Summer is coming with exciting entertainment plans, and also is challenge for girls’ make-up.

Description: Make-up tips for oil skin in summer

Make-up tips for oil skin in summer

Make-up in the humid weather is not easy, but actually you only need to change a little in your daily habits.

1.     Do not forget base cream

Description: Do not forget base cream

Do not forget base cream


A layer of base cream after that of lotion cream will create a smooth base. This know-how helps to stay makeup smoothly all day without being gone, even when you are outside for acting and sweating a lot.

2.     A light foundation layer

It is better to replace the foundation cream with the moisturizing base cream. This tip makes your face’s skin look lighter. If you are still afraid of appearing defects, just put a little foundation on them and around the nose.

3.     Suggestion for you - Copper

To brighten and freshen your face in the summer, makeup experts recommend that you should use copper tone in the high points on the face, where light focuses most, such as forehead, chin, cheeks and nose.

(Do not cover whole face because that will look very rough). The copper powder is easy to make, try to mix many types of powder together, and then choose the colors looking very real. Try brown or light brown.

4.     Try the bright tones

The vivid colors will make your face brighter and your skin healthier. If you are still preferred neutral colors, a little apple pink on your cheeks would be great idea. Blush is the perfect choice for you.

5.     Resolve greasy skin, increase brightness

Hot weather makes T-area becomes greasier. Solving this problem is nothing more effective than oil absorbent paper. If you want the makeup look better, use this paper to absorb the oil, and then use compressed powder on T-area to create some light points.

6.     Do not use too thick lipstick

Description: Do not use too thick lipstick

Do not use too thick lipstick

The girls with dark lips often think they do not need to lipstick in this weather, many of them choose non-color lipstick, even ... without lipstick.

Experts recommend you should use lipstick whose color is similar to yours’ lips, so they will look soft and full of vitality, moreover, lipstick also provide SPF to protect your lips from sunlight.

7.     A waterproof Mascara

If you try to use waterproof mascara that is not effective, it was time to replace a new one. However, today's mascara formula is more modern, and mascara often has a longer life.

One more tip to make up more realistic is using kind of brush that has long handle, smooth hair in order to make pollen be spread evenly, stick on your skin naturally, and not be flat or lumpy.

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