perceived importance of the test.
Different Types of Stress (part 2)
If you are still having problems sleeping, talk to your doctor about it. Studies show that two-thirds of Americans have never been asked by their doctors how well they sleep, but 80 percent have never brought up the subject with their doctors, either. Tell your doctor you are concerned about your sleep problems. He or she may have a simple solution.
Different Types of Stress (part 1)
If even just one of these characteristics describes you, perhaps you worry more than you have to. If most or all of these statements apply to you, worry is probably having a distinctly negative effect on you.
Planning with Kids : Stress-free birthday parties - Parties away from home, Birthday presents
I’m one of those people who frequently buy books as birthday presents. I think they make great gifts. However, it doesn’t seem appropriate to give the same child a book for a present year after year.
Cooking Helps Dealing With Stress
Make time in your day for the things you love, whether it be cooking, reading, hiding out in a too-small princess tent with your little one, or enjoying a few gin when dealing with stress and will help you face challenges with new energy!
Not to Worry : We live in stressful times
Most Americans are anxious about the economy, jobless rates and downsizing, just to name a few. And when you’re pregnant, there can be brand-new stressors you didn’t see coming: You worry about whether you can still do your job now and when you return from maternity leave
Reduce Stress : What Causes Stress? (part 2)
Stress is to be expected when you experience a major life change, such as when you move, lose someone you love, get married, change jobs, or experience a big change in financial status, diet, exercise habits, or health.
Reduce Stress : What Causes Stress? (part 1)
You know you’re under stress when you rear-end the car in front of you on the way to work (oops!), make it to work three hours late and get fired (no!), then have your wallet stolen on the bus ride home (oh, that’s just perfect!).
Is Your Skin Stressing You Out? (Part 2)
If your skin goes to the other extreme with dryness, flaking, peeling, redness, sensitivity, rosacea, or eczema, you're not alone: A study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology found that when women experience psychological stress, their skin becomes more easily dehydrated, even leading to eczema.
Is Your Skin Stressing You Out? (Part 1)
The way stress affects your skin is that when you're tense, your brain releases cortisol, a stress hormone, into your bloodstream. That tells oil glands to ramp up production, leading to breakouts.
Help Our Children Concentrate and Relieve Stress During The Exam Season
The exam coming soon: for the student, there are so many piles of pressure and an impending sense of doom. It’s no stranger to pre-exam butterflies – or the occasional late – night panic
Learning To Manage Stress : Conceptual Methods Of Coping With Stress, Strategies For Supervisors To Help Employees Manage Stress
Change your internal attitudes/perceptions. While we may not be able to change some types of external stimuli that are stressful, we can change our internal attitudes and perceptions of these stresses.
Understanding Stress : Burnout: An Occupational Hazard
We would suggest the latter, because burnout is simply a description of the condition of people who have become discouraged, depressed or have developed a sense of hopelessness about being able to alleviate stress.
Understanding Stress : How Stress Affects Our Physical Self, Stress In The Workplace
We believe that it is possible to live in stressful situations over a relatively long period of time if we can find ways to manage the stress. The diagram below suggests what happens as our system responds biochemically when we are under stress.
Trouble Down Below? (Part 1) - Stress incontinence solutions
If you leak when you sneeze, cough, run, jump or lift weights, you have stress incontinence, caused by pressure – “stress” – on the bladder. The cause is a weakness in the vaginal support to the neck of the bladder and urethra, resulting in weakness of the urethral sphincter (valve)
Understanding Stress : Add Balance To Your Life, Stages Of Stress, Understanding The Three Basic Stages Of Stress
It is natural to resist or deny the presence of stress. We all have a tendency to “plunge on,” working harder and harder to overcome stressful situations rather than to acknowledge the situation and “back off.”
Understanding Stress : Stress Is Determined By The Beholder
Stress is a part of life. Life today is complex, and it is impossible to avoid stress. How much stress a person encounters and how she or he deals with it frequently has a direct connection with mental health. This section will look at stress and its many interesting dimensions, and will address strategies for change.
Power Surge - Triple your energy in just three weeks (Part 1) - Week1 : Squelch stress
“Most of our stress occurs when we feel overwhelmed, unable to cope or aren’t in control of a situation,” says Shelton Kartun, a stress counselor and CEO of The Anger & Stress Management Center of SA. “Financial strain, traffic, job insecurity, demanding children, ageing parents, difficult people, moving home and relationship problems are all major stressors.”
Grade-Schoolers Their Lives Expand : Distressing Times Coping with death and depression (part 2) - Therapies for children The various options
When you’re looking at types of therapy, do check that there is clear evidence, preferably from academic research as well as case studies, that each is effective. Take note of whether the particular approach is recommended for your child’s difficulty.
Grade-Schoolers Their Lives Expand : Distressing Times Coping with death and depression (part 1)
When there is a death in, or close to, your family, you may be coping with your own grief as well as trying to help your child with hers. Finding comfort for yourself and being able to attend to your child is paramount. Your child will need to have some explanation when a person dies.
Stress Mastery : Nonverbal Aspects of Assertiveness & Asserting Yourself with Aggressive People
One big source of stress, whether at your workplace or in your personal life, is having to deal with aggressive, unreasonable, or nasty individuals. When dealing with such people, it is common to feel as if you have no control and to become angry and aggressive yourself.
The de-stress diet (Part 2) - Soothe the storm & De-stress your life
If stress is starting to get the better of you, take 10 long and slow, deep breaths. Then feel the muscles of your face, jaw and shoulders starting to relax – any moment of restoration found in a busy day has huge positive health implications and, if you do it regularly enough, it will become an almost automatic process.
The de-stress diet (Part 1) - Alarm bells & Spot the signs
It’s no secret that stress isn’t healthy. From breakouts to high blood pressure, insomnia, low energy and weight gain, chronic stress has serious consequences for your wellbeing.
Stress & your skin (Part 3) - Wrinkles
Always consider moisturising options that contain broad-spectrum protection and choose an active nigh cream to assist with repairing the day’s damage while you sleep. Key ingredients to keep in mind are hyaluronic acid and vitamins A and C.
Stress & your skin (Part 2) - Dryness & Redness
Stress has also been proven to compromise the natural layer that seals moisture into our skin. ‘To keep this barrier healthy, it needs to turn over in a cohesive and organised manner,’ says Dr Greg Goodman, of the Dermatology Institute of Victoria.
Stress & your skin (Part 1) - Acne & Dullness
‘The primary aggravating factor leading to adult acne is chronic stress,’ says Emma Hobson, education manager at The International Dermal Institute. While periods of intensity can cause occasional breakouts, it’s continual stress that alters ours hormone levels and causes an increase in oil production, she explains.
Stress Mastery : A Useful Framework for Assertive Behavior
When learning to become more assertive or polishing your assertive skills, it can be very useful to have a framework or steps to follow in order to know how to construct a potentially effective assertive response.
Stress Mastery : Assertiveness Defined
Nonassertion, also called passivity, involves violating your own rights by failing to express honest feelings, needs, thoughts, and beliefs and consequently permitting others to potentially take advantage of you.
5 foods that can stress your system
Not Harvard University researchers claim that eating 100 grams of unprocessed red meat daily (a portion about the size of a deck of cards) increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by nearly 20 per cent; while 50 grams of processed red meat daily think one sausage, or two pieces of bacon – boosts the risk by 50 per cent.
Welcome to your Second Trimester (part 16) - Relieving stress
DVT stands for deep vein thrombosis, a condition in which a blood clot forms in a deep leg vein. DVT partially or completely blocks the blood flow in the vein, causing pain and discomfort.
Stress Mastery : Time Management
Most people find time pressures and deadlines at work very stressful. While you cannot always control the demands of your work environment, how you arrange your use of time can help promote efficiency and prevent problems, therefore lessening your time pressures and concomitantly lowering your stress level.
Stress Mastery : Time Management - Six Steps to Overcoming Procrastination
Procrastination lowers anxiety in the short run due to the relief we feel from task avoidance. But it greatly increases our stress in the long run as tasks pile up or time runs short.
Stress Mastery on the Job : Ten Faulty Assumptions and Effective Antidotes (part 2)
Many people adopt the strategy of “when in doubt, do nothing.” Change often requires that decisions be made. Many people wait indefinitely until all the facts are in to move in a chosen direction. But the reality is that all decisions are made on the basis of insufficient information, for none of us are soothsayers who can accurately predict what the future will bring.
Stress Mastery on the Job : Ten Faulty Assumptions and Effective Antidotes (part 1)
You need to keep in step with the intended rate of change deemed necessary by your organization or your competitors. Some people, if allowed to go at their own pace, would take forever to change.
Stress Mastery on the Job : Factors Leading to Increased Workplace Stress
One of the first places where accelerating change is often apparent is in the workplace. Businesses must constantly shift and adapt to stay competitive. We must continually upgrade our skills and knowledge, master new equipment, and make sense of new procedures if we are to keep pace and remain competent and secure in our positions.
I had lunch with my husband… and his mistress (Part 2) - The Husband & His Lover
“It took my relationship with Rebecca several weeks to recover after that, probably as a result of my guilt about Kate. I sensed my daughter’s disapproval, too, and can’t imagine that has changed. To be honest, my daughter’s contempt towards me was harder to deal with than Kate’s pain.
I had lunch with my husband… and his mistress (Part 1) - The Wife
When Kate learnt her husband was having an affair she did the unthinkable: she invited her rival over for a family meal – and a sleepover. Clare Campbell explores bizarre love triangle…
Stress Mastery : Psychotechnologies - Flotation Tanks, Light and Sound Technology
Sound and light machines that alter brainwave activity via a combination of stroboscopic lights and synchronized rhythmic tones may seem new, but the knowledge that flickering lights and rhythmic tones can lead to profound relaxation, altered states of consciousness, and visual images is something humans have known since the discovery of fire.
Stress Mastery : Psychotechnologies - Biofeedback & Double Induction Hypnotic Tapes
Biofeedback instruments give you information (feedback) about what is happening in your body. You can then use this feedback to facilitate relaxation and to relax targeted muscles.
Stress Mastery : Getting Yourself Motivated & Achieving a Restful Night of Sleep
Have you ever wondered why we need to sleep? One outdated theory suggested that we sleep in order to rest our brain—but our brain cells are quite active even when we sleep.
Stress Mastery : The Benefits of Exercise & Types of Exercise
Is there proof that exercise helps to cope with stress? Research clearly indicates that exercise is an effective stress reducer. Indeed, many studies have found that one of the most reliable differences between individuals with high and low levels of stress resistance was exercise and activity level .
Stress Mastery : Nutrition - Use Behavior Modification Strategies to Change Your Eating Habits
There are many useful tips for helping you to get control of your eating. Some of the following recommendations will no doubt be quite useful; others may not apply to you. Review these suggestions carefully and try out the ones that are relevant for you.
Manage Stress : Target Your Stress Effectively
So far you have looked at what stress is, and at how it affects your health and your performance. If you can work out how to manage the stresses that your career brings, you will be able to rise above them.
Manage Stress : Use Stress SWOT Analysis
Conventional SWOT analysis is used to look at your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in a situation. Stress SWOT Analysis will show you where you need to improve your stress management skills
Understand Stress : Pinpoint the Stress in Your Life
Understanding the sources and levels of stress that affect you is an important step towards managing that stress. Learn to identify the potential causes of long- and short-term stress, and analyze your reactions to it.
Understand Stress : Stress and Performance
In many work situations, our stress responses can cause our performance to suffer. The best tactic is to adopt a calm, rational, controlled, and sensitive approach when dealing with difficult problems at work.
Don’t Be ‘Choked’ On Stress
You’re ready to give that speech or play that piano recital or take that test. Yet, when the pressure is on, you flounder. Your mouth goes dry and your throat tightens when you are handed the microphone. Your fingers become like sausages when you sit down at the piano. Your draw a blank when you look at the test questions
School Starters Out into the World : The Odd One Out? Making friends (part 1) - Stress-free children’s parties Ensuring a good time for all
Children differ in the sort of party they want, but at ages four to seven it is most likely your child will want to celebrate with a large group of friends. A little older and he may involve two or three “best friends” in a bigger event such as a day trip.
Manage Stress : Manage Job Stress - Survive a Stressful Job
Some jobs are intrinsically difficult, unpleasant, and stressful. This may be due to the nature or environment of the work itself, or because of inherent conflicts with your personal attitudes and ambitions.
Manage Stress : Manage Job Stress - Take Control of Your Career
In the many jobs that lack established career paths, you may be the only person looking after your long-term prospects. There are several ways to avoid the stress that comes from an uncertain or stalled career future.
5 Fast ways to fight stress
Racing heart, sweaty palms and a sick feeling in your stomach. Although a massage or a weekend away would be an ideal fix for stress, in a busy day we don’t always have time to chill out for long.
Manage Stress : Manage Job Stress - Meet Your Deadlines
If your jobs have high visibility, must be completed to a deadline, or involve co-ordinating several people to achieve a single goal, you will need a planning tool that is more powerful than your to do list.
