Malabar has a science name as Basella rubra Lin.

Description: Malabar is effective on cooling.

Malabar is effective on cooling.

Malabar has cool temper, both Oriental and Western medicines have confirmed that this vegetable has effects on laxative and cooling. The research also indicated, it helps waste fat, good for people who have high fat and sugar in blood. Here are some medicines of malabar in hot season.

Treat constipation and hot intestine

In summer, weather is hot, so many people suffer from constipation. A very simple remedy with malabar is taking a handful of malabar leaves, wash, pound, and squeeze for juice, then add a little boiled water to drink once. After a few drinks, defecation is easier. For better results, after taking 2 hours, you should eat a few more sweet potatoes. During taking medicine, you have to abstain hot foods such as wine, chili, pepper, and so on.

Cure swollen hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is a disease of many people and also cause discomfort. There have been many therapies for hemorrhoids including Oriental medicine and Western medicine, but if you are in light condition, you can use malabar as follows: Take a handful of malabar leaves, wash, finely pound with some grains of salt and then pile up on swollen hemorrhoids, as well as make Malabar soup with Crucian (both water and the food) is very effective.

Treat hot and burning urination

When urinating, you feel hot and burning, take Malabar leaves at dawn (4 am) that cleaned from the day before (marked and still on the tree) and pound finely, squeeze for juice to add a little boiled water with some salt and then drink at sunrise. Residue used to cover the lower abdomen (where bladder is). After a few times, that will be effective.

Description: Have beautiful skin with malabar

Have beautiful skin with malabar

Cool and detoxify

Eat Malabar in the many ways you can think of as soup cooked with melon and crab. To help your skin be bright and fresh: boil Malabar and mix it with powder-roasted black sesame. Or use Malabar to soup with yellow catfish, eat once a week.

Benefits for milk

Postpartum women eating Malabar soup will have more milk, prevent constipation.

Beautiful skin

Malabar leaves also help nourish skin. It is good for blood circulation and laxative that helps your skin to be smooth and youthful. Or to care for skin and smooth wrinkles on the face, reduce rough by getting some young Malabar leaves, squeeze for juice, then mix with a few grains of salt, rub all over face several times before going to bed.

Pound fresh malabar and then absorb the juice in cotton and insert into the nostrils to cure nosebleeds. Use Malabar juice rubbing on the skin would to heal burns. Mixe malabar with alum, then pound, cover up into injury to stop bleeding and heal it.


Malabar has cool temper, so it should be used carefully for those who have cold or stomach. To reduce cool temper, cook  well or combine with other animal foods.

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