Aloe is an ingredient that cannot be absent in beautifying of women’s skin every day.

The reason why aloe is used more and more by cosmetic brands is this plant has great effects for skin:

·         Treating burns and small injuries on skin

·         Reducing swelling and dry skin

·         Easing sunburn

·         Moisturizing skin

·         Healing acnes

Aloe is also used to drink and prevent constipation. However, if being in periods, women should avoid them because they can make menstruation discharge more.

To use aloe regularly, you should buy big aloe leaves at super market to process products. Normally, a big leaves can be taken within 2 weeks with many different uses. Even for dry and split hair, aloe is very appropriate to care.

How to use aloe gel

·         Remove root of aloe and leave it in 10 minutes to discharge all yellow resin. Pay attention that not to touch this resin because it can cause itch. Then wash aloe with water.

·         Peel aloe.

Remove root of aloe

Remove root of aloe

·         Cut into cubes on pulp of aloe.

Cut into cubes

Cut into cubes

·         Use spoon to curette gel out and put them into a bowl.

Use spoon to curette gel out

Use spoon to curette gel out

·         Put all in blender and grind to water.

·         Finally, store aloe juice in refrigerator and use it gradually.

Grind to water

Grind to water

White foam of aloe gel will transform into yellow after putting in refrigerator. However, it is safe to care for skin and hair. After 2 weeks, the product will smell, you should change new one.

To prevent ageing, every day before going to bed, you can use aloe gel to apply on face, relax in 15 minutes, and wash with fresh water. This method has effect on brightening skin and treating acnes. For caring hair, you can rub aloe gel directly on hair after washing hair, massage lightly, and wash again with water. At weekend, you can mix aloe with egg white so as to support to revive damaged hair.

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