Sam Worthington

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This voice, these eyes, this sexiness… The Fun Fearless Male of Year has everything to become a whole new obsession in your screen.

When Russell Crowe and Brad Pitt are becoming too old to satisfy our imagination about a hot action hero, 35 year old Sam Worthington, with deep eyes and sexy bass voice, suddenly appears and knock you down. Our obsession has started when this Australian actor took the golden hearted soldier in Avatar and more motivations when he showed his body and braveness in Clash of the Titans. At the time he played a role as an agent hunting for a Nazi member in the Debt last August, we had voted him as The Fun Fearless Male of Year. This month, we should be prepare to see this A-listed man in the blockbuster Man on a Ledge, and he will soon wear back his waist trousers in the film Wrath of the Titans.

Sam stated that he wasn’t like those cute hero that he took the roles, but after this conversation, we’re pretty sure that he is close enough.

Many actors have become too famous when they’re still young –Is it true that being paid attention when you’re already grown-up help you handle this overwhelming issue?

If I was 20 years old and all of these things happen, I’m sure that I will become a stupid. But cause I’m 35 now… I think that holds you on the ground more regularly.

Why these 20 year old guys are such a mess like that?

Ah, you think that you know who you are when you’re 20. When I’m 20, I thought that I knew who I am. And when I’m 30, I realized that person has some bruises and some dark times. And you act like that, just like that. I had captured it instead of forcing myself to change. And when you try to catch these things inside yourself, you can really put more impacts into them. Don’t act like you know everything.

Is the affected glitz of Hollywood difficult your love life?

Yes, it maybe. I love my work; I love its world. But I don’t want to love only that world. I want somebody love me, love my bad habits. And even though I make some mistakes – for example, I wake up late or my socks stink –that’s what they're gonna love.

Are your socks stinking for real?

Yes, really really stink. The dog loves it but everyone else hates that!

Is there any special trait when you’ll look for a woman?

Work swings my emotions a lot, so like I said, you try to hold you on the ground. Therefore, if somebody has an ability to hold my hands and say, you know, everything is gonna be alright. The world is not end. If I’m with somebody and they can help me pass through all of these things, that’d be the best one because they see you as you are, which supposed to be a really harsh thing.

So you are a guy who wants attention?

Yes, I think most of the actors can become annoying! You have to suffer through 5 months acting on the space and rescue the world, and suddenly that family and that story disappear and you crash down the Earth, and have to do your own laundry… and most of the actors aren’t sure that their newest job will be their forever one. I said when you were 20 everything was easier. Of course, it’s not like that.

What do you do between those roles?

Cook with my girlfriend, take a walk and watch some shows like America’s Next Top Model, kind of – like other normal people.

Does your girlfriend also likes pop music matter?

I think it can help. The most important thing when you have in common that you does nothing and enjoys the love from the other half. I’d love to play board game with my girlfriend, stuff like that. We try to cook. And even it tastes bad, it doesn’t matter because the time that you spend it together is much more important.

What’s kind of board game?

We play Sorry! Yes, I like that.


It’s hard to believe that you play Sorry! after seeing you kill your enemy in All of Duty commercial.

Ah, yes. You act in Call of Duty commercial so you can look cool! In the film, they make you look tough and awesome, but in real life, it was completely different. I think I took these roles because in real life I’m kindnha1tshy and quiet. In real life, I’m a dumb guy.

What makes you worry about women?

It’s how we can be totally different but still can go along with each other, can still be good friends. I like that chaos. If everything is always simple it’d be really boring.
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