Forecast 17 Hot Trends of Autumn Winter 2012 (Part 1)

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The trends promise to make fashion followers crazy.

The weather is irregular, sometimes it is dry, sometimes it rains and cold, the changes forecast that a fall is coming, promising a new vibrant 2012 autumn-winter fashion season. In Autumn-winter this year, the fashion industry continues to bring the trends that will surely shake the world of fashion followers, the new trends include leather, classic peplum skirt.

Let's forecast the promising trends that will create 'storm' during the coming autumn-winter fashion season!

1.    Lace material

Lace continues to hold the top position in the autumn winter 2012 fashion season. From elegant shirts to sexy cocktail dress, this material creates charm and femininity for women.

Lace material

2.    Military style

Military style created strong waves during London Fashion Week. Some designers continue to bring the elegant jackets. Besides, there is the appearance of new sophisticated military-style dresses.

Military style

3.    Plain trousers

The plain trousers with classic fashion style of the 70s are back. To suit modern fashion, designers brought a new breath to plain trousers with colorful and eye-catching patterns.

Plain trousers

4.    Pink

Sweet pink tone 'dominates' the catwalk last autumn-winter. You can easily see the sweater, skirt and pink jacket in the autumn-winter fashion collections of famous designers.


5.    Emerged patterns

Besides gorgeous accessories, designers made their creations become much more attractive thanks to emerged textures and details such as embroidery pattern, check pattern, or dot pattern.

Emerged patterns

6.    Fur shoulder pad

Autumn and winter fashion can’t lack fur, it not only makes you look more stylish, but also keep the body warm. This year, in addition to the fur coats, fur is also used as a decorative detail to the shoulders, especially this trend will suitable for girls with weakness on shoulders.

Fur shoulder pad

7.    Peplum skirt

Peplum shakes the fashion world again, it does not just appear on feminine clothes but now it appears to on sexy skirts. These dresses are designed like pencil skirts, but the skirt is innovative with floating peplum line.

Peplum skirt

8.    High collar shirt

When the weather is cold, women say goodbye to the sexy styles; instead, they will wear style turtleneck shirt to keep warmth, they are also impressive.

High collar shirt

9.    Oriental style

The distinctive styles of China, Japan and India are inspiration of the designers for this autumn-winter.

Oriental style

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