Selena Gomez (part 2) - Kiss and tell

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Kiss and tell

Not about Selena’s characteristics, she always looks mature early. Even when she was a teenage girl, she had a sexy appearance which definitely didn’t fit her age that time. She reminisced a picture she took when she was 15 and “they kept telling me to smile more. Then I thought, why didn’t they allow me to look more serious?” The photographer said she was too sexy when she didn’t smile. “And he didn’t want me to be sexy as I was so young”.

At that time Selena even didn’t know what sexy meant but now she is absolutely pleasant with it. “I tend to it little by little – it’s not necessary to be the sexy symbol or anything but become more confident with the fact that I’m a woman.”

Selena also orients the first earnest relationship (with Justin Bieber). He is not her first lover – it is said that her ex was included Taylor Lautner and Nick Jonas, “old love still comes without invitation” in 2010. However she admitted that the relationship with Justin was tougher than anything she had had before. “I had a relationship before, that I had to hide everything and it was not my choice”, Selena said, might imply her ex Nick Jonas. “I had to go through different exits, by private cars and did craziest things, and it was really not worth. It was as if I had wasted one year in my lifetime”. Justin and Selena have dated since the end of 2010, and she officially confirmed their relationship in March 2011, after they walked on the red carpet together in Vanity Fair party of Oscar Awards. “Almost our dates is online”, she laughed. This powerful couple may have the busiest schedule in Hollywood, and it’s a miracle when they can be together in the same place.

So what do they do when they are together? Tabloids unveiled Justin showed off their romantic dates. It was said that he had rented Staples center in L.A to privately watch Selena’s favorite movie, Titanic with her, and they were taken photos when going the beach together. Nonetheless, Selena said it was nothing more interesting. “I’m also like other 19-year-old girl. If you love, you love completely, and you just want to go to the cinema, wander, as normally as possible. I’m so lucky to find a person who thought like that”

Obviously, fans want to see them together forever. However, if not, Selena said love would defeat everything. “It is the strongest. As referring to my family, friends, relationship…they are my primary concern”, she said. “You live just one time and I want to be proud of everything I did and live happily. I want to say that I lived happily, really fully.”

After that, she stood up, stroked her dress and smiled – clearly, she was enthusiastic to return her life. She is coming to Europe to organize an event in several days and busy with costume designers to choose her outfits. Evidently, she will spend some minutes with Justin before she goes.


Nickname: Sel

The most annoying:insipid people.

The best way to treat Bieber Fever is:

a.    Spray his perfume to think about him all the time.

b.    Replay “Baby” till you can’t listen to it anymore.

c.    Continuously watch Never Say Never to feel that you’re with him 24/7.

d.    You can’t treat Bieber fever.

If I can choose a miracle, I will want to: turn back the time.

I’m often mistaken for:

a.    Lucy Hale (v)

b.    Demi Lovato

c.    Rebecca Black

d.    Miranda Cosgrove

The craziest thing I did for a boy is:

Flew to South America

2 days without sleeping

If I weren’t a singer/actress, I’d like to be: bakery owner

Good advice I often say:

Less is more

Wash your faces every night

Favorite part of my body:

  1. belly
  2. butt
  3. chest
  4. lips
  5. other: legs
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