Tips For The First-three-month Pregnant Women To Be Well-dressed

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In the first 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women almost do not have many changes, so making use of old clothes is necessary.

Description: Tips for the first-three-month pregnant women to be well-dressed

Tips for the first-three-month pregnant women to be well-dressed

In the first three months, you can also put on the most colorful clothes in your closet. Some women have not had any signs of pregnancy on body yet, so they could still wear old costume as usual.

In the third month of pregnancy, you will feel your pants a little tight. A small tip to help you fit your jeans is lightly sewing a soft rubber band into the edge in order to make jeans elastic and easy to wear.

One of the changes that is easy to recognize in the first three months of pregnancy is that your breasts become soft and bigger than previous. Some time they can increase up to 2 sizes. You will see that the old bras are not suitable for your breasts any more.

Making the breasts feel comfortable is very necessary but do not buy many bras at once because your breasts will grow more in next months. In this case, you should buy matching pieces which are used to expand the bras. These matching pieces help your bras widen and you feel more easeful. They are bought in the market with quite cheap price.

Description: Long blouse is great choice for women in the first days of pregnancy.

Long blouse is great choice for women in the first days of pregnancy.

Choose multi-layer shirts and long blouses

You can wear multi-layer shirt and long blouse to cover big belly in the first some months of pregnancy. You can buy some sleeveless shirts and coats with basic colors such as white, black, gray, red and be sure that they have reasonable length.

If your breasts are too big to fasten upper buttons, you should wear a sleeveless T-shirt inside and a coat outside, and open upper buttons. You will be very stylish by mixing clothes like that.

If your belly becomes bigger and the shirt is not long enough to cover the gap between shirt and edge of pants, you should put on a long sleeveless T-shirt having color opposite to the color of exterior shirt. You may both cover your big belly and look fashionable in this style.

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