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Toenail color of the summer? There isn’t one. Nude and buffed is the only way to go, says Nicola Moulton

It’s a very British trait to want to see what you’re getting for your money. That’s why the thought of paying for a pedicure and not being presented with a splash of cheerful color at the end could seem, to our frugal sensibilities, churlish. But this summer, in an unlikely about-turn for a beauty world that regularly works itself into a frenzy over new nail polishes, the best-dressed toes will be wearing absolutely nothing – to hell with the expense! And trust us, after seasons of loud, show-off color, the clean, gleaming nails at the end of your feet will seem chic, understand and somehow fresher than anything you’ve had before. See the season’s runways for further proof: the directive everywhere from Prada to Ralph Lauren was that toenails should be perfectly devoid of any color at all.

Description: Toenail color of the summer

Toenail color of the summer

Soft, cared-for feet with nails buffed to a shine have much to recommend them: they look good with sandals of any hue; there’s no polish to chip; they won’t clash with your fingernail color; and, best of all, you can leave the salon without having to wait that seemingly interminable 20 minutes for them to be touch-dry. The catch, if there is one, is that without the pop of attention-grabbing color, your meet have to look pretty perfect. Luckily, the best new pedicure services have stepped things up a gear: think glycolic acid peels for heels, vitamin C masks for radiance and Japanese buffing powders that make toenails sparkle. And you won’t be denied the joy of a summer nail polish splurge, either – only this year a glamorous transparent top-coat is all you’ll need.

Best new pedis…

At Neville, the secret of Alex Kuddar’s Chiropedicure (it sloughs hard skin with a sort of mini sander), $ 124, is the P shine Lustre-producing powder that she imports directly from Japan – it makes bare toenails gleam without causing them to thin.

Description: Best new pedis…

Best new pedis…

A David Barton Pedicure, $ 85 at Percy & reed, now incorporates the Micro-Pedi: a gadget with micronized rollers that “take 10 minutes to get your feet to smooth”.

Dr. Howard Murad is now applying his facial resurfacing expertise to foot treatments. The Walk of Fame Pedicure, 54, includes a 40 per cent pure vitamin C mask to brighten skin and soften age spots.

The Sanctuary’s Perfectly Polished Pedicure, $70, involves a fruit-acid peel and hydrating mask.

Urban Retreat At Harrods is a (recently revamped) haven of luxury, and one of its star treatments is the new Exfoliating Intensifier, $ 117, including a 15-minute glycolic peel.

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