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Our watches are like Chanel No. 5, classics that never go out of style,’ says Alain Spinedi, CEO, Louis Erard watches.

There’s good news for all the watch lovers in India. Swiss brand Louis Erard has recently launched in our country, bringing their signature collection of classic mechanical timepieces. And the best part? With great price points, and superior technology, they make for really smart buys. CEO Alain Spinedi, who was recently in India, tells us about the brand and its plans for our market.

What does the Louis Erard brand stand for?

The brand has been in existence since 1931. In 1992, the original family who owned it had to give up the brand. It was bought by another owner, but they didn’t do much with it. We bought it and are now planning to relaunch Louis Erard as what it was always meant to be – a serious watchmaking Swiss brand that offers great mechanical watches at affordable prices.

Description: Description: Alain Spinedi, CEO, Louis Erard

Alain Spinedi, CEO, Louis Erard

What are the challenges that you see with the relaunch of the brand in India?

The world watch market is not homogenous and so, with each country, we have different challenges. In India, the market for mechanical watches for women is very limited and this poses a major problem for us. Also, here the watch market is already dominated by brands like Omega, Rolex, Hublot, Longines and Titan. These brands take up the luxury and mid-market segment, making it difficult for a new brand to get noticed.

How do you plan to meet these challenges?

We have tied up with Ethos, the largest retailer of Swiss watches in India. This takes care of our main concern, which is the distribution network. I’ve been training the sales people and helping them understand the brand. People buying watches in the mid-price section are more flexible and the recommendations of the sales people are an important factor.


The ‘1931’ Regulator Limited Edition series with hand-wound movement comes in two shadesblack and blue

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