Always on the move, these 5 celebrities know what it’s like to travel long distances and have given out their personal top tips when it comes to maintaining a good complexion while on the road. From facial oils to drinking plenty of water, the key to looking good is all about hydration and keeping skin quenched while up in the air. Here are each star’s own tips for looking beautiful while you’re on the go.


1.      Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth makes sure to pack a facial cream: "The first thing I usually pack is really good facial cream to keep my skin moisturised."


2.      Kristen Bell

Kristen brings her makeup so she can top up on board: "I take along Borba water, especially in handy travel packs. I Ziploc-bag all of my makeup. I pack Jane Iredale mineral powder, Shu Uemura's eyelash curler, Benefit's Benetint cheek stain, Vincent Longo Liquid Lipstick, Lipfusion Color Shine in Sweet, and Clinique Naturally Glossy mascara."


3.      Lauren Conrad

Lauren believes drinking plenty of water helps skin: ''Being at a higher altitude will make your skin extra dry and take away that plump, dewy look that defines beautiful healthy skin. Drink plenty of water pre-travel, post-travel and during travel to keep your skin cells hydrated and healthy.''


4.      Miranda Kerr

Miranda slathers on Rose oil: ''I always have a hydrating spray with me and I go crazy with rose oil during the flight. Aside from giving me glowing skin by the time I land, it given me all the hydration I need. I also never travel without a healthy snack. Once I've reached my destination, I have a hot show then cover myself in moisturiser from head to toe.''


5.      Victoria Beckham

Victoria uses baby oil to keep skin from drying out: "Travel tip, after regimen put a layer of baby oil over face.Protects skin on plane, locks in moisture".

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