We asked experts used to the hottest temperatures to tell us their heatproof tips for avoiding a summer meltdown

Description: Kimono $519, La Perla. Swimsuit $393, Melissa Odabash, Necklace, $23; bangle, $19, both Daisy + Eve at Evans

Kimono $519, La Perla. Swimsuit $393, Melissa Odabash, Necklace, $23; bangle, $19, both Daisy + Eve at Evans

Hot hair

Keep summer hair carefree and casual. Australian hair guru Kevin Murphy says, “Off-the-face styles such as updos and high ponytails are great when it’s hot as they keep the nape of your neck, a naturally hot part of your body, cooler.”

“If your hair’s thick, add layers or try this season’s shorter styles,” suggests Israeli-born Shai Greenberg from top London salon Gielly Green. Your hair grows faster in summer so you can be more daring (your body produces more vitamin D in response to increased sunlight, so both your hair and your bones get stronger).

No time for showering before a party and your hair feels sticky and flat? “Dry shampoo is the best way to revive any hair type,” says Kevin. Just remember it’s not a hairspray: use it only where needed – mostly at the hairline and parting. Looking for extra bounce? “Wrap your hair around large rollers and blast with medium heat from your hairdryer to set, then switch to a cold setting for the last 10 seconds to boost shine,” says Kevin. “This is a great way to refresh a tired style.”

Okay, so now your roots are dry and sweet-free, but so are your ends. “Use a little nourishing oil on them for some TLC,” says Shai. The sun’s rays are drying, so this is a great time to use leave-in conditioners and nourishing oils to feed your parched strands. Cosmo loves Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair, $24, and Gielly Green Argan Ultime, $43, to tame frizz and nourish hair.

Description: Dress, $699, La Perla. Earrings, $98, Inspired Treasures. Necklace, $83; cuff, $180, both Azuni

Dress, $699, La Perla. Earrings, $98, Inspired Treasures. Necklace, $83; cuff, $180, both Azuni

Smokin’ hot makeup

By hot, we mean hawt – not melting. “Use a primer on your lids so your eyeshadow stays on longer,” says Eric Jimenez, creative director of Urban Decay (and south California resident). Cosmo loves NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer, $6, to make your shadow last past cocktail hour and even out your skin tone.

Next, opt for cream shadows such as Givenchy Luminescence Cream Shadow in Pearly Rose, $35, if you have olive skin; By Terry Ombre Blackstar Color Fix Cream Eyeshadow in 8, $41, for paler complexions, or Maybelline Color Tattoo in Eternal Gold, $7, for an on-trend summer hue that suits everyone. “Cream shadows are easier to wear in the heat as they stick easily to your lid and don’t crease,” says Givenchy artistic director Nicolas Degennes, a part-time Marrakech resident. Choose a water-resistant mascara to prevent it from running when the heat goes up. “You only need waterproof if you plan to jump in the pool to refresh,” adds Eric.

On your lips, go for stains and lip balms: they’re more heatproof. We love Stila Lip & Cheek Stain in Passion Fruit Crush, $24, a deliciously scented treat that will stay put after a couple of margaritas. Fancy giving your makeup setting spray to keep it in place. Try Urban Decay De Slick, $29, which is also oil-free. Keep it in your fridge for an instant cooling effect.

Feeling oily? Blot excess sebum with Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets, $4, a classic, fail-safe option without added powder to dab away oil, not makeup.

Tunic, $330, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, Ring, $68; bracelet, $68; bangles, $45, all Mirabelle. Earrings, stylist’s own

Cool skin

As your natural barometer (and air-con in the summer), your skin adapts and reacts to environmental factors such as sun exposure, pollution, wind and, of course, heat. By regulating your body temperature, it protects your other organs and ensures you stay healthy. So, on a hot day, it sweats to cool you down and gets oilier to stay waterproof and resist bacteria (yes, really)

But why do you still get breakouts? The combination of sweat and sebum (oil) forms a film on the surface of your skin called acid mantle that has one protective function: to keep the germs out but the moisture in. “Bacteria and viruses are mainly alkaline, so keeping your skin’s pH levels at a slightly acidic level of 4.5/6 is key,” says Tracy Tamaris, training director for South African skincare brand Environ. “To normalize the pH of your skin so it functions more efficiently, use oil-based cleansers. These dissolve dirt the fastest, including in oily skin. They also prevent pores clogging,” says Tracy.

“Adapting your skincare routine to the hot weather is essential,” Tracy adds. “Choose skincare packed with antioxidants, to help to protect your skin against UV damage,” Cosmo love antioxidant-rich Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Moisturising Cleanser, $27, and Environ AVST Cleansing Lotion, $42.

When it comes to choosing a summer moisturizer, Tracy says, “Some people find lotions more comfortable, but texture isn’t all that relevant to your skin.” Oil-free moisturizing creams such as Estée Lauder Daywear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Oil-Free Crème, $59, are perfect to keep both your skin hydrated and shine at bay. If your skin is dry, try a hydrating serum such as Clarins Hydra Quench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase, $60, to repair and trap the moisture that humidity and perspiration take away from your skin.

Feeling flushed?

Cool down with a mist of hydrating spray, such as Super By Dr Nicholas Perricone Coconut Quench Hydrating Mist, $34, which contains coconut water and fatty acids to hydrate and nourish your skin.

Sensitive skin?

“Thermal water is a great soother for sensitive and irritation-prone skins, which tend to be provoked by the heat,” explains Tracy. Cleanse your skin with Avène Micellar Lotion, $19.

Description: Avène Micellar Lotion

Avène Micellar Lotion

What about your scent?

“Bright, fresh citrus notes are best to wear in warmer climates,” advises perfumer Lyn Harris. Choose scents that cool you down such as Armani Code Luna Eau Sensuelle, $51, with bergamot, moonflower and pear, or Miller Harris Le Pamplemousse, $135, with grapefruit and green melon. “If you’re wearing fragrance in the sun, try spraying it on clothes rather than directly on your skin, or apply the scent to hands and run fingers through your hair,” says Lyn.

Sweat the sexy way

We asked top athletes to share their heatproof tips when working out

·         “I apply leave-in conditioner to my hair so it doesn’t get dry and tangled in the heat, such as Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, $29,” says Team GB volleyball player Lucy Boulton. “And as I train in the sun, Clinique SPF30 Body Cream, $28 (120716), is a must – it’s sweat-resistant.”

·         “A sarong is a must-have item for me when training or competing,” says Denise Johns, also a Team GB volleyball player.

·         “I use it to wipe off sweat or instead of a hat as it’s so lightweight.”

·         “I keep myself cool by wearing my hair in a high ponytail or a little bun so it’s off my face,” says heptathlete Jess Ennis.

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