Manage Stress : Manage Job Stress - Create More Time
People often create great stress by underestimating the length of time activities will take to complete. Improving your time estimation skills will help you to handle a highly demanding and potentially stressful workload.
Manage Stress : Manage Job Stress - Analyze Your Job
To do a good job, you need to know what is expected of you. While this may seem obvious, in the hurly-burly of a new, fast-moving, high-pressure role, it is something that is often overlooked in order to get the job done.
Manage Stress : Manage Job Stress - Control Environmental Stress
You experience a variety of small environmental stresses every day, from the frustrations of commuting to badly organized work spaces. However, with a little planning, many of these stresses can be controlled quite easily.
Manage Stress : Relating Well in the Workplace - Work with Teams
Unhealthy or unproductive relationships with your co-workers can cause great stress, as can working within a dysfunctional team. There are ways to resolve some of the issues that can make teamwork so frustrating.
Manage Stress : Relating Well in the Workplace - Unreasonable Demands & Being Pro-Active
Demands that seem unreasonable can be a huge source of stress, although they will often arise through misunderstanding. A simple process of evaluating the demand can go a long way towards reducing the stress.
Stress Mastery : Pathways Through Anger - Coping with Anger
One approach involves viewing your life as a sitcom in progress. It asks that you think of yourself as a comedy writer of your own life. In almost all situations, an element of humor or absurdity can be found if you look at it from a different perspective, and seeing the humor inherent in a situation effectively defuses much of the anger.
Stress Mastery : Pathways Through Anger - The Nature of Anger
Physiologically, anger is arousal. When you are angry, the fight-or-flight response has been activated. Something has stressed you, and your body has prepared you to either fight or flee.
Stress Mastery : Looking at the World Differently - Optimism Questionnaire
Stress-resistant individuals develop the habit of perceiving and interpreting potential stressors in ways that give their life meaning and a sense of control.
Stress Mastery : Looking at the World Differently - Dealing with Irrational Beliefs
The two common forms of irrational self-talk are statements that catastrophize or revolve around absolutes. Catastrophic thinking involves expecting the worst and/or giving nightmarish interpretations of your experience.
Stress Mastery : Looking at the World Differently - Reframing & Giving Up Being Right
If you are playing tennis or chess or any other competitive event, we recommend that you still put your focus on winning. However, we recommend extreme caution in trying to win in the arena of interpersonal relationships at home or at work.
Stress Mastery : Acquiring Body Wisdom - The Importance of Stretching Your Muscles
An intrinsic part of the fight-or-flight response is muscle tension. When muscles tighten, they also shorten. One way to reverse the fight-or-flight response is to lengthen your muscles.
Stress Mastery : Acquiring Body Wisdom - Cultivating Body Wisdom & Progressive Muscle Relaxation
For many it is a measure of how many facts they know or how intelligent they are. Body wisdom, however, is not about how thoughts affect your body but about how your body affects your thoughts
Stress Mastery : Cultivating Awareness - Stress Hardiness Attitudes
The third and final attitude that Kobasa discovered to be typical of stress-hardy indi viduals is that of challenge. This attitude can perhaps be best explained by considering the concept of crisis.
Stress Mastery : Breathing - Diaphragmatic Breathing & Breathing Variations
You need only do the most basic breathing awareness exercises to achieve a much more relaxed state of body and mind. As long as your breathing is becoming slower, quieter, and deeper, you are moving in the right direction.
Manage Stress : Relating Well in the Workplace - Win Support for Your Goals
We have already seen that people in positions of power can have a negative impact on your projects and on your position. With a little effort, some of them could become strong supporters rather than a source of stress.
Manage Stress : Relating Well in the Workplace - Deal With People in Power
There are always people who have the power to affect you and your goals. The influence of your manager, clients, politicians, and others within or outside the organization may be a source of severe stress.
Reducing Stress : Taking Action at Home - Improving Diet
We are what we eat. When we are under stress, we tend to fill ourselves with convenience food, which can be synonymous with “junk”. Eating well must be part of any serious programme to reduce stress levels. Make a start by minimizing bad habits.
Reducing Stress : Taking Action at Home - Developing Interests
Finding a balanced lifestyle is essential to our overall wellbeing. Physical activities such as aerobics or tennis can concentrate the mind and help to reduce the outward symptoms of stress, while hobbies such as painting can provide emotional calm.
Living with Migraine : Planning for a Stress-free Vacation
To prevent a migraine attack, you must make sure you do not disturb your body’s serotonin levels. You can do this by having a sensible travel and vacation plan. Make a decision to enjoy your vacation without a headache.
Reducing Stress : Taking Action at Home - Learning to Relax
Relaxing completely is not simply doing nothing: it is a technique that can soon be learned. Take some time out for a few lessons, and you will then find it easy – and pleasurable – to enjoy a regular period of relaxation in your busy daily routine.
Reducing Stress : Taking Action at Home - Taking Time Off
Taking stress home from the office has a destructive effect on home life, and vice versa. The two can combine to form a vicious circle with no escape. Remember: to make any stress-reducing action effective, it must be complemented by taking some time off.
Dealing with Stress at Work : Helping Others
Once you have recognized that someone is under stress and have started to understand the reasons for it, the hardest part begins: making that person aware of what you have observed, and encouraging them to take corrective action.
Dealing with Stress at Work : Analyzing Personality
The effects of stress are closely linked to individual personality. The same level of stress affects different people in different ways, and each person has different ways of coping. Recognizing these personality types means that more focused help can be given.
Dealing with Stress at Work : Seeing Stress in Others
Stress can be infectious, so you need to recognize it in others before it affects the people with whom they work (including you). There are many ways of reacting to stress; learn to notice common warning signs so that you have time to decide how to react.
Dealing with Stress at Work : Making Time to Relax
When you are under stress, your entire body becomes tense and your posture changes. Make a conscious effort to relax your body while at work so that you can reduce tension and alleviate the damaging effects of your physical response to stress.
Dealing with Stress at Work : Gaining Inner Balance
If a situation at work makes you feel uncomfortable and you do not take action to change it, you may find that resentment builds up and is reflected in your behaviour – you may become angry and intolerant of other people.
Dealing with Stress at Work : Communicating Well
Knowing how to communicate effectively is crucial to the success of organizations everywhere, as well as to your own peace of mind. There is a wide choice of communication tools available for modern businesses, and information can be transmitted efficiently using systems such as e-mail or fax.
Dealing with Stress at Work : Managing Time
One of the major symptoms of stress in the workplace is the feeling that there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything that needs doing. This feeling can be reduced by organizing time better with the implementation of a few simple systems.
Dealing with Stress at Work : Studying Work Patterns
Stress can be insidious and cumulative. The best way to avoid suffering from it is to learn to anticipate it. By analyzing and pinpointing events and times that regularly cause stress, it is possible to set about preventing further problems from occurring.
Living with Migraine : Reducing Stress at Home
Stress increases the frequency of migraine attacks. In order to reduce stress, you need to determine what issues are creating problems. Relationships and financial situations are common sources of stress for many people.
Dealing with Stress at Work : Reclaiming Your Desk
Start with your own desk to reduce stress in the workplace. Mess just makes for stress. Do not fool yourself that an untidy desk is acceptable because you know where things are. Do not rely on new technology and the “paperless office” to rescue you.
Dealing with Stress at Work : Taking Positive Action
An organization that sets out to take positive action on stress at work must commit itself to the costs involved to reap the full benefits. These benefits can be measured financially as well as in terms of morale and increased productivity.
Dealing with Stress at Work : Devising a Strategy
Any organization should view devising a strategy to reduce stress as a necessary part of the cost of maintaining its most valuable asset – its workforce. The ideal strategy will depend upon the size and resources of the organization.
Dealing with Stress at Work : Identifying Attitudes
Organizations, like individuals, differ greatly in their attitudes to stress. Some take a hard-line approach, expecting their employees to be tough enough to handle stress. Others are more caring and helpful in their responses to such problems.
Survive Long-Term Stress : Cope with Burnout
It may be too late to talk about avoiding burnout. Perhaps you have reached a stage where you are disillusioned with your job and are now just going through the motions.
Survive Long-Term Stress : Take Steps to Avoid Burnout
If you are at risk of burnout and you intend to do something to improve the situation, you need to identify which areas of work are at the root of the problem, and then take practical remedial steps.
Survive Long-Term Stress : Deal with Burnout
Burnout is a very real threat to people in challenging and stressful jobs. It mainly strikes highly-committed, passionate, hard-working, and successful people, who lose all motivation and interest in their work.
Survive Long-Term Stress : Build Defences Against Stress
If stress is an inherent part of your job, you can take steps to defend yourself against its effects. There are support networks that you can call upon, and ways of adjusting your lifestyle to maximize your resilience.
Analyzing the Causes of Stress : Coping with Daily Life
Many people believe that they have no choice but to work all the hours available. This belief may be reinforced if work is used to escape from other problems. Be aware of your needs, and try to develop a fulfilling private life as well as a career.
Analyzing the Causes of Stress : Assessing the Workplace
The structure of an organization and its day-to-day workplace conditions can have a major effect on stress levels. Take a long hard look at both these areas to help identify what is putting you or your colleagues under stress, then work out the best solutions.
Reduce Personal Stress : Manage Unhappy Moods
Sometimes negative thinking is more than a passing emotion and becomes a more pervasive mood. Cognitive restructuring will help you to challenge your negative moods and change the thinking that lies behind them.
Reduce Personal Stress : Analyze Your Emotions
Emotional analysis will help you to understand your emotions and what they are telling you. You can decide whether they are correct or not, and either change your interpretation of the situation or take action.
Analyzing the Causes of Stress : Assessing Relationships
As a manager it is inevitable that you will come into contact with people on all levels. Keep lines of communication open at all times to avoid stressful misunderstandings and any resulting conflict.
Analyzing the Causes of Stress : Analyzing Jobs
Some jobs are intrinsically more stressful than others. Jobs at different levels within the hierarchy of an organization each have their own stress factors. Likely stress levels are an important consideration when deciding if a job is suitable for you.
Analyzing the Causes of Stress : Changing Practices
Change is less stressful when anticipated. Keep abreast of recent developments within your industry, familiarize yourself with new technology, try to gain experience of as many different skills as possible, and maximize the options available to you.
Analyzing the Causes of Stress : Changing Organizations
In recent years, many companies have launched new products or services while also making cutbacks. Such changes can be vital to a company’s survival, but employees may find themselves working harder than ever, and facing an uncertain future.
Analyzing the Causes of Stress : Changing Societies
Demographic change has been dramatic in recent years. Changes include rapid population growth, migration from rural areas to cities, a rise in the number of elderly people, and the developing role of women. All these changes have increased stress levels.
Understanding Stress : How Stressed Are You?
The first hurdle to beating stress is recognizing its existence – acknowledging that stress is a problem is a vital step towards reducing it. Measure your level of stress regularly by responding to the following statements, and mark the options closest to your experience.
Making Lifestyle Changes : Managing Your Stress
The migraine sufferer is treated as though he or she is neurotic and needs to handle stress better. The truth is that migraine can be made worse by stress, but it is not caused by stress
Understanding Stress : Measuring Stress
There are a number of elements that can be quantified and used as approximate measures of stress levels. These elements vary according to whether stress is being measured in an individual, in an organization, or in society itself.
Understanding Stress : Recognizing Symptoms
There is no single symptom that can identify stress – stressed and unstressed people may equally well have heart disease or drink to excess. A common factor in stressed individuals is the presence of a number of symptoms.
Understanding Stress : Defining Stress at Work
Changes in working practices, such as the introduction of new technology or the alteration of targets, may cause stress, or stress may be built into an organization’s structure.
Understanding Stress : What is Stress?
On occasions, all of us experience stress. Beneficial stress can help drive a few of us to become Olympic champions, but harmful stress can drive others to despair. A force as powerful as that should always be handled with respect.
Teens Becoming an Adult : Testing Times? The pressure of final exams (part 2) - Coping with exam stress Top 10 tips
Excess stress will hinder study and exam performance, so try to help your teen plan sensible strategies. Ask if she wants your help and discuss what form this could take, for example quizzing her or just providing snacks.
Identifying Migraine Triggers : Range of migraine triggers, Migraine and the stress response
An appreciation of the “fight-or-flight” stress response helps you understand why certain situations trigger migraine attacks. During this response, epinephrine excites the hyperexcitable brain cells further, causing a migraine attack. Beta-blockers—drugs that block the effects of epinephrine—are very effective when used to prevent attacks.
Reduce Personal Stress : Think Rationally
You may find that simply writing down in your stress diary all of your negative thoughts and the things that you are worried about will give you a better perspective on your problems.
Reduce Personal Stress : Relax Your Body
Physical relaxation techniques can help you to reduce muscle tension and manage the effects on your body of the fight-or-flight response. This can be particularly important if you need to think clearly and perform.
Reduce Personal Stress : Relax Mentally
Imagery is a potent method of stress reduction, especially when combined with physical relaxation methods such as deep breathing. The principle behind imagery is that you can use your imagination to recreate, and enjoy, a relaxing situation.
