With better weather on its way and the spring months rolling on, here are some quick tips to prepare you for the season ahead. Lighter dressing means more flesh exposed, so prepare for shorts-wearing weather by doing your best to get in top shape – de-fuzz those legs, file nails and target cellulite now! Feel and look your best by checking out our simple and easy tips for the coming months.


1.      Manicure & Pedicure

While your feet have probably been stuck in boots for months, sandal-wearing weather is almost here. Prepare by getting a manicure and a pedicure – you can even give yourself one at home easily. Blush tone nail polishes are a big hit for spring, so finish off your filed nails with a lick of pale pink polish which is neutral and matches everything as a bonus.


2.      Bronze Your Skin


If you are naturally pale skinned, a little bronzer goes a long way. St. Tropez make the best fake tan (it may be expensive but a full sized bottle lasts all summer long), while a powder bronzer brushed on  to your cheekbones will make you look instantly sun-kissed.


3.      Target Cellulite

Target cellulite areas (most commonly buttocks and back of thighs) with a cellulite brush – this increases cirulation in these areas which is known to help get rid of that orange peel look. There are also cellulite lotions you can apply after your done if you want to boost your good work.


4.      Treat Your Hair

If you want to the sun to bounce off your shiny locks, try a moisure hair mask - it will also help with any damage which is important as the weather heats up and exposure to sun rays/burnt scalp can leave hair parched.


5.      Wax & Oil Legs

Get your legs ready by waxing all areas and then applying some moisturizing leg oil – this will target any dry areas and also give your legs a beautiful shine which looks great in the sun.

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