Louise Sommereux, clinical director of Cosmex Clinic, answers the beauty questions you have always wanted to ask…

All patients want to enhance their facial image with a natural look. The most popular treatment is to improve lines and wrinkles or to give wolume to lips and mid face. It is difficult to pinpoint one particular treatment as Cosmex offers a bespole service to a wide age group.

Description: Louise (left)

Louise (left)


Q: What is the least invasive but most effective treatment?

By injecting Botulinum Toxin in the, for example, from area the muscles will be temporarily prevented from contracting so much. This results in softer smooth lines and reduces a negative look. This procedure is minimally invasive yet very effective. Male patients comment that with this treatment there is minimum input with maximum output.

Q: If people are having surgery, how to they know they are in safe hands?

Cosmex always advises, if people are looking for an experienced plastic surgeon, to do your homework first. Look for a surgeon who has current qualifications and is ‘alive’ on the medical professional registers GMC and BAPS. Always have an initial consultation armed with a list of questions, which should include how often is the procedure performed, what risks there are, realistic expectations and a portfolio of photos. Word of mouth is still the optimum recommendation.

Q: Do clinics have to be regulated to a certain body?

Unfortunately not. The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN), of which I am a founder member, is one of several bodies in the UK aesthetics field that is working hard to improve industry standards to ensure safety for both patients and professionals. We are hopeful that the Department of Health will soon review the current lack of regulations and raise the bar to a satisfactory level so that members of the public are protected from unqualified practitioners. Injectables such as dermal fillers and botulinum toxin are indeed offered by a wide range of individuals who have no medical qualifications at all, including beauty and massage therapists, tattoo artists and physiotherapists. Anyone planning to have anti-ageing injectables should feel confident having treatment with a registered nurse and is advised not to risk finding themselves in the hands of someone with questionable skills.

Q: If you don’t mind us asking, what treatments have you had done or have done?

Of course not! I feel very fortunate that in today’s world I have a choice to have lines and wrinkles or not and to have grey hair or not! My choice is not to have grey hair and a few lines and wrinkles. I like movement and expression in my face, but don’t want to see deep lines when my face is not animated. I have a combination of treatments spread across a year: The derma rollder rejuvenates my skin leaving it fresh and firmer looking. I have fillers around the lower part of my face and Botox in my upper face and around the eyes – subtle treatments that give rise ro comments on ‘how well you look’.

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