With cosmetics, you do not need to buy too open-handedly.

Description: Cosmetics suitable for each age

Cosmetics suitable for each age

You should invest much in skin cream to care skin from inside and treat defects of skin. With make-up cosmetics, you do not need to buy too open-handedly.

Like fashion, many women have habits of buying plenty of make-up cosmetics. However, you should not spend much money on them due to two reasons: first, make-up cosmetics have shorter expiration day than skin care cosmetics. Second, even the color of lipsticks or eye shadows is new and fashionable; they are perhaps not suitable for you. Experts suggest that you should spend on items as below:


Description: Foundation


Many make-up sessions give formula of foundation layer: BB cream/ face primer – foundation – concealer – pressed powder – powder. However, when making up regularly for office work; you are not necessary to buy such whole expensive set of foundation.

In the age of 20, a tube of BB cream is enough for your energetic skin. It creates a thin cover, brighten and smoothen your skin. For night party, you should cover a thin layer of shine highlighter on T-area and under eyes to highlight contours of your face.

In this age, matters you need to pay much attention are acnes and oil on the skin. Therefore, you should choose foundation cosmetics that are oil free or non-comedogenic.

Step into the age of thirties, face skin begins to appear melasma or acnes. To have a perfect foundation, you should equip some conceal pens to hide easily these small defects. In your forties and fifties, you must buy primers to cover wrinkles, large pores, and increase brightness of face.

At that time, you need to facility more cosmetics the following process: primer – moisturizing foundation (if face skin is dry and too much wrinkled) – concealer (used when making up for party to have a perfect cover) – powder.

Eye shadow

Description: Eye shadow

Eye shadow

When you are 20 – 30, do not hesitate to choose bright colors such as cobalt, pink, purple, yellow, and so on.  Smokey eye shadow as grey and black is only appropriate for night party. Using them in day makes you look older. If you are simple and do not have much time to make up, you can buy palette eye shadow mixing 3 – 4 favorite colors.

Besides, you need at least a box of brown eye shadow for daily make-up. This color fits with all kinds of skin color and brings elegance. It never exposes defects of your face when you accidentally did not apply steadily.

Eye skin in the aged of 40 – 50 has lots of wrinkles, and less stretch. At that time, equipping eye primer is necessary. It helps eye powder not confound into wrinkles and be kept on your eyes longer.

Eye shadow without shine is suitable for women who are over 50 years old because eye color that is too shine will express clearly traces of time on your eyes. Camel, brown, light pink and light purple are the best ideal colors.

Lipstick and Blush

Description: Lipstick and Blush

Lipstick and Blush

It’s simple for under 35-year-old women to choose lipstick and blush. Any kinds are suitable for you. However, interesting advice is that you should have a cream blush. When clapping it on your cheeks, it will create natural pink. Lipstick with orange, pink, or red color makes you cheerful and powerful. You should have at least two lipstick colors, light and dark, to change in many occasions.

From 40 years old, many women only select dark color lipstick because of the agreement with age. In fact, on the contrary, elegant and light color of lipstick such as fresh pink, light pink, orange pink, and nude will help you be more youthful.

The only thing you should avoid using in that age is lip gloss. You can buy lipstick containing ingredient of moisturizer is enough. They are glossy enough and care for lip skin better.


Eyeliner is appropriate with all age. However, in the ages of 40 – 50, you should not draw eyeliner too dark because it makes the opposite person focus on wrinkles on your eyes. Therefore, soft eyeliner pencil will care for your eyelid better than eye brush or eyeliner stylo.

Black, brown, and brown black mascara are magic for the eyes of middle-aged women. It has effect on rejuvenating 3 – 4 years old immediately.

Eyebrows form clearly beauty of your face. Do not ignore them. 40-year-old women should use mascara to brush on eyebrows; that is enough for makeup every morning. If eyebrow end is too sparse, you can draw extra by brown powder. The older you are, the lighter and more scattered eyebrows are, so many people like tattooing eyebrows. Let choose light color like black brown.

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