Reduce Personal Stress : Reduce Performance Stress
Part of the stress that you feel comes from uncertainty about what is about to happen. By thinking through the event, you can understand and manage the doubts and uncertainties that may disrupt it.
Increase the Quality of Your Sleep : Pain-Free Sleep Strategies
The Child’s Pose, shown below, can be done several times a day. This is a great yoga posture to practice as you prepare for sleep, or if you need a calming moment in a stressful day.
Increase the Quality of Your Sleep : Painful Sleep: More Than a Nuisance
A recent study of healthy volunteers in the medical journal Sleep found that those who slept 2 to 4 hours a night were over 200 percent more likely to be obese than those volunteers who got 7 hours of sleep. In fact, one study found, just a 16-minute loss of sleep per night also increased the risk of obesity.
Miley Cyrus’ Stylist Thinks Miley is a “True Artist”
Miley Cyrus' stylist Alexis Knox, who has worked with many celebrities over the course of her career, has commented on how she teams up with Miley.
5 Celebrities Share Their Unique DIY Beauty Treatments
These 5 celebrities all reveal that they love DIY beauty treatments made from simple ingredients you probably already have stashed away at home.
This is not the right time for having a cup of coffee. “Right after you get up, your energy now increases naturally compared to the energy during you sleep.
Isabel Marant: "I Feel Like a High-Performance Athlete"
French fashion designer Isabel Marant has opened up on how she copes with such a busy lifestyle. Constantly producing collections, including for her mainline label and also the Etoile diffusion collection, Marant admits that it can be stressful, and so she has to be careful and stay healthy.
5 Celebrities Share Their Ultimate Beauty Secrets
Sharing their ultimate beauty secrets, these 5 stars have commented on their biggest tip for always looking good.
5 Stars Comment on Their Favourite Nail Colours
Nails are a great way to finish off a look – be it a casual day outfit or for an evening out, and there are a multitude of shades, finishes and textures out there to choose from.
Alexander Wang Jokes About His All Black Personal Wardrobe
New York based designer Alexander Wang has joked about his all black wardrobe. Always seen wearing only black ensembles, the designer admits his entire wardrobe consists of many different black items and he even owns about 50 pairs of black jeans, as well as various types of shirts and more.
Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos Speak on How They Design Together
Design duo behind British label Peter Pilotto, Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos, have spoken on how they work so well together when they're approaching the design process.
5 Celebs Who've Struggled With Acne-Prone Skin
They may always look flawless whenever they hit the red carpet, but these 5 celebrities have all struggled with acne-prone skin. Often caused by hormonal changes, acne can be difficult for anyone to deal with, and these 5 celebs have all battled against the problem.
5 Models Share How They Get Bikini-Ready
Everyone wants to look their best when it comes to hitting the beach, and these 5 models have shared how they keep their figures in shape, especially when it comes to those body-flaunting moments on the beach, for a photo shoot or on the runway.
5 Stars Who Avoid Dieting & Eat for Good Health
Dieting can be tough, even extreme at times, and these 5 celebrities all say they don’t do it, opting instead to just have a healthy lifestyle.
Maria Menounos on Her Beauty Routine & Healthy Lifestyle
Aged 36, Maria Menounos has been showing off her fit physical condition, claiming that she lost weight by following a low-carb diet and is also working out regularly now.
High Antioxidant Foods And Healthy Super-antioxidant Recipes (part 1)
While the terms free radical and antioxidant will be familiar to most health-oriented people, there is often confusion about exactly what they are and how they can support or harm our health.
Brain Fed-Connection To Food (part 2)
When you eat, your brain releases powerful chemicals such as endorphins (that make you feel good) and dopamine (which can motivate you to keep munching).
Brain Fed-Connection To Food (part 1)
Devouring sweets when you’re stressed goes beyond having a sweet tooth —a lot of it is in your head. How your frame of mind affects everything from the foods you crave to the way you digest them?
Blake Lively Prefers to Dress for Comfort on the Red Carpet
Blake Lively has spoken on dressing for the red carpet. The former 'Gossip Girl' star has revealed that she can find the experience quite stressful, so she likes to have an outfit that is comfortable to wear, so she feels good about how she looks and not awkward.
Elle Macpherson on Looking After Her Body and Health Aged 50
Elle Macpherson has opened up on taking care of her enviable body. The model has now hit the 50 year milestone and admits that at this point in her life, she has to put in more effort when it comes to looking after her figure.
Pregnancy Can Affect Your Partner (part 1) - Ways to Reassure Your Partner
You can reassure your partner and help him grow more comfortable with your pregnancy and the idea of fatherhood. We have spoken with many pregnant couples, and they have passed on the following suggestions.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Current Medical Condition and Medications (part 6) - Cancer during Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a happy time for most women. Occasionally, however, serious problems can occur. Cancer during pregnancy is one serious complication that occurs rarely.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Current Medical Condition and Medications (part 2) - Prescription Medication Use during Pregnancy
Some prescription medications are more common than others; the discussion below includes common substances many women must take during pregnancy. Please note: This information does not take the place of talking with your healthcare provider.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Exercise during and after Pregnancy (part 6) - Your Pregnancy Workout
Practice the exercises in the previous section and add the following ones to your routine. You may have to set aside extra time to do these exercises. If you combine them with some form of aerobic exercise, such as walking, swimming or bicycling, you’ll get a thorough workout.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Exercise during and after Pregnancy (part 5)
Kegel exercises strengthen pelvic muscles. Practicing helps you relax your muscles for delivery. While sitting, contract the lowest muscles of your pelvis as tightly as you can.
Katie Holmes Reveals Her Mother’s Natural Beauty Advice
Katie Holmes, who has worked closely with major makeup brand Bobbi Brown, has opened up on the beauty advice that her mother gave her. Katie says her mom Kathleen always advised her to stay as natural as possible but that makeup can be used to subtly enhance a person's natural good looks.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Exercise during and after Pregnancy (part 3) - Benefìcial Exercises during Pregnam
Keep in mind a few general precautions about exercising during pregnancy that apply to most pregnant women. Your healthcare provider may want to discuss additional precautions that apply specifically to you.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Exercise during and after Pregnancy (part 1) - If You Exercise Regularly, The Exercise Payoff
Exercise during pregnancy can help you feel more in control of your body and relieve some of the common aches and pains of pregnancy. Exercise improves circulation and helps you adjust to carrying the extra weight you gain during pregnancy.
The Healthy Home : Let’s Get Cooking (part 3) - The Making of a Meal - Death by Charring, A Sticky Situation
The way you cook your food involves more than just the potential loss of minerals. Some people may like the charbroiled taste, but there’s no question that overheating food—no matter what it is—may result in toxic compounds.
5 Celebrities Reveal Their Top Skin Secrets
Each figuring out what best works for them after years of trial and error, these 5 celebrities have all opened up on their top skin secrets. Finding their own personal fountain of youth, these stars have opened up on their own tricks to keeping that glow going and have shared how they do it.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : More Than One Baby (part 5) - Delivering More Than One Baby
Multiple fetuses are often delivered early. How babies are delivered often depends on how they are lying in the uterus. All possible combinations of fetal positions can occur.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : More Than One Baby (part 4) - Take Care of Yourself, Your Nutrition with a Multiple Pregnancy
Taking care of yourself when you are expecting more than one baby is the best way to take care of your developing babies. An important thing to remember with a multiple pregnancy is to take things more slowly from the beginning of your pregnancy until delivery.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 9) - Pap Smear
Often on your first prenatal visit, you will have a Pap smear if it’s been a year or more since your last test. If you’ve had a normal Pap smear in the last few months, you won’t need another one.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 2) - Third-Trimester Tests
A special type of pregnancy test, called a quantitative HCG test, is a blood test done in the first trimester. Your healthcare provider may order it if there is concern about miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Tests for You and Your Baby (part 1) - At-Home Tests
Your healthcare provider may ask you to take a home pregnancy test when you miss a period to help determine if you’re pregnant. These tests are so accurate that your healthcare provider may rely on them as an initial screening for pregnancy.
Tips On Getting Pregnant Naturally
To some people, getting pregnant is very hard to do, some get pregnant with less than a little effort. Definite the time of ovulation is the main factor for getting pregnant.
Why Do Pregnant Women Have Mood Swings?
One of the most noticeable symptoms of pregnancy is mood swings. With all the changes taking place in the women’s body, there’s no surprise that mood swings is a companion of these changes. According to an association, the physical changes, fatigue and hormone changes can have a part in mood changes.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Baby Grows and Develops (part 5) - Hydrocephalus, Cordocentesis, Fetal Surgery
Hydrocephalus causes an enlargement of the fetus’s head. It occurs in about 1 in 2000 babies and is responsible for about 12% of all severe fetal malformations found at birth.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Baby Grows and Develops (part 4) - Intrauterine-Growth Restriction
Intrauterine-growth restriction (IUGR) indicates a fetus is small for its gestational age. Weight is below the tenth percentile (in the lowest 10%) for the baby’s gestational age. This means 9 out of 10 babies of normal growth are larger.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : How Your Baby Grows and Develops (part 2) - The Umbilical Cord, The Amniotic Sac
The umbilical cord is the connection between your baby and the placenta. It is usually about 24 inches (60cm) long. The cord is gray or white, coiled or lumpy, and contains two arteries to carry baby’s blood to the placenta, where it absorbs oxygen and nutrients. A vein in the umbilical cord carries blood and nutrients back to the baby.
Tips To Get Pregnant Quickly
To some women, children come sooner than they expect. To others, they’ve tried everything in months or years to have babies. Biology plays an important role in a woman’s chance of pregnancy, but what women do is also important.
The Healthy Home : For the Love of Food (part 4) - Out of Balance - More Potassium, Less Salt, Balancing Good and Bad Fats
As bad as sodium can be for us, potassium provides a wide range of benefits that include helping to maintain a healthy blood pressure, rate of metabolism, and muscle strength as well as reducing the threats of anxiety, heart and kidney disorders, and stroke.
The Healthy Home : For the Love of Food (part 3) - Out of Balance - Acid/Alkaline Equilibrium
One of the most important homeostatic mechanisms in the body is the acid-alkaline balance, or pH. Our bodies work hard to maintain a blood pH between 7.35 and 7.45—ideally about 7.40, or slightly alkaline. This is the ideal pH for many of our enzyme systems to work well.
The Healthy Home : For the Love of Food (part 1) - Modern Dietary Pitfalls
Food is plentiful—at least in most developed nations. And for the most part, it’s cheap and easy to acquire. Yet we often are left feeling unsatisfied and wanting more. As a society, we’ve developed some serious misconceptions about what it means to “dine well.”
5 Tips for Younger Looking Skin
With a growing range of amazing products on the market to keep skin looking younger, it has never been easier to look after your complexion and keep that youthful glow lasting.
Tips To Have A Positive Body Image After Pregnancy
Pregnancy changes your body in many ways, even after your delivery. Although you lose the weight of your baby, the amniotic fluid and placenta right after the pregnancy, you still need time to burn the fat that accumulated in pregnancy. Your stomach also gets bigger after you’re pregnant.
Tips To Make Your Baby Sleep More Quickly
Some kids tend to get off the bed right after you put them in. Dealing with a child taking more time to fall asleep can be tiring to both and it can quickly consume your nighttime rest. Take control over the situation by setting up rules for bed time and stick to them.
You Can Have A Flat Belly (part 2) - Core workout
Start on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips, keeping your head, neck, and back straight. Raise your right arm and reach it forward and, at the same time, kick your left leg backwards until it’s straight and in line with your torso, hold for one second.
Which Drinker Is Most At Risk? (Part 1)
Alcohol is such a big part of Australian social culture that many ignore the health guidelines that say we should drink no more than two drinks in one day. Here, we look at the drinking habits of four women to find out their health risk. How do you compare?
Ways To Increase Libido In Men
Male libido normally reduces when they get older. The level of testosterone starts to decrease, making libido decrease, which can result in problems such as erectile dysfunction. Reduced sexual desire can be considered as diseases and side effects of medications, such as blood-pressure medication and anti-depressants.
How Do Women Feel After An Abortion?
An abortion is a surgical procedure and should be treated like that. This is true whether it's a medical or invasive procedure. You can get cramps similar to those with menstruations and may vomit. The bleeding will also occur. The cervix and uterus will feel painful and swollen; mucus will flow out during the recovery process.
Organic Smoothies for a Healthy Pregnancy : Moodiness Manipulator, Pleasurable Pregnancy Smoothie, Savory Spinach
Satisfy your nutritional needs and daily requirements—and help your baby-to-be grow and develop—with this smoothie recipe that combines iron-packed spinach with sweet red peppers, vitamin-packed broccoli, and spicy garlic that will keep energy flowing to all of your cells.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 4) - 34 WEEKS PREGNANT - Stock Up on Postpartum Supplies
As you can probably imagine, giving birth to a baby causes some physical aftermath. You will probably be sore after delivering and you may have healing stitches to contend with.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 3) - 33 WEEKS PREGNANT - VISITORS
You may be wondering what you need to do to get ready for visitors. Again, I would like you to get out of the mode of thinking of the people who will be staying in your home as guests.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 2) - 33 WEEKS PREGNANT - THE DELIVERY ROOM
Deciding whom to invite into the delivery room can be a loaded issue. Before you allow anyone to be part of this event, I would like you to be very honest with yourself.
