One of the most incredible moments in any woman’s life is being pregnant. However, it is not always an easy journey as there are some women out there have miscarriage when they realize they are pregnant due to various reasons.

It is extremely tough and hard for any pregnant women to learn that they are not going to be a mother and their unborn child won’t be able to make it. Besides, the pain and consequences associated with having miscarriage are unable to be endured for women, both physically and mentally.

No woman expects a miscarriage in their pregnancy. However, if a miscarriage has begun, it needs to be treated as soon as possible. Miscarried women need to expel all the remaining pregnancy tissue to avoid any severe infections may cause. To speed up the process of passing the pregnancy tissue, women can choose medications or surgical procedures, but they need to discuss with their doctor or health care provider for the best and safe treatment option.

One of the most common surgical treatments is a D&C or dilation and curettage. This is a minor operation which involves a gentle opening of the cervix with a small instrument called curette to clear the remaining of pregnancy tissue and empty the uterus.  However, this procedure is quite uncomfortable and painful. This is why most miscarried women opt for natural remedies as desirable alternatives. Check out 6 ways to induce a natural miscarriage.

Vitamin C

Increasing vitamin C intake is one of the most popular methods to complete a miscarriage successfully. You should consume enough quantities of vitamin C orally each hour, but up to 6,000mg a day, until menstruation occurs.


Cinnamon is also helpful with natural miscarriage. With a safe dosage of cinnamon, it stimulates the uterus and can cause abortifacient. You should not cook cinnamon as this will remove the components in this spice which help complete the miscarriage. Cinnamon supplements would be better as they are strong enough to induce the miscarriage naturally. Cinnamon may also help stop bleeding and encourage healing because of its effect on blood platelets.

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