Keeping their hair and beauty looks simple when they aren’t hard at work or about to hit the red carpet, these 5 celebrities all say they’re low maintenance when they’re off-duty and have shared their own regimes. From simple wash-and-go hair to splashing on just some tinted moisturizer instead of foundation, these stars aren’t afraid to relax their upkeep when they’re taking a day off and they’re happy to allow their natural beauty to shine through instead.

1.      Cheryl Cole

Cheryl just does the basics and adds in a hair mask to keep her locks looking great: ''I am low maintenance. I cleanse and moisturise and every week I also make sure I apply a hair mask; my favourite is Elvive Full Restore 5 Mask Pot, as it intensely conditions my hair. I make sure I take all my make-up off at night and wash my face. Skin repairs itself as you sleep, so it's best to do it then. It's also important to get enough sleep and drink a lot of water.''

2.     Halle Berry

Halle doesn't believing in wearing too much makeup: "Less is more. When I wear too much make-up, I feel like a man in drag. I prefer to be low-maintenance. My beauty routine has changed since I became a mother. Now all my efforts are for her. I don't style my hair much any more, but I do hers all the time!"


3.     Leighton Meister

Leighton isn't fussy and relaxes her makeup and hair when not working: "I get serious make-up every day; it's like playing dress-up! But it takes its toll because you're being touched constantly. If I'm not working I'll wear a tinted moisturiser. When it comes to my hair, I'm wash and go! When I want to look like I've made an effort I leave it down. When it's up, people think you don't want to show it off! It's a good trick."

4.     Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole likes to throw her hair in to a ponytail: "I have a hectic schedule, so my daily beauty regime is pretty low-maintenance... I have very long, thick hair - it's like a horse's mane! - so I tend to wear it up. I'll often pull it back into a high bun; it takes two seconds and still looks really chic."

5.     Thandie Newton

Thandie applies simple foundation: "If you're low-maintenance, it's really important that the stuff you do use really works. It's all about multi-tasking. The kids have to be at school by 8.30 every day and I don't want to look like I've just got out of bed so I wash my face and I put on Olay's Total Effects Touch of Foundation."

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