33 to 36 Weeks Pregnant (part 1) - 33 WEEKS PREGNANT - Create Your Team
When your pregnancy was new and your baby’s arrival seemed far off, you may have had some ideas about who would be involved in her welcome . . . and you may find that those ideas aren’t weathering so well now.
Tips To Increase Libido And Reduce Weight
One of the most important respects of any relationship is the liaison on the bed. However, if your libido is decreasing, it’s possible that your sex life is the same.
Helena Christensen Speaks on Her Off-Duty Style & Her Modelling Career
Making a triumphant return to the fashion world, Danish legendary supermodel Helena Christensen covers the new issue of Net-a-Porter's 'The Edit' magazine.
What to Eat When You're Pregnant and Vegetarian Common complaints and how to deal with them - Morning sickness
If you’re suffering from morning sickness, you’re in good company: about three-quarters of women experience some feelings of nausea during pregnancy. The intensity of the symptoms can vary – about 30% of women are affected by severe nausea and vomiting.
Physical And Mental Benefits Of Running (part 2)
You need to keep your endorphins and fitness up so that you’re not tempted to run on an injury and make it worse. Then go to see a medical practitioner. The sooner you do that, the sooner (hopefully) you’ll be back in action.
28 to 32 Weeks Pregnant (part 7) - 31-32 WEEKS PREGNANT - Planning for Co-Parenting
No matter how you’ll divide up the parenting burden later, keep in mind that the early weeks of caring for your baby will be exhausting and confusing. You’ll be recovering from labor and delivery.
28 to 32 Weeks Pregnant (part 6) - 30 WEEKS PREGNANT - USE EXCEL TO EXCEL, CHORES TO THE RESCUE
Making decisions is the heart and soul of getting organized. And maintenance is the engine that keeps the organizing train on track. Remember, it isn’t about adding work to your busy schedule; it’s about shifting your energy to a different action.
Do Health Checks By Yourself (Part 1)
Try... measuring your resting heart rate. The best time to do it is in the morning, before you get out of bed. Press your index and middle fingers (not your thumb) just below the ‘fat pad’ of the thumb on your opposite wrist. Count the number of beats in 15 seconds and multiply by four.
Good Things When Running With Music (part 2) - Endurance session, Interval training
Listening to music during cool down is just as important as during your workout. A study in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research shows it helps lower lactate levels in the blood, speeding muscle repair.
How To Use Home Therapies To Increase Libido In Women
Libido in women can be originated from nay factors, including stress, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, medications and specific hormones. Anti-depressants can make you lose your libido and you will have trouble getting aroused.
Methods To Control Mood Swings
Mood swings are usually described as changes in a human’s temper. While most people get through mood changes from time to time, women can more easily be excited and have mood changes than men.
Are You Raising A Healthy Child? (Part 2)
An empathetic child might be said to have a big heart, but he or she is more likely to have a healthier one, too. A University of British Columbia study found that high school students who spent one hour a week helping younger students in local after-school programs had lower levels of inflammation and cholesterol and lower BMIs after 10 weeks than those students who hadn’t started helping out yet.
Are You Raising A Healthy Child? (Part 1)
All parents want their children to be healthy, so we serve up nutritious meals, encourage them to have a run in the backyard and remind them to brush their teeth at night. But for total wellbeing, a child also needs a healthy mind.
How To Fake A Good Night’s Sleep (Part 1)
Grabbing some extra sleep might seem like a smart move the morning after a bad night, but you need to get up sooner rather than later to increase your chances of having your brain in gear by the time you leave the house. It’s because of something called sleep inertia – that unavoidable groggy period when you first wake up.
How To Deal With Stubborn Kids
Whether it’s your toddler who refuses to eat vegetables or your preschooler who throws tantrums at bedtime, stubborn kids in your life can easily turn every of your single day into a struggle.
Advice For Toddlers With Speech Delays
For parents, the first sound of their loved baby speech can be one of the happiest moments in their life. Children often begin talking at the age of 1 to 1.5 years old. If you worry about your toddler has a speech delay, she may have a type of speech delay.
Excerpt from Your Baby’s First Year Week by Week (part 5) - Baby and Sleep
Newborns sleep between 17 and 20 hours a day; however, they don’t usually sleep longer than 5 hours at one stretch. You’ll notice your baby sleeps a lot in these first weeks. Sleep gives your baby energy. She’ll slip between waking and sleeping with little regard for day or night and will eat every 2 to 4 hours.
The Fastest Methods To Burn Belly Fat
When everyone tries to lose weight, one of the most common complaints is the fat around the belly. Compared to other parts of the body, belly fat is normally bull-headed and may be difficult to disappear from your belly, especially when you get older.
Get Healthy By Eating Chocolate
Forget about an apple a day – have a square of chocolate. Long considered a guilty pleasure, this mouth-watering treat is jockeying for position as a super food alongside blueberries, green tea and wild salmon. Here’s a closer look at the sweet science behind everyone’s favorite indulgence.
Good Tips On Better Sleep
The researches show that lacking sleep can lead to many health problems and even shorten a person's lifespan. However, in today’s fast-paced world, people easily bypass having sufficient and quality sleep. People who lack sleep can benefit from some solutions to sleep better at night.
Herbs That Help To Increase Libido
Libido loss affects many people, including men and women, and it can happen at any age. There’re many reasons that lead to loss of libido, including stress, medications, poor nutrition and drugs. Many new parents or couples having intense work realize that their libido has been affected as they’re too tired and stressful.
Natural Therapies For Ageing And Sunken Eyes
Sunken eyes are characteristic of an aging face. This problem is often due to the lack of fat under the eyes (a common problem for women with thin faces), but stress, inadequate diet, depression, lack of sleep and hectic lifestyle are other factors.
10 Wonderful Tips For New Mothers (part 1) - Ask your friends and family for help, The baby is very fragile
Make a list and choose reliable friends or relatives to help you in the first days. In the first month, you’ll sleep when possible to feed the baby when he is hungry.
Organic Juices for a Healthy Pregnancy : Razzle Dazzle Berry, Pineapple Tangerine , Pineapple Cucumber
Both raspberries and strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which provides an abundance of antioxidants to protect you and your baby from free radicals that are trying to cause damage.
5 Daily Things To Keep Your Skin Clean And Fair
Skins are the largest body organ and its appearance shows how well it is treated as well as your daily personal hygiene. A natural black skin always looks beautiful, but a black skin due to poor care is horrible. S
If Your Baby Is Premature : Immediate Care for Your Newborn, Feeding Your Preemie
When a baby is born early, many things can happen very quickly. A preemie needs more care because his body can’t take over and perform some normal body functions. If baby has difficulty breathing, the nursing staff will help him, which can be done in many ways.
The Truths Behind The Delivery Room (Part 2)
Whether you choose normal delivery or caesarean, or have the doctor predict about the time and how difficult the first delivery is, you may never know how you can come through the labor pain. Some women predicted to come through an extremely difficult labor can easily push the baby out within a few minutes without having any pain.
Tips To Enhance Milk Production
Many women realize nursing is more difficult than what they have imagined. Their babies may not have a proper latch-on or they do not produce enough milk. There are simple ways to increase milk production.
Suitable Positions To Breastfeed Babies
Whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding or both, in the first few weeks of babies, you may face trouble in feeding them. While every child is different and respond to the feeding in their specific ways, there’re some ways that can be applied on babies to know whether they’re in trouble or not.
Tips For Baby Bites While Nursing
Breastfeeding is not only a way to provide proper nutrition for babies but also a way to connect mothers and babies. However, what will happen if the babies are teething? You can be startled at least one time by their teeth. Continue reading to know some simple tips to cut down on future bites.
Breastfeeding Your Baby (part 3) - Your Nutrition If You Breastfeed, Breastfeeding More than One Baby
You will probably be advised to eat about 500 extra calories each day. Your breast milk provides 425 to 700 calories to your baby every day! The extra calories help you maintain good health, so they should be nutritious, like the ones you ate during pregnancy.
Ways To Reduce Levels Of Blood Sugar
If you are having any kind of diabetes, you should never let your level of blood sugar reach 300 or higher as it can cause serious damages to your organs and the other parts of the body. Things like regimens, stress, diseases and infection can make your blood sugar levels out of control.
How To Help Your Overweight Children (part 2) - Make sleeps become more important, Persevere in the healthy nutrition plan
Researchers find that sleep lacking closely relates to putting on weight. If children don’t have enough sleep, the changes in hormones and metabolism will increase their risk of obesity.
Tips To Prevent Prostate Problems
Prostate problems can happen to men at any age. Men who are over 50 years old have more chances of enlarged prostate. Ones who are younger don’t face with the problems so usually, but have prostatitis as a potential factor. Good prostate health can prevent some following issues as well as reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
How To Make Teenagers Respect Their Parents
As parents, you can stress teen's behaviors. Your girl may ignore or does not agree with your rules and standard. However, you may not realize the lack of respect is a natural part of growing up. When children become teenagers, they begin to build their own identity, attitudes and standards that may not fit their parents.
The Best Sleeping Time For Each Age
The studies show that people who sleep 7-8 hours every night usually have the highest life expectancy, and those who sleep less than 4 hours per day have shorter life expectancy than up to 80%. However, according to scientists the best sleeping time will be different at each age.
Foods That Help Increase Breast Milk
Some people decided to breastfeed their babies, and it is worrisome if babies don’t get enough milk from their mothers. Signs to know your babies get enough milk are six to eight wet diapers, the sound of swallow, and the increase of their weight. If mothers are suspicious about not having enough milk, there are some optional foods they can choose to increase the amount of milk.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 12) - Depression, Depression during Pregnancy , Symptoms and Treatment
Depression can occur at any time during a person’s life. If you have a history of major depression, you’re at increased risk of depression during pregnancy. In fact, between 3 and 5% of all women experience a major depression during pregnancy. It’s estimated another 15% have some degree of depression.
Don’t Make Mistakes That Cause Defects To Your Baby
Birth defects are extremely dangerous complications happening in the process in which the fetus develop mother’s uterus. Most birth defects happen within the first 3 months of pregnancy. These defects can be detected when the baby hasn’t been born, but there’re lots of cases the defects when the baby is born.
23 to 27 Weeks Pregnant (part 8) - 26-27 WEEKS PREGNANT - WHAT YOU DON’T NEED IN THE BEDROOM
You and your spouse will be busy this month getting your home ready for the arrival of your son or daughter. During this time, I have no doubt you’ll be entertaining fantasies of one day doing things with your child that your parents did with you.
Impacts Of Coffee On Diabetes
Coffee, whether contains caffeine or not, can seriously affect diabetics. Coffee has impacts on levels of hormones, and the ability to increase stress hormones. Drinking coffee can raise the level of blood sugar in diabetics, especially when drinking it with an empty stomach.
Top Foods Dangerous For Pregnant Woman And Fetus
Take a tour around the forums for women, I see that most pregnant women wonder “which food to eat, which food you should avoid in pregnancy”. It can be stated as one of the top concerns of pregnant women as not everyone wants to eat foods that are dangerous to their health as well as their baby’s.
Breastfeeding – the best diet for you and your baby (part 4) - Colic
It can be very distressing if your baby has colic, and you are probably willing to give anything a go. However, before you cut anything out of your diet, it is important to know the facts.
Want To Be So Sculpted And Powerful You Glow With Confidence In Sneakers And A Bikini Alike? (Part 2)
With nearly half a million people finishing a U.S. marathon last year, it might seem like you’re not a real athlete unless you’ve done a 26.2-miler. But new research suggests that the physical stress of long-distance races may damage your heart over time by creating scar tissue that ups the risk of irregular heartbeats.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 41 (part 2) - Inducing Labor
There may come a point in your pregnancy that your doctor decides to induce labor, which means labor is started to deliver your baby. It’s a fairly common practice; each year, doctors induce labor for about 450,000 births.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 41 (part 1) - What Happens When You Pass Your Due Date?
A pregnancy is considered overdue (postterm) only when it exceeds 42 weeks or 294 days from the first day of the last menstrual period. (A baby born at 41 weeks, 6 days is not considered overdue, even if it feels like it to you!)
Skin Care In Chilly Season
As it’s time for season changing, your skin also starts to face sudden changes in temperature, humidity…, which cause the skin to lose its balance, begin to peel and becomes dry.
Dangerous Diseases That Have High Genetic Risk
Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, cancer.... are the most common genetic diseases. Therefore, if your family has a member getting disease, you should have essential precautions.
How To Know A Relationship Or Marriage Is Over
Every relationship has a trouble. Sometimes, it is just a little thing such as arguing about dinner or watching TV. In addition, there are some serious signs to show the end of relationship.
