Try these 20 recommended small tactics in 20 days, and your white skin will be woken up.

Description: 20 days waking up white skin

20 days waking up white skin

1.     The wonder of water

Water is very important in filtering and eliminating toxics from your body. Lacking water, cells will be dry, and skin will be chapped as well as contaminated easily. Healthy body and skin need about 2 liters of water every day.

Drinking enough water is a simple therapy to make skin become whiter, brighter and smoother, especially it helps reduce acne considerably.

2.     Practice

Strength exercises, such as walking, jogging, bicycle riding, and rope jumping, are especially beneficial to blood circulation and help increase oxygen level in blood. Accomplishment of your practice will be showed by your own skin; it will be much brighter.

3.     Say goodbye to sweet foods

Sugar has been known as a wonderful dead cell remover when used to massage. Pies, sweet candies, biscuits, and other high-sugar foods are bright skin’s archenemies. They make the skin’s collagen and elastin contents be damaged and this gradually causes skin aging.

4.     Get enough sleep

Thanks to sleep, body can relax. Skin cells are also renewed faster at night than day. So, sleep 8 hours. A deep and sufficient sleep gives you a chance to own a young and bright skin.

5.     Sun cream

Use sun cream to prevent skin structure damage, skin color change, and protect your natural ruddiness. Ideal sun cream is the one that does not make you feel uncomfortable when applied to your skin. Its SPF index has to be at least 20 to 30 for bright skin and 10 to 20 for dark skin.

Especially, sun cream contains titanium dioxide that adds more natural brightness to your skin.

6.     Remove dead cells regularly

Removing dead cells and making room for healthy new cells is necessary. However, do not use facial cleaner or dead skin removing shower that contains hard particles since they can cause microscopic chaps on the skin surface.

Via chaps, bacteria can penetrate into the skin and damage it. You should use dead cells removers containing smooth spherical particles and gently brighten every layer by circling and moving upwards.

7.     Skin moisturizing

Dead cells removal and moisturizing cream always be abreast. When skin is clean, pore can absorb nutrients and hydrate substances best, and it is time to apply skin moisturizing cream.

When buying moisturizing cream, pay attention to its brightening ingredients, such as hydroquinone, kojic acid, azelaic acid, mulberry extract, and grape seed extract.

8.     Eat plenty of colored foods

Oxidizers in calabrese and cranberry are wonderful agents that help prevent ageing spots and creases on the skin.

Meanwhile, beta-carotene in carrot and lycopene much included in potato are extremely useful in reducing UV rays’ damage to skin. These substances also play an important role in removing creases and preventing the process of damaging collagen membrane.

9.     Make up with powder, bronzer, and blush

Do not look down on powder’s strength after making up. Just some powder used correctly will highlight skin’s brightness. Using it along with bronzer and blush mixed with some yellow light is the fastest way to have a face with strong brightness.

10.  Facial skin peeling

Regularly peeling facial skin every week will be much more effective than simply cleaning face. Using peeling creams containing glycolic acid at low concentration or enzymes from natural fruits such as papaya, pumpkin, and pineapple will help remove dead cells gently.

11.  Skin moisturizing compound

Let skin moisturizing compounds perform their dual tasks – anti-aging and skin brightening. Retinoid, a vitamin A’s derivative known as useful therapy to treat skin injuries, also has a great effect on anti-aging and increase skin brightness.

12.  Take a steam bath

Steam bathing regularly will give you a healthy and bright skin. 1 or 2 times a week is enough. Otherwise, do not underestimate the shower’s effect inside your house.

Steam’s temperature can clean the skin thoroughly and increase blood circulation, so much oxygen and nutrient will be brought to skin surface, and this helps stretch the skin.

13.  Choose suitable hair color

The coming of summer increases your craving to change hair color, but remember that too bright or too dark color makes the skin be tarnished and become less fresh. If you want deep color, do not choose grey and bleach hair.

14.  Remove colored spots

If your skin has spots (such as burnt skin and freckle), ingredients like vitamin C, extracts from liquorice, alpha hydroxyl acid will help tarnish spots and increase skin brightness at the burnt or freckled areas.

Even when not facing this problem, skin caring products containing anti-ageing substance also makes your skin change from being nice to being perfect.

15.  Add vitamin

A bright skin needs vitamin A (supporting cell flowing process), vitamin B (improving skin moisture), vitamin C (preventing and recovering damage from sunlight), vitamin E (creating softness), and vitamin K (preventing blood vessel obstruction and dimming scar and deep mark).

16.  Facial massage

Spend 5 minutes a day at home to eliminate blackhead and greasy substance on the skin, renew your skin with dead skin removing scream.

If having much money, you can go to beauty salon to make a reference to skin caring or go to dermatological center for treatment.

17.  Use multi-function foundation cream

Do not think simply that foundation cream’s effect is just covering defect. Instead of that, foundation containing vitamin C will be much more useful to all types of skin, and especially it helps reduce colored spots’ appearance on skin.

18.  Get brighter with liquid highlight

Brighten up your skin and face with liquid highlight powder that has some pearl and no oil.

You can mix highlight powder with foundation, facial skin or body nourishing milk, or even use highlight powder separately. This is a simple way to make a face focus and skin beauty

19.  Isolate from cigarette

Cigarette is skin’s number one enemy. It is the top agent causing early ageing. Cigarette smoke breaks down collagen, damages DNA, and shrinks blood vessel, which reduces about 30% ability to move oxygen and nutrient to the skin. A beautiful bright skin needs to be separated from cigarette.

20.  Use more minerals

According to the warning of American Institute of Dermatology, making up with cosmetics containing minerals will be better in the case of plain face.

Minerals can deal with many problems with which the skin is faced – from allergy to spots. Thanks to them, you will have a bright and healthy skin.

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