5 Ways to Support Your Baby’s Development

Whether you have just had your first child or you are an old hat at the whole baby thing, it can always be a good idea to look for new and improved ways to help support your baby’s development.  From the importance of tummy time to exciting the senses, how to talk to your baby for optimal language development, keep reading to discover five ways to actively help support your baby as they navigate the first tricky and eventful first year of their life. 
  • Embrace bath time

Babies tend to love the water once they have gotten used to it, so you should use it to your advantage when supporting their development.  One of the best bath-time elements is that it offers your baby a chance to explore so many different senses. The touch of bubbles, the smell of soap, the sound of the water splashing. Not to mention the taste of the water, because you know they won’t spit it out! Make bath-time even more fun and exciting for your baby by treating them to a few well-chosen bath toys that are specifically designed to help stimulate their senses. Click here to discover the latest baby bath toys that are guaranteed to bring hours of joy for your baby. 
  • Focus on tummy time

You have probably heard this many times before but do not underestimate the importance of tummy time in your baby’s early development. Helping your baby to develop key physical skills such as controlling their head, you should start to initiate tummy time at the end of your child’s second month.  Don’t worry if your baby complains about this activity; it’s generally not something that many babies enjoy at the start, but you must persevere.
  • Play interactive games

Although you may think that your baby is not old enough to enjoy interactive games, from as little as six months, your baby can benefit from activities such as peek a boo and clapping games.  Even the simple act of dancing around the living room in front of your baby will teach them about movement. Plus, it is highly likely to make them smile!
  • Talk to your baby 

As soon as your baby is born, they can start developing language skills. This means that you should talk to them as often as possible so that they can begin learning to imitate the sounds that you make.  If you struggle to find topics to talk about with your baby, tell them what you are doing as you are doing it.  “Mommy/Daddy is just putting away the shopping now. Look, a banana.”
  • Avoid screens

Yes, you can find TV programs specifically designed for babies and learning apps that claim to help their development. However, during the first 12 months of your baby’s life, they do not need any screen-time as they can learn everything they need to from the world around them.  Instead, embrace educational toys, books, and simple objects from around your home that can encourage imaginative play.   
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