5 Diseases You Easily Get In Autumn
Autumn is considered the moment that the weather has many changes, even interference between summer and winter. Therefore, in the autumn, the temperatures of daytime and night may be erratic, have large fluctuations.
Bad Habits Harmful To Children’s Health
According to nutrition specialists, pure water is considered to be the main drink for children. Juice and skim milk are also good drinks to drink in addition. Apples, cheese cakes or yogurt is ideal snack, a part from main meals, and good alternate for sweets.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 40 (part 2) - Pain Relief without Medication, Massage for Relief, Laboring Positions
Massage is a wonderful, gentle way to help you feel better during labor. The touching and caressing of massage helps you relax and helps reduce pain. One study showed women who were massaged for 20 minutes every hour during active labor felt less anxiety and less pain.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 40 (part 1) - Going to the Hospital
If you preregistered at the hospital before your due date, it’ll save time checking in and may help reduce your stress. If you didn’t preregister, fill out forms early. If you wait until you’re in labor, you may be concerned with other things.
Four Benefit-Driven Ways To Bring The Spa Home To You
Can’t squeeze a spa trip into your busy life? No problem! Read on for four benefit-driven ways to bring the spa home to you.
Good Habits For A Healthy Heart
Sleeping 7 to 8 hours, drinking a beer, eating less salt every day... are the good habits that everyone should practice to have a healthy heart.
8 Things You Should Avoid When Talking To Pregnant Women
Pregnancy is the time women become incredibly sensitive. Refer to the following things to make sure that you don’t make them nervous or hurt them.
Steps To Heal The Pain Of Divorce
Divorce is a painful emotional process that is depressed and stressful. It starts with argument about law principle, finance and ends with an end of relationship. Living after divorce is not easy and wasteful in time, but there are something you can do to turn your life into a right direction.
Test Your Health (part 3) - Complexion check, Tongue check
Look at your face and your complexion. Note its color and luminosity. Do you have a healthy glow or is your skin dull? Do you have bags under your eyes?
Test Your Health (part 2) - Dimple squeeze, Skin brush
On your upper thigh, about half way towards your knee, grab a handful of flesh and squeeze. Does it look dimpled and uneven, or smooth and firm?
Tips For Losing Weight After Pregnancy
The weight you gain during pregnancy keeps you and your baby healthy. Once your child is born, the weight you gain will gone. However, most women still have some extra pounds after pregnancy. Be patient while you are still recovering; pregnancy is a complicated physical process.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 39 (part 2) - What Is an Epidural Block?
An epidural block provides excellent relief by blocking painful sensations between the uterus and cervix, and your brain. Medication in the epidural prevents pain messages from traveling up your spinal cord to your brain.
Slow Down Your Crazy-Busy Life (Part 3)
Identify the high-stress parts of your day. Figure out how you can make those times more relaxed, suggests Ashley Stoffel, O.T.D., clinical assistant professor of occupational therapy at the University of Illinois at Chicago. If mornings are chaotic no matter how much you plan, try getting up 20 minutes earlier so that you have some quiet time to get organized or even do some calming stretches. Or try writing out a step-by-step routine to keep everyone on task.
Slow Down Your Crazy-Busy Life (Part 2)
The moms we surveyed say that money is their biggest stressor. It makes sense; the U.S. Census Bureau reports that in the years since the official end of the recession, the American family’s household income has fallen 4 percent, nearly the same decrease as during the recession itself.
Slow Down Your Crazy-Busy Life (Part 1)
You feel like you’re being pulled in a million different directions. Your to-do list is never-ending. You have to sneak away to find time for yourself. We get it! Our special report can help you find the calm that’s been eluding you.
Fix Your Form
Want fantastic form? Good standing posture means straight alignment from head to heel. In fact, from a side view, you should be able to draw a line through your ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. Get a friend to take a side-view photo of you and assess your posture.
Join The Resistance
Improve your striding form – and boost your all-round fitness – with these conditioning workouts designed to match your running goals
Six Diseases White-Collar Workers Should Take Precautions
People who do office works after a period time will usually suffer from diseases such as eye strain, back pain, cervical vertebrae degeneration, carpal tunnel syndrome, dull or dry skin, abdominal fat... Without appropriate treatments and adjustments, these diseases will affect the health very much.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Health and Medical History (part 3) - Celiac Disease, Chicken Pox, Cytomegalovirus , Diabetes
Celiac disease is a digestive disease that affects the small intestine. If you have celiac disease, you have an allergy to gluten, which causes your intestines to absorb fewer nutrients. Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, irritability and depression.
Running Fuel (Part 1)
But achieving your personal best isn’t just about training hard. What, when and how much you eat can have a dramatic effect on your stamina, performance and recovery. It will help you focus better and avoid injury, too. In fact, it’s the key to optimum performance.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 38 (part 1) - Tests You May Have during Labor, Breech and Other Abnormal Presentations
If you think you may be in labor and go to the hospital, you will have a labor check. Vital signs will be taken, a monitor will be placed on your abdomen and a pelvic exam will be done.
Tips For New Parents To Take Care Of Infants
The neonatal care for the first time can be a stressful experience; however, it can also be fun when you have the techniques and the appropriate support to take care of your baby. The parents are less stress than those who are not prepared carefully to care of their baby.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : Your Career and Your Pregnancy (part 2) - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome during Pregnancy
Carpal tunnel syndrome is characterized by pain in the hand and wrist, which can extend into the forearm and shoulder. It is caused when the median nerve in the wrist is compressed.
Quick Recovery From Birth
Giving birth is a hard process - physically and emotionally. You will feel exhausted and extremely painful after that. It takes many weeks to completely recover. Here is some advice that helps you to hasten the process.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 37 (part 2) - Vaginal Birth after Cesarean
Should you attempt a vaginal delivery after having had a Cesarean delivery? Medically speaking, the method of delivery isn’t as important as the well-being of you and your baby.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 37 (part 1) - How Your Actions Affect Your Baby’s Development
Most women plan on a vaginal birth, but a Cesarean delivery is always a possibility. With a Cesarean, the baby is delivered through an incision made in the mother’s abdominal wall and uterus. An
Change Your Life Before Breakfast (Part 1)
Early mornings are the best time to think, plan and achieve. So, set your alarm clock and hour or two earlier – it’ll open up a whole new world of achievement
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 36 (part 3) - Packing for the Hospital
Packing for the hospital can be unnerving. You don’t want to pack too early and have your suitcase staring at you. But you don’t want to wait till the last minute, throw your things together and take the chance of forgetting something important.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 36 (part 1) - Restless-Leg Syndrome
You have only 4 to 5 weeks until your due date. You may have gained 25 to 30 pounds (11.25 to 13.5kg), and you still have a month to go. It isn’t unusual for your weight to stay the same or change very little at your weekly visits after this point.
5 Ways To Get Beautiful Skin
A healthy diet will provide the necessary nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C, E, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids to nourish the skin. While salmon, flax seed, walnut provide omega-3, the citrus fruits, soy products, vegetables and garlic stimulate the production of collagen. Also, you should avoid consuming too much sugar to prevent premature skin aging.
Is Life Making You Angry?
Rage is on the rise, and the pressures of modern life can provoke us into self-righteous fury. What’s behind this anger – and how do we bring it under control?
Your Pregnancy After 35 : First-Time or Repeat Pregnancy ? (part 2) - Involving Your Children
Being pregnant when you already have children may raise some concerns for you. You’ll probably feel anxious about how the new baby will affect your older children and your relationships with them.
Your Pregnancy After 35 : First-Time or Repeat Pregnancy ? (part 1)
With a repeat pregnancy, you may feel baby move sooner than with a first pregnancy. Part of this may be because you already know what baby’s movements feel like, so you identify them sooner.
Ten Misconceptions About Cholesterol You May Not Know
While genetics plays an important role, selecting a diet has a significant impact on cholesterol level. If your family has high cholesterol genetic factors, you must take preventive steps and more active to keep your cholesterol level in normal.
Facts About Baby’s Listening To Music In The Womb
Nobody could be sure whether music has effects on fetal developments or not. There are some researches showing that fetuses can hear and react to sounds by moving. No one could really know the meanings of those actions as the specialists can’t observe fetuses easily as observing babies.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 35 (part 3) - What Is Placenta Previa?
With placenta previa, the placenta attaches to the lower part of the uterus instead of the upper wall; it lies close to the cervix or covers it. The problem occurs about once in every 170 pregnancies.
Secret Of Wrinkles
To decode secret of wrinkles, dermatologists around the country will reveal some unexpected truths that may surprise you.
What You Should And Shouldn’t Wear To Meet The Parents
Maybe they’ve known much about you for a few months or just a little since you’ve just been in a new relationship. No matter how much the time is, the first time you meet your partner’s parents may be exciting or terrifying.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 32 (part 3) - Cancer and Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a happy time for most women. Occasionally, however, serious problems can occur. Cancer in pregnancy is one serious complication that occurs rarely.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 32 (part 2)
If you’re expecting more than one baby, your nutrition and weight gain are very important during pregnancy. Food is your best source for nutrients, but keep taking your prenatal vitamin every day. The vitamins and iron in prenatal vitamins are still essential to your well-being and the well-being of your baby or babies.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 31 (part 3) - What Is Pre-eclampsia?
Pre-eclampsia describes a group of symptoms that occur only during pregnancy or shortly after delivery. Pre-eclampsia seems to be on the rise; the condition affects 1 in 20 pregnancies and accounts for over 15% of all maternal deaths during pregnancy.
Some Mistakes In Losing Weight By Jogging
Jogging is a good kind of exercises suitable to everybody and it helps many women be in good shape and stabilize body weight. However, there’re many people who make mistakes when jogging.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 30 (part 3)
During your third trimester, you may discover your nesting instinct—the overwhelming urge to clean and get organized. Experts believe this may be caused by an increase in oxytocin.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 30 (part 2)
Many women wonder if taking a bath during pregnancy is OK. Most healthcare providers believe it’s safe to bathe throughout pregnancy. They may caution you to be careful as you get in or out of the bathtub. Be sure bath water is not too hot. If you think your water has broken, don’t take a bath.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 30 (part 1)
A baby is usually quite active during pregnancy. We believe these knots occur as the baby moves around in early pregnancy. A loop forms in the umbilical cord; the baby moves through the loop, and a knot results. Your actions do not cause or prevent this kind of complication. A knot in the umbilical cord doesn’t occur often.
Some Benefits That Can Be Taken From Walking
Walking is one of simple and interesting ways to maintain health and reduce weight. Walking is the ideal activities for people at all ages. Especially people who want to get fast recovery from heart attacks and surgeries.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 29 (part 3) - Medications to Help Stop Premature Labor, Epstein-Barr Virus
Potassium-rich foods, such as raisins and bananas, may help reduce your risk of premature labor. Potassium helps the body get rid of sodium faster.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 29 (part 2) - Bed Rest to Treat Premature Labor
The treatment used most often for premature labor is bed rest. A woman is advised to stay in bed and lie on her side. (Either side is OK.) The term bed rest can cover anything from cutting back on activities to being confined to bed for 24 hours a day, getting up only to go to the bathroom and to shower.
Benefits Of Massaging For Pregnant Women
Becoming pregnant is the wonderful time in women’s life because you can feel that baby is developing in your bell. Especially, when you hope to have children before, this happiness will increase many times.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 28 (part 3) - ABO Incompatibility
Blood groups are designated as types A, B, AB and O. They are sometimes called the major blood groups. Blood tests are performed at the beginning of pregnancy to determine ABO type and screen for the presence of antibodies (antibody screen).
Be Cautious With Insomnia Due To Diet
Insomnia is considered the state that you cannot sleep or you have difficulty in maintaining sleep. You will wake up at night and after that you cannot sleep again. You will wake up too early or when you wake up, your body is tired and exhausted.
Discover Miraculous Uses Of Pennywort
Pennywort is not only a common kind of vegetable to eat daily but also medicine that can cure many diseases such as pimple, antifebrile, making beauty, improve our health, detoxifying, constipation, heart- lung diseases,…
Surprising Aestheticizing Effects Of Lemon Juice
Warm lemon juice is the solution for the problems about digestion. Lemon juice helps filter blood, it will reduce the risk of indigestion, constipation and eliminate toxins out of body. It can support for digestion and reduce sputum.
6 Kinds Of Drink That Protect Beauty From Computer’s Harm
The six following kinds of drink are not only delicious, easily done but also effective in protecting skin from the evils of computers.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 27 (part 3) - Babymoons, Lupus
Many parents-to-be are now scheduling a babymoon before the end of pregnancy. A babymoon is a prebaby vacation—a trip for expectant parents to reconnect and to enjoy each other’s company before baby’s birth. It usually focuses on relaxing and pampering.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 27 (part 1) - Feeling Baby Move
This week marks the beginning of the third trimester. Now we’ll be adding total length of baby’s body from head to toe. This will give you a better idea of how big your baby is during this last part of your pregnancy.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 26 (part 3) - Dreams
Researchers once believed dreams were random thought patterns that occurred while you slept. Today, they consider dreams to be your body’s effort to play back ideas and thoughts about what has happened in the past.
