Check out our pick of the most useful mobile phone apps, to help you look and feel your best.

Organic Beauty by Bliss Software, free

Description: Organic Beauty

Combine your love of food and your love of beauty with this low-tech app. It shows you how to use natural ingredients from your kitchen cupboard to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. You can scroll through food items to learn their often weird and wonderful beautifying benefits. For example, find out how to make the a softening facemask with a cabbage, and how to use the water left over from cooking vegetables as a face-wash.

Best tip!

Ginger is great for fighting headaches. Mash some ginger, squeeze out the juice, add some sesame oil and mix. Rubbing a small amount onto your temples can help soothe the pain.

EWG Sunscreen Buyer’s Guide, free

Description: EWG Sunscreen Buyer’s

How effective is your sun cream? This app shows you the products that will best protect your skin this summer. It explains what sun protection factors UVA (the sun’s dominant ray that penetrates the deep layers of skin and contributes to ageing and wrinkles) and UVB (which penetrates the outer layer of the skin causing sunburn) mean in simple terms. It reviews 1,700 products – including sports, baby and make-up sun protection. And it lists toxic ingredients you should avoid, plus the most effective UVA and UVB filters (the best are zinc and titanium). You’ll need an internet connection to use this app.

Top product!

This Aubrey Organics Natural Sun Green Tea SPF30 Sunblock ($22. 118ml; aubreyorganicsuk.co.uk) scores “1” on the EWG sunscreen rating system, so it comes highly recommended. It’s an all-natural, (UVA/UVB) mineral sunscreen, and its green tea delivers antioxidant power to fight free-radical sun damage.

Beauty Steals by The Beauty Bible, $3

Description: Beauty Steals

From the Beauty Bible authors Sarah Stacey and Jo Fairley, this helps you keep your fingers firmly on the beauty pulse. The experts use a simple daisy symbol to rate products for their botanical ingredients, the absence of synthetic chemicals and being certified organic. There’s also make-up tips and product recommendations.

Best tip!

Pump three drops of Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate ($60 for 28 ml; uk.lizearle.com) into the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanse ($21 for 100 ml). Massage this into your skin to melt away make-up and grime, and finish by wiping your face with a muslin cloth.

Natural Beauty Tips, by LikeBit Creations, free

Description: Natural Beauty Tips

This gives you excellent advice for treating skin problems such as blackheads, oily skin and dry lips. All the advice is suitable for sensitive skin and the beauty tricks are quick and effective. When you find a tip you like you can save it as a favourite, so your tried-and-tested remedies are always at your fingertips. This app is also available via itunes.co.uk and the Android Marketplace.

Best tip!

Gently steaming your face once a week removes dirt and keeps your skin soft and healthy. You can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil or Indian neem oil to the water. After steaming, splash cold water onto your face and gently pat your skin dry. It’s a brilliant deep-clean, and a highly effective remedy for blackhead, too.

Beauty Tips from DailyGlow.com, by Everyday Health, free

Description: Beauty Tips

Get a new beauty tip every day with this fantastic app. It covers everything from selecting the right bronzer, to on-trend hair-dos. Select “Problem Solvers” and you can scroll through a long list of skincare, haircare and personal care topics. For example, when you click on “cellulite”, you get a detailed explanation of what it is, how it can be treated and the most common myths explained. We love the “blogs” section, covering the wide selection of beauty topics as featured on Dailyglow.com.

Best tip

You can make a simple a hair-repair mask at home by mixing two eggs with five teaspoons of olive oil. Massage it into your hair, and then let it sit for half an hour before washing it out. The oils and proteins strengthen and add shine.

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