We all need to take stock of our diets every once and a while and make changes to keep ourselves as healthy as possible. Here are 5 simple diet tips you can try that will boost your health but are very simple, easy adjustments to make – and you don’t have to cut out anything! Here are 5 top tips for adjusting your diet that will make you feel amazing!



1.       Eat a Healthy Breakfast

As the saying (albeit it may be a tired one) goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Stay sharp and feel great by kick-starting your day on the right foot: fruit, yogurt and whole grains and good places to start but feel free to experiment with new healthy recipes.


2.       Try a Healthy Juice or Smoothie

There is a reason juicing is such a huge trend right now – downing your 5-a-day in one glass is amazingly beneficial and easy, keeping you healthy and it does great things for your skin!


3.       Eat Affordable Superfoods

While some superfoods are overpriced or hard to find, there are plenty of nuts, vegetables and more that have been branded as superfoods and are actually wallet friendly – look out for Kale, Dried Cranberries, Pinto Beans and Tea for example.

4.       Cut Out Sugary Drinks

Many people don’t notice the amount of sugar in drinks but it all adds up and can be quite dangerous. Look out for sugar-free alternatives that don’t sacrifice the taste, you’ll even find sugar-free drinks at coffee shops and supermarkets, so switch out what you usually drink for something with a lower sugar content.

5.       Give Vegetarian or Vegan Cooking a Go

This is your chance to shine in the kitchen: vegan or vegetarian recipes are healthy and best of all, they shake up your usual boring meal routine. Try a trial run and see how you do. Kick things off with a vegetable curry and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and make something that you’ve never tried before – practice makes perfect.

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