Stay Fertile For Longer (Part 2) - 6 steps to protect your fertility
If you’re a non-smoker, that’s good – smoking poisons your eggs and brings on an early menopause’, says Fleming. Cannon agrees: ‘Smoking is a no-no when it comes to fertility and is said to be the cause of 13 per cent of infertility worldwide.
4 Implicit Reasons That Make You Unable To Lose Weight
The thyroid gland failure is a disease that relates to thyroid gland. Nowadays, because of the condition of life, this disease becomes popular to women. When women have disease in thyroid gland, women can meet some symptoms such as tiredness, stress, sweating at night, not suffering cold feeling and not controlling their weight.
10 Surprising Things That Can Make You Look Older
One hour of watching TV will take 22 minutes from your life; doing exercise too much or too little can also make you old quickly or drinking water with straw will create more wrinkles on your face. As a result, you will become old quickly.
How To Eat Fruits To Prevent Tiredness In Summer
Fruits can purify the body. If you just eat fruit and drink juice in 3 successive days, you will have a young outlook, good health and sound mind in summer.
4 Mother-To-Child Infectious Diseases That Need Preventing
Those are tips that can help you to predict health issues and risks of diseases. By that, you can find better ways to protect your health.
4 Popular Gynecological Diseases Caused By Staying Up Late
Whatever the aim is, staying up late regularly can cause hormone disorders. Hormone disorders are the main reasons of gynecological diseases. Many women might know about it but not very sure about the specific diseases that they can have when staying up late.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 24 (part 2)
Many pregnant women are concerned about eating out. Some want to know if they can eat certain types of food, such as Mexican, Vietnamese, Thai or Greek food. They’re concerned spicy or rich foods could be harmful to the baby. It’s OK to eat out, but you might find certain foods don’t agree with you.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 24 (part 1) - Depression
Depression can occur at any time during a person’s life. Many things can contribute to depression, including chemical imbalances in the body, stressful life events and situations that cause anxiety and tension. If you have a history of major depression, you’re at increased risk of depression occurring during pregnancy.
When Was The Last Time You Did This?
Research has found that we don’t sleep enough, we eat on the go more than we do at home, and we’re not spending enough time with the people we love - and experts reckon these habits can affect your health in myriad ways. It’s time to stop, take a breather and acknowledge the importance of downtime.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 23 (part 3)
Some women develop diabetes only during pregnancy; it is called gestational diabetes. It occurs when pregnancy hormones affect the way your body makes or uses insulin, a hormone that converts sugar in food into energy the body uses.
Goodnight, Sleep Tight - Yoga Has The Power To Help You (Part 2)
The first thing yoga practitioners or yoga teachers must do to support a student's sleep is "educate themselves about sleep", says Philip Stevens (Swami Samnyasananda), a consultant neurophysiologist, sleep scientist and certified yoga teacher.
Goodnight, Sleep Tight - Yoga Has The Power To Help You (Part 1)
My sleep cycle has changed dramatically since giving birth. Before, I would wake early most mornings and head to the yoga studio for a dynamic two-hour asana practice. In the evenings, I'd be in bed asleep by 10.30 p.m. I was fit, energetic and easily able to cope with the competing demands of work, friends and family.
How To Be Well Thy
Want bags of energy, fewer sniffles and glowing skin? Who doesn’t! Luckily, it’s not an impossible dream. For a body that runs like a well-oiled, illness-fighting machine, you simply need to make a few easy diet swaps.
Fitting in Fitness (part 3) - Walking for Health, Kegel Exercises
Walking can be a great low-impact aerobic activity during pregnancy. It is an exercise that is safe, easy to do, and inexpensive. If the weather is less than optimal, you can try a treadmill or roam around your local shopping mall.
Fitting in Fitness (part 1) - Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy
Exercise has no harmful effects on a fetus and does not increase the risk of miscarriage or birth defects in a normal pregnancy. In fact, there is no doubt that if complications do not limit your ability to exercise during pregnancy, a regular fitness routine can be a big plus for both you and your baby.
Efficient Supports That Can Help Pregnant Women Sleep Well (Part 2)
To be comfortable before going to bed, pregnant women can ask the enthusiastic and devoted supporter – your husband to massage to help mother and baby relax. Some manipulations of massaging that your husband can help you are supporting head, relaxing neck, stroke eyebrow, rub back, shoulder and feet.
Efficient Supports That Can Help Pregnant Women Sleep Well (Part 1)
Having difficulty in sleeping, especially in the last 3 months of pregnancy is very popular to many pregnant women because the change of hormone and big size of body. Losing sleep regularly not only affects mothers’ health but also have a lot of bad effects to the development of fetus.
Eliminate Unpleasant Feeling In 9 Months Of Pregnancy
Becoming pregnant is one the most wonderful and interesting period of women’s life. However, some problems that you will meet in pregnancy can make pregnancy become harder. Therefore, pregnant women shouldn’t use any kind of medicine, so they often find the natural methods to feel more comfortable in pregnancy.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 21 (part 4)
Vaginitis covers a lot of conditions that cause annoying vaginal symptoms, such as itching, burning, irritation and abnormal discharge. The most common causes of vaginitis are bacterial vaginosis, vulvovaginal candidiasis and trichomoniasis. Bacterial vaginosis is the most common of the conditions and is discussed below.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 21 (part 1)
During pregnancy, you may hear the term meconium and wonder what it means. It refers to undigested stuff in baby’s digestive system. Meconium is made mostly of cells from the lining of baby’s gastrointestinal tract and swallowed amniotic fluid.
The Advanced Gym Athlete
If you have the animal instinct to train like a predator, over-come preconceived limitations and eat like a caveman, you may just have found your new sport! We take a look at the journey her husband Jon has taken, and the personal and physical attributes required to be a top exponent in the world of gym sport.
7 Ways That Can Treat Headache Efficiently
The change of weather and pressure of work can stimulate neural cells, so it can make many people have headache. The following ways can help you reduce the attack.
Things That You Should Know About Infertility Treatments (Part 2)
One of the most effective elements of the rate of conceptions due to infertility treatments is that husband and wife mental statuses. People who decide to have infertility treatments should be relaxed and open minded, avoid being too stressed and worried because those negative feelings can cause hormone disorders which affect the chance of conception.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 18 (part 2) - How Your Actions Affect Your Baby’s Development
Everyone has heard stories of women who continued with strenuous exercise or arduous activities until the day of delivery without problems. Stories are told of Olympic athletes who were pregnant at the time they won medals. This kind of training and physical stress isn’t a good idea for most pregnant women.
Some Bad Habits That Are Good For Health
According to researchers from Rhode Island’s Brown University, America, spending 20 minutes on chatting about other people’s business prevent 96% people from being stressed and worried in the nexr 4 hours.
7 Steps For Women To Have A Healthy Pregnancy
Pregnancy is always the most important period of time to every woman. This is also the sensitive moment because every activity of pregnant women such as eating, walking, exercising, traveling… all affects pregnant women’s health and fetal developments. To make sure that fetuses have 9 months and 10 days being safe and healthy in the womb, pregnant women should take notice of those helpful tips.
6 Tips That Provide The Best Diets In Hot Days
The weather in summer is hot and able to make your body tired and easily infected to diseases. However, with a little notice on eating you can protect your health. Let’s take a look at those tips following.
10 Tips To Maintain Weight Loss Success
Do not try to lose too much weight at once. In that case, you probably increase the weight faast after stopping the diet. Do not lose over 2 kg of weight at one time. It needs time to stabilize the new weight before going to the next step. This is the best way to not get fat again.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 17 (part 3)
You may be wondering if you want a doula to help you during baby’s birth. A doula is a woman who is trained to provide support and assistance during labor and delivery. The doula remains with you from the onset of labor until baby is born.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 16 (part 2) - How Your Actions Affect Your Baby’s Development
If necessary, amniocentesis is often performed around 16 to 18 weeks of pregnancy. By this point, your uterus is large enough and there is enough fluid surrounding the baby to make the test possible.
Avoid Harmful Misunderstanding About Sleep
According to a lecturer in Georgia State University, some people have to sleep much, some people don’t; everyone has a sleeping need that depends on identified genes. Many people think that a qualified sleep happens when we have no trouble to fall asleep.
Massage To Help Babies Eat And Grow Quickly
Everyone knows that massaging is an invisible string that can connect mothers and newborn babies. Those are considered one of the simple pleasures; however, they are extremely good for baby’s health. Many researches proved that massaging can help babies develop and behave better in life.
Super Foods That Can Prevent Skin Cancer In The Summer
Green tea is always the first thing in any lists of super foods that can help skin become healthy because it contains antioxidants, especially compound of against toxic EGCG. This compound will protect your skin from the ultraviolet ray.
Can You Father A Baby? (Part 2)
The infertility specialist will take a detailed medical history and perform a thorough medical examination of both partners. The man’s tests are easier and less invasive, which is why it makes sense that you go first before putting her through the ordeal. Dr. Firuza P., Director of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics, Jaslok Hospital, outlines the various tests involved below.
When Should You Have The Second Child?
The first thing that you and your husband need to calculate is the distance of the first time of giving birth and the second time. Researchers considered that women should have the distance about 2-3 years between 2 times of giving birth. This is necessary time for women to restore their health and reduce stress after the time being in labor and bringing up children hardly.
Sneaky Stay-Slim Secrets
Swimming laps while your friends sunbathe isn’t very sociable, but you don’t have to tank up and down for hours to get a calorie-blasting blitz. ‘Water provides around 12 times the resistance we get on land, leaning it takes more effort and burns more calories, but has less impact on your joints’, explains personal trainer James Osborn.
10 Things That Need To Be Done In The Second Quarter Of Pregnancy
In this time, baby will be stable in your belly, so women are often subjective and they don’t pay attention to womb a lot. However, you shouldn’t be vacant to some things in this period!
Surprising Truths About Fetuses That You May Not Know
At the first moment of the formation, fetuses are human. After 22 days of pregnancy, fetuses have heartbeat and in a few weeks later, they have tiny human-like shapes.
Japanese Important Secrets For Baby’s Weaning
Most mothers question and don’t understand clearly about this method when they exchange about Japanese weaning method for babies. It’s very normal when mothers feel confused about this thing because they have just heard, and read on blog without clear books or programs about this thing.
“Birthing Bravely” Has Nothing To Do With It
Up to 10 percent of moms to be are deeply afraid of childbirth, a common reason for scheduling an elective Cesarean section. But with group therapy, say Finnish researchers, frightened women can conquer their anxieties and have satisfying spontaneous vaginal deliveries.
The Mindful Motherhood Training
For this workout, you'll need a mat and a soft exercise ball (approximately 35 centimeters). Warm up with Chi Lunges: Stand with your legs together, arms at your sides. Take a wide step to your right, bending your right knee and sweeping your right arm to the side. Return to starting position and repeat with your left foot, bending your left knee. Do 32 lunges, total.
Fertility Falling Pregnant - Struggling To Get Number 2 (Part 2)
Other women get stressed because their family is not working out precisely according to the ideal plan they’d always imagined, fretting over time gaps between children, and how this might effect schooling arrangements, or the closeness of the relationship between siblings.
‎Low Back Pain During Pregnancy
Your spine is a cleverly designed support system. Like the spine of a book it quite literally connects and holds the body together. Every muscle is directly or indirectly dependent on the spine in some way. When your back hurts, it affects many other parts of your body and can cause you to become tired, grumpy and generally not nice to be around.
Can Childbirth Cause PTSD?
It's something soldiers often suffer after being in combat situations: frightening flashbacks and panic attacks due to post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). So when Meeka Centimano experienced similar symptoms after a pretty ordinary birth experience-an 11-hour labor in the hospital before delivering a healthy baby girl vaginally-she didn't understand why.
Tips That Help Educate Babies When They Are Still The Womb (Part 2)
While sound education has become so popular and been applied by many women, other educating methods for fetuses like educating by senses such as feel, taste, smell and eyesight are still quite strange. However, it hardly denies the certain effects of education on fetal development. Therein, eyesight education brings many positive, easy and safe effects to pregnant women and fetuses.
Tips That Help Educate Babies When They Are Still The Womb (Part 1)
The fetal educating method are getting more and more, such as educating methods based on senses, caress, nice pictures, mother’s movements… therein, the most popular and effective one is sound education. However, there’s not so many pregnant women having adequate knowledge about it, which bring bad result on both mother and child.
Tips That Help Office Worker Avoid Backache
You might have a feeling of fear which is very much similar to the fear of watching a horror movie when sitting in front of the desk as your computer make you stressed, make your eye dizzy and your back hurt…
Keep Away From Factors That Cause Fetal Defects
To pregnant women who have high fevers in the early pregnancy, their newborns will have no sign of defects but, the newborns still need long-term observation. When pregnant women have high fevers, fetal brain cells will be affected; fetuses will have a decrease of nervous cell number, which leads to intellectual disability.
