Many nutritionists recommend that the secret to absorb more fruit is that trying new kind of fruits. There are some tips for you to choose alternative fresh fruits with fresh flavor and many useful vitamins.

The advice “eat an apple a day” may cause you to be bored. A survey shows that 80% of Americans eat less fruits than the amount they need every day (standard is 1.5 – 2 cups of juice for women) and experts explain the reason of the fruit deficit is being tired of fruits. It clarifies there are 4 kinds of fruits accounted for almost half of the consumption of fruit for women: apple, banana, orange and watermelon. “But when you eat the same kind of fruits in a long time, you are easy to be tired and don’t want to eat them any more” - Joan Salge Balke, representative spokesman of Diet and Nutrition Institute shared.

Description: Fruit-Astic

However, it is admitted that fruits bring you many benefits from cancer prevention to cardiovascular health improvement. A study from France found that eating fruits frequently will help to prevent aging and dementia. Blake also added “In addition, they add more nutrients for your diet. They help you to absorb most of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from plants”. There are some instructions for you to diverse your taste of fruits below.

If you love apple…

Description: apple fruit

Fruit with similar nutrient: papaya

One medium papaya can provide more fiber than an apple – enough to supply 20% of daily nutritional need per day. You can mix papaya in a bowl of salad with cassava, cucumber slices, lemon juice, paprika and salt. Then, just enjoy.

Fruit with similar taste: quince

Quince is related to apple but heavier and sourer. You can make them softer and sweeter by cooking it with brine: 8 quinces, 7 cups of water, ½ cup of honey, 1 cup of sugar, lemon juice and a vanilla (as David Lebovitz – author of Ready for Dessert).

If you love banana

Description: Banana Fruit

Fruit with similar nutrient: Kiwi

Kiwi is rich in potassium and it is also in 5 kinds of the most nutritious fruits. You can use kiwi a dish of fish or chicken with a mixture of kiwi – papaya and mango.

Fruit with similar taste green banana

 “Green banana is the combination of banana and sweet potato” – as the definition of Rachel Saunders – founder of handcrafting company Blue Chair Fruit. You can cut slices of green banana and grill it with satay, then enjoy the hot taste of the dish.

If you love watermelon

Description: Watermelon Fruit

Fruit with similar nutrient: guava

Guava and watermelon are fruits which are rich in antioxidant lycopene. Red essences of guava will reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. You can eat whole grains or cut it then mix them with salad, or blend it into smoothie to enjoy.

Fruit with similar taste: Asian pear

Asian pear contains much water and tastes crispy like watermelon. You can cut slices and enjoy its moderate sweet to eat with watercress salad or spinach or in combination with sandwich, Cheddar cheese and chicken.

If you love orange

Description: Orange fruit

Fruit with similar nutrient: carambola

With dampened sweet and mild acidity, carambola provide a healthy amount of vitamin C (1/2 cup of carambora will give you about 25% of your daily need) as well as choline compound helps to strengthen cells and prevents aging. Carambola is also a great choice for delicious fruit salad.

Fruit with similar taste: Kumquat

According to Saunders expert, kumquat is small type of orange. You can gently peel its sweet crust full of essential oil and savor each succulent section.

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