5 Best Celebrity Beauty Tips for Turning Back the Clock
Some believe hair colour can make someone look instantly younger, while others think taking care of their skin or working out regularly is what keeps them looking their best over the years
5 of Jamie Chung’s Best Makeup & Beauty Tips
Korean American actress Jamie Chung is always so effortless, with flattering makeup that highlights her always present gorgeous glow.
5 Stars Share Their Pregnancy Health & Beauty Tips
Staying healthy and feeling your best during pregnancy should be a top priority to any expectant mom, and these 5 stars have shared how they managed to get through their pregnancy days feeling good.
Rachel Zoe’s Top 5 Best Makeup, Hair & Beauty Tips
Stylist to the stars and fashion designer Rachel Zoe may be best known for her impeccable dress sense, but she has also learnt plenty about beauty over the years and admits to being “obsessed” with all things related to hair and makeup.
Lauren Conrad's 5 Best Makeup, Hair & Beauty Tips
Reality star Lauren Conrad has become a beauty guru in recent years and regularly shares her ideas through her official website.
Candice Swanepoel Reveals Her Top Summer Beauty Tips
South African model Candice Swanepoel has dished out her personal summer beauty tips. She said that on the top of her list is sun protection which she says is essential because she burns very quickly when exposed.
5 Top Beauty Tips to Prepare You for Spring
With better weather on its way and the spring months rolling on, here are some quick tips to prepare you for the season ahead. Lighter dressing means more flesh exposed, so prepare for shorts-wearing weather by doing your best to get in top shape – de-fuzz those legs, file nails and target cellulite now!
5 Stars Share Their Top Travel Beauty Tips
Always on the move, these 5 celebrities know what it’s like to travel long distances and have given out their personal top tips when it comes to maintaining a good complexion while on the road.
5 Beauty Tips to Look More Awake
Everyone has one of those days when they don’t feel completely wide awake and these quick tips will make you look like you are even if you aren’t. Get your skin quickly prepared and use some simple makeup techniques to give your skin a natural glow and even out your complexion to look fresh and ready to deal with whatever the world has in store for you.
5 Travel Beauty Tips to Use on the Road
Hitting the road or going on a long trip, it can be difficult to keep your beauty look in top condition. Here are 5 easy beauty tips to keep in mind that will save you time and effort, while allowing you to look your best as you travel.
5 Unique Beauty Tips Shared by Celebrities
Celebrities work hard to maintain their flawless visages and natural good looks – they’re constantly in the spotlight and need to make sure they’re always in top condition. These stars have all shared their personal beauty secrets and tips that they’ve developed over the years.
5 Beauty Tips Inspired by Retro Pin-Ups
Sexy pin-up style has been a consistent fashion trend in recent years – from flawless red lips to curled hair – that retro inspired look continue to pop up on the catwalks season after season and has become timeless.
Beauty Tips On Applying For A Job
Apart from talent, your appearance is also essential when you apply for a job as the first impression is very important. Sometimes, the HR manager may judge your personality and compatibility to the job from your appearance.
5 Stars Who Share Beauty Advice & Products With Family Members
These 5 celebrities have revealed that they often turn to their family members to try out new beauty products or get some beauty advice.
5 of Vanessa Hudgens’ Best Beauty & Skincare Tips
Vanessa Hudgens is gorgeous – and not only does she always look radiant, but she puts her own bohemian inspired twist on it that makes it look so effortless.
5 Stars Share Beauty Secrets From Their Home Countries
Every country seems to have its own hidden beauty secrets and special products to discover, and these 5 stars have all shared the secrets that they love from their own home countries.
5 Star Secrets for Red Carpet Beauty Perfection
Any red carpet event can be high pressure, with all eyes on those in attendance and cameras constantly flashing, it’s important to look as close to perfection as possible.
Alexa Chung’s 5 Most Unique Hair, Makeup & Skin Secrets
Alexa Chung has dished out plenty of top beauty tips over the years, but here are some of her most unique ideas for hair, makeup and skincare.
Kristin Cavallari's 5 Best Makeup, Skin & Hair Tips
'The Hills' star Kristin Cavallari is now a mother of two, and she has plenty of great beauty tips that keep her looking fabulous, even while on the go. Kristin keeps her beauty routine quite simple and prefers natural makeup, even going makeup-free to give her skin a break when possible.
Nicki Minaj on Bikini Confidence & Her Personal Style Influences
Hip hop artist Nicki Minaj has opened up on her sense of style.
5 Stars Comment on Taking Their Makeup Off at Night
These 5 stars have commented on the topic, some saying they religiously make sure to take off their makeup and are very strict about it being a part of their beauty routine, while others have confessed that they don’t often get around to it and fall asleep with lots of makeup still on, breaking one of beauty’s biggest rules!
5 Celebrities Who've Shared Their Mom's Beauty Advice
Mothers know best – at least they have more experience when it comes to beauty! These 5 stars have shared the tips their mothers passed along to them. From simple beauty tips to skin tricks, these stars have moms that have learned some great beauty secrets along the way and have shared their wisdom with their daughters.
5 of Kim Kardashian’s Top Beauty & Wellbeing Tips
Kim Kardashian is always groomed to perfection and is dedicated to always looking her best. Over the years she has tried various treatments, facials and workout techniques and has shared what she thinks works best.
Beauty At Your Fingertips
Sprinkle Topping evenly over apples, pressing down lightly. Return dish to oven and bake 25 minutes, or until top is crisp and browned and Filling is bubbly.
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