There is a new beauty trend sweeping the nation: Konjac charcoal cleansing sponges. Much like BB Cream before it, this beauty product started life in Asia but due to its big success story, has wound up elsewhere too. Konjac sponges are made from the Japanese konjac plant and are said to effectively remove dirt, makeup and other impurities from the skin with ease, leaving users with a clearer complexion. Used just like a cloth or regular cleansing sponge, these charcoal-infused designs also help with clogged pores and other skin problems. 

One company who make the sponges, The Konjac Sponges Co., commented on the benefits which include targeting blackheads and various other skin problems to leave the skin even and clear:  "The Konjac Face & Body Sponge Puff with Added Charcoal Bamboo is perfect for teen skin and those with oily skin prone to spots, blackheads and outbreaks. The Bamboo Charcoal contains activated carbon and various minerals that enhance absorptive ability, perfect for removing excess oil. Bamboo Charcoal is also a natural anti- oxidant  so will help fight hard-to-reach, acne-causing bacteria."

The Japanese Konjac Sponge company also believe the product can remove skin impurities and help clear the complexion: "Bamboo Charcoal Puff is excellent for sensitive, oily and acne prone skin. This facial cleansing puff is created by adding bamboo charcoal to the Konjac mixture. The absorptive action of the charcoal powder draws dirt and excess sebum out of pores which keep the skin clean and sparkle. Use as a daily natural cleansing sponge for face. Appropriate for sensitive, oily and acne prone skin."



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