Great Non-Toy Gifts for Boys

Toys, toys, toys. They are one of the most exciting things a child can receive after the bare essentials, and they are often a go-to gift from the loving grandparents, the mischievous auntie, or the parents themselves. While it is great fun for the children to have copious amounts of toys to play with, sometimes the adults want to branch out a little. If not the fact that their children’s closet is overflowing. This piece will take a look at some of the great non-toy gifts you can get for boys, which they will love! Camping Gear Perfect for any child, camping gear is a brilliant gift to help your little ones start to explore the outside world. Even if it is in the back of your yard! Items such as pop-up two-person tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, and a camping lantern can really give them a fun and simple camping experience. Do not forget to get some marshmallows to toast with them too!

Subscription Boxes

Children are very perceptive, so when they see your weekly or monthly box pop through the letterbox, they are probably wondering why they cannot get treats in the post too! Subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving, and the good thing about them is that you can get almost anything in them, which includes the essentials. We all know how fast kids grow out of clothes, not to mention they get to an age where they want to put their stamp on things, so investing in subscription boxes for boys filled with clothes is a great way!

Hobby Supplies

Having a hobby is brilliant for people of all ages, and it can do wonders for our health too. Children usually have a little more time to find out what hobbies they like, and are able to do them more regularly, which means gifting your children with different hobby ideas would be a great way to help them discover what interests they have at an early age, and give them a good variety of learning and enrichment opportunities.  Some of these could include:
  • Craft kit – Let your kid discover the Picasso in them, or watch them amaze you by building a transformer from nothing but boxes, tape, and some felt pens!
  • Bug kit – Encourage them to explore the wonders of the insect world while asking them nicely to keep what they discover outside of the house.
  • A microscope kit – Watch their scientist career blossom while they use a microscope to find and observe all of the particles that are around us.
  • Digital camera - Has your child watch you get snap-happy while you are out on vacation and wants to join in on the fun? Kids take some wonderful and hilarious photos, so a digital camera is a great choice that rewards everyone! 
Just remember, children will love many things you choose, as playing is not just for toys – the whole world is a playground!
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