Drinking Coffee In A Right Way Can Help Prevent Cancer
As caffeine in coffee can stimulate the central nervous system of the brain, help people be sound of mind, refresh the brain and improve work effectiveness. All are the reasons why many office workers can’t live without coffee.
Habits That You Should Remember To Have Good Health
Pick up the phone after 5 second ringing. These 5 short seconds can decrease the electromagnetic radiation’s effects on the brain. When picking up the phone right after it rings, the signaling system isn’t ready yet and has the most power of electromagnetic radiation. At that time, if you hold the phone near your ear, the radiation will affect the brain.
Unexpected Benefits You Can Get From Nude Sleeps
To many people, nude sleeps seems to be difficult to be accepted. In fact, it can be very helpful to physical and spiritual health. Nude sleeps helps your body be relaxed completely.
You Shouldn’t Feed Children Over 20 Minutes
Children that suffer from anorexia can be undernourished, reduce resistance and as a result, they can catch disease easily. However, there are 50% of children from 19 to 24 months old suffer from anorexia.
Safe Sleeping And Your Baby (Part 2)
If you feel the room is too cold for the baby, rather warm the room than having too many blankets and layers on the baby. Avoid dangerous heating such as gas or bar heaters. Panel heaters that attach to a wall tend to keep the room at a moderate temperature rather than oil heaters and under floor heating, which can heat up a room too much.
Allergies During Pregnancy - What to Expect
If you’ve suffered from allergies all your life, then you’ll know that even though your allergies can’t be cured, they can be treated with anti-histamines and low-dose steroids. But what happens when you’re pregnant and in the same way that you can’t drink, smoke, or eat sushi for nine months, you also can’t pop your allergy meds into your mouth anymore?
Chiropractic And Pregnancy
Aches and pains are par for the course when it comes to being pregnant. And the worst part is, since you’re pregnant, there’s very little that you can take (in the form of drugs) to relieve the discomforts that the majority of women experience at some point or another during their pregnancy.
Decoding Scans
A definite diagnosis of Down syndrome can currently only be made by invasive testing, commonly by amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS). Down syndrome occurs when the baby receives an extra chromosome 21 (trisomy 21). It is one of the most common serious abnormalities that occur and is associated with severe mental retardation.
Ways That Can Prevent Flu Effectively
Preventing diseases is more necessary and important than curing after diseases took place. The habit of living healthily and protecting health can prevent a lot of diseases that are easily infected such as flu. Some following ways can help you prevent flu:
Teach Children Healthy Habits Of Eating And Drinking
You should make a list and only put the foods that are useful for health in house. This thing will help children study the way to choose the foods that are good for health.
7 Habits That Can Easily Make You Become Old Early
Contacting with cigarette smoke, showing your face under sunlight or cold wind can be harmful to your skin and you will become old early.
Foods That People Over 40 Years Old Need To Avoid
If diet has a lot of salt, it will have positive effect to blood pressure. Salt will make body keep water and make blood pressure increase. When blood pressure is high, it can make heart, kidney, artery and brain in the stressed state. In addition, it can cause coronary thrombosis and stroke.
Find Out The Reasons Why Babies Cry (Part 1)
After 9 to 10 months waiting, you can see and take care of your child finally but, the child may tend to cry day and night, which may make your husband who has been stressed at the office faces with the baby cries. Though what should be done is glad, that can lead to a fight between husbands and wives.
Guidance Of Safe Bathing For Pregnant Women (Part 1)
The weather is getting complicated, the temperature is sometimes too high and followed by ill-timed rains and the humidity increase which all cause discomfort, the heat to people, especially pregnant women. Moreover, in pregnancy, specific physiological changes make sweat glands strongly operate, which makes pregnant women sweat a lot and discharge lots of vaginal fluid.
How To Help Pregnant Women Limit Premature Birth
In pregnancy, all pregnant women are anxious about premature birth. The following methods will help pregnant women protect themselves with the risk of premature birth.
Important Notes About Doing Exercise In Pregnancy
Doing exercise in pregnancy is very important. This thing is good for health as well as process of giving birth of pregnant women in the future.
How To Prevent Hypertension
Limiting salt in your meals can help you prevent and control hypertension. WHO recommended that adults should absorb 2,000 milligram sodium a day. Besides, you also need to be aware of the amount of salt in processed foods.
How To Help Pregnant Women Relax On Holiday
In pregnancy, change of body makes pregnant women’s body more tired and unpleasant. The following simple ways will help pregnant women relax effectively.
Wonderful Tips That Can Increase The Chance Of Getting Pregnant
How to increase reproductive ability (to both men and women) is a question with a lot of answers. Fortunately, in reality, there are many ways to improve reproductive ability. These methods have direct relation to lifestyle, activities, diet and effort of both husbands and wives.
5 Habits That Can Make You Catch Depression
Depression is imbalance about chemical elements, especially reduces production of neural neuron whose duty is to transmit information (serotonin, dopamine...). You can know the reason; however, experts recommend that daily habits aren’t exceptional when the spleenful state becomes more serious.
10 Reasons To Begin A New Day With Lemon Juice
With the effect of preventing oxidization and bringing good health, a cup of water every day will help your body and mind have a new vitality.
Beer Is A Wonderful Cosmetic For Pregnant Women
Many people think that drinking beer isn’t good, it is a bad thing. However, scientists show that beer is a drink that is useful for health, especially to women, beer is a wonderful cosmetic for hair and skin.
Mistakes Making You Gain Weight When You Have Breakfast
You like to drink fruit juice in the morning? However, you are busy, so you choose canned fruit juice because you think that this drink also contains enough nutrients and is useful for health. It is similar to fresh fruit juice.
15 Minute Workout Back In Action
When checking out your reflection, you likely give a quick spin to see how your butt looks, but barely notice your back muscles. That’s a shame, because they’re crucial to getting a healthier body (and can look damn sexy too).
Pregnant? You Can Stay In Shape
When news broke that Kim K. had hired top A-list personal trainer Tracy Anderson to keep her in shape through her new pregnancy, it was no surprise given the fact she’s built her fortune on her figure. But it’s not just body-conscious celebrities who should exercise throughout their pregnancy.
Eat, Fast Get Healthy (Part 1)
You’ve probably heard about intermit tent fasting experts say by reducing your calories two days a week you’ll slim your waist and reduce your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Finally, is this a diet that delivers?
Eat, Fast Get Healthy (Part 2)
While fasting might leave you hungry and affect your concentration, there’s evidence that it can boost your brain cells. The link between obesity and impaired cognitive function has already been widely researched, but advocates say intermittent fasting could prevent the onset of memory loss and age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
Experience Babies’ Feeling After Birth
After being born, babies have their own feeling about new life. We should find out about how babies experience their feeling to know how to take care of babies better.
8 Necessary Things In Pregnancy That Can Help Pregnant Women Feel Happy
Pregnancy is a happy period; however, pregnant women can feel uncomfortable because of changes of body. Pregnant women should do the following things to feel more pleasant.
What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You? (Part 2)
Dirt and bacteria aren't all you're getting from chewing your nails to the nubbins. "The mineral content of hair or nails is similar to the mineral content of bone," says Campbell. So if you're deficient, your body craves a supply of the minerals in the nail material. "Hence, the reward cycle begins and continues and nail biting becomes a habit."
Tips That Help You Be Healthy In The Office
A recent online study of Cintas Corporation showed that 84% of adults go to work when they are ill. The worse thing is that half number of them never warns their colleagues, so diseases can easily spread more.
Five Steps For Getting The Best Price (Part 2)
One of the most effective ways to get a low price is to have dealers compete for your business. This can be done by emailing or calling several in your area or I neighboring towns. Tell them the exact model, trim level, and options you want and ask for their lowest out-the-door price.
Five Steps For Getting The Best Price (Part 1)
Getting a discount off of a car’s sticker price doesn’t mean a lot if you give back the savings in other areas of the car-buying process. If you really want the best deal, you need to pay attention to every step, from setting up the right financing to the right financing to fending off last-minute sales pitches for unnecessary extras.
7 Lies We Tell Our Doctors
It's a strange phenomenon: We fib about our behavior to the exact people who could help steer us in a better direction. Read on to hear why-and how-you should always fess up.
Fun Or Fitness?
Tossing a Frisbee. Hitting the dance floor. Crushing your friend in Wii tennis. They're all great ways to pass the time and let off some steam, but it turns out that some of your favorite hobbies might qualify as actual exercise too.
I Want A Second Option
For many people, choosing to consult a second doctor or specialist on a health matter can turn out to be the difference between life and death. We spoke to three women who changed the course of their medical treatment for the better by seeking a second, third, and even fourth opinion.
Nutrition DNA Tests – How They Help You Lose Weight?
Weight loss isn't easy, and keeping it off once you've lost it can be even harder - particularly when what works for your partner or a friend doesn't work for you. You all eat the same amount of carbs, but while they keep dropping weight, yours doesn't budge.
Foods That You Should Avoid To Get Pregnant Easily
Normally, people advise couples have plan from 3 to 6 months before becoming pregnant. In this time, you will receive advice from specialized doctors and close members in family about preparing before giving birth such as vaccinating, studying how to count the day when ovum will fall, eating and drinking…
A Day In The Life Of Your Body Clock
You know that if your head aches at around 6pm, it’s probably because you’ve been staring at a computer screen all day (and may need to get your eyes checked), but why do asthma sufferers have attacks more often in the early hours of the morning and why does your skin itch more at night?
7-Day Method That Helps Babies Sleep Well
The golden rule to practice the habit of going to bed on time of babies is that mothers need an ideal space or quiet space having melodious sound and mild light. Babies themselves can ease and fall asleep without effect of mothers.
Dangers Coming From Eating Disorders During Pregnancy
Being obsessed by other people’s measures, they change their nutrition regimen in a negative way. Of course, it needn’t discuss more as those people are also the most stubborn on earth because they never listen to other people’s advice.
Exercises That Can Bring Better Labor
There’re lots of women thinking that in 9 months and a days of pregnancy; we need to take care of our health and avoid activities. They consider that exercising can bring dangerous value like miscarriage when exercising. However, this concept is completely wrong.
Tips To Improve Gestational Depression
The most happiness of married couples, especially women, is to become parents. However, lately, there have been pregnant women complaining about their headache, insomnia, concentration lack, sadness and boredom… After researches, it’s concluded as signs of depression.
Antenatal Cares That Shouldn’t Be Skipped (Part 2)
In the 21th-24th, ultrasound can help detect nearly all of fetal abnormality and morphology, such as cleft lip, cleft palate, organ’s malformation. That ultrasound is really important because the time to stop the pregnancy is before 28th week of pregnancy. Moreover, if you take ultrasound late, fetuses will be too big to detect malformation.
Top Red Foods Good For Pregnant Women
Foods that have bright red color not only bring good and attractive outlook to the foods, but also contain plenty of nutrients that are good for pregnant women, especially those red following foods.
5 Foods Incredibly Good For Health
Our daily regimens contain nutritious foods in order to foster the body. In particular, the 5 following foods will bring you incredible health benefits.
10 Bad Habits That Reduce Expectation Of Life
Most of people think that they are doing their best to have a healthy, long life. However, in the daily life, there’re habits that are thought to be harmless but, able to take out some years of your life expectancy.
How To Cope With Bad Smell Of The Body
Everyone wants to have good body smell but, when it’s hot or when you do lots of exercise, the secreted sweat will bring bad smell.
Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi: Which One Is Right For You?
Yoga is a physical, spiritual and mental practice that originates in India. There are many different styles to choose from to suit all levels of experience.
Your DNA Destiny (Part 2)
Down at his Duke lab back in 2003, Dr. Jirtle was on to something. He suspected that smart lifestyle choices could affect a person's DNA. But he also thought there must be a critical time for when epigenetic behavior can be set. Turns out he was right.
Your DNA Destiny (Part 1)
If modern science has taught us anything, it's how powerful genes can be. Their complicated codes inform everything from our intelligence and height to our health future. But emerging research in an exciting field called epigenetics is pointing to a game-changing fact: through certain behaviors, we might be able to redirect our biological destiny and sidestep disease
Your Fittest Body Ever… 4 In Four Weeks (Part 2)
Exercise when he's not around, too "You can always do 20 minutes of bodyweight exercises or go out for a brisk walk,” says Cahill. Buy a pedometer and clock up 10.000 steps a day; research by the University of Tennessee found that women who did this had 9% less body fat than women who walked less.
Your Fittest Body Ever… 4 In Four Weeks (Part 1)
Unlike other holidays, breaks from exercise generally last longer than you'd like and the souvenirs they come with are far worse than a novelty fridge magnet. You know how it goes: a couple of missed workouts soon snowball into months of no workouts and suddenly you can't button your favorite jeans.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 13 (part 2) - Working during Pregnancy
In the United States, millions of babies are born to women who have been employed at some time during pregnancy.
Can You Choose Where You Lose (Part 1)
We have all been told how fat works. Essentially, if the number of calories in beats calories out, you put on weight. But an increasing number of academics and those on the forefront of weight loss research are beginning to agree that hormones may play a greater part than was once thought when it comes to how and where we store fat.
