Active Wear : She's A Knockout!

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Cover model Minki Van Der Westhuizen packs a punch in re-hot boxing gear. Being tough has never looked so sexy.

Pleased as punch

This loose-fitting cardio is a great addition to your workout wear. It’s also stylish and convenient for post-gym cappuccinos with friends. Consider investing in a pair of trendy sneakers too.

Description: Pleased as punch

Pleased as punch

Lean back

Jazz up your active wear with these dropped crotch joggers. They offer freedom and let you max out on the comfort factor. A pair of trendy trainers will add extra oomph to your look.

Lean back

Black and blue

Description: Black and blue

Black and blue

If you like the comfort of working out in shorts, then wear an edgy zip-up hoodie to keep you snug in winter. Team with a cute, practical tank top, and you’ll have all the essentials for a great gym outfit.

Tough cookie

Black makes for chic, slimming workout attire. Glam up your look with a splash of red and a pair of, let’s face it, rather sexy boxing gloves.

Description: Tough cookie

Tough cookie

From our pro

Lesley Flavell is a personal trainer and boxercise instructor. She’s a partner in Durandt’s Boxing World in Sandton, Joburg.

Boxing basics

Boxing can burn up to 2 000kJ in 40 minutes. Use the tips below to learn how to be a knockout!

·         Why box?

It’s an effective way of improving fitness and body tone. It’s also great for weight loss because of the intensity and variety. Every class also incorporates the use of functional training methods like weighted balls as well as core and ab work.

·         What to expect

Boxing is a method of interval training with bouts of intense exercise followed by short recovery periods. A typical session is 60 minutes. Depending on your fitness, some jumping, weight work, core exercises and stairs are used. You can also lightly box some rounds with a trainer, wearing full headgear and gum guards.

·         Need to know

You need to be taught the basics by a qualified instructor. You’ll need training gear, gloves, handwraps and a water bottle.

·         Where to go

Joburg: Durandt’s Boxing World: durandtboxingworld.co.za

The Randburg Boxing Club: randburgboxingclub.co.za

Cape Town: The Armoury: armouryboxing.com; East City Boxing: eastcityboxing.co.za

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