Love Your Shape (Part 1)

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We all – even celebrities – have body hang-ups, but the key to looking reat is dressing for your figure. We’ve picked the perfect autumn trends for you…

The shape apple

Everyone envies your great pins and neat bum, even if you worry you don’t have a waist.

The aim

To make your torso look longer and slimmer, and balance out your middle by drawing attention to assets such as your face and legs.

Description: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore

Description: C:\Users\ACER\Downloads\Desktop\CZJ-px.jpg

Catherine Zeta Jones

How to shop for your shape.

·         Stay clear of short tops. A definite no-no.

·         Flash those pins! Show off your legs in shorter skirts and narrow trousers.

·         Slim-fit jeans and flat-fronted or side-fastening trousers are an apple’s best friend.

·         Avoid clingy fabrics on your top half. Loose fitting layers that skim curves are perfect.

·         Cowl-neck tops draw attention upwards.

·         Create a slimming panel down your front with an open cardigan or waterfall jacket.

·         Invest in support underwear – it works.

Your shopping list

·         Long tops

·         Cardigan

·         Slim-fit trousers and jeans

Your wardrobe ditch list

·         Anything with a waistband

·         Cropped jackets

·         Belts in a contrasting color

·         Bias-cut

The shape athletic

Clothes look great on you as your shoulders, waist and hips are the same size – supermodel stature!

Description: Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley

Description: Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts

The aim

To create curves for a feminine look using tailoring and details such as pleats, ruffles and pattern.

How to shop for your shape

·         Buy prints in proportion to your size – if you are slim or petite, choose small patterns with little contrast.

·         Tops and shirts with breast pockets add volume to your top half.

·         Add stripes to your wardrobe with some horizontal lines and patterns.

·         A belt or anything cinched in at the waist adds definition.

·         A-line dresses or skirts help create the illusions of a waist and hips.

·         Most things look good on you, but avoid baggy clothes – they will drown your figure.

·         Emphasize your bust with halter-neck tops.

·         Slim-fitting trousers and tight jeans show off your slender frame.

Your shopping list

·         Sweetheart necklines

·         Collared shirts

Your wardrobe ditch list

·         Anything shapeless

·         Stiff fabrics

The shape pear

Our classically beautiful British shape – a slender upper body and bootylicious bum

Description: Davina McCall

Davina McCall

Description: Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis

The aim

To elongate your figure, balancing your hips and shoulders while showing off your curves.

How to shop for your shape

·         Even out your proportions using color – choose dark tones for your bottom half and light colors for your top.

·         Draw attention to your top half with a statement necklace.

·         V-and boat-necks help broaden shoulders.

·         Empire cuts and A-line shapes will skim wide hips.

·         When buying jeans, try some with a lower rise to make your bum look smaller.

·         Dark denim jeans are your best friend.

·         Show a little skin around your neck and shoulders to highlight your face.

·         Subtle shoulder padding in coasts and jackets will balance your shape.

·         A halter-neck dress will visually elongate your legs, making you look slimmer.

Your shopping list

·         Dark-colored bottoms

·         Tops with horizontal lines

·         Trousers with a slight flare

Your wardrobe ditch list

·         Horizontal stripes on your bottom half.

·         Shiny fabrics

·         Anything that tops on the widest part of your hips

·         Waist clinching

·         Cropped jackets

·         Pleats on your bottom half.

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