Fight 4 Killer Diseases With Food
It's true that your DNA is a blueprint for your future health. But taking new scientifically proven steps can drastically reduce your risk for four diseases that target women. Read on and take notes
The Best Ways To Use Honey
Honey is especially good for old people and children because it can improve immune system. It’s also suit with people who have hypertension or asthma. In the storing and moving process, honey is easily polluted by botulinum toxic product.
Natural Secrets That Help Reduce Nauseating
Period of the first 3 months is considered to be difficult to all pregnant women. Mothers must face tiredness, morning sickness and losing appetite because of the change to hormone in pregnancy. Moreover, worried psychology about miscarriage can make women become more tired.
5 Ways That Help You Start A New Day
An overview evaluation about 134 researchers relating breakfast that was carried out by Leeds University (British) shows that memory, skill for solving problem smooth communicative ability and conscious ability will be affected negatively if we skip breakfast meal that is considered the most important one in a day.
Tips That Help Eliminate Wrinkles On Face
It’s difficult for women to avoid this thing. In reality, if women pay attention to daily diet, it will help them eliminate wrinkles on their skin.
Wonderful Effect Of Lemon Juice
Lemon juice will help you reduce stress, worry and your health is also improved.
Fire Up Your Motivation
According to a 2011study, those who did moderately intense exercise for a total of150 minutes a week- (30 minutes a day. five days a week). fell asleep faster and felt less tired during the day.
Power Moves
Yoga lovers don't just have hot bodies, studies show they can perform better at work, too. Use, these seven moves to bag a sexier physique and the big corner office …
Should You Go The Distance?
You’d think someone fit enough to run multiple marathons, complete long-distance cycle races or Ironman triathlons would be the epitome of health. Yet emerging evidence suggests the opposite may be true. For while there’s no dispute moderate exercise boosts fitness and heart health, some scientists believe endurance athletes risk permanent damage to their hearts.
7 Ways To Transform
When you took your first tentative steps into the world of running, chances are you had one wish -not to pass out! But as your experience grows, so do your expectations, and soon you’ll want to run faster and farther. Boosting your striding skills can be tough, so we asked seven fitness pros how you can reap your running rewards.
Usual And Unusual Signs When Babies Vomit
Vomiting is a normal phenomenon and it is very popular to children in the first period of life. The reason is that in this time, babies are gradually adjusting to smell, food, organs inside their body are developing so that they can be in agreement with foods that they eat every day.
8 Things Pregnant Women Should Avoid For Children To Have Good Health
The first thing that pregnant women need to avoid is using products for taking care of skin. Beautification is a necessary demand of many women, and of course, pregnant women aren’t exceptional. Many pregnant women think that products for taking care of skin will help them reduce pallid state and avoid sunlight in summer.
Lacking Sleep - Sign Of Serious Disease
In the case that the body cannot produce hormones, it will make metabolism slow, and as a result, it will lead to reasonable sleep. If you feel asleep and have accompanied expressions such as nails are brittle, easy to break, your skin is dried and you gain weight, you should go to check by endocrinologist.
Tips That Help Pregnant Women Sleep Soundly
In pregnancy, many pregnant women can feel tired which dues to sleeping disturbance. The following tips will help pregnant women to have sound sleeps.
Botox On A Plate (Part 1)
Your skin is made up of multiple layers of cells that constantly run through a cycle of shedding and regeneration, roughly every 30 days. Aside from the natural ageing process, lines and wrinkles form following a series of cellular changes that arise after oxidative damage, caused by factors such as environmental pollutants, stress and UV rays.
Live Clean Get Lean (Part 2)
If you spend your days squashed on public transport and then in a noisy office, a visit to the gym, with its whirring machines and blaring TV screens, may not provide the serenity you need. And if you don’t allow yourself adequate post-exercise recovery, with good nutrition, rest days and cross training, you risk overtraining syndrome or adrenal burnout.
Boost Your Performance (Part 1)
Running has never been more popular, and the new year always brings a mass of new recruits to what has to be one of the best fat-burning, muscle-toning, stress-busting sports around!
Why You Always Feel Tired
In daily life, you often feel low-spirited and stressed, especially in the hot weather. Effectively, the pressures of work, diseases, medicines, and life changing… are the reasons making you tired.
How To Deal With Baby’s Cry
There’re many reason causing baby’s cry. You should have some simple knowledge to sooth a crying baby.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 10 (part 1) - How Your Baby Is Growing and Developing
When pregnancy is confirmed, it can affect you in many ways. Some women see pregnancy as a sign of womanhood. Some consider it a blessing. Still others feel it’s a problem. If you aren’t excited about pregnancy, don’t feel alone. It’s common.
Drinks That Help You Be Healthy And Beautiful
Rosy-pulped polemo has red color, which is due to the lycopene substances, a carotenoid that helps the skin to be smooth. Researcher from a French magazine, Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, said that people who had a high level of lycopene will have the skin that is smoother and more radiant than people who don’t.
Foods Very Good For Eyes
To prevent myopia, you should provide a suitable amount of calcium of your body. The food sources that contain plenty of calcium are milk products, soy products and chicken yolks…
What’s In That Pork? (part 1)
Our analysis of pork-chop and ground-pork samples from around the U.S. found that Yersinia enterocolitica, a bacterium that can cause fever, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, was widespread.
Tips To Increase The Possibility Of Getting Pregnant
Stress can slow down or prevent ovulation. Women who are stressed usually have irregular ovulation. And the effort of having babies will increase the level of stress and make people fall into the vicious circle.
5 Fatty Foods That Won’t Make You Gain Weight
Your body needs to be provided with healthy fats to keep working, maintain the relaxing mood and balance the level of blood sugar; this even helps lose weight. The followings are 5 healthy foods that are rich in fat but really good for the body. Hence, it’s not necessary to completely avoid eating them.
Medicines Dangerous To Pregnancy
To the major of pregnant women, pregnancy is the happiest news. In that period of time, the palpitation, anxiety and thought that are due to the fact that you’re going to be moms in the future, can make you depressed.
Be Healthy And Beautiful By Eating Before Going To Bed
Bananas are considered to be the most natural and safe sleeping pills. Apart from balancing the level of serotonin and melatonin, bananas contain lots of magnesium that helps release muscles and create relaxing sensation, easily bring you into sleeps.
Problems In Sleep
Sleep is period that body takes a rest and recharge energy to welcome a new day. However, why do many people not charge energy, feel tired and even die in sleep?
Do And Don’t In Pregnancy
Not all of the pregnant women have enough necessary knowledge about pregnancy. To help 9 months of pregnancy completely and lovely babies develop well, pregnant women need to pay attention to the following things:
Will Babies Be Intelligent If Mothers Listen To Music?
Many American scientific researches prove that letting babies listen to music scientifically (use correct type of headphones, choose kind of music, time for listening to music…) has big effect on forming and developing their brains completely.
Pregnancy Week by Week : Week 8 (part 1)
Your uterus is getting bigger, so you should be noticing a change in your waistline and the fit of your clothes. Your healthcare provider will see that your uterus is enlarged, if you have a pelvic exam.
How To Improve Memory Reducing
Many old people often complain that they are forgetful. They worry that this state will lead to their memory will reduce and then it will lead to loss of memory and intelligence will decline. This thing can take place, but we can completely prevent it if we try to improve.
The New 9 To 5 Diet (Part 2)
This is probably the hardest scenario to avoid especially if you work in a large office where birthdays seem as common as Mondays. The plus side is that often there is not only birthday cake, but other celebratory goodies, which means you can gloss over dissin' the gateaux and move on to crackers with cheese.
The New 9 To 5 Diet (Part 1)
Between the 'back to back meeting day servo muffin', the B 'client lunch day third course' and the 'colleague's birthday sponge', it's a minor miracle that we working women aren't hauling as many spare types as a road train. But there's something even more sinister than a muffin top in office eating.
Genie In A Bottle (Part 1) : Zinc, Magnesium, B multivitamin
This is one of the most common supplement staples, zinc's a little sensitive when it comes to absorption, with many common factors causing excessive loss of zinc. Think stress, alcohol, cigarettes, gastrointestinal and digestive disorders and chronic diarrhea.
Apple Helps Increase Resistance For Pregnant Women
According to experts, apple contains a lot of nutrients that are useful for pregnant women and fetus. This is kind of fruit that is easy to eat and popular.
Golden Advice For Pregnant Women
At this time, you can feel all of your actions. And this thing is correct; mothers are people that are the most sacred to babies on this earth. Baby’s health depends on your living style. Therefore, you shouldn’t force yourselves to abstain and you shouldn’t spend strength for exercise.
Boost Your Metabolism : Trying Supplements
We have stressed that the first and best things you can do to improve your metabolism are to improve your overall health, nourish your body with ideal proportions of a variety of healthy food choices, and lead an active life that includes regular aerobic exercise.
Boost Your Metabolism : Being B-vitamin Savvy
B vitamins have the power to boost your energy, and thus your metabolism. They are particularly important for helping your body process fats, carbohydrates, and protein into energy.
Wonderful Effects Of Beans
Besides rice and flour, grain is also useful for people’s health. It is also the cheapest source of food. Moreover, it contains more nutrients than rice and flour.
Secrets To Take Care Of Health At Home
Sleep will take place when temperature of body is lower than normal. Bating with hot water will make temperature of body increase, it also delays brains to secrete hormone that causes sleepy feeling. Therefore, you should take a bath with warm water about 2 hours before going to bed so that it won’t affect quality of sleep.
Tips To Prevent Miscarriage (part 2) - How to avoid miscarriage
Pregnant women should have recurrent pregnancy tests at obstetrics center or hospital: Regularly go to the hospitals or medical centers can help you check and follow the developments of your fetus. Therefore, if something unusual happens to the fetus, there’ll be interventions in time.
Yogurt Can Help Reduce Depression
Professors from the University of South Bohemia (Czech Republic) carried out a study about the relationship between eating yogurt daily and improve depression. 20 students that had good strength participated in the experiment of eating 250ml yogurt a day in 6 weeks. Blood tests were taken before and during the process to have the comparison to the group of 20 other students that didn’t eat yogurt.
Treating Fever Wrong Can Lead Babies To Death
The story’s from a woman whose 3-year-old son almost died. Her son’s just been through a big fever; he was brought to hospital in critical condition. When she found that her son’s temperature was high, she put ice in a plastic bag, covered it with a towel and placed it near her baby armpits.
The Face Book
Scrutinizing your facial features can reveal vital clues about your health, from hormone imbalances to your risk of heart disease, so it’s time to get up close and personal with your reflection. Read on to decode your body’s warning signs.
10 Factors Causing Headaches
This isn’t a simple issue; if you think that you can be fine by taking some painkillers then, you’re wrong. You need to know the reason of your headaches to face it and have timely treatments. According to specialist, the 10 followings can cause headache
Boost Your Metabolism : Managing Your Minerals (part 2)
If your stress levels have caused you to stock up on antacids, you may want to consider supplementing your diet with phosphorus. This chemical element helps build strong bones and teeth, repair tissue, and build cell membranes, but it is also the primary regulator that transforms carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in the food you eat into energy and activates the B vitamins.
No more Counting Sheep
When you find yourself tossing and turning before finally drifting off? Do you often wake up in the middle of the night, mind racing with work worries? If so, you could be suffering from “Semi-Somnia” - a sleep disorder that experts are calling insomnia’s irritating little sibling’.
Swim Yourself Slim (Part 3)
This program is designed for beginner to intermediate swimmers who are not regularly part of a swimming squad or training club. It could be you never learned to swim properly, or haven't been in the pool for many years. Don't stress - just start by putting your toe in the water and take your time to build your confidence.
Swim Yourself Slim (Part 1)
Want to make a splash this year with real results and achieve your best body ever? Then try looking at some of the good old 'standard' sports in a new light. Over the next three months we'll provide an in-depth and practical guide to your designer body with workouts, training tips and exercise plans that fit seamlessly into your busy life.
Food Focus Spinach
Just 125g of fresh spinach will provide you with more than 20 nutrients, including more than your recommended daily allowance of vitamins K and A, almost all your daily requirements of folate and around 40 per cent of your daily magnesium needs, and all for around 30 calories. Bargain’
Are You Getting Enough?
The cost of living means supplements are a luxury many of us can no longer afford. So, is your diet up to scratch? We reveal the nutrients you need and the best ways to get them
It's Your Call
We don’t want to sound like your mum, but if your body’s started doing a little funny business, you really should get it checked out. Actually, maybe we do want to sound like your mum - a survey by Cancer Research UK and Tesco found that 40 per cent of people needed a nudge from a relative or friend to finally see their GP about a worrying change in their body.
Stretch Yourself Healthy
‘This ancient holistic technique goes beyond the physical, working with the deeper energy channels,’ explains yoga teacher Sally Lovett ( ‘Specific asanas [poses] can awaken and relax areas of the body to relieve and, in some cases, even cure certain ailments.’
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