While most of us have the basics covered (mascara, blusher, bronzer, lipstick, etc) there are a few essentials that are very useful but are often overlooked. These basic items help create a flawless visage and are just as important as anything else when it comes to putting together a beautiful makeup look. Add these top essentials to your makeup bag if you don’t have them already!



1.      Eyelash Curlers

You will be surprised by the difference if you haven’t curled your lashes before. A set of eyelash curlers are affordable and open up your eyes instantly, giving you that fresh, awake look. Add layers of mascara after you’ve curled your eyelashes to create a dramatic beauty look with a focus on your eyes.


2.      Eyebrow Gel

This might not seem essential but well structure eyebrows are not only just trendy right now, they also add balance to a face. Keep eyebrow hairs in place all day by gently sweeping some eyebrow gel through them in the direction you’d like them to stay in.

3.      Lip Brush

If you ever hope to create precise lipstick looks, you’ll need one of these. A lip brush will give you much more precision than applying it directly from the lipstick. Instead pick up some of the lipstick on a brush and paint on to your lips. This trick is especially helpful for finishing off edges.


4.      Translucent Powder

Translucent powder comes pigment-less so it works with all skin tones and shades. Brush over skin to give it a matte, flawless finish. You can also dab this powder over spots as a concealer.


5.      Foundation Primer

This might seem like an extra expense but it pays for itself by keeping makeup products in place for longer. A primer is a must if you want your foundation to stay put for a long period of time.

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